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My Minotaur Part X

In Which Lady Ailara's Journey Finally Ends
(Story resubmitted with objectionable content removed)

My story draws near its close, dear reader, and I shall do my utmost to do these final moments justice in their detail.

The first thing I shall say is that Oluth was clearly born for the mantel of leadership. While I’d thought him to be little more than a beast when we first met, I had since come to recognize what a being of great power, intelligence, and patience he truly is. Even then, it was not until after the business with Aryth I came to fully realize his potential.

You must understand, I am one who has knowledge when it comes to those who rule. As a Lady of the realm, I have met my fair share of leaders: Petty tyrants, warmongers, weaklings, zealots, power-brokers and hedonists. The fact of the matter is that they aren’t all that different from one another. Each is an insecure male, a shadow of what he is supposed to be, and the crippling part is that he knows it.

Perhaps the system of Oluth’s tribe for determining rule might seem arbitrary, I’ll agree, yet one cannot deny it gets around that problem of competition quite nicely for the most part. No one has incentive or means to harm the Herd Leader, and he, secure in the fact that he really is going to be swinging the biggest dick around, is not motivated by the need to prove himself or impress fools. Oluth, as a leader, is truly liberated to do only what is best for his people, and nothing more.

The moment Oluth assumed his new position; he was tireless in fortifying the village. Explaining the use of crossbows to his kin, he made sure that there was sturdy wooden cover at any possible vantage point. He also had them ready a strange pyre in the center of town, though why I could not yet determine. He sent Saela forth to spy quietly upon the oncoming storm. When she returned, he seemed relieved to hear that they were still a day away, yet betrayed the tiniest bit of worry at their number. Somewhere along the way, my husband had added more troops to his command, a full legion some ten thousand strong were with him now.

The Herd Leader refused to allow this to hurt moral. When he saw the nervous shift in the tribe over the size of the oncoming invasion, he only boomed out to them in that overwhelming way of his,

“Rest easy, Myrnotaurs. If the great Lord Fizzlethip chooses to bring ten thousand soldiers, then it only means we shall bring down ten thousand soldiers. Nothing more.”

This did seem to have a calming effect. I decided to arrange my own way of bolstering their spirits. My voice may not have Oluth’s depths, but if there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s arbitrarily boss people around.

“The first among you to finish TEN fortifications shall receive Fellatio from Saela, the Amazon, and I. So you should—“

I did not have time to finish my promise as the whole herd seemed to break into instant motion. We stood amazed as bulls throughout moved with increased vigor, competing gamely to gather materials and erect additional traps, shields, and other useful furnishings.

“You know you really should ask our permission before promising the service of our bodies like that.” Saela snorted, hands on her hips, lips curled in an angry pout. I studied her a moment, trying to figure out if she was serious. Then it hit me.

“Is that your best impersonation of me, little-top?” I asked.

“Yes!” She burst out giggling. I rolled my eyes.

Before long, the village was so decked out with defenses, the Myrnotaurs had to resort to constantly shouting at one another in order to avoid being caught up in them. This was going to be a hard place to assail.

We were delighted too, that the first of the young bulls to come and enumerate his ten deeds was a strapping thing, perhaps a little lean for our highly spoiled tastes, but packing an impressive foot of cock nevertheless. I could definitely get used to this place.

Saela, Talitanitia and I went to work, instantly sinking to our knees before him. He gasped both in surprise and sensation as the smallest of us engulfed the head of his cock with her lips. ‘Tia and I held onto his sturdy thighs as we each leaned in to tongue-lash a ball of our own, making a meal of the meaty morsels that hung pendulously in his sack. He was of course, sweaty from the work and we made our enjoyment at that fact clear in our universal language of horny moans and lusty smacks of our lips. The young stud was in heaven!

Saela stepped up her game, meeting us at his scrotal root as she took his entire prong inside of her. Where the little one finds room for it I’ll never know, but she barely gagged on it as her nose met the fur patch above his prick. Her tongue whipped out, slapping across ours as we each fully engulfed a ball now. One standing above may wonder why this Minotaur had no cock, just three very horny, moaning women attached to the front of him in what was getting to be a surprisingly deep puddle of precum and slobber that dripped from the mouths of those servicing him.

Oluth chuckled at the display, his own phallus clearly engorging a little at the sight of us, but he forced himself away to help coordinate more battle plans. As I said, he was a good ruler, even if it occasionally made me a little sad.

Talitanitia clapped her hands to the young Bull’s ass, stuffing him just a hair deeper inside Saela which brought a loud gulping noise from her stuffed throat. Now he threw back his head and roared, blasting out with a thick load of bull-ball-batter that our elf was totally unprepared for. His cock visibly grew wider in her already bulging gullet and she pulled back rapidly as massive white webs of cum burst from both nostrils and her now-gaping mouth. We all reared back in glee to take his humongous wads on our faces and tits. His balls were not as huge as Oluth’s, or even Aryth’s, yet somehow within them they seemed to be just as copious in supply.

I marveled at it. “So much! How did you—“

He silenced me with a final splat a little later than the others between my eyes. “I have not had release for months. I even abstained during your little…display for the tribe yesterday. Built up quite a lot didn’t it?”

We could only nod and groan a little in agreement.


That night, I wanted to raise moral further, and pulled Saela and Talitanitia into another discussion.

Soon we were all outfitted with a supply of oil lent by one of the village’s cows, and for all the assembled males at the great pre-battle feast that night, we began to dance.

Our steps were much different than those of the previous night, but as our bare breasts came into play and we began to rub against one another, approval was quite high. I gyrated my ass before each male there, and made another circle to lower and jiggle my queenly breasts at them as well, letting an occasional feel get copped. The girls did their best to keep up with me, and soon all were cheering for our slutty display.

We capped it all off by pouring the oil over our humongous mounds and massaging each other down. No matter the culture, men are predictable in what they enjoy, that much is certain.

Our little show well received, we retired to Oluth for what we feared might be a last night of lovemaking. He invited Aryth share in what pleasures we could offer, and even though I’m not sure I would have the will to refuse Oluth anything, I wouldn’t have wanted to even if I could. In fact, there was something perhaps extra stimulating in having two gorgeous bulls to feast my eyes on, even if I did have my favorite in the better endowed of the two.

This time, the sex we all shared was much less frantic, neither of the bulls was eager to prove anything to the other and we three ladies merely wanted to enjoy them. We started with slow sloppy triple blowjobs of the likes we’d favored the tribal member with before, and then let the rumbling males take his pick, fucking Saela and Talitanitia lustily while I saw to the continuous service of their colossal balls. I’m not sure how I always ended up being the one on testicular duty, but I was not complaining about my roll for a moment; as a member of the aristocracy I know a delicacy to be enjoyed when I taste one, and taste I did, eagerly, hungrily, greedily slurping and pawing as much humongous nut meat into my maw as I could fit.

I must have done a good job, because I was the shared victim of the two brothers next, eyes wide with surprise when Oluth sat me abruptly on his Saela-slickened suck-stick, impaling me deeply and well to an instant orgasm. But then I felt Aryth’s gorgeous abs bumping against the small of my back as positioned himself at my tender ass, thrusting himself in. I started to cry out but only found Saela’s glistening bald pussy right in my mouth.

Helplessly I tried to beat a message to send help into her clit with my tongue, but the selfish little sex only answer my wayward cries with gush after gush of delicious Syphaerel nectar. Aryth’s thick cock in my ass was so intense a sensation that I couldn’t help but gargle the juice as it flowed into my throat which had no stopped trying to scream.

But do not think for a moment that I wasn’t enjoying it. Yes it might have felt like innermost walls would fray to nothing, or burn from the sheer friction caused by the rampaging bull cocks that stuffed me. Yes it might have been causing my tits to swivel uncontrollably with such force that my face taking a harsh boob-beating every moment it wasn’t stuffed into Saela’s cunt. And yes, it might also be the case that the bull nuts colliding with my upturned ass with every powerful thrust were so savage that I had oval-shaped marks left on me well into the night, but OH how I loved this!

My pussy was doing cartwheels of joy, and my ravaged ass was revealing to me pleasure I’d never suspected could be gotten. ‘Tia tried to work many different roles, assisting me in eating Saela, slurping on the pendulous beef-balls, lovingly licking my swaying udders, and sometimes licking the parts of the boys’ cocks that couldn’t find entrance within either of my holes. But no matter where she was, my cruel little cunny was bursting with another face-full of juice for her, squirting backwards or being slapped forwards by an errant testicle or breast, seeming to always seek the Amazon out, making her visage a many-coated mess of my own orgasm sauce. The part of me that was able to not focus on the fact that my body was being sent to heaven and hell simultaneously by two relentless, godlike dicks was laughing at the sight of her always failing to avoid my next squirt.

Finally they had their fill of me in this way and dumped me to the floor. In the reflective surface of the polished brass of an ornate fixture I could see the considerable gape my ass and pussy now shared; I knew I’d recover in time, but surely any physician would think I’d been permanently altered by the process!

They were not done with me yet though. The two bulls demonstrated their boundless appetite and horny ingenuity by seizing both Talitanitia and I, placing us face-to face, and interlocking our tits like the teeth to some elaborate gear. Our eyes met with some confusion that quickly turned to surprise as the pair of them began to saw away into our tits, pounding our formidable breast flesh like so much fuckmeat.

Saela seemed jealous, knowing she just didn’t have the tits to offer herself up in the same way, but instead took advantage of our state by rolling her face into our vast expanses of titflesh, slurping at nipples where should could find them, letting her tongue run over the two invading ultracocks as they passed by. Soon it seemed her whole head was swallowed up by our huge tracts of land, her lithe legs kicking out and flailing a little when a marauding cock would grind her into our ever more rippling bosoms.

This sexually unique sight was apparently at last enough, and we could all feel the shafts begin to swell abruptly out as balls swelled up and buttocks clenched. Of course they didn’t stop railing our mutual cleavage, only pounded away more intensely as their always mind-breaking wads begin to blast out. As there was nowhere for all the cum to run, it just exploded out, twin salvoes bursting forth in splashy white bursts. It was as though some cheap entertainment magician had thrown some ball of fire between us, but instead of pain we were only pelted with a bursting rain of sweet ambrosia.

The last thing I remember before drifting off to sleep was the feel of Saela and Talitanitia eagerly licking every last thick drop of cum from my body, before doing the same to each other and curling up for the night.


We awoke the next morning to shouts of alarm. My husband’s little army had finally come within visible distance from the Village, and a lone rider approached us first. Before long, he stood before the five of us, bearing his message.

“The Great Lord Fizzlethip has, in his most magnanimous sense of mercy and kindness, decided to grant you cow-men one last chance at clemency. Surrender the bitch now and you will be spared the overwhelming onslaught that is to come!”

Oluth laughed as I scowled.

“Tell your tiny master that if he dares set foot within MY herd’s lands, I will keep a promise I made to him a long time ago.”

“And tell him not to call me, ‘bitch’” I added, stamping my foot for emphasis.

“I will tell him what you have said.” The messenger swore, bowing slightly before the huge figure of Oluth. Then he tipped his helmet to me, saying, “Well met, bitch.” And turned around.

“LIGHT THE FIRES!” Oluth commanded, cupping his great hands around his muzzle as he shouted so that the base of his voice carried everywhere. There was a rush of activity and soon a great blaze of the strange plants from the day before was alight. As they burned, the village filled with an odd sort of smoke; thin enough to see through for those of us close, yet billowing and thicker at its edges to obscure our huts form the threat of crossbow-fire.

Oluth nodded in approval as he began to direct bulls to their positions. “We call that herb, ‘Fog of War’ for just this reason.” He explained to me. Then he pointed me towards a tower. “You get up there and keep watch. I want your eyes everywhere. Your shrill, aggravating voice will be the best to call the alarm if you see something that needs my attention.”

“HOW DARE YOU! I’LL GIVE YOU SHRILL AGGRAVATION YOU TWO-TON—“ I couldn’t finish the thought as Oluth clapped a hand over my mouth before I could go on.

“Yes, that’s perfect. Get to it, Ailara.”

Grudgingly, I climbed the ladder.

The battle that would come to be known as Fizzlethip’s Folly, had begun.


From my vantage point on the tower, I truly could see everything. For a moment I almost felt like I was home, watching some display put on by the peasantry for my entertainment. I longed in that moment for a cool drink in my hand, the feel of a girl’s skilled hands relaxing the muscles of my shoulders, and my husband’s constant showering of gifts and adulation.

Is that all it would take for me to be happy? Accepting the brief, sad moments of rutting each night to live a life of constant largesse? None of this endless hiking and struggling. No more lost clothes or damaged skin. Not having to be a part of such violence and mayhem like the assault about to happen.

But thought of going through the rest of life without the feel of impossibly strong hands drawing me into the warmth of impossibly strong arms wrapped around me… Without getting to feel that vibration from the very core of me each time that earthquakingly deep voice rumbled…. Without the sensation of being more “full” of raw potency., of having all the bad in me literally cored out and replaced with sensations that felt they could rip the very sky asunder for all their electricity… … … …

No. Things going back the way they were were simply not an option, and I whether I would perish to be overwhelmed by the 10,000 or somehow stand in triumph at the end of the day no longer mattered. I would stay.

Despite this new resolve, I found myself screeching and ducking as a sound not unlike a heavy rain abruptly fell over the village. Bolt after bolt, quarrel after quarrel as my husband’s men fired in volleys so vast that it seemed no surface would be left untouched. It was agonizing minutes by the time it was all done. Crossbows took time to reset, of course, but they had been firing in waves to avoid any interruption in the hailstorm they’d unleashed.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally worked up the courage to look out at the town. Every surface, every spot of ground, every hay-bale and house was bristling with bolts, like some absurd porcupine had come and inseminated offspring with every structure in sight. But no corpses were in view. No fallen or even injured Myrnotaurs dotted the landscape. My husband, it would seem, was as impotent on the battlefield as he was in the bedroom.

Talitanitia emerged from one of the huts. She was a glorious sight, smeared in elaborate war paint complimenting her already-heavy array of tattoos. She took a quick moment, putting a piece of parchment against an un-scathed doorway and wrote a quick message with ink from her fingers. Then, taking a heavy oak Javelin from somewhere inside she took a hopping step forward and hurled it.

I called down to her, “What did that say?”

She smirked up at me, “Nice try. You have an extremely small penis.” She answered.

I giggled.

Some time passed. More wood and fogging herb was thrown on the central fire. Myrnotaur children and their odd mothers poked their heads out to look at the destruction. Some traps were double-checked. It was amazing no bolts had triggered those prematurely, and now the way they obscured the ground could only work to the village’s advantage.

Finally a single missile soared through the air, awkwardly, for it was held down with a message as well. ‘Tia whipped out her hand, snatching it from the air like a falling leaf and quickly unbound the message.

“What’s the one say?” I asked.

“Then you will just have to die on our blades instead of our bolts. And I’ll have you know it is average size for my height.” She blinked as she read this aloud, looking to me for interpretation.

I shrugged. “He is very short, yet even then, it is VERY small.”

Laughter rippled through the village.


Silence was brief. The next sound was that of the thunderous march of too many men. I could not help but tremble a little here. There were not enough traps. There were not enough warriors. There was no way for everyone to hide or flee. Surely we would be wiped out in the tempest of blood that approached! I crouched low in my watchtower, barely peering over the side.

I suppose some women would be terrified at the prospect of being violated before being killed. In my case, I only feared the boredom of such unsatisfying sex. It was Oluth and the others I worried about. In my head I told myself, “you can stop this. You can bring an end about before any lives need be lost. You are a more selfish bitch than I thought possible Lady Ailara. Is the possibility of sexual satisfaction after this moment really worth the lives that will come before it?”

Yes! My own head answered. Then, “slut.” It added.

The boots grew closer and closer, and then one could hear traps going off, every few moments a loud twang or thud followed by a cry of surprise or pain. Oluth had ordered that the traps be designed to wound, not to kill. This was not out of mercy. He reasoned that an injured man brings three away from the field as it will take two more to carry him off to safety.

The traps gave them pause, making them move more cautiously. Now was the time for hurling rocks, which Myrnotaurs did throughout the village, making the large dense missiles particularly crippling since their great strength was behind them. The first barrage was enough to get my husband’s men moving again, jogging really, through trap after trap.

Of course I knew the little whoreson was going to be in the back of the pack, heroically letting wave after wave of his men fall victim to the cunning of the bull’s defenses. I was not wrong. There were only hundreds of traps and thousands of men. Finally, a human shape at the fringe of the fog could be seen running in, spear in hand.

“THEY’VE BREACHED!” I shrieked from lofty post. Hearing my voice echo from the distance I couldn’t help but shudder. Oluth had been right; I was shrill. But my call was heeded, and now warriors prepared for a melee broke from their huts and stations. The first man to run through had caught sight of me and immediately ran for the ladder.

Though I was no fighter I was prepared to ruin my priceless footwear stomping on his face as climbed, but luckily it didn’t come to having to test that resolve. Talitanitia re-emerged with a long smooth staff in hand, whipping it viciously into his ribs, propelling him from the ladder in an almost dancer-like spin. Then three more were through and she was dealing with them as well.

I’d overheard many of the Myrnotaur’s question her choice of weapon the day before, wondering why she did not elect to use a sword or axe. As I watched her work, it was obvious. In her strong, skilled hands the staff was a thing of beauty, equally dangerous along any part of it, an infinite number of edges that she could bring to bear in any direction at any time. My jaw went slack as I watched her dispatch man after man, whirling the weapon around her lush body in an unending blur, toppling form after form, finding its way around defenses and into the chinks in armor. Soon she stood in a pile of groaning forms so dense she and her victims were literally standing on the backs of bludgeoned men as they fought.

I felt safe with her at the base of the tower. I let my eyes wander to see what else was happening. The Bull’s of the village did not keep much in the way of traditional weaponry. Instead they favored to let their muscles work their best, usually seeking to first immobilize the soldiers with a grab or a punch, then if they still had fight they risked being savagely gored by the Minotaurs’ horns and tossed indifferently aside. My heat leapt briefly seeing that each bull was the match of many humans, but sank again at just how many humans I could see snaking their way through the fog.

Saela was more ready for this than I would have thought possible. Like a ghost she flitted from shadow to shadow, darting in as different opportunities presented themselves. Sometimes she was forward to slip her leg out to trip an incoming man, at others she would move her hands in the most skilled manner, robbing a soldier of his sword and absconding way with it. Mostly though, the little bitch was just tapping groins left and right. Not a human testicle was safe from her vicious knees, elbows, fists and feet. She got three in a row this way before vanishing from my sight again.

Oluth and Aryth were thrilling to see in battle, each his own dervish of destruction. Aryth was an unstoppable Juggernaut, fearlessly plowing his way through the ranks for the oncoming soldiers, his great head thrust left and right to toss them like so much reaped wheat to the ground. I saw now how he’d earned those many scars of his; he was effective but reckless in battle.

Oluth by contrast has learned more Finesse from ‘Tia. He did not charge, but took the time to line up his strikes and counter attacks, goring neatly and letting his prey slip to the ground instead of flinging them about. His cudgel-fists were no less deadly than his brawnier brother’s and both of them dented helmets and skulls as one each time a sound blow landed.

Even as all fought so bravely and well, they were falling back, and I was forced to join them, getting a handful of splinters as I flew down the ladder, joining the bulk of the Village inside the huge main hut. Here the strongest warriors, Oluth and Aryth and Talitanitia stood in the doorway, taking on as many as could face them at one time. Their prone forms and lifeless corpses beginning to pile up high enough, that they were now becoming an obstacle all themselves.

But thousands of men remained, and one could see from the Amazon’s heaving breasts and the great snorts of breath coming from both great bulls’ nostrils that they were tiring, rapidly. Finally a nasty pommel caught Aryth flush in the head and he was pushed aside with a startled grunt. Men poured through the hole and engaged the rest of the villagers as they stepped up to fight.

But anyone could see this was hopeless now. The Myrnotaur’s would not last, the hut would be overfilled, and all were certain to be slai—


I do not know how else to describe the sound that interrupted my thoughts.

There was a flash of crimson and a figure I’d never thought I’d see again abruptly stood in the center of those townspeople not yet engaged in battle.

“Hello pointy-ears, bull-balls, muscles.” Then she looked at me, “Oh, and hello to you, tits. Did you all miss me?”

“VALISIVALE” The four of us cried at once. Tia then asked with a hint of jealousy, “Wait, why does Lady Ailara get to be ‘tits’?” She thrust hers out for emphasis.

“Because she doesn’t have muscles. Next question.” Valsivale shot back.

“Where have you been?” I asked.

“I had to find myself. Between Oluth dominating me and that awful woman having her way with me, I came to the frightening conclusion that I might be some sort of hedonist… a slave to my passions and whoever could enflame them.”

“And?” Saela asked after a prolonged pause.

“And I came to the obvious answer. Yup! That’s exactly what I am. Since Oluth has brought me more pleasure than anyone else, I’m here for him. Not a moment too soon from the looks of things, I’d say.” She rubbed her hands together. Saela shot me a meaningful glance. It specifically meant that the Enchantress was still completely insane.

“Can you Teleport us all away from this?” I asked.

“Probably. But that’s not what I’m going to do. This armies’ greatest strength is its greatest weakness too. All these men. All this raging battle energy. I wonder…what if I just….turned it in on itself…..”

As she spoke, her voice grew distant and her eyes did not really seem to look at us anymore. Her arms spiraled, commanding that which we could not see, swirling it around and around, a great vortex seeming to be described in her broad body language.

Then it was the sound of hundreds, no, thousands of betrayals all happening at once. The sickening sound of swords piercing armor, cloth, flesh rang out in a grotesque echo as every soldier turned to the man on his left and savagely stabbed or slashed him. Eight thousand men became four thousand, then four thousand two, and so on, until only handfuls were left, fighting one another. The last man standing seemed to break from Valsivale’s spell, cast his head about in despair, and then fell on his sword.

The whole process took less than 30 seconds.

There was a moment of quiet. Then something truly fantastic happened.

My husband, the Lord Fizzlethip, idiot that he was, assumed the silence meant his side had won, and without a Myrnotaur in sight he strode confidently across the endless bodies of his own men, swaggering right into the main tent. There was certain sadness in how a great step for him was such a tiny lurch. But I no longer felt an ounce of pity for the madman. This many had died to claim him and I would end it now.

“So, Wife, are you rea—“ he stopped cold, realizing he stood alone, surrounded by the enemy, Oluth triumphant.

“Kneel, Fizzlethip.” Oluth commanded. The little man seemed about to well up with tears, but threw himself on both his hands and knees before the Herd Leader.

“You have pursued me far. You have caused me no end of trouble. The blood of your legion is on your selfish hands.” He let his rich, booming voice hang in the air, the small man trembling at what was to come.

“I have decided, out mercy or malice, that you will simply have to live with that. I show you mercy.”

“Thank you mil—“My husband began, cut short by me.

“NO!” I screeched. All eyes were on me for my defiance.

“My Lord, Oluth, made a promise long ago.” I grimly intoned as I reached beneath his loin cloth, seizing the root of his massive, soft cock, hauling it high.

“MY MINOTAUR KEEPS HIS PROMISES!” I yelled with triumph as I brought the meaty cudgel down with all my might, tits lending weight to the swing as I came down with it.

“AILARA!” Oluth growled.

“BROTHER!” Shouted Aryth.

“GAH!” Said my husband, barely rolling out of the way as I brought down the cock that made him a cuckold so long ago, missing the back of his head. It would have killed him.

There was another silence. Then Oluth hauled me up by both arms, his grip so firm it was almost painful. He brought me face-to-face, his voice infinitely more menacing in the quiet way he spoke.

“You will never defy me like that again. And you will be punished for this, later. Do you understand me?” I nodded.

Then he turned to my husband, breathing fast, his life barely spared.

“Tuck your tiny, tiny tiny little cock between your legs, and go.”

He commanded.

And my former husband did.


There was cleaning. As quickly as they’d built their war machine, the Myrnotaurs cleared the bodies away, taking them some great distance from the village and burying them, together. I am happy to say they left no mark. I made myself sheepishly useful, tonguing the sweat from the balls of the hardest workers, perhaps paying them back in some small way for the price they’d paid for my freedom and disobedience.

When all was cleared away, all, at last bathed, and went to the hot springs to be clean. While we languished, Valsivale came to rub Oluth’s shoulders, and spoke slowly into his ear, loud enough for all of us to hear, “Your cult of lust grows close, great Bull. I can sense their insatiable desire acutely, even from their three hours away. I think they have grown since I last left your side. There are hundreds now, who thirst for a taste of your legend.”

Oluth smirked, his hand unconsciously drifting towards his “legend” where it floated out before him in grand display.

“We’ll be ready for them.” He intoned.

And we were.

There was no Fog-of-War left in the air by the time we could see them. They marched relentlessly forward, a huge mob of nubile women. They looked well cared for…but then I couldn’t see any inn or town refusing to care for such a bevy of comely guests, and it was certain that they had picked up plenty more followers just from descriptions of Oluth’s sexual prowess.

At the head of the pack there was a tallish blonde leading them. She seemed to almost be using her large rack as a sort of divining rod for Oluth, and at the sight of him, she squealed with glee, pointing and shouting to the others. Then she was running, charging up the field on a beeline for the hulking Minotaur.

“Not on my watch!” I shouted, and stripped down, running with my breasts bouncing painfully to meet her head-on. We had a collision tits-first in an earth-shaking jiggle-fest, the two of us collapsing to the ground. Mine were a little bigger, and I won… when the dust had settled I was straddling her, knees to either side of her ears as I stuffed my bare cunt into her mouth.

“Eat me PEASANT!” I screamed triumphantly, “EAT ME!” She did.

While the mystery blonde was doing her best to tongue-ream me out, perhaps assuming I was Oluth’s gate-keeper, one of the Myrnotaurs came over to join us, dropping his great head to lick and lap at my tits. His tongue was so large he could practically lift my heavy globes on it, and he eventually graduated to pressing them together, titfucking his tongue with my vast canyon of cleavage.

I saw more Myrnotaurs charging to meet more women as they came forth in their great wave, couple after couple colliding in any number of configurations, the lusty women seeming to not be picky so long as they had a creature even resembling Oluth, and none were disappointed so far. One was scooped up into a standing 69 position, and another leapt right onto the hard-cock of a strapping bull. Another twirled with her interceptor, the two already fucking by the time they hit the ground, her head drooping in a humiliated-looking doggy-style.

Saela pulled one of her classic sneak attacks…I saw her slip off somewhere out of sight to side, and then suddenly she was completely wrapped around a wanton-looking redhead, grinding her breasts into the woman’s back as her finger’s snaked skillfully across the exposed clitoris. However the woman turned, Saela evaded being shaken or from losing her contact, and soon her poor victim was on her knees, sobbing with pleasure as her pussy was well and truly frigged out with Syphaerel fingers, growing more juice-coated by the second.

The Myrnotaur finally stood and flopped out his cock, first squatting over my blonde’s face, feeding her his huge nuts as he thumped the head of himself against my now-wet tits and clit. He was no Oluth, but at over a foot of cock he was certainly no slouch either. He stood to cram himself inside of me, reaming my throat deep with his entire length. Now so accustomed to even larger sizes I took him all without difficult, stroking the backs of his balls with my palms as I twisted my hips, really clit-grinding my peasant bitch below.

Talitanitia had belted up, and marched onto the “battle” field with that gruesome dildo-harness swaying in the breeze. She easily caught two interlopers as they closed in on Oluth, pulling one beneath her apparatus to feast on her pussy where it suck out, and made the other lubricate the awesome tool with her mouth. The two sucked her respective parts, real and artificial, until her head was craned back in a perfect mask of pleasure. Not to be left out, two more stopped their charge to close in on her tits, all of them quadrupling up on her tall, fit frame in a tornado of tongues.

Now I was being well and truly throat-fucked, huge gobbets of slobber and precum spilling from my clenching-then-unfurling lips, dripping down the majestic Minotaur shaft and finally pooling on my slut’s forehead. Inside my head I was jokingly chiding myself for what I prude I’d been before my adventures had started. How could I never have seen the brilliance of women devouring my sex like this? All the time I’d wasted NOT having my ladies-in-waiting sexually service me where my now-deceased husband had failed. I was a fool, and I proved it in the way I gushed nastily onto her face, wiggling my ass tauntingly all the while.

Aryth strode into view next, simply putting his hands on his hips, letting his big dangling cock and balls lure a handful of women right to their knees before him. The five of them all found room somewhere on his spectacular equipment, and soon heads were bobbing in a virtual spray of slobbery drops bursting out from each of the quintet’s horny mouths. Aryth groaned in pleasure as three mouthed his cock in one direction and his balls were tugged apart from each other, stretching in his ropey sack by two fought over them. There was a bull in bliss.

Valsivale weaved her magics, the women who were streaming past those of us already in the midst of the growing orgy finding themselves abruptly better endowed and hornier, some leaving visible trails of dripping nether-nectar as they squirmed forward, rendered totally and mindlessly passionate by the Enchantress’ sorceries. She then gathered a cloud of lust so pure it was visible to the naked eye, a humongous, throbbing pulse of purple energy that suffused her entire body, and with an almost triumphant cry she clapped her hands together, index fingers pointing…

…at Oluth.

It was not a subtle transformation. The Great Bull seemed to fill out slightly, his muscles coming to rival those of his brother, his height increasing to over his already normally gigantic status, and his equipment became ridiculous. His balls bulked out, sagging ever-lower in their thick sack, becoming as large as my tits, then larger, swelling out like a pair of prized watermelons and even larger. If his legs had not grown the fat impossible pair would be dragging a pair of ruts in the dirt as he strode forward in glorious, poetic motion. And his COCK. That beast DID drag, still soft and longer than his normal length hard he towed the preposterous undercarriage behind him, head like a hay-cart, shaft like the neck of some un-slayable dragon.

A group of perhaps a dozen girls had finally reached the Herd-Master. He grinned wickedly and swung his hips, cocks lashing out like a great sweep that bowled each and every one of them over. Seizing his huge member in his huge hands, he shook the soft rope of fuckmeat back and forth, wiggling it across the bodies of all the girls he’d just knocked down. Then undulating it up and down he rolled it over them like waves and waves of dick, a tide that wouldn’t stop. Visibly aroused they could only squirm and take their punishment, tongues, hands, jiggling torsos and bucking hips doing all they could to counter-attack the phenomenal fuckbeast now accosting them.

The orgy swirled all around me now, and as the Minotaur who had been having his way with my mouth pulled out, stroking himself to a nasty orgasm that left me and my pussy-eater totally drenched, it tightened, magically augmented participants closing in a sort of fist, made entirely from fucking participants. To every side of me were cocks, tits, balls, pussies, dicks, mouths, nuts, asses, shafts, scrotums, gashes, slobber, pussy-juice, cum, sweat, prongs, pricks, soft limp members, swinging semi-hardons, throbbing doorknob sized heads and gapingly ruined cunts, and bruised bosoms.

It became far too much to keep up with all of it, and I fear dear reader, the following accounts I leave you with are more than a little disjointed, yet all one could hope to do with two eyes.

Talitanitia’s foursome and Aryth’s five-some had merged, 9 horny women fighting with each other for access to suck Tali’s fake dick and to tongue her clit, which they alternated trying to crowd onto Aryth’s cock and balls. With a grin the Amazon swept her sluts away from her toy, unbolting it to bring her oozing pussy in sharp contact with Aryth’s fantastic prong. Standing face-to-face they fucked, still being licked by the worshipful throng. Those who could not fit on ‘Tia’s huge bosoms or Aryth’s swinging, ass-slapping balls, instead took to worshipping the pair’s muscles; a trait in which they had much in common. If one was a lover of the developed, fit form, their coupling was cause for overwhelming lust.

Soon a horde of bulls had descended on the couple and their nine worshipers, perhaps twelve of the village’s prime beef subjects abruptly filling invading cunts, ushering in thrashing orgasms and moans. Some were still into Aryth and ‘Tia enough to keep licking, but others turned to their new partners in face-agape pleasure, bucking and riding the bull cocks like pros. It was obvious that whoever had fucked them prior to this adventure, no lover could match up to the incredible power and size of the Myrnotaurs. All of them were discovering portions of their pussies they did not even know existed.

Despite this, Aryth and Talitanitia did not stop fucking. Aryth pumped his hips as if showing his townsmen how it was really done, and the Amazon responded in kind, showering all around her in grouts of misty Gladiatrix-goo, hips bucking to meet every thrust of the bull. He held her aloft, spinning so that none were spared sight or spray.

Saela, it seemed, had drawn a following of her own. After so thoroughly devouring that first woman to an almost-weeping pile of ecstasy upon the ground, others had swarmed the little elf, discovering for themselves just how delicious the flavor of a Syphaerel’s body can be, each tongue every part of her. They were not delicate either, some devouring her large breasts as wholly as they could, tugging her nipples in their teeth, slobbering into her spilling cunt, and even deep-tonguing her protruding little bottom. She could only squirm and writhe over them, a used thing, a fuck-cake shared by every diner.

Oluth had started to harden, his cock now as long as his normal unenhanced height, nine feet, yes, three YARDS, of semi hard cock somehow still being wielded with his hips and hands. Perhaps twenty women now fought for space on him, not merely sucking but pressing their whole bodies against his tree-trunk like shaft, riding him as though he were a prize stallion, their leaking quims grinding up and down on his throbbing veins and taught skin. One poor girl had even taken him face on. Her whole body was coated in a film of presperm as she pressed her face right into his cumslit, losing herself inside it. But Oluth still showed skill, rolling himself such that each woman was still getting a good clit-grinding from the unwieldy organ, the love-leviathan making sure all were cumming. It took four strong women just to lift and lick his left testicle now, the ball-boulder a truly potent world of cum-containment all on its own. And it had a twin. This load was going to be obscene when he reached it, that much was obvious.

Valsivale was not idol. Spinning more of the sexual energy into use, she engorged her breasts, the already preposterous chesticles growing up larger than all the rest of our band combined. With a sweep of her torso she brushed the worshipful women from the root of Oluth's cock and swung a leg up to straddle it. Sitting on his log she grunted, heaving her now-unbelievable mammories up into the air, bringing them down hard on his mind-bending nuts, wiggling and swaying, bouncing breasts on balls in what was some sort of contest for dominance.

Aryth had finally broken from Talitanitia, the pair of them roaring through their orgasms, the bull whipping his cock back and forth, round-and-round, balls pulsing as he fed each nearby woman a belly full of cum, letting them all have a gut-filling wad of her own before moving on to the next. Of course some was missed, and even though most of his seed found its home in one belly or another, the rest was left to coat faces and drip from tits, even lubing up a few asses for inevitable assaults from the other bulls.

Saela finally managed to crawl from her manhandling admirers and found her way to me.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

Wordlessly she shoved me, hard, pushing me from my pussy-eater and taking that job over, but more as my queen than my bitch. Wordlessly she proffered her upturned ass to the first hung bull to come across it, moaning her pleasure into my clit as she munched down on my sex. I could tell she’d been thinking of doing this for a while, and I relented, letting her feed on my pouring cunny, moaning as she worked her fingers into the action, expertly bringing me to a quick multiple orgasm, gargling my girl cream as it slopped into her throat in response.


Valsivale was abruptly in the center of the orgy, pumping the cocks and balls of a few bulls even larger, restoring Aryth’s hard on with a touch, and then abruptly deepthroating the nearest cock. The whirling enchantress, a true master of the arts of being a slut as she was at magic, bobbed and gagged and gargled, pulling back from a cumming cock in seconds. Then, PHMAZZZZZRF, she was gone, now beneath Oluth’s balls, reversing the action she’d been giving him moments ago, nuts on tits.

But Oluth seemed done flexing his might away from the circle and pulled back from his horde of horny whores, using the distance to swing out a now hard 14 feet of cock, knocking the women literally airborne, making them colliding with the orgy already in progress before him. Then the great bull strode forward, literally fucking his grotesquely gargantuan fuck-freeway into the orgy, literally fucking the hundreds of scattered body as one entity, bucking his hips so that friction found every willing female (and probably a few of the boys though I couldn’t see them) present. He was incredibly having sex with an entire mob at once entirely by himself.

I shrieked in surprised as a contingent of women lifted Saela and I up, pulling us apart and slamming us onto the humongous slab of meat Oluth was supplying the group. Now the Herd Master’s monstrous shaft was being coated in slobber and pussy juice as horny girls attacked me the elf and I, devouring our bodies with swabbing tongues, letting our juices spill onto the fuckmeat slab that supported us.

The sight was too much for Aryth, and he moved forward with his re-engorged cock, spreading Saela’s legs to fuck her atop his brother’s now godlike member. The juices she poured out now were coating almost a yard of Oluth’s busy fuck-dragon. Aryth just pounded and pounded away, like he was trying to found a mine or oil-well from somewhere deep inside Saela and she could only twist and moan in response, sobbing with pleasure now.

Aryth, it seemed, inspired the rest of the bulls, and soon a legion of women were bent over Oluth’s cock being taken roughly. Cocks invaded cunts in a veritable symphony of sex, and perhaps half a dozen women were being brutally plowed into atop Oluth’s balls. The Herd Leader moaned, roaring his pleasure as he blessed this union of pleasureling and Myrnotaur with his now outrageous scepter, pumping it away to the sexual delight of each member of this insane orgy.

I lost track of everything happening. It might have been somewhere between my getting double-teamed by Talitanitia and Aryth. It might have been when the women passed me around like a slave, making me eat them as I’d done to them, perhaps to teach me some respect; I was no Lady here. It might have been when the Bulls pulled me aside for a savage group cock-beating, which left me covered in clear dick-shaped red marks, breathless on my back.

I cannot say exactly where I lost sight of time, but my world was nothing but white-hot pleasure from when the sun was setting to the deepest dark of night.

When I was finally aware of my senses enough to see again, Oluth seemed the only one left awake, bulls and bitches law strewn about the village in dozens of different configuration, exhausted, satiated, and snoring.

“The time has come, Ailara.” Oluth said.

I blinked. “Time for what?”

“Your punishment. Since you are SO insistent that I keep my promises,” he growled, “I will keep the one I made you so long ago. I will take you with the Enchantments upon me. Brace yourself.”

“Wait!” I said, eyes widening as he swatted me gently with the still-enormously-engorged prick, sweeping me sidelong into a building. Now he aimed the prickhead between my legs, barrel-sized balls swaying powerfully as he pinned me there and fucked IN.

Even taking just the tip of the first part of it was too much, and my scream was long and loud, even as it still managed to feel good.

“Oh God Oluth, please…I’ll die…from pleasure or pain I will…oh GOOOODS!” I gasped as he shoved again, stretching me impossibly wide. It was no part of Valsivale’s enchantment that allowed me to survive this, as I’ve said before… A Lady must have some secrets.

As he began to pump me with foot after foot of doorway-wide meat, my screams only grew louder and louder, and the orgy began to stir and awaken, watching this punishment get meted out upon my helpless form.

Oluth fucked and pumped and stuffed and crammed and filled and punished and forced and fed and force-fed and ground and grunted and deep-dicked and savaged and slammed and plowed and plastered and thrust and reamed and ravaged and floored and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked his endless prick into me.

The audience could only gasp. Whether they were gasping at what he was doing to me, or gasping at the fact that I was still alive, or gasping because I was gasping in obvious pleasure as my dilated pussy splattered a rolling sheet of my innermost juices down his column of cock I couldn’t say. But they gasped.

Finally Oluth had had enough and he swung me, still on his cock, away from the wall, aiming me towards the crowd and roaring so loud it echoed from the mountain tops he came.

His first blast was just to unseat me, blasting me, gaping cunt spilling more of him in an arc as I flew, into the assembled crowd.

Then he was hosing down the orgy, dumping wad after horse-sized wide from the cavernous cum slit and throne-sized balls, spilling bodies left and right in the endless spurts.

I don’t know if Valsivale had used her magic to enhance the taste of him or not, but, the women certainly acted like she had, all of them swarming to wherever his thick gonad gravy spilled on the ground, slurping it up lustily. Even though each blast spilled some of them aside, others took their places between shots and those scattered re-grouped again and again, just dying for another load of magically copious bull-ball broth.

Finally Oluth was sated, and his great cock went limp, slowly returning to its normal ridiculously huge size.

The orgy was over. The day was won.


We dwelled in the village thereafter dear reader. Valsivale, Saela, Talitanitia, the horde of worshipful women and me. Occasionally women would come from afar having heard the legend of the sick and overwhelming pleasures that could be found in the little Myrnotaur village to the North. The tribe grew prosperous, wealthy even, beneath Oluth’s rain, and soon some of the nicer aspects of my life returned with the riches that I had missed.

But one thing had changed forever. As both reward and punishment, to remind me of my place while he reminded himself that frankly, it is good to be the king, Oluth had the Herd Leader’s throne modified. It was a simple circular cut that allowed his ponderous balls to always dangle down while he sat, holding court for visiting dignitaries and new women for the village’s collective harem.

And as they spoke, those visiting dignitaries might occasionally whisper to one another, “Surely that cannot be the lost Lady Ailara can it?”

And they couldn’t be sure, for always my face was obscured beneath the potent warmth of his dangling scrotum and delicious bull balls. My job now, is only to give them support for all their weight on my face or head or tits, and always hungrily licking and lapping away at them. The effect on those visitors was undeniably intimidating. And I… I have come to realize the truth of My Minotaur. He was never mine, for I, dear reader, was always his.


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