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Not all witches come from OZ

She stood her ground and won.
Tamera was sixteen, when she first knew she was different. She had a way about her the teachers and students knew it too. She would simply think of something and it would appear. She started off simple. She wanted a glass of water in class. Tamera would concentrate on the water, and it would appear on her desk in class. Soon, Tamera was changing her grades and getting the boys to fall for her only. It was fun for awhile but she always wondered why she was so different.

Ten years have passed since high school. Tamera lives on her own in a nice condo in florida. Tamera is single, five feet eight inches in height. Nice curves in all the right places. Long red curly hair, and gorgeous green eyes. She practices her craft daily, to get it perfect. Tamera still isn’t sure how she became a witch. After all, her parents are both normal humans. Her mom did say something, about her grandma having some kind of gift. Her mom said that grandma Sally could talk to dolphins. Tamera thought that would be so cool. After all she did live near the ocean.

The next day Tamera rented a boat. She was going to put her craft to the test. She wanted to see if she had the gifts, her grandma had. Walking down to where the boats were she got a funny feeling. She always had this feeling when, something fun and unexpected was going to happen. She went to the rental office and rented her boat. The boat rental even came with someone to drive the boat. That was good because, Tamera didn’t know the first thing about boats.

Walking down to the boat slip she noticed the man on the boat, was very handsome. She introduced herself, and he told her his name was Mack. They shook hands. He seemed like he didn’t want to let go. She grinned at him as he finally did. She climbed aboard. He held her hand as she got on the boat. A big wave rocked the boat. She bumped into his arms, he seemed to really like that. They stared into each others eyes for a second. He set her down in the first mate chair and stared up the boat.

“Nice boat Captain Mack.” Tamera said with a smile.

“Thank you pretty lady,” he said looking her up and down.

“So where we be heading?” He asked her.

“Out to deeper waters. I need to spot wild dolphins.” She said to him.

“Aye, they run off the bow sometimes miss.” He pointed to the front of the boat.

She got up and sat in the front of the boat hoping to see them soon. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the image of a dolphin. Soon she heard clicks and whistles. She looked down in the water. There they were; swimming right beside her. Jumping and clicking away, as they chatted with each other. She motioned for Mack to slow down the boat. He did but he didn’t know why he did. She leaned over the side of the boat. Clicking a series of whistles to the dolphins.

Mack could not believe his eyes. She was talking to the dolphins. It looked like they were answering her. She smiled at Mack. She got up, and walking to him. She sat him down because he was in shock.

“I have to tell you something, I’m a witch. As long as I can remember I have always been different. Recently, my mother told me my grandma could chat with dolphins. I needed to find out, if I could too. Please say something Mack, your scaring me.”

“So….So you’re a…You’re a witch.” He stammered as he spoke. Not believing the words coming out of his mouth.

She smiled at him. “Yes Mack I am. But don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I’m a good witch.” She winked at him.

Tamera realize, it was a lot for him to take in. She showed him little tricks she could do. He grinned, as he started to relax seeing she was sweet and not at all scary. She snapped her fingers and he felt his pants unzip. He looked at her very surprised. He always made the first move he chuckled to himself. Then she waved her hand in a sweeping motion. His shirt was off at once. She then straddled him as she kissed him deeply.

“Want me to show you more?” She asked him.

“What else you got?” He asked her though their kisses.

“Why don’t you lay back and enjoy.” She told him.

She got up and showed him what she looked like as a witch. Smoke rose up; and as it cleared, he saw Her red hair pulled back. A Black corset barley covering her breasts, fishnet stockings and black latex skirt. Unbuttoned and pulled open for him to feast his eyes on her stunning legs. She wore a necklace her grandma gave her, around her neck. He was taken aback. She was stunning absolutely gorgeous. No green face, no warts on her nose. Just a beauty, he fell for her instantly.

She saw his cock swell up. Deciding it was time to show him just how fun being with a witch could be. Waving her hand all the clothes were gone. Her red locks down for him to grab and pull on. She straddled his cock pushing the tip just inside. He lusted for her so bad. He grabbed a hold of he curly red hair, and pushed her down on his cock. Moaning in pleasure, Tamera rode his cock hard and fast. Mack gasped, as he wasn’t used to cuming so soon. She forgot to tell him witches don’t take long to cum. She could have twenty orgasms before he had one.

He rolled her off him and took control. Telling her that was to fast for his liking. They were going to do it the human way now. Tamera giggled; as he said that. Mack pulled her up, kissing her with such passion. She swore her feet lifted off the ground. His hands roamed her beautiful body, not missing one spot. She felt a electric current running though her. He touched her so erotically. Moaning as her tongue glided along with his in her mouth. Her powers were zapped, as he controlled her body, she found that very erotic.

He sat her down in a chair telling her to rub her clit and pussy. He drove the boat to a remote island. Anchored the boat in the water then he lifted her up. Smiling, as he carried her off the boat the water was ankle deep. He set her on her feet as they walked together onto the sandy beach

Once on the beach he kissed he soft lips. Laying her down, on the warm sand, kissing all they way down her body. Tamera spread her legs wide, as he reached her pussy. Licking the inner thighs as he made his way up and over her mound. Kissing up and down her legs she moaned louder and louder. Mack got the hint. Sucking on her clit, as she grabbed his head. He pushed three fingers into her very wet pussy. Pushing them up to her g-spot. She came hard withering back and forth, panting. Mack made passionate love to her.

Tamera was beside herself. She never felt what she was feeling now in all her twenty- eight years. She looked up at Mack and stroked his hard cock he smiled at her. She was learning to go slow. Pumping his huge cock up and down he grunted then pulled her hand off his ridged cock. He pulled her legs up in the air grabbed her ass pushing his cock deep into her wet pussy. She moaned in delight, as he fucked her good and hard. She was breathless when he finally came in her pussy.

Kneeling beside him she licked the cum off his cock. He held her hair as she cleaned his cock and balls. Telling her what an amazing witch she was.

“I never knew it could be so good.” She told him.

“Aye, my witch,You will lean to love it soft and slow.” He smiled as he said this.

“It’s getting late, maybe we should head back to town.” Tamera said.

She was looking up at the sky, noticing some nasty storm clouds coming. Tamera noticed the dolphins near the boat she heard them call for her. Turning around to face Mack. Waving her hand; they were both dressed again. Mack asked her what was wrong. She told him she was going to find out, then she was gone. He saw her in the water next to the dolphins, so he waited for her return.

She popped back at his side, with a worried look on her face. Rubbing her shoulders, he asked what was wrong. She told him the dolphins and her, were feeling a very bad presence. Someone or something was coming for her. She once heard stories, of warlocks looking for their match. They hated human men interfering. She was fearing the worst was happening. Some how a warlock found out about them having sex, and was pissed.

Mack held her tight. He would never let anything bad happen. He felt like he knew Tamera all his life. She felt the same way about him.

“Tamera, I love you.” Mack said.

"I love you too, Mack.” Tamera said through her tears.

“Warlock be damned, I’m not letting him take you away from me.” He clinched his fists.

Tamera held onto Mack, as tight as she could. The wind and water churned. They saw the power the warlock possessed. He appeared, just as quickly as the storm subsided. He was magnificent. Jet black hair flowing down his back. Very tall and very strong looking. Mack was taken aback. Holding his ground and Tamera.

I am Eric, and I have come to clam her as my betrothed,” he said in a booming voice.

The hell she’s going any were with you!” Mack yelled back at the warlock.

Ha you humans are all the same! Weak, and you never win. So give her to me before this gets ugly!” Eric demanded.

No!” Mack shouted back.

“Then I will simply take her.” Eric said chillingly.

In a instant; Tamera was pulled to Eric. He kissed her roughly grinning at Mack. Tamera tried to pull away. His hold over her was too strong Eric was very powerful. She realized it was no good to struggle. Mack ran to her defense Eric simply waved his hand. Mack was frozen in place. Tamera screamed at this pleading with Eric to let her go. Eric looked at her, with distain.

“You care for this human man?” He could not believe she would choose a weak human over him.

Yes!!” She shouted at Eric.

With that her power and strength returned to her. She stood up to Eric. Telling him she loved Mack, Eric was in shock. Unheard of, how dare she he got angry and when he did the sky turned black as night. She stood between Eric and Mack raising her hands up to the sky. Calling upon her grandmother for help. A white glow broke through the darkness, and shined so bright. Eric fell to the ground. Eric was then dragged by an unseen force, out to sea. The dolphins were waiting for him. They dragged him under the sea, never to be seen again. Tamera turned around, to see Mack still frozen. She kissed his mouth with all her love for him. The kiss broke the curse.

Mack could not believe she held her ground. Fighting that huge warlock, on her own. She smiled. She did have some help from her grandma and dolphins. She was able to break Mack’s curse with true loves kiss. Mack smiled and kissed her so passionately this time her feet did leave the ground.

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