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She is awoken by an alien pleasure.
It was warm and humid in your room. You took your shower and then opened the window, to let in the night breeze. The breeze and coolness of the covers felt wonderful on your naked skin. You don't normally sleep naked, but tonight was an exception. The day had been long and hard. You were too tired to get back up and throw something on. As soon as your head hit the pillows, you were fast asleep.

You began to hear a slight humming noise in your sleep. What started out faint began to grow in volume. You blinked, opening your eyes. There was blue light, drifting through the window.

The humming and light increased. Your bed began to shake. Your room was now bathed in the strobe-like, blue light. Even the cracks in the doors were highlighted in this light.

You glanced right then left but nothing was there. The humming and light faded somewhat. Your skin was growing warm. You heard something else. They were words, in a seductive male voice.


As you looked to your right, there was a man. Not just any man, but a perfect specimen of a man. Yet, this man was green, naked and glowing! You were shocked, unable to move. His eyes had you hypnotized. They were a beautiful blue. They stared at your nude body, smiling at it.

He spoke again but his lips never moved. His voice had a calming effect on you. You were naked but felt no need to cover yourself.

"You are beautiful," it said. "Touch yourself."

Your hands, on their own, began to move gently over your breasts.

"Why am I doing this?" you thought.

You had no control over your movements. Your delicate fingers felt the hard nubs of your nipples. You teased them, your eyes never leaving his. Your other hand roamed over your belly, up and down your smooth thighs. You shuddered as your delicate fingers touched the juncture of your thighs.

"Open your legs wide," the voice said. "Finger yourself."

You leaned back, fingers slipping into your wetness. Your body began to respond. Your breath quickened. Your hips rose and fell. The aroma of your own arousal filled your senses.

Your eyes finally broke away from his. They followed his muscular torso, down to his crotch. You were taken in by the beauty of his shaft. It grew as his fingers stroked its length. It was large and thick, yet not too enormous as to frighten you. Your mouth watered, something deep inside made you want it. You longed to touch it, to taste it, to have it fill your body with its green glow. Your fingers were soaked with your wetness, as you watched him.

He seemed to hover in midair, coming closer. Suddenly the head of the green shaft was at your lips. A drop of white liquid glistened at the tip.

"Open your lips, lovely. Take it," he commanded.

You obeyed. You could do nothing but obey this beautiful voice.

It felt snug in your mouth. You felt it's warmth on your tongue, along with a sweet flavor. You could not get enough of it. Your head moved up and down its precious, throbbing length.

His hand went down to yours, as if showing you where to touch. The green fingers joined yours, sharing in your moisture. You were coming already and so soon. Your hips jerked from the bed. You sucked harder, moaning along the shaft. The fingers did not let up. They continued to use yours, to spread your wet, warm nectar over your sex and then back into it.

He grabbed your thighs and slid your body down the bed. Still hovering over your face, his shaft driving into your tight mouth, he maneuvered his face over your sex.

He removed your fingers from your dripping sex and began to lick each one, one by one. His hands opened your thighs wide and his tongue trailed over your swollen petals of lust. You groaned.

The flesh of his rod slipped deeper down your throat, making you breathe through your nose. When you did, his sexual aroma, drove your sex to slam hard into his face.

"Open yourself to me," the voice said, just before the long tongue dove into the core of your womanhood.

The expert tongue toyed with your swollen clit, licking small circles around it and then tickling the tip. It ran up and down your petals and over your rosebud. When it went into you, it was like a small cock, making love to your aroused flesh.

You felt the shaft in your mouth swelling. The wonderful fluid was leaking out across your tongue. Suddenly it erupted, filling your mouth with an intoxicating flavor. As you swallowed, it filled your insides with a warm, tingle. The feeling moved down, shadowing your sex. The orgasm hit you like a freight train.

As he gripped your ass, your body squirmed against his probing tongue. He drank in your rapture.

The long shaft was removed from your lips. It was still hard and dripping its cum down your heaving breasts.

He shifted and pulled your face to his. His eyes filled your body with raw lust. His kiss was like the kiss of an angel. He licked your face, spreading his cum and yours over your lips. His shaft was like a hot iron against your naked inner thigh. The head pressed against your clit, before slipping just inside your petals.

You wanted this stranger, this alien. You needed this shaft, poised before your entrance. Your hands went to his muscled ass, trying to pull him into you. He held back, the rod you needed, only just barely entering your sex.

"Kiss me," the voice said, "and you may have it."

Passionately, you pulled his face to yours and kissed him hard. Your loud cry of pleasure was stifled by his lips as the strong shaft slid deep into your tight sex.

It was amazing. The shaft seemed to fill all of you. It pulsed and vibrated. Its heat warmed your insides. On each exquisite thrust, his crotch would rub and press against your clit. You arched your body, pressing your feet into the covers to impale yourself on his pole.

You could not believe it. You would come, then come again and again. Your body was covered in sweat, making your flesh shimmer in the blue light. The slick liquid of your body lubricated the shaft, allowing it to drive faster and faster. It splashed from your body and trickled with your sweat down the crack of your ass. The aroma of your body, only made you come yet again.

He flipped you around, handling you like a rag doll. You were placed on your hands and knees, your legs spread wide, the breeze blowing across your wet sex. He pushed it in deep, forcing your head into the covers. You gathered the covers in your hands. Your teeth found a pillow and bit into it.

You heard the hypnotic voice again.

"Get up!" it commanded, "Press your flesh back to mine! Make me come!"

Once more, you obeyed. You rocked back and forth, wriggling and shaking your sexy ass at him.

You pushed your sex onto his pole and squeezed it hard with each thrust. You wanted to make him proud, show him what an Earth woman could do. You only managed to come again.

There was no stopping him. Your muscles ached but your body would not stop. You had to have another orgasm. You longed to feel that same warmth in your womb that you felt in your belly before.

"Come!", "Come!" you pleaded.

"Make me," the voice said. "Make me."

"Fine!” you said, “Fine."

You pulled away from the stranger and forcefully pushed him to the bed. Straddling his body, you took the wonderful member in your fingers and held it to your tight, damp opening.

You drove your body down, forcing the air from his lungs. That is, if he even had lungs? Never have you ridden a cock so hard. Your soft ass slammed against his thighs, filling the room with slapping sounds. You held your breasts in your hands and tossed your head back. You bit your lip, holding back the powerful orgasm that was building inside you.

"No," you thought, “This time, he will come first."

He was meeting your thrusts, raising your body in the air with his powerful hips. The hard rod was expanding inside you. You felt it growing thicker and thicker.

The voice cried out, "Aghhh! Yesss!"

You smiled. You did it!

Just then, you felt the force of his warming cum, blast into your womb. The orgasm slipped from your hands and overtook you. Your body shook. Your every nerve tingled. The most pleasurable feeling spread out from within your sex over your whole body. He took you in his arms and kissed you. Your body, still trembling in its orgasm. His shaft, finally spent, slipped from your depths.

You were exhausted. He placed you gently to your covers. Smiling at you, he ran his fingers through your tangled hair. You blinked your eyes, trying to fight the sleep that wanted you back.

You mumbled. "Who, who are you?"

"I am called Probe," the voice said. "You are the first Earth woman to make me come twice. For this, I will be back."

Suddenly, he was gone. The blue light faded into the night sky and you fell asleep.

"Yes," was your last thought, "I'll sleep naked from now on."

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