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One Stormy Night

One Stormy Night

Was this a dream or a ghostly encounter....
It is a dark and cloudy night, the weather person had said we could get an evening storm. The wind is currently howling through the trees and rattling the windows of the office. It looks like they could be right.. Although the rain has not started yet, you can still smell it in the air. Checking the compound is secure one more time before deciding it would be best to stay over near the car just in case... 

You see I am helping my friend, they are short one security guard for this evening.The shift is eleven hours on a construction site that is only thirty minutes from home. The money I was offered will come in real handy, but that is a story for another time. As it starts to rain lightly I sit on the front passenger side seat and close the door. Deciding I best keep busy I started writing the shift report. Glancing outside every now and then checking that the site was still alright. 

I hear the rain getting heavier, it is now pouring down and I am unable to make out the two containers/offices which are only a few meters away. That is when I felt it for the first time... something brushing against the skin on the back of neck. I look into the rear view mirror attempting to see who or what is there... although not really expecting too see anything. As when I arrived approximately two hours ago the place had been locked up tight. I did not see anything so I shook my head before I started writing again.

I had been writing for a few minutes when I felt some icy fingers on my shoulders, it sends cold chills down my body causing goose bumps to form all over and every muscle to shake. Turning my head to look... I see nothing... but still feel the fingers on my shoulders. Grabbing my jacket putting it on as I climb out in fear. The rain pouring down drenching me as lighting flashes overhead. I see a hooded figure off in the distance. I started running fast towards them, not taking a moment to think that I might be headed into serious trouble.

As I reach them they signal to me pointing to the left. It directed us down a muddy driveway with forest on either side. At the end of this track we arrive at an old timber cottage with candles flickering in the windows and the smell of timber burning. We step up on the veranda and I see the person who is helping me for more than a few seconds. They remove their driza-bone coat and hang it on a hook. I am surprised to see a beautiful lady with long flowing rusty red hair.

Not speaking, she points to me and then the row of hooks where she placed her coat. She nods indicating I should hang mine there too. Smiling at her as I removed my coat, hanging it next to hers. She opens the door and enters. I follow glancing around the room. Seeing a bunch of cushions on the floor in front of the roaring fire. In the center of the room at the edge of the cushions there is a table that has some books/magazines, a bowl of mixed fruit and over in the corner was a record player.

Watching as she walks over to the record player and turns on some music. I stood admiring the way her body moves. She is of olive complexion standing a little over 5’7 curvy build but definitely not overweight, with bright brown eyes with golden flecks. Wearing a turquoise halter, low backed dress and a smile that lit up the room. Her rusty red hair hung down touching the base of her lower back.

She walks over dragging her fingers over my shoulders as she pulls me close. She looks in my eyes as we start swaying to beat. As our bodies press against one another she closes her eyes and slowly leans in softly brushing her lips against mine. Gradually the kiss heats up and gets more intense. She starts swirling her tongue in my mouth as her fingers run down over my body. I reach up and undo the strap of the halter, which allows her dress to fall to the floor.

Slowly I place soft little kisses down her neck, licking and nipping at her beautiful skin. I leave a dark heart shaped hickey on the nape of her neck while caressing the outer edge of her breast. I focus my attention to her nipples pinching, twisting and biting them softly one by one until they both get hard. Once hard I continue running my tongue down her body as I slide between her legs placing a soft kiss on each of her thighs hearing her moaning softly.

Moving onto the cushions, I begin to kiss her ankles slowly making my way higher until I reach her inner thighs. I move up licking around the outside of her mound before flicking my tongue against the center, I taste her moisture on my lips. I smile as she starts to squirm placing my hand on her stomach as I slide my tongue thrusts deeper and faster before I add one of my finger.

I slowly press my finger deeper wiggling it inside her wet pussy biting her clit. I thrust my finger in and out adding a second as she arches her back. Reaching out she grabs my shoulders as she starts tossing her head from side to side moaning loudly as I feel her pussy contracts round my fingers.

I withdraw my fingers from deep within her, wanting to make her wait just a little longing. I move back up passionately kissing her, allowing her to taste herself off my tongue. I slide it deep into her mouth as I squeeze her breasts. She screams "Oh my god", as I slide back down and bite and suck her clit. I feel her start cumming as I lap it up before it totally covers my face. As she comes down from her climax she collapses in my arms and I hold her close. Smiling as we relax together.

Hearing nothing, I assume the rain has stopped and we walk out onto the veranda. Both of us lost in the memories of the pleasure we just shared. I turn to face her to say "Thank you.." but the house and everything was no longer there. I close my eyes reopening them...

But still I am crouched in the bucket of one of the dozer's surrounded by trees. I move forward out of the bucket before standing up, feeling confused. I reach into the pocket of my raincoat, pulling out a lock of rusty red hair and a small piece of turquoise fabric.

The End

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