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My Minotaur Part IV

In Which Lady Ailara Is Confronted By A New Threat
It was difficult for Oluth to convince us to stop sucking his cock. He had to pry Saela's lips from his thick ball sack and hold her away from himself, while shifting his hips to rob my whorish lips of the thick slab of meat I was nursing on.

"Enough you two! You may pleasure me more after we've put distance between Ailara's former home and us. Do you heed me?" He eyed us dangerously, and we both submissively nodded. He appraised his two cockslaves a moment. "And change your clothes. You are covered in my seed."

We stripped down and I went to my wardrobe. Saela meekly followed me. "I don't actually have any more clothes." She whimpered.

"Not my problem." I said, sorting through one of a hundred outfits, trying to determine what would best please my bull-god.

"It is NOW." Oluth snorted from behind us both, his base voice stiffening every clit within earshot.

"Oh fine." I gasped, exasperated at this shoddy treatment. "You may take what you wish, little Elvin bitch."

"Thank you!" She smiled sweetly at me, the insolent twat.

I had fun despite myself, rubbing my obvious superiority as she tried on outfit after outfit. "There now, you see? That will never fit right... your breasts are not nearly so large, so nicely shaped as my own. Nope, that won't work either... see? The dress is made for a woman with real curves...and some height. Oh, no, that scarf will never fit over those ridiculous ears of yours. Oh I'm sorry, while that might be the right height for you, it was what I wore when I was 12... my bosoms were STILL bigger than yours, I hope that doesn't hurt your feelings as much as I expect that it might."

I twisted the knife like this until she was at last dressed in an ill-fitting shirt, tied off at the waist to show her inadequate (yet large) breasts, and a baggy pair of trousers that I used in the garden. Those she could at least roll up to compensate for her nearly foot-shorter in height. I myself favored a superbly tight, white top that fought to contain my busty form, adding a shorter peasant skirt and sandals to the mix.

Well it was warm!


We trekked through plains and hills and finally came to the woods between us and what Oluth was pretty sure would be civilization. None of us were experienced adventurers, but we all knew we'd at least need provisions. Oluth had taken to throwing my wardrobe hundreds of yards ahead of us and catching up to it. He argued that it was better than lugging it everywhere, and that he found it strangely satisfying. Fortunately the old thing is sturdier than a ship, so it could take the abuse for a while at least.

When we reached the tree line, Saela seemed to melt into it. She'd be in the branched above us showing us to a clearing or stream one moment, a disembodied voice hidden by foliage the next. Her people, it would seem, were of the woods, and all Syfaerel are specially attuned to one environment or another. Savages.

Still, it was she who warned us of impending danger while we stopped to drink.

"There are men back there. A hundred at least. If the crest on your wardrobe is your husband's sigil, than they are with him, for they bear it as well"

Oluth shrugged. "Let them come. I will crush them."

"They have Aurks too." Said Saela.

"How unfortunate for those Aurks." Oluth cracked his thick neck in a roll of his head, throwing his arms out in loose swings, limbering up his massive muscles.

Saela coughed, "I'm sure you could win sir, but there is an alternative."

"Why would I seek an alternative?" He rumbled.

"Because if you kill a hundred men here in this forest, you will attract the attention of more than just Ailara's beloved patriarch." I winced at her words as she continued, "With that much blood on your hands he'll be able to enlist the aid of all the surrounding kingdoms. You can defeat a hundred...but a thousand my lord? A hundred thousand?"

Oluth tapped a finger against one of his horns thoughtfully. "You are right. If I'm branded a monster, they will bring whatever resources they need until I'm brought down. Even if I could defeat all comers, I would hate to be responsible for the slaughter of good men who have nothing to do with this little feud between me and the one-inch-lord." He seemed to glare at me for a fraction of a second, perhaps regretting having me along, but it quickly passed.

"What is this... Alternative?" He inquisitively intoned.

"There is a hidden cave mouth a half-league that way,” She said, pointing, "I can lead you to it. I do not know what is inside, if anything, but I doubt it could be worse than the hundred in pursuit."

"Take us." The Myrnotaur commanded.


The cave was indeed serviceable, if not dark and damp. Saela could see fine it seemed, and had no end in fun pinching me or leading me to stumble in the blackness, given that I could not retaliate. At one point she bid us to halt, and expressed some surprise.

"There's a hidden door here...I'd say human-made. Do you wish to investigate?" She asked.

Oluth took a moment to answer, perhaps shrugging, and then said "Yes, perhaps it will act as another layer against discovery if it is safe to stay."

There was a great scraping sound as Saela grunted against the weight, then the passage flooded with light. We were looking into a hallway that appeared clean, and dry. Great Candelabras hung from the ceiling every ten paces or so, and there were many doors set into the long corridor.

As we moved through, we peered into room after room. Some seemed suitable as bedrooms, complete with aged furniture; others were clearly for another purpose. Racks and Iron Maidens and Manacles abounded. Clearly this facility had served for a torturer at some point, though it did not appear to host any guests now.

"We should find a place to sleep. Perhaps a room large enough to store three of these beds."

We picked through, finally coming to a large central room. Oluth opened the door, all of us starting at the sudden presence of another person.

She was beautiful. Clad in purple velvet, reclining luxuriously on a cushy looking sofa she took us in.

Her eyes were deep blue pools, her face perfect and pale beneath cascading jet-black hair. Beneath her bodice strained a pair of breasts, the largest I'd ever seen, larger than my own yet somehow firmer, defying gravity with no clear means of support. My lower lip trembled in anguished jealousy as I took in the rest of her lush curves, her long legs, he bright red lips, easily as full as my own.

"Ah..." She said slowly, "Visitors."

"Yes..." Said Oluth, blinking as he stepped into the room. This was the first time I'd seen him actually dazzled by someone's beauty. She raised a hand while he entered, strange black streams of light pouring into her palm. When he'd cleared the threshold she extended her arm towards him, the black mass flying out and striking him with an earthshaking crunch, bodily knocking him into the wall. He fell to the door with a limp thud, his colossal body at rest.

"OLUTH!" Saela and I cried together, suddenly charging into the room. The magenta clad bitch only laughed, gathering more strands of light in both hands before unleashing torrents of grey that wrapped our bodies, encasing us in immovable energies.

"Witch!" I hissed at her as my heavy top cushioned my fall painfully when I pitched forwards.

"Enchantress, please. You may call me Valsivale if you prefer."

"How did you do that?" Saela seemed more respectful than afraid or angry.

She smiled. "Ah you like it? I consider it more a science than a form of magic. Magic, we all know was dead centuries ago. This is different."

"Stuff your lecture whore-spawned wench!" I stammered out, straining against the bonds.

"Oh, well in that case you get the long lecture." She sneered down at me, stretching and sitting up slightly now as she spoke. Whenever you experience a strong emotion... like the rage and jealousy and fear you are emanating now..." Her eyes flitted around me, looking at something I could not see. "...The strength of your feelings are discharged as raw energy that lingers for decades after. All I have done is simply learned to channel that energy into a like form." She swept her arm, a little hand of green energy forming before me and suddenly giving me a harsh slap across the face.

"That was a taste of your own jealousy." She gestured to Oluth's unconscious form, "And that I was able to do with the stored up resentment and rage of the captors once held within these walls. This is a stronghold of such feelings, along with fear and pain of course."

She snapped her head back to the two of us again, "OH! The lust he inspires! I have not seen its like....I must find out what the cause is." With that she slowly stood and walked gracefully towards the prone Myrnotaur, her nipples visibly stiffening beneath her outfit. Saela and I both gave piteous cries, struggling ever harder to save him from whatever this witch intended.

She peeled back his cloth, marveling at the limp length of meat that lay on the floor, the weighty balls which lolled beside it. She leaned in close, letting herself sink to hands and knees just to examine this incredible specimen more clearly, lips parted, tongue darting out for a horny taste of air as she closed in.

Suddenly Oluth's hand shot down, seizing the base of his limp cock with a hand, and whipping it up to strike the side of her head, hard, knocking her onto her side.

"Your magic did hurt, impudent Enchantress, but you underestimated what I could withstand!" He growled as he leapt to a crouch, striking her viciously with his enormous soft club as she tried to gather more emotion into her palm. Two more such heavy cockslaps and her eyes were rolling as she sprawled on the ground. The bonds holding Saela and I faded; we stood and cautiously approached.

"Join these two members of my Harem, Enchantress... swear your fealty to me." Oluth commanded, cock dangling dangerously between her eyes that still fought to focus.

"Never!" She spat,

"Then you may polish these until you change your mind." With a horny grunt, he squatted, covering her whole face with his tremendous ball back. She turned her head, this way and that, unable to escape, unable to concentrate on her hellish magics.

She fought hard at first, then something, I don't know if it was his sheer potency, or something in the heady musk his balls put out, but she submitted herself, eagerly slurping and sucking on his massive cum crates, licking them and rolling them around. His cock began to harden, slipping up her body, shoving her tits around and sliding across her face in the process. He pulled back, putting a huge hand to her forehead to keep her from lifting her face back into his scrotum. She whined and stuck out her tongue, just fighting for another lick of ball meat.

"You are mine. Swear it." Oluth commanded.

"No please, just one more taste of your balls" She whimpered.

"Swear you are mine. You belong to me now."

She struggled, conjuring a tiny spark of magic to her palm, which Oluth calmly dissipated with a gentle cockslap across one of her now exposed tits (How had they come out? I could not say!) Her whole body went slack as she resigned herself to her fate.

"Very well Myrnotaur. I am yours. I belong to you." She sighed with relief as he allowed his balls to drop again, rubbing her face into the massive nuts with obscene slurping lewdness.

Saela and I could only stare on with jealousy as Valsivale devoted herself to the worship of Oluth's magnificent scepter, puckering her so thick lips up before sinking it into her face. She stretched her jaw low, rolling her tongue out to lavish slobber upon the shaft as its prodigious length claimed more and more and more and more of her throat, inch after inch disappearing down into what seemed like an endless, moist gullet.

Oluth tangled a hand in her hair and rolled her head back and forth with an ounce of his strength. The filthy noises of a throat attempting to reverse itself filled the room as the great Myrnotaur fed her what must have been half of him, great tendrils of silver and white pouring from her lips, connecting tit to chin to lip to massive fuckstick. While I could barely stay conscious enduring such a ravaging in my throat, Valsivale reached out to caress and massage his pendulous balls, purring between gagging noises at their weight.

"Be rougher with them than that!" Oluth commanded, "I am more male than you are used to."

She did not dispute him in this claim, and proceeded to tug and squeeze his bombastic balls with ever more vigor. Here what would have reduced a lesser man to a kneeling weeping infant, mewling as he clutched at such abused testicles, only spurred Oluth on to swing his hips, snorting hard from his great nostrils as he punished the Sorceress' throat as she in turn reprimanded his hearty nut globes.

Oluth groaned now, truly using her whole body for his selfish pleasure, he pinned her head to the wall and began to spear her deep. It was the roughest I'd ever seen him, and perhaps her earlier attack was still being accounted for as he glided now what must have been two feet of fat fuckshaft in and out of her. With each thrust in there was a ragged choking noise, ultimately stifled by his girth, and on each drag backwards there came a burbling gag followed by an explosion of frothy precum and saliva.

His balls hung low enough that now they swung forward to collide with her tremendous yet firm breasts, envy striking like a bell in my heart each time the orbs struck home, rippling her titflesh, marinating in the mixture that now coated her.

"I suppose I should finally initiate one of you properly." Oluth grunted, pulling out and drawing her up into higher kneeling posture. He seized his cock in both hands, tapping it once against each shoulder like a king knighting some lucky peasant, finally sweeping it a third time like a mighty cudgel, cracking against the side of her head, sending her to the ground in a puddle of juices.

She batted her eyes, dazed as he pumped his tremendous weapon in both hands, gliding up and down it in long 14-inch strokes, pleasuring himself until his torrent erupted at last. Valsivale moaned and purred in the shower of his seed, turning this way and that to bask unspunked areas of her body in his rich seed, massaging it into her breasts and cheeks and thighs, her face twisting in cathartic release as she gave herself so completely to him.

"What in the name of the gods..." came a new voice. A contingent of my husband's men it would seem, had found their way to us.


Four of them strode boldly into the room. It was obvious from the looks on their faces that they were jealous of the titanic wad Oluth had just blown, each of them nervously eyeing his softening member before it disappeared beneath his loincloth, then more sagaciously at Valsivale, still pearl-coated and moaning, and lastly we two, the defenseless Syphaerel and me, their target.

Oluth began to plod towards them, nostrils flaring, when Valsivale shot out a hand. Tendrils of that black energy --what I now suppose must have been the emotions of captivity that hung so heavy here-- ensnared the great Myrnotaur, halting his progress.

"WHAT BETRAYAL IS THIS!?" Oluth roared, his tremendous muscles truly straining for the first time I'd ever seen. The disks in his arms nearly doubled in size as his gorgeous pectorals fought the magical entanglement.

"Hush darling," Said Valsivale, "I'm just not going to let you risk that precious meat in battle. In this place, at least, I can defend you just fine.

She was still devoted it seemed, and I could tell by the look on his face that she was going to get a vengeful, brutal fucking when this was over with

"Now let's see here..." Said Valsivale, as the invading men seemed to recover from their fear somewhat and begin coming into the room with caution "This place still has some vindictive sentiments floating around..."

Valsivale absent-mindedly extended a hand, a strange red light gathering in it. It danced along her fingers and whipped out, five lashes of pure cruelty raking across the men. They showed no sign of physical harm, but each writhed in the grip of agony as though they'd been flayed by an actual scourge.

"And there's still some Sadness..." She drew both hands up, a weird blue light shining between her palms, expanding out in a cone that caused the next wave of men to sink to their knees, each one grieving, most in tears.

"But what this room is mostly filled with now, thanks to you my sweet Myrnotaur, is pure unbridled lust!" Now she rolled her eyes to the back of her head, hands moving to cup both of her enormous breasts, a deep violet energy welling up from deep inside her, exploding outwards to fill the room.

None escaped the effects of this spell, the men who were just now entering, those who lay on the ground in pain and those who had been sobbing all developed obvious erections. Though bound, Oluth's mighty cock rose with such speed that the crack of his mind-rending shaft against his exquisite abdominal muscles was like a clap of thunder.

Saela fell to her knees, fingers rapidly frigging her poor little Elvin clitoris with the urgency of an unscratchable itch, and my own breasts almost sat upright with the tensile, quivering stiffness that suddenly struck my nipples.

A wild look was in Valsivale's eyes now, whether it was her spell affecting herself or simply some sort of fetish for control I could not be sure, but she ceded that control to her new master.

"Shall I kill them, great Myrnotaur?" She asked the still ensnared Oluth.

"No." It seemed he was still concerned about greater numbers. The men seemed oblivious, each now working out his stiff prick for a vigorous wank.

There was nothing impressive amongst them, and I was quite relieved when Valsivale raised her hands and gathered another spell, a strange sky-blue light this time. "Then I shall make use of the last emotion so heavy here...that of the prisoners yearning to escape!"

With this all of us were suffused in a flash, and I expect to those poor wanking wastrels, we must have simply vanished.


"Well done, Valsivale. I am called Oluth, and I am well-pleased that you are now in my harem." He strode forward now, evidently free. Despite the overwhelming force she'd displayed back in the dungeon, she shook like a leaf at his approach, clearly utterly subdued by his magnificent presence, not to mention the libido-shattering erection that was wagging in front of him like some obscene lever as he walked.

"Thank you, Master." She said, head lowered humbly.

"I would ask one last show of your loyalty." Oluth rumbled.

"Anything, Master. I swear an oath to live for nothing but the salt of your ball sack and the sweetness of your cum."

"That is a strong oath, but I would instead ask this of you. Grant Ailara and Saela one wish each of their choice, your power is great and I'm sure they would accept you with far less jealousy if you were to reward them."

She pondered a moment. "I would grant them anything in your name, Master... but I fear that where we stand now is empty of strong emotion. No one has experienced a passionate moment on this hill, it would seem, in at least an age. The only feelings strong enough to draw from are the lust generated by your harem, and little sparks of jealousy and desire."

"Then make them wishes of lust, jealousy, and desire." He commanded.

She nodded, and then turned to me.

"What would you like lady..." She trailed off.

"Ailara!" I snapped. "Don't look at my face directly! Show some respect you peasant!"

She giggled, "Well if that's your one wish..." And started to turn away. The thought of Saela having an edge on me was too much to bear, so I was hasty to run around and slightly kneel before Valsivale. "No no no...I'm sorry...that wasn't supposed to be my wish. Please forgive me"

She closed her eyes, perhaps feeling the strength of emotions radiating from me, and sensing my desperation if not my sincerity smiled superlatively downwards. "Very well Ailara, I would not want to see you go wanting. What do you truly desire?"

I thought a moment. "Your breasts, Valsivale, they are not natural, are they?" She scowled now, but again I stammered, "I mean no disrespect! I would have you do the same for me!"

"Yes, my bosom is enhanced through my magics... but I could not bless you with such a boon permanently, perhaps only a few hours or so at a time. Only such repeated treatments on myself over the course of years have altered me for good."

I thought on this a moment. "I do not care! A few hours will be enough!"

She smiled. "Very well, Ailara. I shall do to you as I have done to myself. You shall have the advantage of me, for I did not start nearly so amply endowed as you yourself are, thus your potential is far greater."

With these words she raised an arm, drawing that strange violet energy from around herself in a spiraling cloud, directing it to surround me. Within the purple folds of power, I could feel a tightness in my bosoms, cringing slightly as they grew heavier and heavier, than knowing relief as they seemed to lift, gravity itself bending to Valsivale's will to take the massive weight off of my back.

When all parted, I looked down and could not even see my feet! My bosoms had grown into tankards, surpassing the size of milk jugs and large pumpkins, even besting Valsivale's prize-winning watermelons. I could think of no comparable object with which to compare my huge peaks.

Oluth stared at my improvement, his rigid erecting spitting up a luscious gout of precum that dripped down his yard of shaft in a lurid display. Clearly he approved of these mammories.

I lovingly stroked my new mega-tits and looked lewdly up at him over my own billowing cleavage.

Valsivale admired her handiwork a moment then moved to Saela. "And you little Syphaerel sister. How can my magic serve you?"

Saela wrinkled her cute, upturned nose a moment. "Give me the ability to...erm... 'open' myself more. I want to be able to please Master Oluth more than he has ever known."

The Enchantress thought on this a moment. "Very well, Saela, hold still." She raised a finger, concentrating as it began to glow that violet lustful shade, tapping it once to each of Saela's lips, then tracing it down her jaw, and finally working a hand between the Elf's legs, tracing a quick circle on the lips of her sex.

Saela grinned...and then the grin got wider and wider, her blessed lips and jaw stretching to an unnatural degree. Oluth seemed to appraise this as well.

"Excellent my Harem... you have passed the test. Using your free wishes to only further my pleasure is just the sign of devotion I was looking for out of you two. Now let us make use of these spells while Valsivale's power lasts."

With these words he scooped me and Saela up under his arms, and carried us to where the grass was softer, with the Enchantress trailing behind him.


It took effort on my part not to simply punch Saela and scramble for Oluth... but I'd learned my lesson last time, and I even managed to suppress a glare as the Myrnotaur's mighty hands encircled Saela's waist and lifted her up to kiss her on the mouth, grinding her reforged pussy against his turgid bullshaft as they soul kissed one another. Oluth's thick tongue flopped right into Saela's mouth, and while before she could barely have suckled the tip, now his whole mouth-muscle swirled around her small one, her cheeks and lips expanding impossibly to accommodate this.

Valsivale was not idle, walking around to get a good line of sight on his pendulous ballsack. She thought a moment and then drew thin lines of power in the air, seem to lift and palpitate his scrotal fruits from afar, Oluth moaning pleasure at this feat into Saela's mouth. There could be no doubt that the bull's balls were always a heavy load, and clearly this magical support was a relief to him.

I could not resist kneeling down, giggling as my newly shaped breasts were tickled by the grass blades, their size trumping their firmness make this possible. I leaned in and arched my back, wrapping my cleavage around one of Oluth's ankles and working up, soon encompassing his entire meaty left thigh inside my valley. I moved to the other thigh, tits brushing the base of his floating nut sack as I made the cross, amazed that even though his quadriceps were as thick as my waist that they could still be contained inside my creamy titflesh. Of course this would probably not be true if he flexed, but he seemed content to let me entrap him like this.

Having had his fill of Saela's mouth, Oluth proceeded to lift the small Syphaerel above his head and flip her sidewise, slowly lowering her before him, her face towards his spectacular torso. As she descended the leaned in, slurping her pillowy, elastic lips along his cockhead, obscene noises coming from the way her mouth burbled in his shiny precum. Down he moved her, slowly letting her kiss, suck, and lick along the gigantic cumslit that ran the awesome length of the bottom of his shaft. She swirled his stream of precum around her tongue, lips, cheeks and face, blowing bubbles in it and greedily swallowing it, inch after inch of turgid fuckshaft slowly passing before her as her head approached his floating balls and my eager-to-please cleavage.

I was not going to let Saela take all the glory, so I raised up a little and seized one of Oluth's titanic testicles for myself, slurping and licking and sucking on it's ridged surface, savoring his flavor as I let my mouth drool freely, coating the big sweaty nut in a shining sheen of slobber. Saela licked the very base of his shaft where it disappeared into scrotum, whimpering lustfully as her upside-down breasts splayed along Oluth's cockmeat, hooking her knees around his horns to hold her weight and free his arms, using his head like a jungle gym.

Not to be left out, Valsivale let his balls drop, the one I'd been sucking finding a snug space between my now mega-massive tits where it started coating them in prespunk and sweat and my own saliva, the other dropping right onto the Enchantress' face as she knelt to work her own mouth magic upon it. Now the three of us licked and sucked and worshipped his balls as one, Saela switching between the two as Valsivale and I tended one each. Our saliva intermingled on what was becoming the gooiest scrotal sack in existence, and for a brief moment I actually felt a sense of slobbery sisterhood with the other two members of my harem. We lived to please this bull and we knew it.

The three of us moaned in stereo, Valsivale's voice was low and husky, mine a melodic alto, and Saela's high and silver, almost a whine as she finally let herself slip lower on his torso, now hooking her knees over his shoulders. She sunk her head between my mammoth breasts, chasing the fat ball they were concealing. I could feel the suction and hear the sound like a pop in reverse as her magically enhanced jaw and lips stretched, completely absorbing the whole huge balls. Valsivale was fascinated and turned to lick and suck my tits, parting them this way and that glance at the absurd, erotic, obscene sight of the little elf girl with a mouth full of ball meat that was larger than her head, upside-down between a pair of impossible breasts

Jealousy overtook my sense of sisterhood at the sight of Saela doing what I could not hope to, and I rocked my torso to and fro, pummeling her head around with my veritable avalanche of titmeat. This only seemed to pleasure Oluth and he placed his huge hands onto the backs of Valsivale's and my heads, forcing us to worship his other giant sack-boulder. We kissed and licked and slurped, occasionally meeting when we wandered into the same hemisphere, sharing a brief slurpy kiss before moving back to our appointed task of ball-worship. Saela stayed buried between my breasts with his other nut buried in her mouth, and this continued for what may have been half an hour.

Finally the great myrnotaur's ball bag had been satisfied, each testicle bloated now and full of rich seed. He pushed us all away like toys, now leveling his endless shaft at our faces, smearing its flared head all over each of us. Soon we each glistened with prespunk, our faces shiny and red, our breasts heaving as we panted out our wanton, whorish lust for this ultimate alpha male.

Saela finally put her new ability to better use, stretching her lips and jaws wide to sink Oluth's cockhead deep into her gullet. While she was not any deeper than she'd been before, her width allowed her to negotiate his length better, sinking perhaps two whole feet of throbbing thick fuckmeat all the way into her throat. Her deep-seated gulping, gagging, choking noises were almost hard to listen to, and we drowned her willing discomfort out as we moaned in tandem, attacking what remained of his shaft with our mouths, licking and slurping what Saela could not reach, our mighty tits lobbing his superlative seed-makers all over the messy puddles that our bosoms had become.

Oluth groaned and pulled Saela off of himself after this had gone along for a considerable span, wiping his throbbing yard of glazed cockmeat off by fucking up between mine and Valsivale's tits, our combined breasts squishing together at first, then hers slipping to rest atop mine, giving him almost two feet of breast meat to pleasure himself selfishly between. The friction of our bosoms rubbing together lit a fire in my pussy, and I locked eyes with Valsivale as our lips locked around his protruding cockhead, communicating an understanding that she would not have needed to be an empath to interpret.

Oluth leaned down and squatted before us, his dripping balls resting in the grass as his cock throbbed above. Tenderly he re-arranged us, pushing me back to lie down on my back with Saela on top of me, resting the back of her head on my enormous pillow stack. As he spread their legs, Valsivale walked around and asserted herself beneath him so that his balls rested on her face instead of the ground, eagerly licking and lapping them.

He poised his cock at my entrance and gave a triumphant snort as he plunged in, my eyes watering at the feeling of such fulfillment.

"Oh Oluth!" I cried, hissing as he just teased two inches into me, then pulled out to rapidly give Saela the same treatment. While she was far more accommodating, her face still contorted in that mix of pleasure and pain that only a man like Oluth can deliver correctly. Pulling out of her he aimed back down, feeding me three inches now, then Saela.

This continued, 8 inches, 9, 10 inches being fucked first into me then into Saela on alternating strokes. Saela rolled and arched her back on me as he stuffed her, grinding the back of her sweating head into my cum-varnished megatits, one of her hands freely attacking her own clit, the other reaching down to pleasure mine in a gesture I found downright considerate, my own hands free to tear at the grass and pound the ground to offer some relief from the magnificent fucking that Oluth was giving us both.

As he tested the limits of our cream-spewing pussies, Oluth's balls swung back and forth across Valsivale, veritably beating her face up and down with each swing, making her countenance a mask of sweat and precum and Saela and mine's juices.

Eleven inches for me! Eleven inches for Saela! A foot for me! A Foot for Saela! Thirteen inches for me! Thirteen inches for Saela! His speed was increasing, and with it, his power. As he fucked Saela's tiny enchanted snatch, the up thrust of his motion actually carried her hips and ass from my body, depositing her with a slap of skin back down as he withdrew. She whimpered and squealed as she rubbed herself through what may have been her fourth climax, and I rang into my sixth. (I'd cum twice already just from sucking his balls earlier!)

My own moans were throaty and hoarse, mingling with hers. One would have thought he was killing the two of us; but then he was certainly slaughtering our poor little cunts! Oh how mine hurt each time he thrust in, yet how empty and sad it felt each time he was feeding his cock into Saela. My mind was doing cartwheels as it tried to catch up to the sensations of my body, but it never could.

When he had reached 22 inches, he was bottoming out in each of us, Saela's magical enhancement working to allow her to match my capacity, which had grown slightly the old fashioned way. My body was adapting, slowly changing to accommodate Oluth's mammoth meat and powerful fuckstyle, and I almost felt I had grown something more than a 'G' spot deeper inside.. perhaps an 'H' spot that was reserved for Oluth's masterful monster cock?

Now Oluth gave us each a better workout in turn. He started with me, tugging my hips up to meet his thrusts as he pounded faster and faster, easily feeding me 22 inches of cock once every second by the time he'd really revved up. I screamed and clawed the ground, that part of my brain that simply wants to praise the Myrnotaur switching on as he punished me through orgasm after orgasm.

"Yes Oluth! YES YES YES!!! Fuck me like the bitch you've made me! Fuck my poor little pussy! Oh baby yes! Look! look how you make even tits this big bounce like they were nothing! Look at how wet you've made your Elvin whore above me! Feel the smack of your balls on the face of the most powerful woman any of us has ever met! You like that don't you? You like taking strong women like us and making us cry and moan and writhe on your BIG BEAUTIFUL HUGE LONG BULL COCK! FUCK ME! FUCK ME YOU MAGNIFICENT BULL STALLION! YOU FUCKING ULTRA STUD! YOU TITANIC COCK TYRANT! YOU CUNT KILLING KING!

Oluth only laughed as my voice gave out in my hysteria and I finally collapsed weakly after my 52nd or so orgasm let me down.

He rumbled as he pulled out of me, "She may not have Elvin technique or powerful magic..." He scissored Saela's legs open and held her sideways as he continued, "But I have to keep her around just for that mouth of hers!"

"Mm-hmm" Agreed Valsivale, mouth still full of bull sack.

Poor Saela! Oluth must have fucked her for an hour... and I think the enchantment on her must have worn off in that time since my tits had begun to diminish by the time he was through. What a show it was during though! He sawed his three-foot cock in and out of Saela, doing her on one side, then the other, she almost seemed to sizzle like a steak beneath the heat of her passion. A few minutes into this he stood and fucked her standing up, gliding his majestic megacock in and out of her while Valsivale got into a kneel position to continue worshipping his heavy nuts.

When he began to use Saela as more of a jack off toy, sitting still while he pumped his arms up and down to pleasure himself with her whole body, the Enchantress leaned up to take his remaining inches of unfucked cock between her tits, titwanking him hard as he masturbated himself with his Syphaerel fuckdoll. Saela's own tits danced in his face, and she grabbed his horns for dear life as he plunged in and out, wringing orgasm after orgasm from her tiny frame.

He finished out the half-hour, laying her on her back, legs in the air as he pounded down into her, hips in his hands. Valsivale offered up her breasts again for his balls, letting them bounce off of her pillowy flesh with each thrust, the slap of testicle on tit almost echoing around us.

He fucked Saela so hard her ears began to actually droop in response to the fatigue he was driving her into. If I counted right, she came 74 times before he was done abusing her pussy.

And he still wasn't done yet! He now grabbed the worshipful Valsivale, reserved a doggy style position for her. Saela and I could only gasp as we stared at his treatment of her. One hand was tangled in her hair, the other wrapped around her body to hold her in place as the force of his fuckthrusts threatened to knock her forward out of his reach. Their sex was downright angry, and it seemed some power battle was still taking place between them.

Oluth only let go of Valsivale's hair long enough to slap her ass with brutal force, reddening it instantly. Her face turned red too as he made demands of her.

"You're my cow! Say it!" SLAP!

"Fuck you! NO!" She hissed.

"Say it, human bitch!" He snorted, slapping her ass again.

"NEVER!" She shrieked back, clearly cumming hard.

"You just spent two hours sucking my balls, Valsivale. Give this up. You've lost."

She reddened even deeper as he rubbed her face into this fact. It was as though he was still metaphorically rubbing her face into his grinding gonads.

"Fu-Fu-FUCK YOU!" She sobbed raggedly through another two orgasms.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out, letting it rest atop her ass. "Say you're my cow or I won't fuck you anymore."

She bit her lip.

She beat a fist against the ground in a tantrum.

She growled in frustration, rubbing at her pussy defiantly for a few seconds, then finally lowered her head.

"I'm your cow Oluth. I'm your bitch. Your slut. Your spell-lobbing cum gobbling ball-licking whore. Are you fucking happy now?"

"You tell me!" Growled Oluth, suddenly stuffing her with twice the cock he had before. She was bottoming out around 20 inches and he tilted her hips, now pounding her into the ground, the earth beneath them literally trembling from the strength of his awe-inspiring thrusts.

Valsivale's pussy began to bubble and froth, squirting out an almost endless geyser of juice as he shoved his cock into her through orgasm after orgasm. Her hands, knees, and tits became grass-stained as he continued to work her like a miner; he was tapping into a rich vein of girl-cum deep inside her, drilling deep to liberate each drop, the orgasms she was writhing through merely a consequence of his superiority

She had cum somewhere over a hundred times easily I think, by the time he flipped her ass over head onto her back, sprawling on the grass.

Oluth's balls visibly throbbed and he wrapped his huge hands behind his head, aiming his massive cannon at all three of us where we lay, jacking and beating himself off with our combined, slick juices, our nectar and his precum and slobber, and sweat glistening in the sunlight.

The first shot struck me between the tits, it's velocity was so great that it drove the air from my lungs and I gasped as the tremendous wad spilled up and over my face and back. Saela struggled to her feet to get closer as he roared his way through the second, an even bigger salvo catching her in the stomach. Her Syphaerel body was light and the blast actually knocked her from her feet, propelling her perhaps seven feet away into a puddle of cum.

The next shot was for Valsivale, a gooey cat-sized wad of bull-spunk catching her full in the face, matting her hair all the way through and sealing both eyes closed. She spit out a mouthful of cum as she blindly tried to move.

"Swallow my load!" He commanded as he jammed his gaping cumslit to my lips, holding my shoulders in place as his colossal shot overwhelmed my mouth, my throat, my stomach to spill back up and out down over my tits. \

Perhaps showing off now, he revved up his stroking and arched his hips slightly, plotting the trajectory of a fifth load soared into the air to come down on Saela's head where she lay so far away.

Valsivale seized his cannon, jamming it between her tits as he blew another rope of thick seed, the remains exploding from the top and bottom of her cleavage.

He grabbed her hair and bent her to swallow a load before coming back and doing the same to me. Barely any of this one could stay in my mouth as I was still fighting to contain the first.

We lined up and he smacked our tits with salvos of jizz, firing another six shots, one at each of our breasts, making sure none of our orbs escaped a fine corset of white seed.

Three more shots painted our faces.

Another two were forced into Saela's mouth, her eyes wide as she filled her whole body up, threatening to cry cum in addition to the rivers that seeped from her lips and nostrils.

Dear reader, if you can keep count of the number of cum blasts he'd let loose from his long-tortured balls after unloading another 14 on all of us, painting our lips, eyes, hair, legs and stomachs in rich seed, shooting shots high into the air so that they rained down upon us in horny torrential downpours, then you have the advantage of me, for I cannot.

As he finally panted, his cock subsiding, he took in his handiwork. We three blended perfectly into the grass around us, which looked as though it had been snowed upon by a small cloud for hours it was so densely white.

"Clean each other." He commanded and then smiled idly as Valsivale and Saela and I all took turns licking one another's bodies completely free of the bull's delicious white cum. We all curled up together then, falling asleep on one another, breasts being used as pillows in all directions, Oluth's cock hugged between us, the subject no doubt, of Saela and Valsivale's dreams, as it was my own.

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