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My Minotaur Part VII

In Which Lady Ailara Sees The Bull Gets Cowed
After that nasty business at the glade, we wandered on. As we moved ever northward, we began to hear a curious noise at night, and it wasn't until we were within sight of the source that we understood what it was. The noise of a thousand thousand voices all crying out as one, a constant din and roar.

Before us there lay a vast Arena.

Saela's eyes widened at the sight of such marvelous architecture, and even Valsivale seemed vaguely impressed.

I myself have never enjoyed The Games, but on occasion my husband would bring me along to with him to witness the spectacle and the glory. I never much enjoyed violence, save for Oluth so handily defeating the mansion guards. Ah but how I pined for those seemingly simpler times, when my only concerns were being an outlaw and possibly orgasming to death, spit upon the fattest, longest cock in all the Four Kingdoms.

Now I had Competition for affection with a Syphaerel wench, terrifying magical powers to dodge from an Enchantress, and worst of all, the fear that Oluth would simply forget me all together save for when he wanted to make a point about his prowess.

“Perhaps this will serve as a good hiding place from that bounty huntress.” Said Saela with a shrug as we drew nigh.

“Very well. I shall see what humans make of... sport.” Snorted Oluth.

We found our way to one of the vast openings for people to enter.

“Twenty Minae per head, love.” Said the proprietor at the gate. The others helplessly looked to me. I rolled my eyes.

“I see our functions now. We've a warrior, a wizardress, a skilled thief... and then me. The Rich Bitch. Is that my job?”

“No.” Said Oluth. “You are far less than that. Now pay.” He rumbled.

Defeated I unpursed a handful of crowns and scattered them before the swine who dispensed tickets.

It was way more than enough, and he bowed with a sweeping arm gesture to show us in.

“For this price, your seats shall be ringside, Madame.” He said.

“You are beneath scum. No, I shall worsen that. You are beneath peasantry. I informed him.” He only grinned, “Thank you Madame. Enjoy the athletic display.”

It is a curious thing about our land. Gladiatorial combat is technically banned here, and thus when displays of violence are to be had, they are not “called” fighting, but rather recast as lectures or displays of art or physical skill. The Sweet Science. The Gentle Art. Sometimes pugilism is recast as a merchant demonstration and is known as The Stern Business.

But there was nothing gentle about it. We joined the crowd in only minute amusement as various grunting, sweaty men squared off in fisticuffs, and a few matches with weapons, all uninteresting. My eyes watched Oluth's response as much as anything; he only seemed to shake his head as each loser lost, perhaps mentally figuring out how he would do things differently, faster, better.

Finally the fate orator rose and spoke to us all, his mighty voice echoing off the walls. “Citizens! I am proud to report that our reigning Champion has woken, and is ready to face today's bracket winners. The Champion wishes to have a short day of it today, and thus will take them on in groups... 1, than 2 at a time, than 3, and so on. Afterwards, the floor shall be opened to new challengers with a death-wish.”

I whispered to Valsivale, “This should be good. When my husband used to take me, the champions at least had a chance of being hot... muscled, tall, talented. And I bet he's got a huge cock....” I nudged one of her massive bosoms with my elbow a little, “maybe big enough for you to decide to stay with him? Hm?”

My clumsy gambit seemed to have no effect on the Enchantress, and I came to understand why as the Champion's doorway opened.

Muscled, certainly, and tall? At least 7 striking feet. But this was no Alpha Male. What swaggered onto the battlefield was Long-haired, blonde, clad in only a pair of furred boots, a tiny leather skirt, and enormous cupped brassiere that barely contained mammories that rivaled my own. In fact she was undoubtedly bigger, but I was somewhat comforted that in proportion to herself, she was only about the same size as me... it's just she was such a big woman over all.


And the crowed roared in a single chant, “TI-A! TI-A! TI-A!”

The first of her opponents walked out, alone, a large and muscular man at 6'5” or so. She eyed him with disdain and as soon as he was perhaps ten feet away, she leapt forward mightily, landing on her left foot and lashing out with her right, a brutal kick connecting hard with this his side. His ribcage visibly collapsed as though she were the rain, and he a house on a mud-sliding hillside.

On his knees he groaned for mercy, and she gave it harshly, stepping forward to meet his face with a full-armed heavy slap, his eyes rolling in directions I did not know possible as he slumped over on his side.

The next two men to advance on her were crushed together like a pair of beef-sides.

Three at once then, quickly dispatched with a flurry of nose-crushing punches and cheek-smashing elbows.

Then four at once, one armed with a dagger that found its way into all of her attackers, still gripped in the arm she'd torn from the man's socket.

After this last grizzly display, no others would move to challenge the great 'Tia' and she raised her arms to bask in the adulation of the crowed.

They were, it would seem, entertained.

She was so fearsome in battle, that when Oluth began to move over the short wall onto the battle-field, clearly intending to challenge her I grabbed his loincloth.

“No! Don't!” I urged him, “She's a killing machine! You could get hurt!”

He merely shook his great head, affectionately giving my left breast a firm squeeze, “You have not learned by now to never doubt me? You are as foolish as you are wealthy, poor slut.”

And with that, he hopped into the ring.


She was fast. Ignorant peasants often think of bulkier more muscled people as being slow, or clumsy, yet the reality is that those muscles provide speed as well as power. Both were on display here.

Oluth launched forward in an attempt to grab the Barbarian princess, but found none to grab, the enormous woman simply stepping from his path with a deft twirl. Then her elbow was colliding with the back of his head, causing him to stumble forward. As he spun to meet her, she sent out an arm with a flash, one of those brutal slaps connecting harshly with Oluth’s muzzle.

He tried to retaliate with the same, but hit only air as she ducked and bobbed up, her breasts a tidal wave of momentum that put even more weight behind another two such slaps, each catching the Great Bull harshly enough to rock his head one way and then the other.

For the first time since I’d known him, I saw a new expression on Oluth’s face, his eyes wide in response to the stinging pain, his cheeks a slightly different shade in embarrassment.

Then both turned to rage and he surged forward, this time managing to grab and bind her arm as she greedily swung for another slap. The two squared off against one another, locking hands and shoulders, fighting for control of this grapple. It was clear that Oluth was the stronger of the two of them, and slowly he forced her to the ground before him, trying his best to pin her arm.

Whether his intent was to actually break the limb or merely gain her submission I will never know, because as she fought his grip with one arm, the other snaked up and under his loincloth. From my vantage point I could see her long fingers wrap around one of his pendulous, dangling balls, unable to encompass the vast globe of course, but still gathering up more than I’d ever seen palmed.

One squeeze and harsh yank later and it was Oluth who was on his knees. She rose and toward over his half-prone form, sweetly caressing his muzzle in her palms a moment as he vainly attempted to soothe the pain in his ball. She said something that the crowd drowned out, but that I could hear.

“You’ve earned my respect. I’ll be seeing you later.” She said before abruptly launching one of her toned legs, battering Oluth between the eyes with a single well-placed knee. Down he went, and the match was over.


It took several strong men to drag the unconscious Bull over to where other surviving competitors were groaning in recovery. The three of us waited by his side, looking uneasily at one another as he slowly awoke.

“I…” He paused. “I lost.” He finished, and then abruptly sat up, scattering blankets and girls in his haste. Then Oluth was stalking away from us, some unknown expression in his wide bovine eyes.

We took a few moments to rearrange ourselves and then ventured to follow, Oluth’s massive footprints easy to track in the dirt. They led us into the town that sat closest to the arena and into a large bar.

There Oluth sat, quaffing ale from an entire pitcher as if it were a stein, huge muzzle in one of his broad palms.

It was a side I’d never seen to him before; he was sulking and in a way, it was sort of adorable.

I slid next to him on a stool, being careful to grind my breasts into his mighty bicep as I put an arm halfway around his side.

“Come on, Oluth honey. You have nothing to feel bad about. She cheated!”

“No. She did not.” He boomed drearily back.

“Okay, fine, she’s like some sort of monster. But she killed people out three today. Not you!”

“Pardon me if I’ll keep my triumphant cheers to a minimum.” He replied.

Then I leaned up and licked his ear before whispering into it.

“Would you like it if the elf-bitch and I got under the table and nursed your balls back to health with our tongues?” I Offered.

“HEY! I HAVE A NAME!” Saela insisted with a stomp of a foot. Airily I waved her comment away with a hand, “Yes, yes, Saba or something, I know.” She scowled as I looked back to the great Bull.

“No. I think I would rather be left alone for now.” He said. “Rent yourselves a room here. We’ll leave in the morning.”

I sighed, once again relegated to financial duty, and began to make arrangements with the ugly, fat, peasant innkeeper.


The evening found me in our squalid, filthy room. I cupped a snifter in my hand as I drank the swill which passed for the inn’s finest Brandy. Glumly I listened to the other girls and the rest of the patrons reveling downstairs; but I was not happy. I hated to see Oluth in his current state, laid low in his cups with that sad look in his eyes.

Saela was the first to arrive back in the room, tipsy, giggling, and a little breathless.

“Hi Ailara!” She said, beaming.

“That’s Lady Ailara to you.” I shot back.

“Okay, Lady, whatever.” She shrugged. “You wanna come here and snuggle?” She asked.

“Oh come on,” I protested, “You know I don’t like girls.”

“Liar.” She smirked. I opened my mouth to add, ‘and even if I did I wouldn’t want girls like you…’ but she interrupted me before the words could get out. “You regaled us with tales of how you had women massage your breasts every night, back home.”

I was stunned. “That’s different!” I gasped.

“Is it?” Said Saela. “Quick! Tell me how!”

“Because…. Because… Because shut up. Your tits are tiny!”

It was at this moment a long leg snaked through the door, and my eyes rose to take in the form of the Gladiatrix, Tali-Tani-Tia.

“Her’s might be. But mine AREN’T.” She boldly declared in that funny northern accent of hers, crossing to me in two strides and bending, dropping her massive knobs right on top of mine, rubbing their superior size in my face. Again dear reader, I might have had her beat in terms of proportion, but for raw size, she was easily several sizes larger, they sat fat on her chest like a pair of lolling watermelons.

Then her hands were on the side of my head and my head was sandwiched between them, lodged firmly in her cleavage.

It was not unpleasant! The flesh was soft and pillowy and warm and for the first time I had a better understanding of men’s infatuation.

Then, dear reader, we three were fucking.


Tia was clearly in charge, a surprise to no one. She had first hauled me from my chair, lifting me easily into a breast-crushing embrace and a sloppy kiss, her massive lips all over mine like feeding fish, albeit one with passion and sex appeal. Despite myself, I could feel moistening start between my legs, and I gasped a little into her talented mouth, one eye on Saela who watched with a smug smirk on her face, clearly enjoying this invasion into my normal boundaries.

Tia launched a hand back and seized the slender Elf by the waist, drawing the little Syphaerel close to us, letting her ogre-sized tit spill to the side into Saela’s face. Saela smiled widely and went to work on the huge boob, easily more titmeat than she could hope to grow in her whole lie already in her hungry mouth. Saela suckled and nursed on it, pulling back every now and then to give the humongous hard nipple a good tongue lashing. I was selfishly pleased to see that Tia’s breasts did have wide Areola’s far less proportional than my own, and this made me feel superior.

She angled her body, twisting her neck so that she could keep lip-locked with me, aggressively assaulting little Saela’s face with her huge tits, barely letting the Elf get used to sucking one before she suddenly mashed the other up against her, letting Saela’s slobber drip from her glistening boobs in alternating tit-punches. Then she took one long finger, and tender slipped it into Saela’s breaches, finger-banging the point-eared girl with graceful skill. Her fingers were not especially thick, but they seemed to know just where to go as Saela’s face flushed through shade after shade of red.

The little one moaned and whimpered, louder and louder as the Amazon probed and poked away, occasionally drumming on Saela’s hard little clit with a thumb in varying rhythms. Her other hand roamed to me and impudently pulled my wrap-top apart, exposing my hard-nippled tits. She pulled back, “Not often I meet a sister in size!” She grinned appreciatively as her free hand began to stroke and cup my orbs, massaging and mauling them at once, her long finger covering an extraordinary amount of ground for what I was used to.

I moaned in shallow breaths as she attacked my monstrous breasts, whimpering and moaning as she pulled in to suckle my fiercely hard nipples, pushing them in with her tongue, then sucking back until my tit ached with pleasure at how distended it was becoming. Her tactics changed though, and soon she was hungrily wolfing my mounds into her maw, sucking massive mouthfuls of titflesh between her cheeks, availing herself of every ounce of breast-meat I had to offer.

Saela gave a strange little cry and crumpled in on herself, the sound of her explosively juicing pussy spattering the floor with its horny output. She bit her lips and beat her thighs as wave after obvious wave of orgasm shuddered through her tiny frame. Tia spit my left breast out, dripping with her drool to command the little one, “Repay the favor my sweet pussy slave!” She cupped the back of Saela’s head and brought it to her own smooth meaty cunt-lips, forcing the elf to contend with her amply endowed labia and clit, breath catching as Saela’s tongue went to work on them.

Roughly she shoved me back a little and sat me down, parting my legs to go to work on my sex in the same manner. Her tongue was large and surprisingly strong, and she used it to pummel and batter my perfect little vagina around.

“mmm yes…I taste in you fine living…and cocoa butter….and….” She stuck her tongue deep inside me, bringing a gasp and an orgasm from me as one, my modest coating of syrup disappearing handily between her slurping lips. She pulled back with a moist grin. “And the Bull! He has bred you deep and hard, has he not? It is a wonder how you do not carry his young!”

“A lady must have some secrets!” Was all I could manage to gasp back at her, as she abruptly tongue-fucked me to another climax.

“Join your little sister!” She commanded me, pulling my head down to join Saela where the horny elf gnawed hungrily on one of her cuntlips. Together we worked in accord to satisfy this hulking nymphomaniac, our tongues parting her sex to reveal her impressive clit, our hand entwining in nasty nectar as our fingers raked across that hard little nub, her massive buttocks thumping the floor as she bucked her hips in pleasure, grinding herself against us in our efforts.

Even in orgasm she reached out, seizing her odd loincloth and decoupling its belt and buckle somehow. Then the two of us looked worried as she seized her great-sword where it lay against the wall. We were relieved when she unlatched some hidden catch and unsctuck the handle of her weapon. We saw now that it was in fact decoratively carved in the shape of a massive phallus, flanged head, veins and all. She strapped the belt on and mounted the sword-handle into the belt, giving the illusion of her own, hard 14 inch cock.

I was worried it would be cold metal, but I found the grip to be covered in some pleasingly soft hide, not unlike the texture of a semi-stiff cock. She seized Saela and laid her out on one of the tables, shamelessly gouging her hand expertly into my snatch, the orgasm it gave me dumping a load of my love lotion into her palm. Brazenly she slapped that palm up and down her artificial meat, and then, using my juices as lube, began to fuck into Saela’s pretty pale pussy.

I could only wonder at what Saela must be feeling as I hugged around Tia’s side, my breasts spilling into the small of her back, my arms wrapping around to fondle at her own superior melons as she began to buck her hips. Saela’s eyes went wide with surprise, wider than the first time she’d laid them on Oluth’s cock, wider than the first time he’d fucked her. I was not sure what Tia could possibly be doing to the little elf with her measured thrusts that alternated in angle in depth at every turn.

Saela began to cum abruptly, showering us both like I’d never seen her do, coating the warrior-woman’s thighs in silvery Syphaerel cream, spackling the parts of me that were not shielded by Tia’s hulking body. Tia stopped moving a moment, still fully stuffed within her victim, letting Saela ride out the rest of her intense orgasm before putting a hand behind her head.

“Clean it.” She commanded, thrusting up into Saela’s face. Arrogantly the elf moaned and purred at the taste of her own juice as she worshipped the Amazon’s phallus, the facsimile gleaming with shining slobber by the time she was done. She whirled on me so fast the fake dick smacked into my breasts, knocking them into a rocking motion that she stopped to appreciate a few moments, grinning lewdly.

“Ready or not…Ailara, was it? Here I come….”

I could only stammer an answer somewhere between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ as she grabbed me beneath the arms and lifted me, pinning me to the wall.

When she dropped me down to plunge inside me I understood exactly what Saela had just been through. Where Oluth was a larger, enduring, strong lover of power, Tali-Tani-Tia brought an incredible skill and precision. It was not unlike the way they both fought really; her dance in either case was one of expertise and intuition.

It is hard to explain, dear reader, but each time she fucked into me, a part of my pussy would sort of light up with pleasure that was more wanting, and her next thrust would always meet that part, satisfying me yet creating another elsewhere…and so on, her artful flicks and thrusts of her hips found the most pleasurable spot each time, over and over until…


At least, I think that’s what I might have screamed as I began to shower her in a spray from myself that would have made the very tides blush for all the wetness. I panted and half-fainted, only becoming aware again at the sight of Tia unbuckling her dripping great-cock and letting it fall unceremoniously to the floor, towering over Saela and I again as all woman.

She studied us both a moment, seeming to strategize where she would marshal this fuck-parade next. Slyly she grabbed my shoulders and slowly guided me down to the floor with her, lying on her back as she put my head between her legs, and her own between mine.

I do not know what hand gestures they must have traded to communicate, but soon Saela was lying on me, her breasts resting on my ass, her tongue coming down to join Tia’s at my pussy. The two ate me out in tandem as I endeavored to bring off the Amazon, my efforts no doubt clumsy from both my lack of experience, and the incredible distraction of having two tongues, one large slow and strong, the other fast and darting attacking all the things that made me a woman.

The orgasm I was shuddering through was so intense this time it was like the other had never really ended.

But Tia must have enjoyed something in my clumsiness, for it was not long after my waves of pleasure had started to roll that her own orgasm triggered, her gorgeous, defined muscles tensing and relaxing as her pussy gouted forth a cream that I devoured with relish. If you had asked me before today, eating a cunt would have been one of the lowest, demeaning things I would suggest a person could do, but here in this moment I felt only a certain pride and power, that I had some small victory over the great Gladiatrix.

As the three of us moaned in unison, the door swung wide, and in stepped Oluth.


“Myrnotaur!” Tia exclaimed, “I have made myself ready for you. Behold what a fine job your toys have done readying me!” She stood, proudly arching her back to display her now rigid nipples and sopping sex, dripping so mightily it fairly rained upon Saela and I where she had so unceremoniously scattered us.

The Great Bull seemed more than a little confused, though far more sober than when I had seen him earlier. “I…I do not understand. Why would you come here to make yourself ready…for me?”

She smirked and crossed to him, patting his muzzle affectionately. “Dearie, you may fight like a girl, but you are HUNG like a man. I saw what wings beneath your loincloth, and I liked what I saw.”

And here she leaned into him, grinning like a predator, her tits just below his face her height was so great. “And what Tali-Tani-Tia wants, she gets. No exceptions.”

Oluth snorted and turned from her. “Well what if I’m not sure I can perform, hm? You might have injured me earlier.”

She put a hand to her mouth in mock shock, “Oh you’re right! I should apologize to the injured parties immediately!”

She did a curious thing then, putting one leg forward and one back she snapped into a perfect split, legs splayed against the ground, her head at loincloth level now, and she abruptly tore that from him, displaying for us all our favorite thing in the Five Kingdoms.

She reached out and cupped his massive, dangling nuts as she did before, the reminder making him grit his teeth, but this time she only massaged and weighted the orbs in her palms. “I’m so sorry for hurting you earlier dearies, let me kiss it all better…” And with that she leaned in and hungrily slurped and sucked the massive nuts, bathing every firm inch of his gargantuan gonads with her slobber-oozing lips letting the stray sack smear her pretty, arrogant face.

She pulled back a moment to look at us, “Well don’t just sit there lazy girls, come help… you know damned well he’s too fucking big even for me!” and we did, Saela and I cross behind Oluth, she on the left nut and me on the right, the three of us swabbing his dangling nuts this way. His words were proved false as his cock began to harden, nearly tapping Tia on its way up, she defiantly grabbed it and lodged it firmly between her breasts, letting him harden in her cleavage as she played catch with us.

In a moment of inspiration she grabbed the back of my head as I sucked his ball and pulled me in for a kiss, frenching with me but forcing my face against hers really hard. When I pulled back, his entire ball was stuffed into her cheek, obscenely tenting her skin thin around the veiny nut. She had used my own pressure, and lubricating slobber, and the vacuum seal of our lips to do the impossible and actually suck one of Oluth’s balls properly.

She repeated this feat with Saela, and when the elf’s head pulled back, her mouth was stuffed so full of nut-meat that you could practically see through her cheeks. Oluth was overwhelmed and put a hand to the wall, holding himself stable as this insane barbarian swished and sloshed his nuts around inside her oral cavity, her tongue visibly tracing his stones, her head dropping a little to tug them slightly as she pleasured them.

With nothing left to suck, Saela and I crawled around and began to suck Tia’s tits instead, coating them in slobber until they glistened, coating Oluth’s hardening cock as well, which now nearly reached the floor in this down-bent position.

“GWAH! ENOUGH!” Oluth roared, yanking his body back and pulling the nuts from Tia’s mouth with a twin-loud popping noise and a double-explosion of slobber. The Amazon gasped for breath and held her jaw a moment as he double-pumped his cock with both fists.

“I must have your mouth!” He cried, using a large hand to palm her head and prop the back of it against the wall, lifting and leveling his great tool to aim at her lips in a horny fit. Seeming to find disfavor with this, she hooked bother her arms on the backs of his ankles and tugged swiftly forward, tripping Oluth to fall on his back, hard. The wind knocked from him he blinked dazed as she moved like a tigress to mount him, turning so her ass was presented to his face, and his cock towering before her.

Grinning she wrapped two fists around the prize, her hands closer to meeting on him than anyone’s I’d ever seen, but still not quite touching by themselves, and she began to jerk and jack him.

“Yesssss, Bull yesss…. Now THIS is a cock. I’ve never seen its equal!”

She tugged it back and sunk the head into her mouth, giving approving looks at Saela and I as we moved to worship his balls more, never letting them go un-wet for more than a few moments as she began to sink him into her mouth. It took him eight inches to result in the little choking noise that I usually hit after 5, and Saela helpfully grabbed a lock of her dangling hair to tug her down towards us, an effort I joined her in, guiding her face with the reins of her tresses to consume more and more and more cock.

She had less trouble than me clearing this point, and I do not know if it was her skill or her angle but soon she had half of him in with only a mild violent shuddering. She shuddered a little more as Oluth stuck out his long tongue and slurped and tongue-fucked her ripe pussy, even running it up the crack of her ass, seemingly just to get a reaction from her. She did shriek a little when he did that, so that point went to him.

She reached a problem now. Oluth’s cock was going up his chest, but there was no more room for her to slide down now given this angle. She seemed to think a moment, and then put her hands on his strong hips, gracefully arching her legs and ass into the air, slowly slinking into a perfect hand stand with Oluth’s cock lodged in her throat. Now she turned that hand-stand into an upside-down pushup, her gorgeous muscles flexing as she sank more and more of him deep, throating and throating the endless rod,.

Saela and I had to pull off to give her face room, as her eyes and nose sank into the floor…we gasped at the sight. Her breasts spilling down to pool on his chest, her legs straight up in the air, her throat bulging with an obscene fullness, Tia had actually completely taken Oluth’s cock in her mouth. The two of us looked at each other jealously, envious of her, yet undeniably aroused as both of our pussies spit out fluid in unison at the amazing sight.

Oluth gasped and put his hands to her hips, jacking himself off a few times with her throat as his own personal cocksleeve, then he pulled her off with a relieved gasp spilling from her mouth, along with what seemed a gallon of slobber and precum that rolled down his pillar in a wave of lust.

“You must be rewarded!” Oluth insisted, pulling her legs open again into that full split position and feeding his enormous head into her. Her eyes went wide as any woman’s wood, even one as practiced as Tia clearly was, and he plunged deep, reaming her depths. He was instantly rewarded with a shower of cum larger than any of the others seen this day.

He sawed and pounded and thrust and crammed and hammered and drilled and deep-dicked her, his every powerful cockpunch claiming more and more of her cavernous pussy. Saela and I could only watch in a mix of lust and terror as he pounded away, and I understood how super-human I must seem to the other women when I take this kind of punishment.

But the two of them fucking was not Oluth’s usual conquest, no. Theirs was a dance of power and passion rarely witnessed, the positions vast and to most, impossible to achieve. Her legs scissored split, one around his torso, the other up over one shoulder as his nuts slapped her ass.

Him holding her aloft as she ground her tits into his face. Her, holding his horns in the crooks of her arms to angle herself up and down off of him. He spanking her ass with his palms and her clit with his balls as she put both hands against the wall and let him fuck her, the two almost taking up the length of the room.

The two finished though, both sitting, her on his cock and him on the floor, both of their arms pushing up to thrust against each other, their moans and thumps shaking the whole of the room until finally he lost himself inside her, joining her in what must have been her 100 th orgasm. His cock throbbed as he pumped deep inside her, pulse after pulse, finally gasping as she pulled off of him, only now the veritable ocean of sperm escaping her to splash into a puddle on his thighs.

The two stared, almost humbled by each other awhile.


“The thing is,” Oluth explained as we all shared drinks in our room, cleaned and dressed later, “is that walking among these humans so long, like a veritable God to them… I think I lost myself. I had to meet you to remember I am mortal.”

Tia sipped and grinned. “Mortal perhaps, but very well hung all the same darling. That was your problem in the ring. At the end of the day, you’re a lover, not a fighter. Those are the two things I’m best at, but in the other order”

“Perhaps you are right. This is a little of why I was banished. What will you do now, Tali-Tani-Tia?”

“I was hoping to come with you.”

“Surely you do not think you belong in my harem?” Oluth blinked.

“Of course not. I mean to share it with you. It will be our Harem.”

He seemed to think on this awhile, then, eyeing her lush curves and placid face he relented.

“Very well. You are welcome to join us in this little…cattle-drive. Now you should come meet Valsivale, she is formidable…”

It was then that we realized the Enchantress had been nowhere to be found since the Arena.

“Hm. If she were making mayhem, we’d know by now. How will we find her?”

“We’ll track her.” Said Tia. “That’s what I’m third best at.”

We were packed and gone to our search.

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