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Pans Pleasures

She was a tender maiden...just the juicy morsel that Pan enjoys.
Pan’s Pleasures

Cheila felt the tall grass tickle her bare legs and feet as the warmth of the sun bathed her exposed breasts and face. She ran her fingers through her long golden hair, smiling as the beauty of the day filled her senses with pleasure. Here in her private world, far from the cares of her village, she could wander sky clad and let the gods revel in the beauty of the body with which they had graced her. Her tanned legs were long and supple with graceful, sensual muscle tone, and her feet were beautiful, as well, with tattooed glyphs of magical flowers and pictures of the Goddess adorning her toes.

She was nearing the top of the plateau that had been named “Goddess View,” as from the top of the hill one could behold all of the kingdoms of the eastern lands stretched out before her. Her fingers left her hair and found her nipples where she teased them lightly, coaxing them to stiffen as she strolled upon the hill that was her favorite place in the entire world.

The path she tread was well worn, but it was her feet that had worn it, as she often came to this place of solitude to escape the rigors of her life as a tavern serving girl, to dream big dreams of having enough gold one day for her and her crippled mother to move to one of the major cities where everything that could be desired could be purchased if one had the funds. She crested the hill and beheld all of the lands that one could know as they stretched out before her like a giant colored map.

She pulled gently upon her nipples, now aroused to think of all of the young men who would go mad watching her teasing herself, as her naked body responded to her gentle caressing touch. She had never been with a man, but how she longed for a gorgeous man to take her and fill her with his huge cock; however, gently and with love.

Many of the patrons of the Drunken Bull tavern had expressed more than an interest in her due to the shapely body she possessed, with her breasts having been inherited from her mother, who had been a tavern girl before her. But the men and boys that came into her tavern were all working class men who had little future outside of the simple trades that they were slave to. Cheila knew that only a man of wealth and position would ever be able to satisfy her longings and to treat her and her mother the way that she desired to be treated.

“It is beautiful is it not child?” came the strong voice like the rushing of the wind from behind her and she whirled in sudden fear, her eyes going wide in terror at what she beheld. The creature stood over six feet tall and was half man with the lower body of a hooved beast. It was none other than Pan himself, the trickster of maidens and the beguiler of women. A small cry slipped from her lips, and she looked about quickly for some weapon with which to drive the demon away, but found nothing.

“It is not polite to ignore my question child…is it not beautiful?” Pan asked again as he gestured to the view that stretched out before them.

“What do you want of me, Pan, for I know whom you are and of your wicked ways, as well,” she said, trying to sound older than she was and sure of herself. Pan paused as if in thought and let his eyes sweep slowly over her naked young body as a gentle smile came to his lips.

“Maiden, for long and long have you come here to feel the pleasures of this magical place. And for long and long have I watched thee come…and watched as you gave yourself pleasure with your fingers as you fantasized about all of the men of your village taking you one after the other until you were ravished and finally satisfied. Never once have I approached thee nor allowed any harm to come to thee in this place, or upon the way home to thy village which lies yonder in the valley below us. And for this, do you now fear the Lord of the Wild?” Pan said with an amused look upon his face, which he replaced with a look of hurt and incomprehension.

Cheila felt herself relax slightly as, instead of fear, now she found that curiosity had overtaken her as she let her eyes move over Pan slowly. He stood a distance away and made no move to come closer to her. He was tall she saw and broad shouldered and well-muscled. Then, her eyes slipped lower to where he transformed into beast. There she beheld his cock and the size of it, and it was large even though it was softened and hanging limp. A small gasp slipped from her lips and instantly she looked up at him to see if he had caught her. His smile told no other story but that he had seen her lusty awe of his penis and that now they both knew.

“Yes child, I am man in that respect and beast in that I alone can satisfy thy hungry desires as no ten men could.” And he slowly took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it as she watched him. She couldn’t take her eyes from the beautiful cock and she knew that she must have it inside of her and yet that she must not; she could not allow herself to be beguiled by this beast to lay with him. Even though his cock was much bigger than that of any man she had ever beheld, her mind tried to banish the thought while her body beckoned her to throw herself into the wicked fires of sin and lust.

She knew that to take his wicked pleasuring was to be forever lost… to be his lover, lost to the normal desires of man and woman, and that she would never, ever be the same. She watched as his cock began to stiffen as he slowly stroked it, and desire began to make her wet for him and she reached up and began to tease and pull at her tender nipples, her breathing deepening with her hunger.

“It is easy to say ‘let me love thee’ oh Pan of the wilds, but what will you give me if I were to let you pleasure me this day?” Her heart raced in her chest, for she knew that if he really wanted to he could beguile her with a spell, and she would be his and never see the world of man again, nor wish too.

“Blessed are thy feet child that have brought thee in these ways, for truly do I wish to ravish thee and to drink deeply of thy young beautiful body.” Pan stopped then and his hooves pawed at the ground as his gaze left her and he seemed to look right through her as many birds began to sing a sweet lilting melody in unison in the trees around them. Finally a smile came to Pans lips as he once again let his wicked eyes sweep over her body and linger on her pussy which was becoming ever wetter as her lust for his huge cock made her ache to give in to him.

“I am the God of the Wild, little woman, and was it to me to do so, I could beguile thee and ravish thee until thou were mad. But it is not thy destiny to remain with me as one of my many wild loves…nay you must return to your mother for she has need of thee and that I will not take from you. But harken to my words that they are true, for yes I am Pan, but also my word when I have given it is strong as the stones of the mountains and none there be that can gainsay otherwise. If you let me take my pleasure of you and be the first to open thy lovely body to desire I will give unto thee a coin of gold which, when the moon is full, will multiply itself a hundred fold and thou shalt never want for any good thing again. This is the word and the promise of Pan.” And once again his right foot pawed the ground as now his cock stood erect and beautiful and proud pointing to the heavens above.

Cheila let her wicked lusting eyes behold his prick with no shame as she licked her lips in anticipation of tasting it and suckling it deep within her mouth and feeling it fill her cunt until she could take no more. Her juices flowed from her as her breath came now heavy and labored with her cocklust.

With his right hand he once again began to stroke his cock, making the foreskin slip back and forth along his thick shaft, hard and fully erect as it pointed to the sky. Pan held out his right hand in in it appeared a golden harp. Smiling at her he plucked the strings and the sound was so beautiful that Cheila gasped as waves of desire and pleasure washed over her. Pan smiled a knowing smile and in his smile was no guile, but pleasant desire. Again he plucked at the golden strings as he said to her, “You must come to me child and let me have my way with you…and when your lust is satisfied I will give unto thee the coin that will produce more of its kind insomuch as ye will never be poor or in want of any good thing again.”

Cheila moved towards Pan, her breath now coming hard as her eyes feasted upon his huge cock, her legs wet with her desire, and she looked into his face. He was indeed beautiful, she saw, as his face was not that of a beast at all, but of a man with a full head of curly hair that fell to his shoulders and the horns that protruded from his head were curved and highly polished in that they gleamed in the morning sun. She breathed in his scent and he smelled of dew and sweet grasses and herbs and sweet honey and the blossoms of oranges. Cheila slowly slipped to her knees and took him into her hands.

She stared in awe at the huge dick which she held and could not get her fingers to meet around its girth. Gently, she began to stroke him as the skin protecting the head slid back and forth giving her glimpses of the head which was red and seemed to be ready to explode. Pan moaned softly and she looked up again into his face and he was smiling wickedly at her. She let go of any feelings of shame and gave herself in that instant over to her desires and lowered her face and kissed his thick prick and let her wet tongue glide lazily over his foreskin and he again moaned out in pleasure. Now she opened her mouth and sucked the head of his beautiful cock and licked it as her pussy flowed freely and she felt her juices flowing down her leg.

“By the gods thy cock is wondrous and sweet to my tongue!” she said, panting in desire as she felt his hand gently caress the back of her head.

She took a deep breath and took all of him into her mouth that she could and began to slide her mouth up and down his delicious shaft as the God of the Wild moaned his approval of her sultry skills. She suckled his large balls which had no hair upon them and she relished the warmth of them as she knew the sweet nectar they held would soon fill her pussy. Hungrily, she kissed his shaft, sliding her tongue around its swollen head, and she tasted honey. Slowly, she began to lick and suck the head of his cock as her mouth opened wider and wider to get all of even the head into her salivating mouth.

She moaned in pleasure as his dick filled her wet mouth and she began to slurp and suck upon it, and she became wild with lust and moaned out her burning desire as his cock and the sweetness of it became the only thing in her world. He filled her mouth as she slid his meat in and out of her salivating hungry mouth. She took more and more of his prick and she sucked him with a horny fervor. She could stand it no longer and stood bending over and begged him to fill her with his strong cock. Quivering, she felt his strong but gentle hands upon her shoulders and the dick that she now adored at the door of her pussy.

“Please I beg you fuck me as a woman until I am mad with thee….please fuck me….fuck me…by all the gods fuck me hard!” and then she felt him enter her and she gasped in both pain and pleasure as she left the mortal world and rode the cock of a god. He slowly filled her a little at a time, deeper and deeper he plunged into her wet cunt as she screamed out in ecstasy. For what seemed an eternity he fucked her as he whispered obscenities into her ears. He pulled his huge prick from inside her and pushed her to her knees again and she greedily swallowed his meat with an insane desire to take the nectar of his huge cock and swallow every lovely drop of it and to beg for more, ever more of it, as she knew she would never have enough of this mad pleasure.

Pulling her to her feet, he bent her over again and slid inside her as she screamed out and begged him to fill her and fuck her hard and harder still. Now Pan stroked her and grabbing her shoulders he began to grunt and swear and he impaled her with his massive prick, thrusting her with every inch so that she thought she would surely die with the pain and pleasure of it! Secrets hidden from the beginning of time flashed through her mind as Pan ravished her cunt with his swollen massive cock. Now the obscenities began to flow from her mouth as she relished in her wanton wickedness, and she knew her soul was tainted and stained, but she cared not except for the madding feeling of him ramming into her sopping cunt and fulfilling every one of her wickedest fantasies.

“Fill my burning cunt with the nectar from thy sweet hot cock, my lord….fill my sopping cunt, I beg thee!” she screamed as she felt her first orgasm swell inside her and consume her very being, as she screamed and screamed in frenzied lust as his hot streams of cum shot into her pussy again and again and then the world exploded around her.

Cheila awoke to a cool breeze blowing across her erect nipples as the tall grass of the hilltop caressed her legs and arms, and tickled her nose. She did not stir but rather lay silently and watched as clouds, fluffy and white drifted over her head on their journey to faraway places of which people only dream. Slowly, she sat up and stretched as something hit her leg making her look down. Upon her leg sat a large golden coin with the picture of Pan emblazoned upon its face. She picked up the coin and turned it over and over in her hands as the picture of Pan was on both sides. And then she noticed the tender soreness of her pussy and a warm sense of pleasure filled her and she began to remember all that had taken place with Pan.

A wicked smile came to her lips as she stood to make her way home to her village, where she and her mother would never again have to worry about food or the harshness of winter. She knew that now they could afford to move to one of the large cities where everything was offered for sale if one had the coin. She knew that she would always have the coin but also that she would never leave the village as she would never want to be far from her wicked lover and the hilltop where he dwelled, waiting for her to return.

The End

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