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My Minotaur Part VI

In Which Lady Ailara Is Called To Service
It was, dear reader, a most trying time in the life of this lady.

The least of our worries was that it was raining. While the droplets rolled off of Oluth, and Valsivale somehow kept dry with an invisible barrier, Saela and I were becoming soaked to the core. My decorative parasol was no match for the weather, and in time the dye of my dress was fading, revealing the frigid, supple skin beneath, my nipples pointing the way for us as my teeth chattered. Saela's inferior little bust was also completely visible through her white blouse, and she cupped her bosoms as we ran.

We were running because of the second problem; the horde of horny whores that felt the need to follow Oluth. Even as his conquest of their bodies from the tavern surely must have been fading into mere memory, they still longed for another taste. Oluth's footprints were not easily hidden either, the now-muddy ground gave way to his immense weight and left a path we could not take the time to conceal in our haste.

Our haste was due to the third problem, some woman on a horse, who outpaced our other pursuers. She was tenacious and had even begun to stress Oluth's mighty lungs. He could outpace the beast, but its rider seemed willing to savage it cruelly to keep up. We were running out of options. As we stopped for breath, Valsivale presented a new one.

"I can Disconvey us to a new location, Oluth." She said.

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"I can transport Oluth and me, instantly, to a new location. There is some risk though."

Oluth snorted as he panted. "What about Saela and the huge-titted one?" He asked.

"It will only work on the two of us; we will have to leave them behind." She calmly explained, Saela and me looking at one another nervously.

"Is that really true?" He rumbled.

"Yes." She said firmly. "That's how the enchantment works."

"Let me rephrase." Oluth Said. He grabbed her by the arm, and pressed her to her knees before him. Using his new undergarment to its full advantage, he hefted the cloth sack containing his humongous cock and bull-balls and dropped them firmly on her head. The weight of them pressed her into the mud several inches. "I ask again. Is it really true that you cannot simply 'Disconvey' us all at once."

She hung her head, dazed from the weight of him, reminded of her place yet again. Then, looking up on her knees she trembled a little as she spoke, "No it is not true. I can take us all."

"That's what I thought you said." Boomed Oluth, helping her to her feet from beneath his huge pleasure-pouch.

The Enchantress closed her eyes.


It was warm.

Wherever Valsivale's magic had swept us, agreed with me tremendously! It was dry, and warm.

"Where are we?" Saela asked.

"Not quite where I intended." Said Valsivale. She seemed worried. "Let's just hope that he's n--"

"HOPE THAT HE'S NOT WHAT, VALSIVALE!?" A mocking voice abruptly intoned.

The Enchantress turned her head swiftly to take in a gaunt, handsome man who stood on the other side of the sunny clearing we found ourselves in.

"Byrzabyre!" Valsivale gasped. She did not look happy

"Oh dear, I've surprised you, haven't I?" He drew his hands in towards himself, sucking a strange orange energy from our general direction. "Surprise is such a strong emotion, isn't it little 'Vale?" He laughed as he pointed both fists and shot a cloud of it around us. My chest got tight, and I found that I could not bring myself to move. My eyes alone could flick about, and with them I saw my companions all suffered the same malady.

We watched helplessly as this Sorcerer weaved his magics, creating a long table with six chairs in the middle of the clearing, then waving his hand to produce a vast feast. When he was done he turned back towards us and gestured again, unlimbering us from our paralysis.

"Sit... eat... friends. You are about to be witness to a little show." We all sat, or so I thought. When I had taken my place I saw that Oluth still remained stiff. The Sorcerer was smarter than to let the mighty bull free.

Saela muttered something in Sylvan, but bravely tucked into the meal, gorging herself with a little bit of each part of the feast. I jealously wondered how she could maintain such a svelte figure with an appetite such as this.

"Let the Minotaur go." Valsivale said firmly.

"No. He shall be the prize." He replied.

I could take it no longer, and finally slapped a hang upon the table. "WOULD ONE OF YOU TELL THE REST OF US WHAT IS GOING ON!" I commanded.

They both looked chagrined a moment. Then both opened their mouths to speak at once, and catching each other in this act both snapped them shut. Finally Valsivale spoke. "This is Byrzabyre. We studied together once."

"We did more than that." He volunteered. Her face took on the look of a woman who regrets having been bedded by the town drunkard, and you didn't need emotion-sensing powers to feel the waves of regret and revulsion coming off of her.

"Yes. We played at being lovers as well. But he caused it to end badly."

"I did!? You brought me shame beyond repair!"

"CHILDREN! ELABORATE!" I shouted once again. Here they froze, neither one seemed to want to tell the whole story. Finally Bryzabyre cut in.

"It doesn't matter. I challenge you to a duel of magic, Valsivale, for the disgrace you brought upon me that haunts me to this day."

She did not hesitate.

"I accept. The myrnotaur and freedom will be our prize."

"And if you lose, I get to humiliate you however I wish. And the Bull."

"We are agreed!" She nodded.

"Wait..." I tried to cut in.

"I shall choose as champion..." He scanned the tree-line, seeming to think. "I chose... Thaxis, the Satyre!" And a small, goat-legged man stepped from the clearing, seeming to have been waiting for this moment.

"What are you..." I tried to cut in again.

"And I shall choose as champion..." Valsivale also scanned the tree-line, but suddenly snapped her gaze in a very discomforting direction, "Lady Ailara!"

It was at this moment my attention had just been caught by the ten, limp dangling inches swinging between the Satyre's legs, and I only half-heard her to snap my gaze up to her face?"



'Valsivale! I am no warrior or street fighter! I will not champion you in this sick contest!" I folded my arms and turned my head. She looked to Byrzabyre.

"Isn't it adorable how she thinks she has choices?" She said, flicking her wrists, magical tendrils forcing my gaze back in her direction.

"Don't worry Ailara. This isn't a fight; it will utilize your finest talents. Our rules state that duels be settled in the way that the dispute itself came up. As ours was a sexual dispute, this shall be a sexual duel."

"No! I...Pick Saela!" I protested. Valsivale shook her head. "Goodness no. Our dear little Sylvan friend does not have you level... and here she strode to my side, lifting one of my massive breasts in both her hands "...of talent."

"Now this is simple. I'm going to march you to the open part of the clearing. The Satyre is going to attempt to fuck you into a state of utter, mindless, submission. If you don't fight back in attempting to subdue him first, he will win, and none of us will get to have Oluth anymore. Is that what you want to happen?"

The thought of losing the Minotaur caused my heart to leap in panic. She was right. I had to do this. "Very well. But you OWE me." I snorted as I willingly crossed to the leering Satyre.

Well I could have had worse opponents I suppose. He was strangely handsome in a goat-humanoid sort of way. His face was nicely chiseled, his muscled beautifully sculpted if not nearly so large as Oluth's, and... oh for the love of the Gods, was I really going to try justifying this to myself? I would sooner fuck ten peasants then this monstrosity! Yet here I was.

"Be gentle." I pleaded at him. He responded by reaching out, grabbing my shoulder and shoving me roughly to my knees. The sadistic beast dangled his soft cock into my bodice, squatting to let the head of it play about within the warmth between my breasts as he leaned down to savagely kiss my neck. I must admit dear reader, that while the latter action was forceful and crude, it awakened some sleeping tingle between my legs. The Satyre knew how to use its mouth.

"Point!" Barked Byrz, flicking his wrist, seeming to gather the lust from me that the Satyre had generated. He blasted it back in the monster's direction, causing the pendulous member between my tits to grow a little. It seemed this game would be scored based on the feelings the Satyre and I would create in one another. Two could play at that game. I shimmied my torso, tossing his cock to-and-fro with the weight of my breasts, slapping them together around the fat cock. The creature's head rolled back and it made a bleating, moaning noise.

"Point!" Valsivale said smugly, gathering this lust and hitting me with it. I felt my pussy instantly moisten.

The nature of this duel was becoming clearer. I fished out the creature's hairy, plumb sized balls from around his cock and moved my head in to tongue lash them, whipping my normally ladylike tongue across each one, slapping the flat of it against each big orb, tenderizing the hard nut-meat with my tongue, a hand snaking down to stroke his stiffening cock where it poked between my tits.

My eagerness seemed to catch him off guard, and Valsivale plucked his lust to feed my lips this time, enhancing their size and softness. Wasting no opportunity I used this to my advantage in further gobbling his balls, pursing my lips around them and slurping hard, hugging his left one with both lips at once, sucking it in and out, virtually fucking my moth with his big fat cum-egg.

This too served us, and I could feel Valsivale pressing our advantage further, causing the slobber in my mouth to heat up and tingle, his cock swelling in response to the sensation it created for his scrotum, shoving me back slightly as it sprung up to full erection. I made a mistake now in gasping at the sight of his size, perhaps some 20 inches bobbing before me, and he took his advantage fully, swinging his hips to let me feel the weight of his cock against my cheek, knocking my head back. That feeling was indeed enough to arouse me, and Byrz blessed his champion with magic, making his testicles swell to absurd proportions, now twin dangling coconuts swung heavy and intimidating before me.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me forward, smearing my whole face into the huge sack, overwhelming me with sweet, pungent musk and raw virility. Another moan escaped me, muffled by the great ball-bag, and I could only fight back with more licking and sucking. I would not be able to capture a ball in my mouth any longer, but at least I could do what I could to still pleasure him. My big lips were a big help here, managing to cover much of his bloated fuck-fruits even at their new immense size. He moaned and we were both hit with new magical rewards simultaneously.

I felt his first, a droplet of precum that had drooled down his cock rolled onto my nose and I tingled with pleasure. I had to fight with every ounce of my being to avoid rearing up to licking his cream and rub it into my face, that urge would finish me rapidly if I gave into it. Instead I felt a strange sensation in my jaw, and discovered Valsivale had imbued me with a new talent. Looking up at the Satyre with a new confidence I opened my mouth wider than was physically possible, and sucked both his new huge balls inside, my cheeks being stuffed full as I reached up to massage them both, rolling his balls against one another in my hot mouth.

He lost that round, moaning and even gasping a little, not expecting the sudden sensation. Gleefully I pulled back, only slowly letting the huge hanging gob-stoppers pop from my mouth, licking my way up his cock to the tip, moving from my kneeling position to a more controlled squat I could now control this a little better. Valsivale's magics coursed through anew as I reached his tip, my big cushy lips now vibrating as though impelled by some unseen bow. I pressed them to his helmeted cockhead, letting them vibrate as I gently sucked, still fighting the urge to give in to his precum. The magic of it was strong, but clearly not imbued with quite enough power to overtake me yet. He made a mistake in placing his hands to the back of my head.

My cocksucking talents were proving to be quite a boon, and I knew that I had Oluth to thank for them. If I had encountered a cock like this when my husband's was still the only one I knew, I'd be completely unsure what to do, but thanks to the great Mynotaur, I was well-prepared. I plunged my head forward and inhaled. The first sound was an unnatural sucking noise; as though the whole forest could be counted on to hear the slaking of my cockthirst. Then there was a sort of gagging noise, but this was suddenly cured by a magical blast from Valsivale, and I progressed deeper, soon throating the whole of Satyre's mighty cock, neck bulging in places to contain the sheer girth of it.

My vibrating lips were now pressed into the pendulous balls, and he moaned again. Now two more rewards shot my way, my tits swelling up to the size of hulking boulders of flesh, wobbling heavy on my chest, and my throat seemed to gain a life of its own, teasing and taunting him with pressure from a dozen different angles. His balls began to swell, and cruelly I arched my back, cupping them with my tits as he began to emit a primal roar, signaling me of his impending orgasm.

His first shots were overwhelming even to my magically enhanced throat, and I had no choice but to pull back, taking load after thick pearl load to my tits, face, neck and pussy.

Thank the Gods that I had won, dear reader! For the pleasure-inducing quality his pre-spunk had emitted before was now ten-fold in strength with his actual load. I moaned and writhed in the shower of him, rubbing it into my flesh wherever it touched, savagely sawing my hands into my own aching cunt, coaxing orgasm after orgasm from myself, I screamed delighted in my triumph, "I've WON! I've WON! Take that GOAT! You CAME FIRST!"

I looked over to chide Valsivale even as I frigged myself and saw her face crestfallen, head in hands.

"Ailara, you idiot!" It isn't to first cum. It's to sexual exhaustion. You just gave up ten points."

"What?" I asked.

But I counted in my head. I had cum eleven times. With his one orgasm canceling out my ten, he had indeed pulled into a terrifying lead. And terrifying it was! His body was awash in blasts of purple lust energy that Byrzabyre sucked from me and shaped into new enhancements. The Satyre's muscles swelled, his cock grew in length, girth, and what appeared to be stiffness and his balls grew even more. A crazy light of omnipotence danced in his eye as he leapt towards me, letting what now seemed to be a 34 inch cock drop hard onto my face, crumpling me to the forest floor. I blinked, dazed from the impact of his now-impossible club as he stepped around to the front of me and pinched my nose shut, forcing me to gasp.

In a final oral assertion of his new prowess he crammed the whole of that cock inside my mouth, overcoming even my magically enhanced throat to draw a nasty long gagging noise from me; his now canon-ball heavy nuts battering the top of my head, making me see stars. If this move had been designed to stun me, it worked, and as he withdrew his now glistening cock, trailing messy ropes of juice all over me. He gave each of my tits a harsh swing of his club-like cock, knocking them each about before hooking a leg over me to position himself at my entrance.

When he drove that monster inside of me, it was like the heavens themselves opened in addition to my poor little netherlips. He split me wide and drove deep, pulling my pelvis up to meet him. He battered into me until his tinge-inducing head pressed against my innermost wall, causing a great wail to come from my throat. He withdrew slowly, letting his flanged head rake my walls to bring another orgasm up from me, sweat beading on my brow as my body fought to both contain and reject his cock. When he'd pulled out all the way, my pussy spewed forth a veritable geyser of nectar, spattering him with sweetness as he beat his cock gently against my clit, prolonging my orgasm with expert timing.

I wasn't sure what the next bolt of purple had done to enhance him until he pressed his cockhead back inside me and started to thrust home. His hips became a supernatural blur of pussy-pummeling power, his organ sawing into me with all the grace and speed of a hummingbird's wings, over two-feet of massive cock entering and leaving my body multiple times in the course of my heart's fast beats. I gasped and moaned, coming over and over.

I could not retaliate against this assault, so I tried instead to escape, spinning onto my knees and trying helplessly to crawl away. Valsivale's could barely stand to look at the spectacle as my huge tits pooled in the moss of the forest floor.

"Come ON Ailara! DO SOMETHING!" She screamed as the laughing Byrzabyre through bolt after bolt into the Satyre, only making his powerful attack more pleasurable and brutal. He grabbed my hips and stood, dumping me face-first into the firmament, tremendous balls like jugs of lead smacking into me hard as his impossible fucking continued, railing me to orgasm after orgasm, the count long since lost as he used me for his pleasure.

I couldn't hear anything, my world a white noise of my own moans and screams of pleasure, not protesting or welcoming the preposterous pounding I was enduring, only letting my mind be subsumed into a white-hot empty place of pure erotic enjoyment.

He swung me around and braced my bent-back against a sturdy tree, standing back slightly to lift one of my legs to be even with the ground, fucking his whole log into me as more purple bolts yet enhanced his performance. He stuffed his meat into me, giving any viewer a look at the obscene stretching my pussy's mouth was receiving.

It was like I no longer had labia, only thin strips barely visible in glimpses between the slap of his battering balls. My clit felt like it would fall off, and I knew I'd have to cry for his mercy if this didn't stop soon. My eyes rolled in their sockets and I realized that even if I could keep from yielding I would still be fucked into total unconsciousness soon at this rate.

Should I hold out and risk being injured permanently, or stop this to my shame before Valsivale? And to lose Oluth forever either way!

Then the Satyre got greedy. Deciding, perhaps, that he didn't want to be finished with me too soon, he pulled me off his cock and dumped me to the ground yet again. Pressing himself down on top of me, he positioned his cock betwixt my ass-cheeks, and abruptly slid himself inside. Swinging a leg over me and tugging my ass up, he sort of sat on the bottoms of my thighs as he slowly stuffed himself into me, folding my body in half to maximize the penetration of his cock. His greed might serve him well yet, as I was confident that this new blend of pleasure and pain would knock me out the moment he drove home. As his cock devoured inch after inch of my ass, I began to feel woozy and blink. My vision was fading.

But through it all I saw a sight that made my heart leap with hope. Oluth, freed from the paralysis strode abruptly next to Byrzabyre and kicked him with a giant foot in the side. The sorcerer flew threw the air and hit a mighty tree, collapsing to the ground. The Satyre's thrusts slowed and his cock shrank; now railing my ass with a comparatively merciful 10 inches. It was a wonder I could feel him at all.

Oluth strode to join us, abruptly slapping his lengthy soft cock down onto my back, covering the whole of my spine with it over the Satyre's head. The Goat mean stared at it and blinked. The rumble of Oluth's voice came from behind him in a threatening, soft, growl.

"Mine's real. Yours isn't."

"I'll just go." Said the Satyre, humbled, even as his member still dripped with over an hour's worth of my gushing cunt's ejaculations.

As the blue-balled Satyre clip-clopped back into the forest, Oluth snorted. "I suppose you thought that was pretty impressive, hm Lady Ailara?"

I could barely whimper my response, "I...I have never been fucked like that in my whole life, Oluth. N-not even by you."

"That's true." He nodded. "That's because I've been holding back, remember? Let us give you a taste of what I can truly do."

My eyes nearly shot from my head, but my ravaged pussy pulsed eagerly. There is little else it thinks of these days, save for sex with Oluth.

"You look for too exhausted to start this off. Come here Saela; prepare me for this poor woman." He beckoned with a single huge finger.

Saela undulated her way to our position and took up residence between the great Bull's legs, worshipping her way across his balls and cock with dough-eyed reverence.

"How do they taste, today?" He asked.

"Potent milord. Full of thick cream and heavy." She managed between licks.

"Perhaps someday the selfish Ailara will be good enough to share with you hm? But this is her turn. She must know where I stand."

His yard of cock was now mostly stiff, and he let Saela give it a slow, slutty Elvin kiss goodbye before lying on his back. His long, strong arms reached out to lift me delicately and set my on his torso, my pelvis bucking a little to grind my clit on his rippling abdominal muscles, grating myself along them as a peasant washes its clothes. Do not dispute me dear reader, peasants are not like you and I, "it" is sufficient in all but the rarest cases with their ilk.

As my juices flowed in gushing rivulets down his ridges and valleys, making his muscles gleam, he leveled his tremendous cock for my face, slowly guiding my head down to suckle his tip. The lips Valsivale had granted me were most well-suited to the task of slathering across so ferocious a prick, and I smacked them sluttily as I slowly sunk him in.

He brought his huge tongue to bear, letting it slip from his mouth and lathe up and down my wet lips where my ass presented them to his face. So vast was his tongue, that he could lap the entirety of my netherlips with the middle of it and still flick a generous portion of its tip up to slap away at my clit, triggering a fast-mounting orgasm. I do not know how to explain it properly, dear reader, but if you will indulge me, even one orgasm from Oluth felt better than what I'd just endured at the hands of the Satyre. Something in his sureness, his strength, his skill, and his sheer masculinity brought me wholly out of myself and sent me sailing to be one with a universe of climactic delight. If what Valsivale and Byrzabyre could do was 'magic', then Oluth performed Miracles.

As he tongue-lashed my cunt, the great Bull then placed his fingers on the back of my head, locking them together and slowly exerting force downward, forcing my inadequate super-throat to take more and more of his cock. I was only halfway before it began to give me trouble, ripping great nasty gags and gobbets of precum and slobber from me, my drool poured down the underside of his shaft from my slutty lips, pooling in the vast cleavage betwixt his enormous testicles, mingling with the Elvin saliva that still moistened them, even now.

At the rate he shoved me, my nose was soon IN that puddle, making proper breath impossible, and I half drowned with his shaft ravaging my throat and the mess I was making being inhaled through my nostrils. Even as I squirmed uncomfortably, Oluth demonstrated another gift, making his tongue make two completely different motions at the same time, twisting back and forth between my gushing cunt-lips and slapping up and down on my clit. His speed increased and I came again, harder than I had all afternoon. I do not know what physicians would say of it, but something about losing the air I was losing only boosted the dream-like state of overwhelming erotic release.

Just when I thought I might lose consciousness he pulled my up by the forehead, allowing me a gasp and retching fit to unthroat the remainder of his presperm. I coughed the mess all over his cock, knowing this would please him, ground my pussy against his tongue, trying to prolong the orgasm for as long as possible. Oluth grinned, well-pleased and lifted me again, this time sitting slowly down onto the top of his cock.

I reached back and grabbed his horns for support, my tits splaying outwards as I gasped and trembled, slowly lowering myself down on the colossal column of cockmeat. As usual, it was like my womanhood had died a thousand little deaths, and gone on to a different, perfect heaven in each of these tiny afterlives. As I slid down, pussy-gobbling a preposterous amount of him, Oluth placed his palms upon the ground band arched his back slightly, seeming to set himself up for an optimal position.

Then he took off, and I saw what a pale and flaccid substitute magic was compared to the great Bull. His cock impaled and unsheathed from my pussy at a pace that made the Satyre's enhanced hips seem to move at a standstill. I was nowhere near taking all three feet of him, yet his balls still swung high enough to swat me right on the clit with each pump of his hips. I could not describe the sound of them as a slap or strike, because the speed with which his thrusts flung them was so great it was more of a blurred, constant noise, one I could not have imagined prior to experiencing it, and that my pen does me poor justice in trying to convey to you now.

Not that you could have heard the sound anyway. My own throat had found new strength despite the reaming it had received, the battering it had endured, and the endless wails my vocal chords had already produced this day. I do not know where my body found the resources to make more noise, but the noise it made could have driven a banshee away with fear. My howls of pleasure and insanity ricocheted off the tree trunks and echoed into the woods. Wherever the Satyre was, he was sure to know at this point that he was being thoroughly, completely, out-done.

And, dear reader, there was so much... fluid. Sweat beaded on my skin, and, perhaps since he was putting effort into it for the first time ever, Oluth's as well, beading to gleam on his gorgeous muscles. His precum gushed inside me, only to be rejected over and over, spilling down his cock at each withdrawal, mixing with the sopping product of my endlessly creaming gash to puddle across his tree-trunk thighs. Sweat and slobber burst from his balls in a spray of decadence each time his swelling nuts slapped home on my sex, speckling my already wet flesh with new lust.

Impossibly, his speed increased again as he stood with ease, spinning me run that perfect tongue across my chest as he drilled me only harder and better. His tongue slapped my wobbling tits all over my chest, replacing the sweat that collected there with his hot saliva, eyes clenched in concentration and pleasure as he poured himself into the magnificent fucking he was giving me.

The beast in him was out now. Savage. Wild. Dangerous. Devastating. He picked up the speed and bent me over while still holding my aloft with one hand bracing my belly now, his free hand moving to maul and spank my ass for his own selfish pleasure. There was a moment in this span that my pussy went completely numb, losing all sensation together, my mind somehow unable to process the sheer amount of feeling that overwhelmed it. But then, it all came flooding back, as if you've covered your ears moving from a quiet street to a noisy market and suddenly let it all pour in at once.

My world went white dear leader, and the last sight I remember seeing was Oluth's eyes widening at the sight of my pussy blasting out a jet of juice so forcefully it threatened to set me in flight... then all was black.


I woke I know not how long later. Saela was gently kneading my brow with a cool cloth. My whole body ached, my ravaged pussy practically packing its bags to take leave of me in protest. At the same time, I'd never felt more satiated or at peace with the world. I only smiled, feeling nothing but love for the little elf, like all the disdain and mean-ness had been fucked from my being. Of course it would not last, but I let her continue to work, saving my cruel barbs about her age and inferiority dissipate from me with ease. She spoke softly to me as she ministered to my brow.

"So I guess what happened, is that Valsivale and Byrzabyre dated a long time. Apparently, there was some disagreement between them about when their relationship actually ended. Byrz felt it was obviously in the Spring, and that when he took a new lover in the Autumn, Valsivale had no right to be upset. It is Valsivale's contention however, that Byrzabyre had not stated his intentions to withdraw from their courtship until the Winter, and that when she caught him stuffing his magically enhanced manhood into the local barmaid in the Summer, she had EVERY right to cancel the spell out, letting the wench experience how little he had to offer without the aid of enchantment."

"I see." I murmured.

"So he has sought vengeance against her ever since. But after today, he might be done. I think our Myrnotaur's kick shate--"

I cleared my throat abruptly and loudly, interrupting her.

"My Myrnotaur."

She scowled, correcting me and trying to continue her story. "No, OUR Myrnotaur and he--"

"MY MYRNOTAUR!" I shouted. This caused Oluth to peak into the tent.

"I belong to no one." He rumbled. "If you have no learned that by now, I believe I shall find a new way to teach you." He seemed to think. "Let's see...I've fucked you casually because that's how little effort it takes to pleasure you.... and I have taken you with effort to show you that not even magic can stand up to my prowess.... hmmmmm" He beckoned with a finger to someone outside the tent.

"Valsivale, the next time Lady Ailara is caught being selfish, you will imbue me with all the enhancements Byrzabyre gave the Satyre, and I will fuck her at full effort with them. Is this clear?"

"Yes milord." Valsivale answered. She wasn't one to take orders, but some sick part of her obviously just wanted to watch the show.

Now then, Lady Ailara. What were you saying to Saela before she was so rudely interrupted?" He intoned.

I hung sighed as my whole face fell, feeling the throbbing sensation of my destroyed and ravaged cunt at each of my tiniest heart-beats.

"Our Myrnotaur, Saela." I said.

But oh, dear reader, how I lied when I said it.

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