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Once Bitten

She watched him, crouching on the tree branch, her heart racing, and her pussy aching.
He was there again, sitting in the tree behind her house, the glow of a cigarette cherry giving away his location. She knew his whole purpose was to not be seen, but he wanted her to see him. Sin sighed, pushing away from the window, and letting the blood red curtian fall back into place. This had been the third week in a row that he had shown up in her tall sycamore tree, just sitting on a high branch, and starring, at her.

She didn't know who he was, but she knew damn well what he was. A creature of myth, a child of the night, a blood drinker, a vampire. No one believed her of course, not her parents, not her friends, not even her boyfriend, who was at this moment, sitting in her office watching porn. She didn't really care, but she wished he would pay a little more attention to her, and her needs. Granted her and Phil did love each other, but their sex life had gone down hill since she got promoted at the firm she worked at. Sin had been spending a lot of time at work, and Phil was a little unhappy about it. So he took to watching porn, while she was at the office, or like now when she was home.

Frustrated beyond belief, she sank down onto the bed, her eyes locked onto the window, she knew he was still out there, watching, waiting.

"Fuck." she cursed as she jumped from the bed and slid her flip flops on, she had to go out there, had to find out who was in her tree.

Leaving the bedroom, she passed her home office, where Phil was reclined in the chair, a lesbian porn playing on the flat screen monitor. She stood and watched him for awhile, his 8" cock was sticking straight out of his sweats, hard and already dripping pre cum. His right hand stroked up and down the shaft, as his left hand tweaked his nipple through his tank top. At least someone was getting off tonight. With a roll of her eyes, she went on her way hearing a faint moan come from the office as she headed down the flight of stairs.

Sin paused in the kitchen of her home, and eyed the back door. Was she chickening out? Why were her hands suddenly sweaty and shaking? She closed her eyes and took a deep relaxing breath.

"You can do this girl," she said softly, "You are just going to go out there and demand to know who the man in the tree is. Although you already know what he is, you are not going to freak out. Repeat, you are NOT going to freak out."

She opened her eyes, and pushed herself out the back door and into the warm summer night. Walking through the yard, the short grass rubbing against her toes, she suddenly got a chill, and it was around 80 degrees tonight. She wore short jean shorts, and a white tank top, without a bra, her 46C's bouncing every so slowly as she strode towards the tree. Stopping just under a low branch, she looked up and saw him, starring down at her.

She took a sharp intake of breath, his eyes were emerald green, the brightest she had ever seen. In one swift motion, he leaped out of the tree, landing square on his feet in front of her. Sin swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat as he stood straight to his full hight of 6 feet. Sin was only about 5 foot 3", and she had to crane her neck to look up at him. His hear was black as night, hanging loose down over his shoulders, and what shoulders! So broad and firm looking, along with the pecks and biceps he sported under a black t-shirt.

"Took you long enough." He said softly, his voice low and rich with a British accent.

"Who...who are you?" she finally asked, her heart was pounding in her chest, her breathing was now a pant. The man reached out and stroked her check with a slow gently finger.

"My name is Dreak, and I have been waiting for you Sin."

Her breath stopped, her heart pounding harder, her eyes wide, her body tingling with desire. Who was this man? And was her body responding to him in such a lustful way? Dreak cocked and eyebrow at her for moment before he smiled.

"Breathing would be a good thing for you love."

Finally Sin released the breath she had been holding, and blinked her eyes, thinking maybe this was a dream. Maybe she had fallen asleep on the bed, had never left the house. But the more she blinked, the man before her never left.

"Why?" She finally asked, hoping his answer would not be "food."

Dreak stepped closer, so close their bodies were touching. Her nipples hardened instantly, and she felt a sudden wetness between her legs. Dreaks hands touched her shoulders, and ever so slowly slid down her arms, leaving goose bumps in their wake.

"You know what I am love, that makes you special, unquie. You knew what I was the moment you laid your pretty eyes on me. Sin, you are my mate, and I must have you."

Sin had lost all track of thought after he called her his mate. What the hell was that suppose to mean? She had her mouth open and was about to ask, he leaned down in one swift move, and captured her mouth with his. She moaned at the contact of his cool lips pressed against hers, his slick tongue probing the inside of her mouth, making her knees buckle beneath her. He caught her in his strong arms before she could hit the ground, one arm holding her around the waist, the other holding on to her ass, his kiss never breaking.

So many thoughts were flying through Sin's mind; Why was she doing this? What if Phil comes outside? Was that really his cock digging into her hip? If so, then hot damn!! Just the feel of it through his jeans, she could tell he was big. Just the thought of that had her panties soaking wet with need. He brain kept telling her to push him away and run for the house, but her body was screaming. Screaming for her to push him against the tree and rip those jeans off, and suck that cock till her came in her mouth.

She chose option B.

Ripping her mouth away from his lush, suckable one, she put her hands on his chest and shoved him back, until he hit the tree. Now the man was built like a brick shit house, and she was pretty sure he let her do that. Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees, doing way with his leather belt, and quickly undid the zipper and button on his jeans. He wore no underwear, and his huge cock sprang free, nearly hitting her in the nose. For a moment all she could do was stare at the massive erection that stood proud before her. he had to be at least 9 1/2" long and the width, that was just amazing. She licked her lips, he hand reaching out to grip him around the base.

Dreak hissed, his hips thrusting forward at the feel of her touch. Reaching down her gently laid his hand on her head, holding on to a handful of her blood read curls, urging her on. Sin lowered her mouth, and kissed the soft tip of his cock. Dreak let out a moan as she slid her tongue along the hole, her hand beginning to glide up and down his shaft. Dreak leaned his head back against the tree, moving his hips ever to subtly, wanting her to take all of him into the warm depths of her mouth. And she obliged, opening her mouth wide as she could, and taking his long, thick member into her mouth.

"Oh bloody hell love, thats good."

Sin began sucking him with out pause, her mouth going up and down his cock, taking him all the way down until she gaged, her hand working him as her mouth slid back then down again. God it felt so good to suck cock, Sin had always loved it, but Phil never liked oral sex, which was always a major buzz kill. But now, now she was in heaven, blowing a sexy vampire, who had the most amazing cock she had ever had the pleasure of sucking on. The more she sucked, the harder his grip in her hair became and the more his hips thrusted against her face, forcing her to take more and more of him.

"Ohhhh fuck love, yes thats it, take all me!"

She moaned around the mouth of cock, and worked her mouth as fast as she could. Gripping his balls, she could feel him getting ready to cum, just a few more strokes of her mouth, and a few licks of the tongue, and there! Dreak roared into the night, as his load shot into her mouth and straight down her throat, and took it all. Never letting even one drop escape her mouth. With her breathing coming is gasps, she pulled her mouth off his cock, sitting back on her heels, and looked up at him. He was starring at her those green eyes seeming to get even brighter, and his cock still hard as ever.

"That was amazing love, but now it's my turn."

He dropped to the ground in front of her, and tore her shorts off in one clean move. He closed his eyes for second and took in a long breath through his nose. Although Sin was pretty sure, vampires didn't need to breath. His eyes popped open, and they locked on hers.

"I smell how ready you are me. Your cream smells sweet, like honey, I can not wait to taste you, and drink all of you."

With that said, he ripped her panties off, tearing them at the hip, leaving the left side dangling from her thigh. Pushing her back on the grass, he spread her legs wide, leaning his face down to her soaking pussy. Sin's body began to shake, as she felt his hot breath on her lips. She gave up on worrying about the vampire myths, she had other things on her mind.

Leaning on her elbows, she pushed her hair over her shoulders, watching Dreak sniff her all over. She couldn't stand the waiting and anticipation, she need his mouth on her clit, his tongue working her pussy hole.

"Please." She finally begged, rasing her hips off the grass. Dreak locked eyes with her and smiled wide, showing the tips of very sharp, long fangs. She should have been scared of the fangs, but they only turned her on more.

Dreaks head dropped down, and took her pussy into his mouth, Sin screamed, throwing her head back, her hands ripping up grass, as Dreak's tongue slid into her open hole, deep into her hole, causing Sin's body to vibrate, and shudder.

"Ohhhh fuck yes, your tongue, oh my god so fucking good!"

Sin reached down and grabbed a handful of black hair, making sure he berried his whole face in her aching pussy, she began to fuck his face hard, her crys echoing into the night. Dreak lapped and sucked as he slid two large fingers into her pussy, causing her to still for a moment, to adjust, then she started fucking his face harder then before, almost ripping hair from his scalp...and he loved it.

"Mmmm thats it, fuck me with your fingers baby, make come!"

He worked his fingers in and out hard and fast, as he latched onto her clit, flicking it with his tongue before sucking hard. Her hips rose off the ground, as her head hit the ground, her body convulsing as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her.

Laying with her eyes closed, still gripping handfuls of grass, Sin tried to slow her breathing, and calm her heart before his burst in her chest. She had never had an orgasm that good before, Phil normally just got her off, and made her happy. But Dreak had shook her to the core, rocked her world beyond belief. Peeling her eyes open, they locked on to Dreak, was leaning over top of her, his shirt gone, revealing a hairless chest and rippling sex pack, his pants down around his ankles.

Apparently he was ready for the big fun, and so was she. Sin tore her tank top off, before it left her head, Dreaks mouth had captured her left nipple. suckling greedily on the flesh bestowed upon him. She cried out, bitting down the cotton fabric of her shirt, she his mouth moved to her right nipple, his hand working the left into a painful, yet pleasurable hard nub. Sin spread her legs as far as they would go, wrapping them around Dreaks hips, her hands digging into his hair, as he gently bit into the tender skin of her nipple, with a fang, not drawling blood, but enough to cause a little bit of pain.

"Please, I need you now, I need you inside me Dreak." He lifted his head from her breast, only to dip down onto her lips, for a soul searing kiss. Then in one swift moment, he was in her. Sin jerked her head back screaming has his cock filled her pussy, stretching her to the limits, pain slamming into her body only to be replaced but hot burning pleasure.

"Holy shit!" She cried out, after the first bit of shock. Dreak stopped, and peered down at her. "Did I hurt you love?" She shook her head, slowing beginning to move her hips against him.

"Not at all, now, fuck me hard Dreak, make me yours."

Smiling with that hint of fang, Dreak drew back, almost pulling out completely, then slammed back into her so hard, Sin was sure there would be an impresstion of her ass in the ground.

"Fuck yes, harder Dreak harder!"

Dreak pushed himself on to his hands, gripping grass, as he worked his hips hard and fast, pounding away at Sin's beautiful, wet, pussy. She was tight, but not to tight, just the perfect fit for his cock. She moved with him, her body in total sync with his, her hands working on his ass, helping to thrust hard and deep inside of her.

"Yes, yes, yes love! You feel amazing, your tight little cunt, its mine now!" He slammed himself into her, his balls slapping against her smooth white ass.

"Yes Dreak, I'm yours! Make me yours!" Dreak continued to slam into her, his fangs growing longer, aching with the need to feed, to bite, to mark his woman. He could feel himself about to come, as he could feel Sin about to reach her climax, he had to do it, now!

With a growling roar, he opened his mouth wide, lips peeling back from his fangs, he reared his head back, and then dove down, driving his fangs into the pale flesh of her slender neck. Sin cried out, her body arching off the ground, as an orgasm ripped through her, another one fallowing right behind the last. Dreak pounded fast and faster until he felt his balls tighten up, and he exploded inside of her.

He growled his relase, against her neck, as her blood flowed into his mouth, but he continued to pump his cock, inside her slick folds, pulling yet another orgasm from her, along with her life blood. When Dreak was full on her blood, he pulled his fangs free, running his tongue over the marks to seal them shut. She would forever bare the make of the Vampire, but it would only be visible to vampires eye.

Sin's body was limp on the ground, as Dreak with drew from er warmth, and dropped to the cool evening grass beside her. The pair were silent for a long moment, just staring up at the night sky, the sound of crickets, chearping along with the sounds of Sin's heaving gasps for breath. Finally after what had felt like and hour, she turned her head to look at Dreak. She was not shocked to find him already starring into her eyes. She smiled, her hand grasping his, Dreak brought their interweaving hands to his mouth and kissed her knuckles.

"Now what?" She ask in an almost whisper.

"Now, my love, you are mine, forever."

Sin smiled, squeezing his hand tight. "I think I like the sound of that."

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