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One Night to Remember

A fantasy

As the cold seeps into my bones all I can think about his him. A random encounter that turned into a one night stand. I was the last one to leave my job and there he was, standing outside waiting for me. He gave off that vibe of don't screw with me. We never met before but I have seen him in the bar. Always watching the crowd, always alone. Normally I would never even think about having a one night stand with a complete stranger, yet I was intrigued.

"Are you waiting for someone?"

"Actually yes. I am waiting for you."

I started walking up the hill, towards my home. He followed.

"I was wondering if you would care for a drink?"

"All the bars are closed. There is no place to have as drink. I must be getting home. Good night."

"There is always my place."

"No thank you."

Without looking back I started walking. I was instantly pulled against the building.

"Do you mind?"

"Not at all."

All I could do was stare into his eyes. My hands could not help but run inside his shirt feeling every supple muscle. He reached for my jeans.

"Should we take this to another place?"

Instantly we were in another room. The most magnificent place I have ever seen. You could fit twenty people in this room; the bed alone could hold fifteen. The light gave me a better view of him. Sexual tension pulsed between my legs as I looked at him. His green hypnotic eyes enticed me. As he came towards me my hands reached for his shirt once again, this time removing it. Magnificent tattoos covered his chest. Tasting his nipples sent shivers through me.

He leaned down kissing my neck. His hands running under my shirt removing the barrier. My breasts were caressed gently. His tongue sliding slowly around my nipples as his teeth nipped them. We were instantly naked for he did not waste time.

As I laid on the bed watching his back muscles flex as he kissed down my body. Nipping every part of me. I spread my legs wide letting him grip my thighs as he ran his tongue down my lips. His tongue was magnificent sliding in and out, opening my lips teasing me, as his tongue reached my bud, tasting making me extra sensitive.


His growling heightened my senses. A burst of pain on my thigh sent intense pleasure through me. As he placed himself between my legs, my blood on his lips. I did not care, I licked those lips clean, tasting myself and him. As he pressed his hardened cock in me I instantly came again. Holding my hands by my head, pinning me down, he thrust faster and faster. Placing a pillow beneath me he thrusted deeper. I loved the feeling of fullness. Turning around, the pillow still beneath my he entered. Wetting his finger and rubbing my hole.

"Do you want it?"


Pulling from my pussy he used my juices and slowly entered my ass. It felt like I was being torn, slowly but surely he entered holding onto my hips, biting my neck moving the pain, he felt so good as he thrusted. 

"You are so tight.... god...."

His moans and mine filled the room, pulling out he entered my pussy again, thrusting ramming all of him inside me. My moans and his growling filled the chamber. His balls tightened behind me as he came. He did not stop he kept thrusting filling me to the point of overflowing. He did not go flaccid, still hard he rolled me over capturing me lips as he entered. Grabbing onto his shoulders, digging my nails into him, his growls made me hungry. I wanted to hear more and more. To feel his power within me. Pinning my hands by my head, I bit his wrists.

"I am glad you are enjoying this."

It felt like hours as we fucked. Every position imaginable, both my orifices were overflowing with cum. I laid there in total relaxation, I could feel his eyes watching me.

"I need to go home."

"You are in no shape to walk my dear. Tell me your address and I will take you there."

Without a thought I told him. He caressed my face, touching my lips with his. As we got dressed he still watched. Instantly we were at my door. Pinning me against the door, he whispered,

"We shall do this again. I love your scent."

As I opened my eyes he was gone and I was craving more.

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