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My pussycat, right here, now!

My life changes, for the best.
It was six months now since my “episode”, as I liked to term it. I had started to tell my friends about what I had experienced, but their reactions were such that I soon decided to keep quiet about it. My memories were as sharp as if it were yesterday, and while I continued my usual like of work and play, the occasional sexual encounters that I had left me empty and wanting. It was, altogether, a poor state of affairs.

One night I was in my bed, thinking about that day and slowly masturbating, my finger s trying in vain to replay the feeling that she had given me. As my climax approached I should have felt elated, but I just felt depressed.

I eventually fell asleep, but the whole of the next day this sense of despair continued. By evening, pressed like sardines on the Tube, I was practically suicidal. No longer did I dream of her, I totally hated her for showing me what I could now never ever have again.

I am not the sort, though, that could ever take the easy way out, so after drinking half a bottle of scotch, I sat at my desk and surfed the internet for porn. Anything to help numb the awful combination of longing and need. I found the usual stuff, watched a few of the vids, and then changed to a pop-up window that my browser had been unable to prevent.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were cartoon images of people (?) very similar to the Xanth. It was, of course, a Japanese Anime site, but the images seemed so very familiar. There was an email address, and I hurriedly sent a note in English asking for more information about who had created these cartoons. I didn’t get any immediate message, so I finished off the bottle of scotch and just made my bed before I dropped down in a drunken stupor.

The morning was terrible, my head hurting and my vision blurred. Once more I cursed my situation, and after a large black coffee, staggered off to work. The day passed interminably, and I really got little done. Then back to my flat, where I drank almost a half-litre of sparkling water straight down, and started to feel better. A quick phone call to my local carry-out brought me a decent Indian meal, and the rest of the bottle of water restored me to an almost human state. Opening my laptop and the mail system, I saw among the usual advertising stuff, an email from someone I did not know, and was just about to delete it as spam, when I realised it was a reply to my note of the evening before.

It was the Japanese website owner, and he advised me in rather broken English to go to the same place as I had been when my adventure started, and at the same time. He didn’t say how he knew, or anything else, but in my depressed state I knew I would try to do as he suggested.

The next day was a Saturday, so I joined the usual crowds of tourists and shoppers in the Strand at 3pm, as close to where I had been as I could remember. The clock ticked on and nothing happened. Was the Japanese guy playing with me? I could only hope not.

On Sunday, I was back there, at ten minutes to the hour, and stood like a statue while the mass of people surged around me. Then “it” hit again, exactly as it had before, and I ended up in either the same or similar room to where I had been before. But I was alone! As soon as I opened my eyes, I expected to find her but she wasn’t, nor did she come, as I was left alone until nightfall, when tiredness overcame me and I “made” a bed from the floor.

I woke as light started to come, a pseudo dawn, no doubt, and I was starving, not having been able to find the door last night. This morning, though, I must have pressed the right part of the wall, or maybe it was now just enabled in some way, but I was able to find the hallway and follow others of the Xanth to the refectory. I got some food from the counter and tried to talk to some of the Xanth who were sitting nearby, but they just waved their hands and seemed unable to understand me. They weren’t dismayed by what to them must have been an alien in their midst, so I guessed that this wasn’t so unusual.

I wandered around outside like last time, and then returned to the apartment block, and the room I had left. The door closed behind me, and so sweet was my surprise when I heard “I’ve missed you” come from the bed. A head peered over the site and smiled at me.

“Is that you, my pussycat?”, I asked.

“It certainly is. Where were you when I arrived?”, I asked.

“It had been so long that I really wasn’t expecting you. It was only when a friend saw you in the refectory that I knew, and came straight away”.

“I don’t understand”, I told her, “I don’t understand at all what is happening”.

“I don’t know how it works in detail”, she said, “but it seems that we can open a door in your world, but it only stays open for a very short time. A number of things can trigger the door opening, such as extreme emotion, or extreme need. We can observe who is passing the doorway, which is how I came to find you in the first place and my emotional reaction to you caused you to be taken through the door”.

“Last time when we made love, you drove me to such a level of ecstasy that I caused the door to open and you fell through. I should have asked the people who run the systems to put a lock on it. I hadn’t even told you how to find it again, but somehow you did, and I am so happy”.

She leapt over the side of the bed and landed on me, and before a moment had passed she was kissing and tearing my clothes off me. She brought me to a rock hard erection in minutes as she stroked and sucked my cock, the fur on her body stimulating me just as it had before. I turned round and started to lick her, her taste of almonds surprising me, and started to tongue fuck her tight hole.

She responded beautifully, the purring that I had remembered and which had filled my dreams growing in pitch and volume. Then I took her arms in my hands and lad her back so that I could slide my fat hard cock deep into her furry body. She was delightful, and as I started to build my pace, a thought occurred.

“Have you locked the door”, I asked.

“Of course, I don’t want to lose you again”, she murmured, “oh yes, keep that going, oh, your cock head is so fat and big, it is giving me, oh…aaah….such….ooooh……….”.

An orgasm hit her, hard and long, her love channel clutching and milking my cock, so tightly engulfed within her. I did not need to move, her body worked on me as her pleasure just seemed to increase, growing and growing until I exploded inside her, emptying my balls along my cock, shooting hot streams of cum into her. Each spurt caused her to react, gasp upon gasp, and then as I slowed, a growling sound came from her throat, a deep deep purr.

We stayed in the room for what I guess must have been the rest of the evening, as I explored her body and she mine. She did have breasts, but very small and flat, though when aroused her nipples poked through the layer of chestnut fur on her body. Her anus was a little further back than in a human, the perineum being longer and more rounded, also furry. When I touched her there, she asked if this was normal for humans to explore this area. I told her that some of us did, and that sometimes we even used that opening for pleasure.

It appeared that the male of the Xanth did not have the penile strength to enter, though they did stroke and play at times. When I described in detail that anal sex was an age-old practice, not just between male and female but also between males, she was highly amused by the last. Homosexuality just didn’t seem to be a part of their culture, but for no reason as far as she knew.

Now of course, she wanted me to fuck her ass, but without some form of lubrication, knowing just how tight her vagina was, I didn’t want to do it and hurt her, giving her totally the wrong impression. She got up and walked to the nearest wall, and pressing on it, opened a cupboard, which had a bottle of light oil, much like our baby oils. It smelt of almond as well, so I joked that I didn’t know they could bottle a woman’s own juices.

She laughed and told me that I shouldn’t be so silly, of course they could!

And so with much amusement, I applied some to her rear, sliding a finger in first, and then a second. The nerve endings there seemed at least as dense as those lining her vagina, and she certainly was elastic, so the moment came when I lined up my cock head at her now well lubricated and stretched asshole, its pucker gaping and winking at me. As I pushed gently into her, I could hear the gasps turning to purrs, and knew that this was another great way to enjoy this special race of beings.

Her orgasm this time was not as high, but rather a long slow series of pulses through her body, causing her to shudder over and over again, over a longer period of time, maybe a full five minutes.

“That was so different”, she said after wards, “Is it like that for human women too?”.

“Not really”, I said, “it varies so much, some do get off only from anal sex, but many need clitoral massage as well”.

“Oh, in that case, I’m glad not to have one!”, she said.

“Maybe”, I replied, ”but you are made in a different but ever so wonderful way”.

Much like the previous time, it was just at the point of orgasm, mine and hers combining in a volcano of passion, that I experienced the all-consuming light and found myself back in the Strand.

Over the next few months, there were similar “episodes”, and I found myself waiting and hoping for them with increasing anxiety. Then I would be there, and with her, experiencing again the exquisite feelings as my cock slides into her almond scented pussy and to hear the purring as she reaches the heights of pleasure. Such pleasure somehow made the gaps in between bearable, though closer to when I hoped it might happen, the need also grew.

Back in my normal life, I still dated occasionally, though the sexual encounters were much less intense than those experienced on Xanth. I found that the ““episodes” helped me focus on my work, without too many distractions, and eventually I was head-hunted for an overseas company who wanted me for their Rio de Janeiro office. I was reluctant as I wasn’t sure that I wanted to live away from my home, and did wonder if I would continue to enjoy my ““episodes”.

I needed all kinds of medical examinations, from immunisations through to cardiograms and body scans. This was all for the medical insurance that the company would take out for me. I seemed to be OK on most things, but they did find I had a slightly overactive thyroid and needed to take medication on an on-going basis, though not a very heavy dosage.

Then I was off to Rio, where I had an apartment a couple of streets back from the beach, and one day about a month or so after I’d got settled, was walking back from my office, when turning a corner, I bumped into and actually knocked over young woman who was hurrying around the same corner. I apologised profusely and picked her up, and apologised again.

“You British”, she said in English, “you apologise too much. It was at least as much my fault”.

And so as it was early evening, I just had to offer her a drink and we found ourselves in a beachside bar drinking Caipirinhas. She was a lovely colour, her skin a light brown and her hair a rich shade of chestnut. She was very slim, with fine features and slightly slanting eyes of a hazel brown. She was called Sandra, and worked in a bank not far from my own office. She wasn’t a native of Rio, but told me she had come from an inland region, and was lucky to have made it here without, as she put it, needing to become a whore. I was curious about her background, but she would not be pressed further on it, saying that it was another life that now was but a distant memory for her. What mattered to her was now, and her life ahead.

We got on very well, and over the next couple of weeks, I took her out to dinner and to a show. This time, we ate in an open air Churrascaria, enjoying the sea air, the aroma of the barbecued meats, and some very drinkable local wine. Rather than taking a cab, she wanted to walk, and so we headed back towards her apartment. Our route included some of the promenade, and we wandered along in the balmy air, our arms entwined. With one mind, we turned and kissed, not for the first time, but this time with a passion that surprised us both, as when we broke apart we simply stood and gazed into each other eyes.

“My place, I think”, I said, and the joy in her eyes gave her assent.

There were no false preliminaries, we headed straight into my bedroom, and quickly lost our clothes, our mouths almost glued together, our hands seeking stroking and pulling, as our passion mounted. I move my kisses from her lips to her throat, down over her small breasts, enjoying her long nipples, and then headed south. I bypassed her mound, and kissed the tender skin inside her thighs, raising and spreading her legs to give my mouth full access. I became aware of her body’s aroma, it was a light almond perfume, and when my tongue finally delved between her pussy lips, I tasted almond again.

I was so surprised, my mind transported back to my trysts on Xanth, that I stopped. Sandra told me that it was wonderful, what I was doing to her, but why had I stopped?

What could I say, that she reminded me of a humanoid on a planet somewhere distant in the Universe?

So, confused as to where I was, I continued, my tongue burying deep into her pussy, which was tight so very tight indeed, that when it came time to rise up between her legs and start to slide my cock between her swollen lips, I went very slowly, too slowly I seemed, as Sandra wrapped her arms and legs around me and literally pulled me inside her.

She felt delicious, and as we made love, my cock seemed to grow inside her, and when she came, she seemed to purr, which her pussy milked my cock. In my post coitus state, I whispered to her that I hoped it wouldn’t be too long before I could come to her again. She hugged me and then moved down on me to suck me hard again.

I realised that I had thought I was on Xanth, the feel of Sandra around me confusing me so. Her mouth worked its magic and I was soon hard and erect again.

“Now, this time, I want you in my ass”

She was as delightfully tight in her anal passage as she was in her pussy, which was to be expected, but the control she had was wonderful to experience, and without any other contact, she orgasmed long and slow, pumping my cock dry as I came inside her once again.

I could hardly say that she reminded me of someone, and to be honest between my work and Sandra, I had no time to think of, let alone look for a new doorway here in Rio. Sandra and I were living together by now, and our lovemaking was all I could possibly need and want. I still wondered about her background, but despite our closeness, it remained a closed book. I was deeply in love, and my life was so full that I could want no more. At times, I thought about Xanth, which increasingly seemed like a dream.

One night after we had made love, she was snuggled in my arms, our bodies hot and damp, the aroma of sweet almonds filling my senses, she whispered “Mmmm……I am your pussycat for always”.

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