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My Mystery Man

A dream come true with a mysterious stranger, who might not even be human
The room was dark when I was awakened by the sound of crackling thunder. It was about 3:00 a.m. and I wasn't very sleepy since I was startled. I got out of my queen sized bed, wearing my playboy t-shirt and a pair of sexy Hello Kitty shorts. My long brown hair was in a pony-tail on my head, and in the small light of moon in my dark room, my skin shown silver. I walked into my bathroom and looked at the mirror, taking out my pony-tail and letting my hair fall.

After a while of looking at myself and brushing my teeth, I decided to go in the front room and watch some crime shows. It was about 4:00 a.m. when I fell asleep watching the TV. Sound asleep on the couch sitting up, I suddenly felt a comforting warm sensation on my skin and inside my body. When I opened my eyes I saw a big black figure standing infront of me, holding his left hand on my right shoulder. I wanted to scream, but he placed his other hand over my mouth and said to me, in a deep, hypnotic-like voice, "Hush darling, you won't be feeling scared for long." As soon as he said that, I fell asleep once more.

When I woke up, I was not in my bed, but I was in what seemed to me a castle. The bed I was in was very soft and comfy. The dark man then walked into the room. "Awake now love?" He asked me with his deep sexy voice. "I hoped you would have a good rest when I put you too sleep."

I wondered what he was saying, but because I was still wondering who he was and why he brought me to where we were, I kept quiet. He looked at me and I got a good look at him. He was a tall white man, with a black cloak around his body. His face was narrow, but it seemed to fit him just right. I soon realized that I was naked in the bed, so I covered myself with the covers hoping to hide myself from him.

He sat on the bed and put his hand on mine when I was covering myself. "There's no need to hide, I have seen your body and the fantasies in your mind. I know you want this."

He was right, for weeks I have had the dream of a handsome man coming to my house and telling me that I could be safe and be with him.

"What's your name?" I asked as I let the covers fall on my lap. My breasts open and firm to him.

"My name is Argaron, and I am here to give you pleasure and to see how you humans react when someone like me has you," he said as he put his hand on my right breast and gently caressed it. I gave a soft sexy moan as I layed back into the pillows and let him massage my tit.

With his other hand he grabbed my other breast and began to rub it as well. I could feel my heart racing and my breath getting faster also, I had never been played like this before, and it felt amazing. As I was moaning, he took his hand off my right tit and replaced it with his warm mouth. My breast then became wet and I could feel my nips hardening more. With his free hand he rubbed my left breast and sucked my right. He then moved his hand to my cunt.

"My dear, you are getting wet down here," his voice purred with delight. I looked into his dark silver eyes, they where beautiful and like his voice, hypnotic to me. He then began rubbing my wet pussy with his hand, I almost yelped with a jolt but his mouth and other hand kept me still. I was under his spell and he wouldn't let me out of it.

He stopped rubbing my breast and pussy and stopped sucking to stand up and take off his cloak. I saw his naked body, firm and the biggest cock I had ever seen. I looked up into his eyes and he said to me, "Come darling, take my hard dreamy cock into your mouth."

I did as I was told and I moved over to the long hardness of his cock. When I got closer, it was as long as my forearm, maybe even longer. I grabbed his cock but I didn't know if I should take it into my mouth. I looked up at him and he nodded. I smiled warmly at him as I took his large cock into my mouth.

I began to suck his cock, it was warm and it tasted like the sweet taste of a hot sugar cookie that my mother used to make for me when I was a little kid. I wanted more and more, so I sucked harder and faster, taking in the taste. He moaned and placed his hand on the back of my head encouragingly me to continue. I sucked more and more, licking up and down his shaft and the head with my wet tongue. He held his head back as I took his cock into my mouth one more time and he came right in. I didn't hesitate to swallow what I could of his delicious seed.

When he was done cumming, he picked me up and laid me back down on the mattress. He gave me a devious look and rubbed my wet cunt again with his right hand. I was wetter after taking his cock and seed in my mouth. "You made me cum in your mouth, now I will make you cum in mine."

Without warning he began to lick my pussy all over. I could feel his warm tongue go in and out of my hole, rubbing the sides and the lips to the entrance. I was moaning and asking him to give me more and more. He continued to lick my pussy and my clit, as I was reaching my climax. With a few more licks and swirls of his tongue I reached my climax and I came.

Argaron then stood up and crawled above me, his body was pressed up against mine. I blushed as I was panting for my breath to return to my lungs as quick as I could so that I could have another orgasm. Argaron looked at me and I could feel the warm hard head of his cock on my soaking wet pussy lips.

"Are you ready for my cock inside of you?" he asked me. I looked up at him with tired but ready eyes and nodded. He began pumping his cock inside of me.

The feeling of his large dick inside of me warmed me up with waves of pleasure and I did not want him to stop. "More more, oh please MORE!" I begged and begged.

"Only to see how you react to my cock," he said thrusting faster and faster into my body.

Faster and faster he went and it felt like time was not there anymore. It was just me and the man I wanted to fuck in my dreams. I could feel inside of me that his cock was getting larger, and harder. I could also feel my heart beating faster, and my climax approaching once more. "I'm gonna cum!" I yelled.

"Cum for me," he said leaning into my ear. His voice and his cock were so deep that with a few more thrusts, I came and he came inside of me.

I could feel his warm juices inside my pussy, they were amazing. Like the feeling of me sitting on a hill under a tree on a warm summers evening. Argaron stood up and placed his cloak back on his body. He looked at me as I laid limp on the bed. I looked at him as I saw my vision was fading, and I felt sleepy again.

"A-Argaron... What's happening....?" I was feeling so sleepy and tired, but I didn't know why.

"Relax my darling, my seed has taken it's affect on you," he said wrapping himself with his cloak. "Your tiredness is what I was telling you about when a human girl takes my seed and cock."

I could feel my body going back to sleep, but I didn't want to leave this place or Argaron. As I began to close my eyes, he kissed my lips with passion and love. Then it faded. I awoke the next morning in a daze of what happened.

"Damn it, it was just a dream," I said with disappointment as I began to sit up and crawl out of bed, but I could feel something on my face, and something warm inside me. So I took my finger and looked to see what it was. I didn't know what it was, but it smelt like sugar cookies!

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