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My Vampire Erotic Dream

The sexy bare chested vampire man climbed up onto my bed and slid his cold hands up my nightie
It was one stormy night and I sat at the TV watching some daft horror movie that had stupid little blonde teenagers screaming running away from a sexy, pale skinned vampire. I switched it off with the remote control and closed my eyes for a second.

I heard a door creaking from upstairs so I slowly made my way up the stairs and checked out all the bedrooms and there was no one there. Erica, honey, you're being completely ridiculous, I thought to myself as tiredness overwhelmed me. I walked back down the stairs and switched off the light and then walked back up to my bedroom. I didn't bother switching the light on to undress because I knew my way around the room pretty well. I pulled my thin nightie over my head and climbed on top of my bed. Resting my head on the soft pillow and shut my eyes.

My mind started to fantasise about vampires. I started to dream that a sexy bare chested vampire man was standing in the dark corner of my room and started walking towards the bed and climbed onto it His hands were ice cold as he slid them up underneath my nightie, up my smooth thighs and the way he was doing it sent shivers down my spine. Not of terror but of pleasure.

I looked down and looked at his handsome face with blonde hair slicked back and the bluest of eyes I'd ever seen.

The vampire looked up at me "you like, my dear?" he asked, in a old English accent. He smiled and the light from the moon outside caught his razor sharp fangs making me gasp and hold my breath."Do not be afraid my pretty one. I am not here to harm you but to pleasure you." He leaned forward and kissed me passionately with such urgency. "You are so beautiful, Jessica," he caressed my cheeks with the back of his hands and his lips began kissing down my neck tenderly.

I swallowed and closed my eyes with pleasure as I was beginning to get hot. My body wanted to be pleasured. I felt a strong sensation down in my groin of sexual arousal.

His cold hands roamed over my chest squeezing my breasts. One of them went underneath my nightie again and touched my pussy which made me gasp and my pelvis moved closer to his hand. He grinned, "I say I am making you horny, my dear, very horny indeed," he said. The vampire inserted two of his fingers up my soaking wet pussy making me cry out. His lips kissed my neck and sunked his teeth into it.

I felt the vampire's hard erection against the side of my body as I cried out. I unbuckled the belt on his trousers and unzipped them pulling them off exposing his rear end to the world. I moved my pelvis closer to him so he could have easy entrance to me. Without hesitation I felt him thrust deeply into me with such passion and urgency. I wanted to scream, cry out with pleasure and I did as he rode me; wrapping my legs tightly around his waist he lifted me up and pinned my back to the wall as he fucked me. I had never felt such passion before.

The vampire grunted loudly as he fucked me faster and faster. He took me back down on the bed again and flipped me over onto my stomach and took me from behind my legs on his shoulders. He thrusted harder into me until he felt his body spasm and he came into me.

I cried out in pleasure as I came my body feeling such satisifaction like never before.

"Is this a dream?" I ask, breathlessly.

"Yes," he whispered into ear and then kissed me.

I woke up and sat up immediately with sweat dripping down from my face. I was face down on the bed and the sheets were all twisted. I wondered what had gone on. I touched the sheets with my fingertips and they were wet.

Was that a dream or was that real?

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