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New Beginnings Part One: Small Town, Big Problems

A lonely man in a small town gets a visit from an out of town visitor

Adrian Grody sat watching the night sky in his patrol car. He was a few minutes away from ending his shift. Adrian hated his job as a security guard at the mall, but someone had to do it. He took one more drive around the building. He wanted to make sure the teens he had spotted earlier smoking weed and hanging out had left as he had asked them.

When he pulled around, he saw one lone sports car left behind. One of them had stayed behind it would seem. Adrian took a deep sigh and drove over. The yellow lights on top of his vehicle signaled that he was coming.

There was no sign that the car was going to move. Again, Adrian took a deep sigh. He exited his vehicle and slowly walked over to the car.

The closer he got he could see the vehicle moving rocking back and forth slowly. Indicating to Adrian why they had not moved.

"Come on hurry up," he heard the female voice.

Adrian peeked inside. The poor guy was doing the best he could. Adrian decided he would give them some time; he remembered what it was like to be a teen. He took a few steps back when he saw her legs pop up, hitting the glass window. Adrian stifled a smile as he knew the poor girl was in one of the most uncomfortable positions.

"I'm cumming," the boy said.

"Pull out jackass!" the girl said.

Adrian started his walk back to the car. He wanted to time it just right.

"Knock, knock," Adrian said tapping his flash light against the window.

"Oh fuck," the boy said holding his dick in his hand his cum shot all over the back seat, some even on his girlfriend.

Sometimes this job had its perks. Adrian smiled.

"You guys need to get going before the cops come," Adrian said, as he walked away.

"Asshole! You got it all over my shirt," he heard the girl say.

"But he surprised me," the poor guy apologized.

"Shut up and let's go," the girl shouted. "Fucking gross!"

Adrian saw the guy climb into the front seat. The car started up and drove off. The male teen rolled down his window to give the one finger salute.

"Fucking rent a cop. Get a real fucking job," the kid said peeling out of the parking lot.

That was the most excitement Adrian had for the night. Being called a rent a cop by a one minute teen. He went back into his vehicle and drove back around.

Adrian looked at the clock on the dash. It was two in the morning. Bill would be here soon, to take the rest of the shift. He drove back around to the meeting place; he could see Bill's truck driving into the parking lot.

"Finally," he said as he pulled close to his car. He got out grabbing his metallic lunch box.

"Thanks, man," Bill said getting out of his truck. "I owe you big time."

"No problem," Adrian said throwing his stuff in the back of his car.

"I won't ask you to cover for me for a while. Finally getting things in order at home," Bill said climbing into the patrol car.

Adrian had heard that for months now. He nodded anyway and got into his vehicle. Adrian didn't have to go to his second job morning. It was the main reason he had been upset when Bill had asked him to cover part of his shift. Adrian initially had the night off, but Bill was a good friend, so he decided to cover for him.

Now Adrian was going to drive to one of his favorite places. The trouble with living in a small town like the one he lived in, was there was nothing to do.

The city board members thought that building a mall would bring more people off the highway and into this town, it didn't do anything but create an eye sore on the landscape and a huge glowing building at night.

Now they had a large shopping mall with no one to shop. Soon it would be closed and useless just like all the other failed attempts to gain a population growth. This town was just what it was and always will be, one of those small names on a highway sign.

As Adrian drove to the liquor store, he spotted the same sports car from before. He took a deep sigh and began to pull in next to them, he parked his car and slowly got out.

"Well if it isn't the rent a cop," the male said. To which some of his new buddies started laughing.

"Hey guys," Adrian waved. He didn't look their way and headed for the store.

"This the one that ruined your time with Rachel?" one of the other guys asked.

"Yeah, it's him," the guy said.

"Look I was just doing my job. If you guys had jobs, you would know what that was like," Adrian said. He walked into the liquor store.

"Hey Maxwell," Adrian said. The small man behind the counter woke up, looking around. "The kids are outside again, and I think they got some of your beer," he said walking over and picking up a 12 pack of his favorite.

"Damn I must have dozed off again," the man said lifting the handset under the counter. "Yeah, send a patrol over, they are outside again," Maxwell looked over at Adrian. He hung up the handset and rung up the beer. "You want to wait until the patrol car comes along?"

"Nah they are just kids," Adrian shrugged as he walked out.

"You should give us some of those," the teen said. "You owe me. From earlier," he said walking towards Adrian.

Adrian nodded over the guy's shoulder. When the teen looked around, he saw the patrol car coming into the parking lot.

"Another time, rent a cop," the guy said as Adrian nodded and walked to his car.

The police car stopped and turned its lights on and chirped its siren. The group of teens got into their vehicles and left. Adrian nodded at the cop car as he left the parking lot.


Adrian sat on the trunk of his car staring up at the stars as he drank his beer. His life wasn't that bad. He knew there were a ton of people in this world that had it much worse than he did. He was still alive, and he had two jobs and a roof over his head.

He saw a bright light up in the sky as he looked at it harder he could see that it was getting closer. Much closer. He put the beer bottle down. That was not a star, it was a plane, and it was crashing he thought to himself.

When it got closer to the ground, he could see that the object was much bigger than any plane he had ever seen. The further it came into view Adrian knew he wasn't staring at a plane but a U.F.O., and it was huge.

"Move Adrian!" he shouted to himself pushing the beer to the ground. The bottles smashed on the floor as he jumped into his car. Adrian's heart was pumping as he chased after the large object in the sky. The whole town would have seen this thing.

Adrian punched the gas and chased after it. He caught up to it on one of the long side streets. Looking up at the giant spacecraft he could tell that his car was under it, well part of it.

The whole thing was too big to see it as a whole. It was much wider than the two-lane road, the tips of it disappeared over the tree line. Even though Adrian was doing well over eighty, he still wasn't getting to the front of the thing.

There were lights all over it. Just as Adrian was starting to get to the front, it shot off to the side of the road, and that's when he heard it. The loud crash that sounded like an explosion, the ground itself began to shake, causing Adrian to hold the steering wheel tight as he kept the car from swerving he hit the brakes hard.

Tree's, dirt and stone crashed down all around him. Luckily, Adrian braked when he did as he looked in front of him he could see a large boulder in front of him. He looked around before he got out of the car, he was safe the car seemed undamaged, but the road ahead had rocks and tree's scattered everywhere.

Adrian got out of the car and looked at it. Apart from some dirt and a few small stones on the roof, it looked like he was more than lucky than he had thought. He walked through the tree line and into the field. "What the fuck!" he said running into the area.

The scene looked like something from a science-fiction movie. The large space ship had crashed part of it was still sticking up from the ground. The whole field was split wide open from one side to the other.

The ground itself looked destroyed, there were parts of trees, dirt, littering the whole field, but when Adrian looked closely, there was no metal, no sign that the ship was damaged.

There was no way they were going to hide this from the public. The craft was much bigger than anything he had seen. Adrian began to walk closer to the spacecraft when he heard the sirens.

"Fuck this!" Adrian said to himself. He ran as fast as he could back to his car. Adrian knew that the government and the officials would try and hide this and get rid of any witnesses. He jumped back into his vehicle. The sirens were coming from behind him. He punched the gas again maneuvering his car around the debris.

"I did not see anything," he kept telling himself over and over. The image of the ground split wide open for all to see filled his head. Then he saw it. First, he thought it was another piece of debris, but then it moved.

"Keep driving," Adrian said to himself as he got closer to the object.

It was moving, slowly but surely it was moving. Adrian stepped on the gas and sped by it. He looked over at it as he passed it. It was humanoid and in pain, lying on the ground and crawling away from the wreckage.

"It's not my problem," he said to himself. "They will find it and help it," he said trying to assure himself. But he knew they would find it. Take it somewhere, interrogate it, dissect it and when they were finished with it, kill it.

Adrian stomped on the brakes with both feet. He could not live with that. He could still see it, in the rear-view mirror.

"I'm so fucked,' he said as he put the car in reverse. "Can't believe I am doing this," he said as he got close to the alien life form. He got out the car.

"Hello?" he said as he walked over to it. It was metallic; he could see that the skin was a bright silver color. It was face down in the mud and dirt.

"I mean you no harm. Okay?" Adrian said trying not sound scared. He looked over at the tree's that had fallen. He could see the outline of the emergency team heading into the field. He could also hear helicopters.

"Fuck me, this is getting too much," he said as he turned towards his car. Then he heard it, a slight but audible metallic whine.

"Was that you?" he said turning to look at it. Its face was looking at him. It was a female, well female looking from what he could see. Its eyes shone a bright purple color. "You look kind of like a robot of some sort," he said to it. The life form again made its little audible whine.

"Okay," he said. He ran over to it. It was less than 5ft long, had arms and legs. Its skin was silver, but not solid metal.

"I am going to pick you up now. Is that okay?" Adrian asked as the alien's eyes blinked. Adrian thought it was blinking as the light's flickered off then back on.

"Okay, here we go," he said as he reached down. He picked it up expecting to feel cold metal. Instead, it felt warm and alive. That was his first thought whatever this being was its skin felt normal to the touch.

‘Metal skin?' he thought to himself as he carried the life form to his car.

It was surprisingly light. Adrian opened the back door, balancing the alien on one arm, he pulled the door open and slid it inside. He got in next to it and buckled it in.

"I have no idea what I am doing," he said to himself. The life form blinked its eyes again. "Don't thank me yet," he said as he began to get out of the car. He stopped then looked back in. "I heard you," he said. The alien went silent, its eyes dimmed. "Are you dead?" he said as he nudged it, its eyes turned on then back off, with each nudge.

"Unconscious," he said. The helicopters were getting closer.

"Go already," he said out loud as he got into the driver's seat. He punched the gas again. Spinning his tires. "That was stupid," he cursed himself.

There were only a few cars in this town, with the wheel make up he had. They were going to know he was here. As he drove away, he kept looking back to make sure he was not being followed. When he got closer into town, there were people everywhere. Nothing brought people out like an accident, and this was a big accident.

Adrian slowly drove through, trying not to get attention drawn to himself. People were lined all over the streets, looking over at the bright lights in the fields in the distance. He looked back at the silver figure in his back seat.

If he did not do something, it would seem suspicious that he was not around especially since his tire tracks would show that he drove down here. He pulled into one of the many deserted strip malls. He grabbed his work jacket and threw it on the alien.

"What's going on?" he said running up to a person gawking.

"Adrian!" the man said. Adrian recognized him as one of the mall walkers that came early in the morning. "Did you see the giant U.F.O.?" he asked.

"You mean that loud sound? Yeah it woke me up," Adrian lied. The man looked at him weirdly. Another man standing by also looked at him.

"I was drinking, and well I fell asleep, out by Daniel's creek," Adrian said establishing his alibi. "When the ground shook. I thought we were having an earthquake. I sped down here as fast as I could," he said, looking over at the lights in the sky. Helicopters flew this way and that.

"You must have been close to where it crashed," a lady said.

"A U.F.O.?" Adrian smiled shaking his head.

"It was," Another said. "I was on the highway. You could see the whole thing it was huge.

Adrian looked at them. There were enough people here to vouch for him being here. He wanted to stick around just a bit longer. He listened to people describing the same thing he had seen. Huge with rows and rows of lights.

"Adrian!" Bill shouted running toward him. "They are setting up a base at the mall," Bill said as he got close. "The national guard is there and everything. They escorted me away," he said breathing heavy.

"They blocked off Nearman Road," another man said. That was the road that the U.F.O. had crashed near.

"They are going to try and cover this up," Someone else said.

"Yeah, not likely. I bet thousands of people got this on their phones and I also will bet that it's spreading across the internet like wildfire," Adrian laughed. Hoping that the more he said would make people remember that he was here and nowhere else. He looked back at his car.

"Shit!" he said under his breath. He could see the purple lights of the alien’s eyes sitting up.

"I am going to see if this had made the news. Plus, I don't want to be here when they come down here looking for witnesses. They always seem to disappear," he said walking back towards his car.

"That's true," another person said.

"Fuck that! They aren't making me disappear," another person said.

Soon it was a mass exodus as people began to run towards their cars. Adrian drove away slowly heading for his house. The alien had laid back down as he had gotten in the car.

Adrian lived in a small community. Luckily for him, his part of the community was never finished, many houses around him were still in the building stages. Another failed attempt; no one had been buying the houses, so the developer left.

There were only two other houses that had people living in them. One of them belonged to a traveling salesman, and the other belonged to a nurse and her kids.

Adrian drove into the driveway, opening the garage with his remote. He got out and looked around to make sure no one was looking his way then he shut the garage door.

Turning on the light, he picked up the alien and brought it into the house. Adrian guessed he was right earlier about it being the female of its species. It had a slender figure, but none of the human female attributes like breasts, or wider hips. ‘Then again maybe that is how all of you are made, created or however it is you come to be,' he thought to himself.

Adrian put the alien down on his couch and looked at it. The silver skin seemed to be breathing. It had slight lines that appeared to be like grooves more than lines, going down the length of its body. Its head seemed proportionate to the size of a human head. It didn't look like it had toes but it did have fingers without a thumb. Which made Adrian look again.

"I don't even know if you can hear me," he said to it as he backed away. The purple light of its eyes stared right at him. "I heard you before, inside my head," he said kneeling close to it. "Can you do that again?" he asked. It blinked again at him. "Earth," he said as he heard it again. He got up and turned on the television.

"This is our source of news and information," he said. Its eyes looked at the tv. It began to blink as it blinked the channels turned. "That's right," he smiled. "It is primitive," he smiled again as thought about it, he was talking to an actual alien.

"What is your name?" it said out loud.

"You can talk," Adrian said.

"Sorry for using your head to communicate, but we did not know your language until now," it said as it sat up.

"My name is Adrian," Adrian answered. "Yours?"

"My name would be too difficult to pronounce in your language. You can call me Solaria," it said as it stood up. "My body repair is at 10%."

"Are you a robot of some kind?" Adrian said as he followed it around the house.

"No. But we can understand why you would come to that conclusion," the alien said. "This is your... place of living?" it said as it walked into the bedroom.

"Yes," Adrian said.

"The pace of your heart beating tells us that you are scared," it said looking at him up and down. "You saved us from certain death," the alien said staring at him in the eyes. "We are in your debt. No harm will come to you," It walked past him and into his computer room.

"Hold on," Adrian said as he got in front of his computer. "You wanted information. The internet is the best place to get it," he said then he thought to himself if this alien was part of an invading force, then he would be showing it, everything.

"You can set your mind at ease. We did not come to invade your planet," the alien said sitting in the chair. "Ask us anything," it said staring up at Adrian.

Adrian looked down at this silver, metallic aliens sitting down in his chair. It's purples eyes looking up at him. Both its hands resting on its thighs. Somehow, he felt at ease staring at it. Its eyes were larger than a human, it had two vertical slits where a nose should be and its mouth was horizontal, but he had never seen it open.

"How do you talk?" he asked.

"We make sounds for other species to hear from these," it said touching the side of its neck. A few horizontal slits were lining the side of its neck. "Our mouths as you would call it. Are for talking to others like ourselves," it said. It made a slight whining noise that pierced Adrian's ears. "That is our language."

"You sound like a female. Are you?" Adrian asked. For this question, it shifted its head back and forth as if it was processing the question.

"Yes and no. We do not have specifics as far as females or males. We choose our form and voices. When we reach the right age," it stared at Adrian again as if waiting for his next question. He could not think of anything. "I sense that the alcohol in your system, combined with the number of hours your body has been awake, is making you sleepy," Solaria said.

"Yeah, a bit," he said. "But..." he began to trail off to a long yawn. He was more tired than he had thought. Sitting down had made him even more tired.

"We will be okay. Your care for this body is over. My body is repairing and will be at one hundred percent within seven days of your time," Solaria said.

"Sounds good," he said. "But I will stay up with you."


Adrian woke up in his bed. He was still fully clothed from the night before. He shook his head and sat up. He wondered if it was a dream. But then he heard a noise in the house. He got out of bed and walked into the kitchen. There the female alien was walking back and forth. It looked like she was making breakfast.

"Good morning," she said.

"Good morning," he replied.

"You fell asleep in mid-sentence, so I carried you to your bed," she said.

"Do you do that often?" he asked.

"Read your mind?" she said. "Yes, it is how we communicate back on our planet."

"You say We and not me, or I.," he said sitting down at the table.

"We do not see ourselves as individuals. As an individual we would lack the means to think of others, and work for the common good of the community," she replied. "If it will make you feel safer. I will accommodate to your language."

"Thank you," he said as she put a plate of food in front of him. It was eggs, toast, and sausages. "Um." he began to say.

"You're welcome," she said returning to the computer room. Adrian looked down the hall after he finished eating. She was still in there. As he looked inside, he could see the screen flashing at incredible speeds.

"You're reading all of that?" he asked.

"Yes, your species is both fascinating and troublesome. You fear a lot of things and are very suspicious of others," she said.

"That's us humans in a nut shell," he said as he took a seat beside her. Together they went through screenshots and websites. Adrian tried to explain things to her but found that she was gaining more knowledge faster than he could keep up. Soon she would know more about Earth and humans than himself.

"Well, I have to go take a shower," he said as he got up and walked into the bathroom. He did not know why but he felt safe with this alien around.

"That is because I will not harm you," she said into his head.

"While I am in here, I would like it if you did not read my mind," he said. There was silence, which he took as an agreement. He took a quick shower. As he put his clothes on, he began to wonder about Solaria. He stepped out of his bedroom.

"Did you need to clean up?" he asked her. She had moved from the computer room to the living room.

"Clean up," she said twisting her head back and forth as her purple eyes flashed on and off repeatedly. "To bathe or to shower, to remove unwanted dirt, dead skin," she said if she was reading from a page. "No. My body does not collect dirt, and my skin does not die," she said returning her gaze to the television.

"What about food?" he asked. Feeling hungry himself.

"I do not need to eat, but I made some food for you," she pointed to the kitchen. Adrian looked at her with curiosity.

How could she have known he was hungry. He walked into the kitchen. Sitting on the counter was a plate with a large sub sitting on it.

"Turkey Sub with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and light mayo. With something called jalapenos?" she said from the living room. He did not know what to say. He was thinking of going to the sub shop to get one of these exact subs.

"How did you know?" he said looking through the separation between the two rooms. He spotted the television. The site was jaw dropping.

"I sensed you were hungry when I looked further. I saw that you wanted the sub, so I made it. It was simple once I went back to my ship to get my matter converter," Solaria said holding up a remote sized metallic object.

"That is your ship," he said pointing to the screen. The view was an overhead view of what looked like a massive building which had been thrown into a field.

"Yes, it is," she said. "It is repairing. It will take just over one week to repair fully," she said.

"Can you turn the volume up," he said circling back to the living room with the plate in hand.

"You cannot hear her?" she asked. Adrian reached for the remote. The sound was at its lowest level.

"You can?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied. Adrian turned the volume up.

‘Pauline, has any news surfaced from the military on the ground?' the male reporter asked.

‘No. As you can see, there is a flurry of activity down there. There are a ton of questions coming from many people. Where did this come from? Who or what is inside? And what do they want?' the female reported said looking out from a helicopter flying above the crash site.

‘Those are interesting questions,' The man said as the feed went back to the news room.

‘For those that have just joined or those of you that want a recap of what has happened,' a lady sitting next to the male said as the screen flashed to a picture of the scene.

‘Sometime last night between three and four am. This U.F.O. As many are calling it crashed landed, in this small town in Ohio,' she said as a picture of Adrian's town was portrayed on the screen. ‘Local's described it as the sky falling.'

‘Well who can blame them,' the man interjected. ‘The U.F.O. Is larger than any craft any of us have ever seen. Bigger than the biggest cruise liner,' he continued. A computer image of the ship showed it next to the largest cruise liner. It was almost double the size. ‘It is circular, and as you can see it did a lot of damage to the surrounding area when it crashed.'

"I survived that?" Adrian said as the screen showed for miles around the crash site, deep cracks that stretched across the landscape.

‘Many locals said it was like an earthquake,' the lady said. ‘We go back to Pauline who is in the area.'

‘Thank you, Lorrie,' the other lady said. ‘We have landed as per our schedule. All flights over the area must get approval from the military, and all flights are giving a five-minute window for a fly over. We have been told these rules will be strictly enforced,' she said as the camera panned over the area.

"That's the mall," Adrian said.

‘There is a strong military presence, both on the ground and in the air,' she said. The sound of fighter jets came loud and definite as the camera zoomed out, showing two planes flying in the distance.

‘Pauline has anyone been able to ask the military anything of what is going on. As per what the next step is?' Lorrie asked.

"No. The only news is what we heard from the president a few hours ago. They are giving the inhabitants of the U.F.O. Time to evaluate the problem they have with their craft. He has said that the U.S. will provide information to all other countries and their dignitaries as he gets it. He has also warned other countries to stay away from the crash site. Which some have deemed as a threat and not a sign of cooperation.'

'Thank you, Pauline,' the man said. The news room came back to view. 'As Pauline mentioned the president has already spoken on this matter. He advises patience, and to quell our curiosity. He also noted that individuals inside the craft may be hurt, or just as curious as us.'

'Here is the wide birth, the military is giving the spaceship. Military vehicles are holding at fifty yards. Media personnel both local and international are at the one hundred-yard range.'

"Okay enough," Adrian said hitting the off button. He looked over at her. She was staring at him.

"You seemed stressed," she said.

"Aren't you?" he asked. "What about the rest of your crew?"

"There was no one else. Just myself," Solaria said. Adrian was about to ask another question when the phone began to ring.

"Hey, yeah I watched it," Adrian said as he answered it. "Okay, I will be right there," he said hanging up. "They asked me to come and answer a few questions. They found my tire tracks at the scene," he said shaking his head.

"Do you want me to come with you?" she asked as she stood up.

"No! I mean no," he said as he pulled on his jacket. "You will only cause them to ask more questions," he said as he headed for the door. "Do not open the door for anyone. Okay?"

"If that is what you want," she said.

Adrian cursed himself soon as he got into his car. Why did he have to be in the area, now they were going to ask him questions, that he may not be able to answer.

He drove off looking back he could see the purple light of her eyes looking out the window. She was worried about him. No one had worried about him in a long while. Could she still hear him? He asked himself.

"I can. If you want me to," Solaria said.

"Yes," he said feeling a little better that she was still there. "You told me you went back to your ship."

"That is correct," she replied.

"How?" he asked.

"I believe your sci-fi movies call it teleportation. We call it transference," Solaria said. "You are going out of range of my listening. Shall I transfer to your location?"

"No. But keep it an option, if you do not hear back from me within the hour," Adrian said. He did not know why but he wanted her close, just in case, things went bad.

"Will do," she replied.

As Adrian pulled into a parking spot, pointed out to him by an armed man at the entrance to the mall. He stepped out of the vehicle.

"Glad you could make it on short notice," A red headed lady said.

"It seemed like I didn't have a choice, Gail," he said. Gail was the sheriff's daughter. She had taken over things after her father had a stroke a few weeks ago.

"Glad my father is at home resting. This situation would of giving him a heart attack," she said.

"Aren't you the one that usually gives him the heart attacks?" Adrian replied coldly, as they walked into the mall.

"Just going to keep twisting that knife, aren't you?" she said shaking her head.

"Nope," he replied. Gail grabbed his arm and pulled him to a stop.

"Look, what we had was... great," she said. "But come on let's be realistic. My father is old fashioned. What could I have done? He would have flipped out if I told him, I have been dating a black man," she said looking around as she said it.

"I get it," Adrian said pushing past her. "What about after?"

"You mean the sex?" she asked looking around as she said it. "You did not expect me to give that up too?"

"So that's all I am?" he said as they neared the food court where the military had set up desks and other things.

"Look, let's get through this, then we can discuss us," Gail said as she walked past him.

"There is no us," he said as he joined her.

There was a line of people, all of which were waiting for their turn. The military had made sure that all of them were kept separate.

"Adrian Grody," a man said at a desk. Adrian approached the desk. "I.D.," the man said coldly. Adrian gave him his driver's license. The man nodded.

"Sir. Your vehicle's tread marks were found a few yards away from where the craft crashed. Care to explain?" the man said looking Adrian straight in the eye.

"He knows the time as well," Solaria said to him.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"I transferred to a closer location. Do not worry no one can see me," Solaria replied.

"I was scared. I thought it was an earthquake everything went crazy and I panicked. I Hit the gas and came into town," Adrian said. The man looked at him.

"Why did you not report in, when we called your house?" the man asked.

"There was a telephone call, you were sleeping, so I silenced it," Solaria said.

"I was asleep; I pulled a double shift the day before. I did not hear the phone ring," Adrian answered. The man nodded.

The questioning went on for over an hour. Sometimes the man repeated the same question but worded it differently. Adrian was given the green light to go home. He was also told that he was to answer the phone if they called him for more questions.

"Meet me back at home," he said as he walked back through the mall to the entrance. He saw a movement in front of him. It looked like Solaria, but it was like seeing a ghost. "Was that you?" he asked.

"Yes, it is a form of stealth or camouflage," she said.

"Nice," Adrian smiled as he got into his vehicle. "Too bad, your ship can't do that," he said as he started the car.

"It can," she replied.

"It can?" he answered shocked that something that big could be camouflaged.

"Yes. But in its current state. It will do more harm than good," she replied. Adrian nodded.

"What is this sex? that lady was talking about?" Solaria asked.

"Um," Adrian said shocked at the question.

"And why couldn't she give it up?" she asked.

"It's a form of affection, when you care about someone a lot. At one time she liked me a lot. And then she didn't," he replied. It wasn't the absolute truth, but it should hold for now.

He pulled into his driveway. The day had flown by so fast. The sun was already setting. Solaria greeted him at the door.

"Welcome home," she said. Her glowing eyes stared at Adrian.

"Thank you," he said back to her as he walked past her.

"I made dinner," she said as she walked behind him.

"You did not have to," he replied sitting in his chair.

Solaria looked at him as if she was trying to tell if he was serious.

"I mean. I am happy you did. But you did not have to," Adrian corrected himself. He was still getting used to how precise he had to be around her. Things he said had to be said just right. She nodded and walked into the kitchen.

"It was no trouble. The human body needs food, to maintain itself, as well as to keep the metabolism going. Small meals should be eaten through out the day," she replied bringing a huge plate of meat, potatoes, and vegetables.

"Holy.." he began to say but saying crap would cause her to think the food was crap or that religion was crap. "Wow, that is a lot of food," he said sitting up in his chair.

Adrian had not eaten this much since his visit to friends for Christmas dinner. Usually, he just nuked something in the microwave. He took the plate and the knife and fork and dived in.

"There is a game on tonight," she said. I saw that you had previously watched sports, but you had stopped.

"Yeah. I only have basic cable. I had to cut the other channels off since I …" Adrian began to say as he stuffed his mouth full of food. The Television jumped to life showing a football game. "How did you.." he started to say.

"I paid the bill, online. Your world seems to revolve around something called money. It is an easy system to navigate," she said sitting down. The glow in her eyes was brighter as she watched him.

"Okay stop," he said. He turned to look at Solaria. He held her hands they were slightly cold. Her eyes quickly blinked off and on.

"Did I do something wrong?" Solaria asked.

"No. But why are you doing this?" Adrian asked.

"Why. Am I doing what?" Solaria said as her face went to one side. He sat back and thought. He had to word it correctly.

"These actions. Feeding me, making sure I am safe and happy. Why are you doing them?" Adrian asked. Solaria nodded as she understood.

"It is in my nature," she replied.

"Do tell," he said.

"Our race is made up of two different species," Solaria said glancing down at her body. "The skin is of the... it is hard to pronounce in this language," she said as her eyes flashed fast. "Denora or in my tongue the first ones."

"They were smart, brilliant even. But very weak and very timid. When another species attacked them from another world, they made robots to fight the war. Over time the robots won. After the war had finished, the Denora did not need the robots, but instead of deactivating them, they made them into their servants and the working force."

Adrian nodded he could see humans eventually building robots or machines to do their bidding. Then he remembered all the movies to that effect.

"The Denora became lazy, and soon, the robots became the dominant species. They over powered the Denora and soon made them into their servants. Eventually, the two species began to mate with each other. Many decades later, there were no real Denora or robots left. Just us," Solaria finished.

"That explains a lot," he said. That's why she resembled a robot. It was part of her genetic makeup. "Well you do not need to serve me," he said. "I just want you to repair yourself and your ship so you can return home."

The two of them sat in silence as they watched the game. Even with everything going on Adrian enjoyed a good football game, he had to explain most of the fundamentals to Solaria who watched with both curiosity and wonder. After Adrian's team had lost and the game was over he let out a long yawn.

"Don't you sleep?" he asked.

"We do not need sleep. We rest when we shut off," Solaria replied.

"How long is that for?"

"Anywhere from two to four of your earth hours," she said. Adrian let out an even more prolonged yawn. "You are tired. It is past your usual sleep time," she said as she stood up. Adrian nodded. He walked into the bedroom. Solaria stopped at the door. "Good Night."


The morning came fast as usual. Adrian woke up and found her standing just outside his bedroom door.

"Please tell me. You have not been standing there, the whole time," Adrian said as he walked past her.

"No," Solaria replied. "I only left to make your breakfast, then I returned," she said following behind him. Adrian shook his head with a smile. He was beginning to like her direct and factual responses. "But you are late."

"Damn," Adrian cursed as he looked at his phone.

"I made your breakfast easier to take with you, as well as your lunch," she said picking up a cooler.

"Thank you," he said as he rushed out the door. Solaria stood there looking at the door. Adrian reopened the door after realizing he had left her with an open statement. "Thank you for making breakfast, and lunch. Bye for now."

Adrian's second job was as a stock associate at the local grocery store. He only worked there part time for the extra hours he needed to keep up with bills. He hated everything about it. The days always seem to drag.

When he saw that there were only two more hours left on his eight-hour shift, he began to think of going home. Adrian had never thought of going home like this before. Mainly because he never had anyone to go back to, or there was no one there that needed him.

Adrian walked the aisle's making sure all the sale items were stocked and full. He saw two military officers. He tried to pass them as quietly as he could.

When he passed them, he overheard them saying that the military was going to attempt to enter the craft seeing as no one had come out and there was no sign of activity coming from the ship. Adrian walked swiftly into the back room.

"Solaria," he said, he was beginning to like talking in his head, he got no response.

Fearing the worst, he started to panic. Then he remembered that Solaria might have shut down as she had been up all night and didn't expect him home for another two hours. Adrian began to think of leaving work early so he could check on her. He knew that the manager would probably write him up if he did leave.

"Fuck it," he said to himself as he walked towards the time clock.

"You called for me?" Solaria answered

"Yes," he replied. "Do not scare me like that."

"I was recharging," she replied. "It took me a few moments to wake."

"They are going to try to enter your ship." he said.

"I know," she replied.

"Aren't you worried?"

"No. They will not be able to enter. No form of technology or weaponry on this planet can damage or harm my ship," Solaria said.

Adrian felt better but then began to wonder what could hurt a ship like that.

"You are wondering how I crashed."

"Yes. I forgot you could do that," Adrian replied.

"I went through a large asteroid belt, light years away from your planet. I thought I got through it unscathed. By the time I realized how bad the damage that had been done it was too late. I tried to transfer through your planet, but most of the systems were non-responsive. That is what made me crash."

"If you hadn't crashed then you and the ship would've been on your way?"

"Yes, if I hadn't crashed. I would've hidden behind your sun until the ship repaired itself."

"Adrian, the police chief wants to see you," The assistant store manager said over the intercom. Adrian cursed out loud. He hated the little brat. The kid was barely twenty-two years old. They promoted him for no other reason than nobody else wanted the job.

"I will be home shortly," he said.

"I have completed my recharge cycle," she replied.

Adrian nodded. He was getting used to talking to her this way. It was their way. No one else had a connection like that. He stopped halfway to the office. Was he getting feelings for an alien? He couldn't have he shook his head trying to pass the thought away.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was true. Either way, she would be leaving soon. He walked past the customer service desk and up the stairs. The little brat was just leaving the office.

"Anything you want, please just ask ma'am, I mean sir, I mean officer," he said stuttering as he closed the door. The kid was barely five feet tall, black hair, blue eyes. Adrian pushed past him.

"Out the way Junior," Adrian said. The kid lowered his head and continued down the stairs.

"What is it, Gail?" Adrian blurted out angrily. "I was just about to leave."

Gail stood by the small desk, dressed in her police uniform. The green uniform was made to be tight on her, showing all of her curves. She liked it this way it made it easier for her to run. Adrian knew she also wanted it that way so she could persuade most of the men in this small town to do what she wanted.

Gail had the body of an athlete. Ever since High School, she had always kept her body in the best condition she could by running track, swimming, even a year in cheer leading. Gail looked at Adrian as she pulled on the small string that held her hair back, it flowed down her shoulders.

"I just wanted to have that talk. You walked away the other day without a good bye," she said walking over to him.

"I said there was nothing to talk about," he said ignoring her as she put a hand on his chest.

"Oh, you know that's a lie," she said stepping back, she quickly unbuttoned the front of her top. Exposing her large tits, in a red lace bra. "I can think of two things to talk about."

"Forget it, Gail," Adrian said trying to look away from her. "Nothing is going to happen," he wanted to believe the words he was saying, but he knew she had him wrapped around her finger.

"Sorry. I could not hear you," Gail said as walked got closer to him.

"I said. No," Adrian said looking back at her.

"You can tell it to my eyes, but how about these," she said grabbing his hand and placing it on her one of her tits.

A spark shot down Adrian's arm and straight to his dick, which pulsed and began to get harder. He looked back at his hand on top of the red lace material of her bra. Her 32E bra.

"Tell them you do not want to put that big black dick of yours between them and fuck them, until you shoot your cum all over them," she said leaning forward and whispering in his ear. "Tell them that, and I will leave."

"Are you alright?" Solaria asked. Her voice jolted him back to reality.

"No. I mean yes," Adrian said out loud.

"I knew you would!" Gail said as she began to take off her bra.

"Stop!" he shouted.

"You want me to stop talking to you?" Solaria asked.

"No," he answered, but he was still talking out loud.

"Make up your mind, do you want me or not?" Gail asked. She seemed confused as he was holding his head and backing away.

"Do you need help?" Solaria asked.

"Yes. I need help," Adrian said. Adrian's emotions were getting the best of him. He just wanted out of this room and this situation.

"What do you want me to do?" Gail said as she got close looking worried.

Suddenly the fire alarms began to blare out loudly, then the sprinklers shot on, shooting water everywhere. Adrian took this opportunity to rush out of the room. Once he got downstairs, the store was in utter chaos as people began to run to the front.

"Everybody out," the kid manager was shouting. He had a lost, bewildered look on his face.

"Did you turn off the water?" Adrian asked.

"The water? How?" he answered back utterly lost.

"I will do it," Adrian said. He looked back at the office. Gail was turning the corner with her top all buttoned up.

Adrian ran to the back he could see where someone had broken one of the fire alarms as well as hit one of the sprinkler heads. The system must have thought there was a fire. He went to the back room and took out the emergency key. Slowly he turned the valve the water began to stop. Slowly he walked back to the front.

He saw the kid standing near Gail as the fire department came in through the front doors.

"Seems like someone broke one of the fire alarms, in the back near the dairy department," Adrian said. "I saw it as I went back there."

"False alarm?" one of the fire fighters asked.

"Yeah, but do a run through just in case," Gail said as she saw some military personnel pull up. "Great," she said rolling her eyes. She pulled her soaking wet hair back in a ponytail as they came into the building.

"We heard the alarm, thought you might need some help," one of the soldiers said.

"No. Just a false alarm. The fire department has a hold of the situation," she said. Her eyes fixated themselves on Adrian. Adrian could tell she was trying figure things out.

"Mr. Halifax," Adrian said as the store manager walked in.

"What the hell is going on her Gail?" he said as he came in. She again said it was a false alarm. The firefighters came back nodding their heads.

"No fire," they said.

"Was anything stolen?" Mr. Halifax asked Brody, the assistant manager.

"No. The cash room is locked," the kid said.

"Well, I want answers. I have water damage everywhere," the manager said as stomped his feet in the water that had covered the store floor. "What are you still doing here? I am not paying you to stand here if you can't stock the shelves then leave," he said looking over at Adrian. "Store's closed. Everybody out. Except you Gail," he shouted.

Adrian left when he looked back he could see Mr. Halifax shouting at Gail and one of the soldiers.

"I hope that helped?" Solaria asked.

"Yes very much. Thank you," Adrian said as he got in the car.

"I transferred over and broke the alarm as well as the pipe lines. Then returned home before anyone saw me," Solaria answered.

"Thank you, but you should not risk exposure like that," he said as he pulled away. Gail was outside now talking to one of the firefighters. She looked at Adrian as he pulled out of the parking lot. "Even more so now. I don't want anything to happen to you."

"You worry about my safety?" she asked.

"Greatly. We will talk when I get home," Adrian said as he drove back.

Adrian pulled in and was greeted by Solaria at the door. He was glad to see her and those bright purple eyes.

"I made dinner," she said tilting her head. If her face could smile, he was sure she was smiling.

"Thank you," he said as he walked inside. They sat down to eat. Well, he ate, and Solaria looked at him and the television. The military had made no progress in getting into the ship. Just like she had said.

"Why were you in trouble?" she asked him. He looked at her. Not knowing what to say but he knew he had to tell her the truth.

"I was not in trouble, just in a situation. I did not want to be in," Adrian tried to explain. Trying to hide the absolute truth from her.

"It was the sheriff lady. Wasn't it?" Solaria asked staring at him.

"Yes," he said nodding. He was not going to lie to her. "But how did you know?" he asked. Adrian had not told her anything about Gail before.

"Your heart. It was beating just as fast as it did the last time you saw her," Solaria explained.

"Well I will try to keep it from doing it next time," he smiled.

Adrian knew that was impossible. He had cared for Gail. And that was something that was hard to let go. "I am going to take a shower," he said as he got up.

He could not help feeling the things he did for Gail, at the same time he was starting to feel differently about Solaria. How could he feel anything for an alien in such a short amount of time? Even though they had a unique connection, there was nothing else they had in common. She was an alien, and he was human.

"Hell, she probably can't feel anything," he said to himself as he dried himself off. He wrapped the towel around himself and opened the door to his bedroom. He stood there shocked at what he saw.

"I know why your heart beat the way it did. But I could not help you in my natural form, but maybe like this, I can," Solaria said standing next to his bed. She no longer looked like herself.

"But how?" Adrian said slowly walking towards her.

"You have many images of this woman, on your computer. I took the image and imprinted it onto my own body," she said looking down at herself. "Does it not please you?"

Adrian stood next to her. "Yes," he said looking her up and down.

Adrian looked at Solaria who looked like the embodiment of one of his favorite busty models. He had stared at that body and those eyes for most of his adult life. And here she was standing in front of him. Her tight body with her natural 32KK chest in a black lace bra. Her short blonde hair. And those sparkling blue eyes.

"I am glad," Solaria said, but instead of her voice, it was the model's thick European accent. Adrian had heard it many times when she modeled or did video chats for her members. Adrian rushed forward kissing her lips.

They fell backward onto the bed. Adrian kissed her all over, feeling the soft touch of human skin. Her long tight legs wrapped around him as his towel slipped off him exposing his naked body.

At this moment Adrian did not care that the female body under him was really an alien. He slid his fingers under her bra strap peeling them off her shoulders. Her huge tits greeted him. They were perfect from their size to their small pink nipples. He slowly began to suck on them one after the other. Solaria's body reacted just like a human female.

"I have wanted to do this for years," he said down to the face of his model. Adrian crawled up her body, sitting on her lower chest. He pushed her massive tits together and pushed his dick between them. Slowly he began to tit fuck her.

"I can hold them," Solaria said always willing to please him. She used both of her hands to squeeze her huge tits together.

Adrian began to fuck her tits harder. He grabbed the headboard as he looked down into the blue eyes that were staring up at him. He looked at her huge tits seeing the head of his dick barely peeking out from between them at the end of each thrust.

"They are so big," he moaned.

"I can make them bigger," Solaria smiled looking up at him.

Adrian looked at them. It happened slowly at first, but he could see that their size was increasing. Now they were barely bigger than her regular size.

When he sat upright, he saw their size increasing faster. They got big enough that he could barely see Solaria's face or the pillows under her head. Then her upper body disappeared. Underneath them, he knew there were a bed and Solaria.

"Stop," he finally said. He was no longer able to see her or the bed underneath her. They were gigantic with small nipples poking up from them. His dick was buried beneath underneath all of that tit flesh and still hard as a rock.

Slowly he began to fuck into these gigantic tits. The bed underneath him creaked and moaned under the weight. He could not see her face, but he did not care he wanted to fuck these huge tits before they went away. Faster and faster he went his dick burying itself between these mountains of tits.

"I'm cumming," he moaned as he went faster. He pushed forward looking down, somewhere below him between these massive mountains his dick was pulsing and shooting out his cum. He got off to the side of the bed as there was no room for him to lie down. Slowly the tit mountains began to decrease. After a few seconds he could see her body again, then her face came into view.

"Thank you," he said. Solaria smiled back. Her tits were back to the size they were before. He climbed onto the bed next to her.

"So that is what the human's call sex?" she asked still looking like the female model.

"No. That's called tit fucking," Adrian said looking up at her as she lay on his chest looking at him. Even though she had human eyes, there was still a faint glow to them. Instead of purple light, it was now blue.

"So what is sex?" she said, her head tilted to one side. It was funny to see a human face doing it, as it looked like she was confused.

"Do you want to experience human sex?" he asked. Solaria nodded with a smile.

"Would it please you?" she asked.

"Yes, very much," he said. His dick already throbbed at the thought of having sex. He rolled her over. He slid between her legs. He pushed himself up into her. Solaria's female body took him all the way in as he pushed forward, she let out a soft moan.

"This body is experiencing pleasure," she said as she moaned again.

Adrian pushed in harder, grabbing her legs and putting them on his shoulders. He began to fuck her harder. Her big tits rolled and bounced around on her chest.

"Do you want me to make them bigger again?" she asked with pleasure in her voice.

He could only nod as he began to push her legs forward, they were nearly touching the headboard behind her. Adrian fucked down harder. His balls were slapping against her. He looked down her tits began to grow bigger again. He tapped on the leg when they were touching her chin and her knees. He looked down between her legs as he had them now touching the wall.

The size of her tits and the glow of her blue eyes pushed Adrian over the edge. He pushed himself all the way into her as he came hard. He felt like he wouldn't stop cumming. He fell to the side of her breathing heavy, his heart racing.

"That was human sex," he said out of breath. "Usually it lasts longer, but huge tits, always make me cum quicker," he said smiling.

Solaria was silent, Adrian looked over at her. She was back in her regular form, but the glow from her eyes was gone.

"Solaria?" he said panicked. Her robot form lay still without moving.

Adrian touched her to shake her. He pulled his hands off her quickly. Her body was too cold to touch with his bare hands. "Solaria!" he shouted.

How could he be so stupid? He thought to himself. Having sex with an alien, an alien robot at that. He shot his bodily fluid into a robot. He began to shake her using the covers to shield him from the cold. "Come on Solaria. I am sorry. I should have warned you."

With a sudden jerk, her body shot upwards at the waist. "I am fine," she said. Turning to look at Adrian. He sighed a breath of relief laying back down.

"You scared me," he said.

"My body has never had that happen," she said. "The rush of pleasure the human body had taken when you..." Solaria stopped. "What did you do? You injected with me a thick fluid?" she said with her head tilted.

"I Came? And it's called cum, well us human's call it that," he said with a smile. He never had to explain that before.

"Well the female body had a rush of pleasure which shut my body down," she said.

"Sorry. I did not know it would do that," Adrian said. Solaria stood up.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"It is two hours past your usual sleep cycle," Solaria said. "You must get some rest," she said as she left the room. Adrian shook his head as he laid down.

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