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My Minotaur Part 3

In Which Lady Ailara Gets Some Competition

"There's something I don't understand." I murmured before drifting off to sleep. We'd been on the open plains for the day, and having finally tired from walking, were bedding down for the night. Oluth was beneath a bunch of my dresses and finery as a blanket. I was curled next to him, his massive limp cock draped over me almost like a blanket; it couldn't cover all of my flesh, but its pulsing heat was certainly enough to stay warm by.

"What's that, human?" He asked, voice rumbling the very ground I slept upon.

"How were you captured? It seems unlikely any could make you slave."

He sighed, and there was a sad and distant look in his deep-set brown eyes.

"Before exiling me, my people brutally beat me to within an inch of my life. It was in this state that the Kairish slavers found me. I was only just well enough to strike out on my own when you purchased med.

"Oluth, I'm sorry, I didn't realize. Why were you exiled?"

"I do not wish to speak of it."

I planted a kiss on his giant cockhead then nestled the flaccid shaft between my pillowy titflesh.

"Then goodnight Oluth."

He said nothing, and there was no sound for perhaps an hour, when my sleep was interrupted by a distant scream.

Oluth was up in a breaths pan, scooping me up beneath an arm and running full-tilt for the sign of distress. My whole body bounced with his massive strides, and it was all I could do to hold my arms protectively across my chest, fighting to keep the huge orbs that lay beneath my bodice from tearing free.

We came upon two ugly green men, strong looking, but fat, with upturned piggish noses and tiny greedy-looking eyes. Those eyes were fixed upon two figures in gossamer gowns, fine translucent fabric that could only be of Sylvan design. They were trapped beneath a net.

"Aurks!" I hissed. Oluth simply nodded.

The two beasts were laughing, circling the pair of Elvin captives with jackal-like glee. The Aurks spoke in their own brutish tongue and pointed, seeming to decide that they were going to kill the male and keep the female for pleasure. I'll admit the Sylvan features of both were so fine, I could scarcely distinguish their genders from their faces. However the poor, platinum-haired Sylvan lady was blessed with a fairly remarkable chest, not of my own opulent stature, but out of proportion with her tiny body.

"RELEASE THEM!" Oluth commanded, his body tense, nostrils flaring, arm going a little too tight around me.

The Aurks turned around in shock, clearly going pale at the sight of the giant bull-man. When one of them lustily turned an eye to my dangling cleavage Oluth launched out a foot, his enormous thigh rippling with power as the kick connected with the Aurkish face. There was a sickening crunch and a snap, the green head falling back between the creature's shoulder blades, slumping to the ground with a face that was nothing but thick green blood and a neck that now had a fine dust instead of spinal column.

There was a dribbling sound as the other Aurk urinated down one leg and then ran.

"Perhaps I should pursue and kill him!" Oluth said to no one in particular.

"Put me down or you'll kill me instead!" I rasped as his tight arm had totally cut off circulation in his fury.

"Oh. Sorry." He said, looking slightly embarrassed as he set me down.

Our attention turned to the captives. Oluth seized the net in both hands and pulled apart, his massive pectoral slabs flexing slightly as he ripped the thick hemp rope asunder. The two elves stood, the male blinking in annoyance, the female totally transfixed by Oluth's incredible muscle.

"Are....are you going to rape me now?" She asked, the want in her high crystalline voice perceptible to any lout.

"Why does EVERYONE think I want to rape them?!" Oluth blurted.

"Darling, if he were going to do that, he'd have kept us in the net. Don't be stupid." Said the Male. "I am Evarell. This is my fiancé, Saela. We thank you for our freedom."

"Oluth. The small thing behind me is Ailara." He cocked his head in my direction a moment.

"We are in your debt Oluth... but we should make way, lest we miss our own wedding." Said Evarell.

"Wait!" Said Saela, "What if we need protection?"

"I can protect you." Said Evarell, adjusting a dagger that he had on his hip.

"Fine job you did of that back there." She shot back.

"They caught us unaware! It won't happen again."

"Yes it will. You aren't man enough to keep me safe. Just admit it." A strange look crossed Oluth's face now, I thought perhaps he was trying to restrain laughter but I couldn't be sure.

"Take that back, bitch! You know my real weapon is longer than this!" He held the dagger in his palm. If he was referring to his cock that would be impressive...the dagger was at least 8 inches long. But then, what could impress anyone after having enjoyed Oluth.

"Don't call me a bitch. Just because you've got a bigger dick than most humans doesn't mean you can treat me like that! I might just not make the wedding now."

"What? You can't fucking leave this, and you know it!" Who knew Sylvan-kind were so foul mouthed. Evarell unlaced his trousers and produced a massive dick, true to his word. It hung proudly and thick, as out of proportion with his body as her grapefruit sized breasts, easily 9 inches soft.

She stared at the huge meat and bit her lip, clearly tempted even in her anger. Then she suddenly reached back and lifted Oluth's loincloth, her eyes turning to saucers and her mouth becoming a strained 'O' as she took in the Myrnotaur's half-yard-long flaccidity.

"We are so through." She managed to whisper, as she stood transfixed.

Oluth pulled back and snatched his cloth from her hands.

"You may come with us, Saela, but you must show me more respect."

She actually gave a sharp salute. "Yes Sir!"

Evarell's face looked like his soul had shattered. His impressive, yet inferior penis seemed to be trying to shrivel up back on itself in the cold night air, shirking before such an obvious Alpha male.

I stood on my tiptoes and grabbed one of Oluth's horns, tugging hard. He shrugged and indulged me by letting me drag him several feet to the side.

"Are you crazy!?" I hissed. "This is unacceptable, I insist you desist at once."

He arched an eyebrow. "You are no house-lady here, Ailara. You cannot command me to do anything. I am not one of your servants."

"But She...she..." He silenced me with a snort.

"I am a Myrnotaur. My kind keep Harems, Ailara. If I cannot reside with my people, I shall build my own herd of your kind instead."

"But we aren't even the same kind!" His words stung so! I would not be replaced! "She's a Sylvan, I'm a human!"

Oluth rolled his eyes. "You're all the same small, pink, and soft things to me."

I turned quickly so he would not see the tears that started from me.

We were bedded down again...this time, the three of us. Oluth lay on his back while we glared at each other across his broad chest.

"Listen, you Sylvan bitch, if those pointy ears of yours can do so, this cock belongs to ME. The sooner you learn that and leave, the better." I hissed, holding Oluth's mighty member close while he slept.

"Why would he choose you over me?" She pulled down her top, revealing her firm, youthful bosoms. "Look at how firm they are! Nothing like those huge saggy things you've got." She smiled, bobbling her own treasures in her hand, smiling.

"Why would he want anything to do with little bitty ones...those are smaller than his balls. Look." I hefted one of his colossal seed-bags, showing the truth of my words.

She marveled at the sight, then curled down and seized his other fat nut, rolling it around in her palms in wonder.

"It''s so heavy."

"Exactly. Leave before you get hurt."

"No." She said, leaning down more and giving the sphere a long, loving lick. "Mine!"

Angrily I leaned across Oluth's thighs and locked my lips onto the other side of his tremendous bullock. We glared at one another as our cheeks hollowed and we sucked hard, slurpy drool spilling from our lips and over his giant nut as we desperately fought for domination of it. We both opened our jaws and plunged in at the same time, lips meeting around the titanic teste.

I pulled back in disgust as she inhaled just a little more of the nut, managing to claim over half of it in her mouth, pouty Elvin lips stretched thin by it's girth.

"Oh fine! You stay on that side! This one is mine!" I returned to the other ball, worshipping it with lewd sucks and slurps as my hands began to roam his limp shaft. Again we collided, all four of our hands having ample room to hold him, even dead limp. Oluth stirred and sneered down at us, chuckling at the sight of two horny women, each glaring at the other with a ball in her mouth and a length of meat between both hands.

He also began to harden.

We both stared up in awe as his thickening meat forced our fingers wider and wider, hands growing further apart on the expanding length as well. She greedily arched up and kneeled, claiming the head to suck on, slipping her tiny tongue all over, fucking into his cumslit with it's wet point. I had to admit her efforts were masterful, but I wasn't about to lose to this interfering little slut. I picked my moment as she pulled her head away from the fully hard yard of cock, thick precum dripping in gooey strands from her stretched mouth. I seized the base of his stalk in both hands and swung him like a club, catching her across head with a dangerous blow; it's a good thing I am not particularly strong as I might have actually been able to kill her with the hardened tool. Oluth scowled at me as she sprawled from him, blinking in astonishment, dazed by sucker cockslap.

I straddled his thighs to replace her, slurping and sucking all over his flared head, moaning my passion at every hot drop of seed that oozed deliciously down my throat. Suddenly my hair was being pulled and his thick mass emerged from my mouth with a loud popping sound. Jamming me down she crammed my face into his pendulous ball sack, angling my head this way and that to smear our mutual slobber all over my face.

"Bugid Mmlllvn BTCH!" I shouted into the leathery ball bag. I reached back found one her infuriatingly firm tits, suddenly giving the nipple a sharp squeeze. She screeched and released me to protect her chest.

Then it was a fight. Oluth could only stare in a mix of horror and satisfaction as we vied for the right to suck his massive staff. She held his scepter and dolled out punishing blows to my face and chest, leaving long cockbruises wherever the thick rod struck down. I managed to return the favor though, holding her head down against the thick table of his muscled stomach, bludgeoning her with the backside of the massive shaft like I was beating the laundry against the wash boarding of his abs.

She was helpless like this, and I mercilessly pummeled her head while grinding her face against his rigidity, laughing my cruel joy allowed until I found myself being lifted. Oluth sat up slightly and dumped me onto the ground.

"ENOUGH!" He intoned. "Saela, you may ride my member for your pleasure. Ailara, you will do 'naught but polish my testicles until you have learned to behave. Is that clear?"

"Yes." I whimpered, hanging my head.

I got to work, running my tongue in dizzying circles on every inch of his exposed nutmeat, trying ever so hard just to please him. He lifted the Sylvan girl and let her slowly sit on his tremendous rod. It took half an hour just for him to work the head inside, and the was panting, breathless when he let her sit there, biceps barely flexed to hold what must have been her minute weight.

"Oh gods..." was all she could manage to moan in our language, suddenly devolving into naked Elvin smut-talk, words that were somehow beautiful and lewd and the same time spilling from her lips. Sweat beaded on her brow as he began to pump into her, giving her only a tiny portion of his cock, gradually working her up to the amount her husband-to-be had been packing. His balls bounced as his hips flexed, I let them dance upon my tongue, grudgingly enjoying the flavor or her as the strange Sylvan wetness flowed down his shaft.

Oluth arched his huge head up, letting his massive tongue slather up and down her neck and breasts, coating her in what must have been incredible warmth. Then in a move I had not yet seen, he leaned down, fucking a third of his yard-long cock into her as he began to lick and lap at her clit at the same time. As he increased the speed of this, his tongue made meaty slapping sounds against her pale flesh, almost loud enough to be heard over her insane screams of delight. My pussy throbbed in jealousy of both of them, my tongue almost drying out in my slavish devotion to his bulging ball sack.

It would seem Sylvan females have an unusual way of coming. Rather than enjoying the multiples of their human counterparts, they seem to build to the edge of all of them at once, their nether parts discharging the climax's simultaneously in one go. When his duel assault of tongue and trudgeon finally brought her over pleasure's edge, her pussy seemed to contract tightly into a fist, then suddenly unleash itself downwards, sinking another two inches of his impossible length as it spat out a torrent of glistening honey.

She panted and collapsed upon him as I diligently lapped her essence from his powerful balls, sucking each one clean from as many angles as it took. He placed her unconscious form next to us in the grass and let her sleep, standing over me with his towering prick shaft cutting an intimidating silhouette in the moonlight.

"I have not cum, and you behaved yourself. You shall be rewarded." He boomed.

But his fucking was angry. He grabbed my hips and pulled me up, squatting to jam his massive prick into me. My tits weighed heavily on my chin as my cheek was ground into the grass and dirt of the open plains, moaning a single pure note of joy as he stuffed his length into me.

Saela's juice was still on his tip, and its incredible viscosity allowed him deeper entrance in me than ever before; I had perhaps half of him buried inside me by the time my pussy protested too much. Again nothing but obscenity came from my mouth as he fed me what felt like miles of cock over the course of an hour, powerfucking down into me, awesome muscled contorted in effort.


And I was. My pussy fluttered in what felt like a thousand little bursts of pleasure, riddling vision with stars and bursts of color. I was barely conscious and panting by the time I realized I was cuddled up to Saela, both of us covered in thick hot wads of Oluth's seed. The horny bull had covered us in a blanket of cum while we lay senseless due to his masterful sex.

Silently I cursed myself for the complacency his cock had brought from my lips at the height of pleasure.

How many more women would his Harem need?

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