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Rainbow's Crystal Tiara

Rainbow's Crystal Tiara

A twisted SPIN on Cinderella
Prince Reiven fumed with rage. His father had no right to force him into marriage…and with a female, no less. The dark elves had long since been able to choose the sex of their mates freely, technology assuring that every couple could procreate a child no matter the sex of the parents.

Unfortunately, ever since the intergalactic war had done away with the majority of the ruling class in just about every planet, royals struggled to arrange the marriages of their surviving offspring to form solid alliances between neighboring planets.

King Helios had always desired to form an alliance with the Fae planet. The entire royal family of the Faerie realm had disappeared under suspicious circumstances, but the council had agreed to hold a special ball so that the prince of the Dark Elf realm could chose a bride from their planet and unite both worlds.

“Father, you know I favor-“

“They said bride, and that is what you will choose,” the Elf king’s voice boomed. “You will be the King of that planet and should learn to play by their rules. Later, if you wish, you can take a male lover if it’s so important to you.”

Prince Reiven cursed the tears that sprang to his eyes. He’d seen the results of being forced into an undesired marriage. His mother, a beautiful Arbolian Nymph, was literally withering away while his father indulged his passions with a Lycanthrope.

Knowing there was nothing he could do, Reiven turned and stormed out of the throne room, burning with fury.


Rainbow’s knees hurt, and his back felt afire with fatigue. His bloodied, dirty fingers dug through the hard soil and rock to find the special Faerie stones he would later grind to make Faerie dust.

Many years ago, there were servants to do this job, but his stepmother and stepsisters had whittled away the family fortune to the point that they no longer could afford servants. Now the laborous task fell upon him alone.

Once done, he put away his findings and set to work on scrubbing the floors, using an old brush his stepmother insisted he use because it left the floors extra shiny.

Rainbow scratched underneath the green cap he wore when he worked. He’d woven it from grass blades to hide his long iridescent hair. The last time one of his stepsisters had seen it, she’d become so jealous, his stepmother had shaved it all off. Leaving him as bald as an onion. He never unfurled his wings in front of them either, for fear they might want to tear them off as well.

A commotion in the receiving chamber of Faerie castle drew his attention. Slowly he crawled to the edge of the door and stood peering in. A council messenger handed stepmother Malvora a golden scroll. Raindrop and Breezy jumped up and down with high-pitched squeals of delight.

“Now-now, girls, calm yourselves or the council emissary will think poorly of you.”

To this, the Faerie dressed in a gold and scarlet robe sniffed, eying the two over-jubilant Faeries with a frown.

“So,” stepmother Malvora sighed, “I see King Helios is searching for a bride for the prince.”

The messenger cleared his throat. “As the last remaining ties to the royal family, it is required that all royals attend.”

Somehow, Rainbow felt that the messenger did not consider his stepmother and stepsisters true royals.

Raindrop and Breezy squealed louder until Raindrop wet herself from the emotion. Breezy broke into peals of laughter, pointing her finger at her embarrassed sister. The mirthful giggling ceased when an unfaerie-like puttering sound emerged from Breezy’s aft, making her gasp and turn as scarlet as the messenger’s uniform.

“Ha! That’s why mama named you Breezy!” her sister scoffed, her green eyes alight with ridicule. 

Breezy screeched, like a rabid banshee, and launched herself on her sister. They rolled in an undignified heap on the floor. Breezy's big boobs spilled from her frilly blue gown while Raindrop's pink skirt ended up around her waist, exposing her flat arse and skinny chicken legs.

The sight made Rainbow shudder in revulsion.

The messenger snorted in disgust, turned and left.

“Girls-girls! Stop that this instant!” Malvora clapped her hands. “Perhaps I should not send you to the ball after all.”

The two wrestling Faeries stopped pulling each other’s hair and stood scowling at one other.

“Rainbow! What are you doing eavesdropping there?” Malvora exclaimed angrily. 

Fear skittered up his spine, but there was no escaping now. Trembling he approached them, feeling the weight of their hostile stares.

“I finished polishing the floors to the dining-room,” he replied in a small voice.

Malvora smiled. “Such a good boy. And you were going to scrub this room, is that it?”

Rainbow nodded, clutching the worn scrub-brush to his chest. “Y-yes, stepmother.”

“Oh, Rainbow, but your face is dirty,” Breezy said snatching the brush from his hands. She bent over and swiped the brush through her sister’s pittle. Before Rainbow could back away, she’d grabbed the back of his head and scraped the harsh brush on his face until he was sure his skin was raw.

Raindrop laughed and pittled herself again.

”Now-now, Breezy,” Malvora chided gently, “you’re going to break a nail as well as work your digestive system up.”

Both Faeries laughed as Rainbow sobbed, his tears making his reddened cheeks sting; then again, it could have been the disgusting pittle that dripped from his face.

Malvora looked at him with a moue of distaste. “Don’t cry, Rainbow. You know I hate sniveling.”

Rainbow took a deep breath, desperately trying to stifle his sobbing, but he couldn't control the quivering of his lower lip, nor the fat tear drops that rolled down his scraped cheeks to the floor.

Malvora rolled her eyes with an exasperated sigh. "Go get the box, Raindrop."

Rainbow already knew what to expect. Biting his lower lip, he lowered his lashes lest his mean stepmother see his excitement.

Raindrop returned with a box and pulled a tiny scrap of material from inside.

"Take everything off, boy," Malvora said in a soft voice.

He obeyed and trembeld in shame when he stood before them completely naked. His stepsisters giggled and pointed at his little dick and hairless pink balls.

Malvora took the little pink garment from her daughter and shoved it under his nose. "Go on. Put it on."

"Wait," Breezy exclaimed, pulling out a pair of very high glass stillettos. "Put these on first, stupid."

Rainbow stepped gingerly into the high-heeled shoes and then put on the bright pink thong Raindrop had taken out of the box of shame for him. As he slid the delicate pink panties on slowly, the feel of the thin strap sinking between his ass cheeks made his delicate cock begin to swell. The girls laughed harder.

 Removing the pink satin sash from her waist, his stepmother tied it around his head and ordered him to walk in a circle around them.“You want to cry like a girl, then you will look like one,” she sniffed in disdain.

Rainbow looked up from beneath silver lashes, feeling the strands of pink satin brush his shoulders. Catching his refection in the tarnished old mirrors on the far wall, his slender body, upturned ass and lithe legs could have belong to a girl. He liked the way he looked, enjoyed the frilly garb they made him wear to ridicule him. After all, he felt more feminine than masculine, something quite common in the faerie realm. 

Malvora shushed her daughters and turned back to Rainbow in a considering manner. “Tell you what, boy. If you finish your chores, the first of which will be confectioning your lovely sisters proper gowns for the masquerade ball, I will allow you to tag along with us.”

Three gasps echoed in the flarge receiving hall.

“Mother, have you lost your mind?” the sisters cried in unison.

“The messenger did say all royals. Rainbow here is still son of my dearly beloved husband, The Duke of Mists.”

“But mother…”Raindrop began.

Breezy planted her hands on her ample hips. “Just look at him!”

“We can’t show up with this bedraggled Faerie boy.” Raindrop crossed her thin arms over her flat chest.

Malvora raised her hands to silence her daughters as Rainbow stared at her, his heart pounding in disbelief. “I’ve already given my word, and I never go back on my word.”

Rainbow’s hopes soared. A masquerade ball! “I’ll make them the most beautiful gowns you’ve ever seen.”

“I’m sure you will,” Malvora smiled, her ruby-red lips stretching until they almost reached the blue curls that framed her sharp face.

Bolts of fine fabrics were delivered to Rainbow’s room, up in the turret of the castle. His stepmother told him he could make himself proper clothing as well with whatever was left over. He set to work, confectioning gowns that would enhance his stepsisters unappealing figures.

Breezy looked like an over-ripe pear, and Raindrop like a stalk of celery. He created gown after gown, none of the sisters happy with any of them, until there was no more fabric left. It was then that they decided on the very first two gowns he’d made for them with giggly enthusiasm. After they’d left his room with all the dresses, he looked around at the bits and pieces of pastel colored scraps, a lump lodged in his throat. He had no clothes suitable for the ball, only rags. Sitting on the floor he picked up handfuls of the pretty fabric, his eyes already filling. He heard the door to his room squeak open and saw Malvora peer inside.

“Oh, is that all that is left?”

“Yes, stepmother,” he whispered as the first tear rolled down his cheek.

“Oh. What a shame,” she commented in a soft voice. She smiled at him. “Now, Rainbow, there’ll be other balls. Once one of your step sisters is married to Prince Reiven, we’ll have enough riches so that there’ll be more fabric left over for you.”

“Yes, stepmother,” he choked out over a throat thickened with repressed tears.

When the door finally closed, Rainbow collapsed upon the mound of scraps and cried heartbroken. How silly he was to think they’d actually take him. It had only been a ploy so that he’d be more enthusiastic making the gowns.

Night fell and the sounds of glee filled the castle. Rainbow awakened from a strange dream, having fallen asleep after crying his heart out. He dreamt of his parents...or at least he thought they were his parents. They both had white tresses like his, but theirs were streaked with rainbow colors. They showed him a secret room in the stables behind the castle filled with trunks of fine clothes.

Rainbow rose from the cold floor and went in search of the room.
It was late, so he was surprised when he found the stable master still there so late. Bruser was a big fae male. Although his muscles and masculine swagger attracted Rainbow's gaze, he'd always been careful to stay away from him. Rainbow was just too shy.

Turning on the heels his stepmother had ordered him to wear for twentyfour hours, Rainbow made to bolt from the burly faerie's presence.

A thick arm caught him around the waist and Rainbow found himself yanked againt a hard, sweaty, all-male body.

"What have we here?" Bruser laughed, caressing up Rainbow's arm. "A pretty little faerie boy in a little pink g-string and glass heels."

Rainbow shivered and turned his face when Bruser kissed his neck.

"Don't be shy, sweet boy," the big faerie crooned, the feel of his big cock rubbing against the seam of Rainbow's ass. "I've seen how hard those bitches work you. You deserve better than that."

Bruser's hand slipped from Rainbow's tummy to slip into his panties and caress his hardening cock.

Rainbow gasped, feeling his face flame. No one had ever touched his dick before.

"Mmm. You're so sweet," Bruser groaned. "Let me fuck you."

Rainbow had been enjoying the soft tugs on his prick, but stiffened at Bruser's words. Swallowing he turned to gaze into big brown eyes. "I...I don't know. I've never-"

Bruser's eyes widened. "You're a virgin?" He grinned and for some reason, his grin made Rainbow feel apprehensive. "I have a couple of girls I watch out for." He looked down at Rainbow's body, his hand cupping his balls and making Rainbow suck a ragged breath. "We'd make a ton of gold if you decided to join us too."

Rainbow blinked up at him in confusion. "Join?"

Bruser rocked against his ass harder and growled. "Anyone would pay a fortune to pop your cherry. Wish I could fuck you myself, but business is business."

Rainbow felt crushed. "You want to whore me out?"

Bruser licked his neck, his hand jerking Rainbow's prick so seductively, it had Rainbow humping his hand. "We'd all be rich. How about it, sweet little twink?"

Rainbow panted, but at the same time felt fear. If he said no and Bruser got angry. The male faerie was so big and strong, he could decide to hurt Rainbow. Stepmother would be enraged if he couldn't perform his duties. She just might decide to sell him to the Faerie pimp. "C-could I think about it?" Rainbow whispered.

Bruser hesitated and then nipped his shoulder. "Think about it, but I need your answer soon. I have a prospective client looking for some sweet virgin boy ass for his son. Seems he's forced the poor fuck to marry some hag and wants to recompensate him with a little boy fuck-toy." Bruser leaned away a little and Rainbow gasped when he pulled the elastic strap of his thong to the side and proceeded to slide his thick cock between Rainbow's ass cheeks.

"I th-thought you weren't going to fuck me?" Rainbow squeaked.

"Shhh," Bruser hushed.

Rainbow's panic lessened some when he realized Bruser only slid his dick between his ass cheeks without trying to penetrate. He panted roughly into Rainbow's ear, whispering dirty-dirty things to him. Soon, his stepmother and stepsisters would leave and he needed to see if there truly was a hidden room with trunks of clothing.

Not knowing what else to do, Rainbow began to move sensuosly against the horny male faerie, already feeling his ass slick with the other man's precum. Spreading his legs and arching his back, he balanced on sky-high heels and whimpered. Bruser humped harder. "Fuck yeah, little twink. Move that sweet ass. Let me fuck you this way. Want to feel me cum? Eh? Want me to cum in your pretty little pink panties? Eh?"

Rainbow groaned, unable to help himself, when Bruser gripped his hips and angled his cock so that it slid between his legs, just under Rainbow's balls. Gripping the front of the satiny hot-pink g-string, Rainbow watched entranced as the head of Bruser's cock poked in and out between his legs, making the fabric of the panties tent repeatedly. Bruser groaned harshly as heat spread under and over Rainbow's balls and cock. The male faerie's cum soaked the panties, making them stick to Rainbow's still erect cock when he finally withdrew.

With a light slap on Rainbow's ass, and a wink, Bruser left saying "Think about my offer, little faerie. The money is good and you'd finally get away from those bitches running your life."

Rainbow stood there, cum starting to drip down his legs to his high-heeled glass shoes. "There has to be something better than... becoming a whore to escape my miserable life."

He looked to the far end of the stable, where there was a big wall of dusty shelves. With trembling legs, he made his way toward them.


The Faerie moon was high over the Fae planet. Before the castle awaited the transport cruiser that would take them to the Fae council’s satellite station orbiting the planet, where the ball would be held. As Malvora and her daughters descended the spiral staircase to the receiving hall, Rainbow called out to them.

“Wait for me.” He skipped down the steps, the gauzy material of his flared pants billowing around his legs. The low cut of the pants allowed a few inches of his taut belly to show. A silver breast-plate made to look like an oak leaf covered the front of his torso, leaving his back bear to show-off his wings. He still hadn’t unfurled them, but planned to do so at the ball. Rainbow had braided his hair and wrapped the thick tail around his head, adorning it with sprigs of baby’s breath, with a cascade of colorful ribbons falling down his back.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he became apprehensive. The women gaped at him.

Raindrop was the first to speak, “You… you look… beautiful.”

“Where did you get those clothes?” Breezy seconded.

“They were my father’s.”

Rainbow watched as his stepmother moved her daughters aside, staring at him the way a snake stares at its kill before striking. “Take it off,” her voice hissed.

Rainbow took a step back, eyes wide. “But…it’s my father’s.” His voice was barely above a whisper. “Why can’t I…”

“Take it off!” Malvora’s high-pitched scream echoed through-out the castle.

Trembling, Rainbow unfastened the breast-plate, then, shame-faced, removed the pants and shoes. He stood before them naked now.

Malvora asked Raindrop to bring her the leather belt kept by the fireplace in the kitchen, then proceeded to beat Rainbow to the brink of unconsciousness.

As he lay panting on the floor, he heard the sound of the transport taking off into the sky along with all of his hopes of finally being able to get away from the nightmare of his life.


“Will this misery never end,” Reiven muttered to himself as his toes were stepped on the hundredth time. The chunky Faerie girl giggled nervously and farted in the most unbecoming way. Her sister had been worse. When their mother had tried to get them to dance, the girl took one look at him and urinated herself. She ran off crying, leaving a trail of piss behind her.

“Ow!” He winced when her big feet pounded upon his toes again. He couldn't help the grimace when her hefty ass tooted loudly again. 

He’d had enough.

Excusing himself, he wove through the throngs of wings, satin and tulle. It was only when he realized that a strange hush had come over the attendants of the ball, that he looked around, almost expecting to see hostile looks directed at his fleeing form. Their gazes were locked on the hall entrance. Curious, he turned to look too.

She took his breath away. Pearls, gems and crystal flowers wove around her dainty bare feet. Her iridescent white skirt fell around her legs like the petals of a flower and green leaves cover her chest. The beautiful girl’s hair flowed about her body in a shimmering fall of white threaded through with thick bands of pastel rainbow colors and behind her, her gossamar wings glowed with with the same pale rainbow colors. On her head she wore a crystal tiara, that sparkled.

As if in a trance, Prince Reiven approached her. The girl’s face was painted with intricate swirls of color and glitter, but even so, he could tell she was beautiful.

“Would you care to dance?” he asked extending his hand.

She smiled, blushing, putting her hand in his.

Wrapping his arms around her, he twirled her out in the middle of the ballroom. He felt like he was drowning in her violet gaze. Her long lashes were silver and sparkled.

“What’s your name?”

Her eyes widened. “I thought we weren’t supposed to reveal our identities until the unmasking at midnight.”

Reiven smiled, making her blush even more, “You’re going to make me wait so long to know your name?”

“Yes,” she replied, smiling up at him.

He was captivated by that pink stain on her cheeks, by the dewy softness of her rose-kissed lips. Reiven’s eyes dropped down, and he felt surprised at the overwhelming urge to peel away the petals of this lovely rose and discover what sweet treats lay beneath the beguiling garb.

With a wicked smile he spun closer to the exit doors, and when no one was looking, he swirled her out of the ball room.

She gasped and looked around. Reiven felt a twinge of guilt at the frightened look she gave him, but he pulled her hands, making her follow him regardless.

“It’s okay, I just want to show you something,” he said trying to ease her apprehension. 

They walked down the dimly lit corridor to an observatory hall. It was like a large glass bubble, showing the immense beauty of space. Not far from the council station they were on was an enormous starship.

The pretty faerie gasped in wonder. “Is that yours?”

He leaned against the glass wall, just taking in her beauty. “Yes.”

She placed her hand against the wall, her sweet lips forming a tiny O as she blinked. What would it feel like to sample that lush mouth.

“It’s so big.”

Her words sparked a lust in Reiven that had him biting his lip to keep from groaning. Looking down at himself he realized that he had silver faerie dust sparkling on his black Prince’s attire and it was making the bulge in his pants more noticeable. “Yes. It is…very big.”

Her eyes turned back to his face and followed the direction of his gaze. He heard her soft intake of breath.

“I’ve… I’ve never…”

He caught her chin in his hand, and brought her lips just a breath away from his. “I would never force you to mate with me. Your beauty has completely captivated me. I’ve never been so attracted to a woman.”

Sadness cloaked the jewels of her eyes and she tried to pull away. Reiven wrapped his arms around her and frowned when she winced. “Are you hurt?” Anger took hold of him, and he grated through clenched teeth, “Has someone hurt you?”

“Y-you’re scaring me.”

Tears in those eyes and that sweet voice tremulous, had his fury abating, replaced by an overwhelming desire to protect. His thumbs wiped the evidence of her fright from her pink cheeks, cupping her face in his hands. Those trembling lips brought out a hunger that he could not resist.

Dipping his head, he sampled them. He tasted first one plump lip, then the other, before tasting the sweet nectar within. Her tongue darted out to meet his shyly and he coaxed it to come out further and play. A delicious shiver went through her, making him slip his fingers into the silk of her mane to hold her head prisoner for the continued onslaught of his kiss. Her groan echoed through the entire length of his shaft, and he realized if he continued to kiss her this way, without restraint, he would not be able to keep himself from taking her right there. The thought alone of actually wanting to fuck her surprised him enough to pull away.

Their breathing was ragged, and she looked dreamy, as if his kiss had drugged her. Reiven chuckled at her expression. She pouted, looking flustered and hurt and tried to turn away, but he caught her and pressed her against him. “I’m not laughing at you, my precious. It’s just that you look so adorable.”

He noticed her trying to keep from pressing against him front to front and felt guilty again. “Don’t fear, my beauty. Your virginity is safe tonight, but I will make no promises on our wedding night. Then I will have you.”

“Wedding?” Her eyes went round.

Reiven felt panic flutter in his heart at the acute feel of her tiny hands pushing at his chest. “Wouldn’t you like to be my bride? You seem so sweet and I feel so attracted to you. I’m not such a bad fellow once you get to know me. I promise to live the rest of my days to make sure you know nothing but happiness.”

Her silver lashes fluttered shut, tears streaming down from her face. She gripped the lapels of his leather waistcoat and began to sob, heartbroken on his chest. Alarmed, Reiven scooped her up in his arms and carried her to a tiny alcove within the observatory. He sat on a black cushioned bench within fronds of exotic plants, a bubbling fountain lit up in many colorful lights next to them. The lights set off the crystal tiara, making the rainbow streaks in her white hair stand out more.

He kissed her nose, cheeks, and eyes, caressing her, trying to soothe her. “Why the tears, my love? What has you so distraught?”

“I didn’t know what happiness was until tonight,” she whispered. 

Again, Reiven felt a surge of fury. The little Faerie had obviously been abused. He kept his temper in check, not wanting to upset her further. “Now you’ll have an entire lifetime of happiness, my sweet.”

She shook her head and opened her mouth to say something, but fear of what she might say to him had him devouring her lips again.

She couldn’t deny him, could she? The first time he actually wants a woman and she refuses him?

His lips coaxed a response, desperation making him act sloppy. He pushed her down on the bench and covered her trembling body with his. His dark hair fell like a curtain around them, mingling with the silver strands of her multi-streaked tresses. She groaned and arched against him. His mating habits had him cupping her ass, seeking the seam. She twisted in his arms, giving him more access to reach her ass, and he felt a jolt of lust shake him.

Ashamed at not being able to keep his promise not to fuck her, he found the delectable crease between taut little cheeks and searched within. She tensed in his arms and whimpered. He deepened his kiss, his tongue darting in and out of her mouth until she melted against him and followed his dance. He found the prize he was looking for and teased her dainty rosebud. Liquid fire shot up his length, making him growl. He turned her over, careful not to hurt her gossamer wings and undid the fastening to his black leather pants.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t…it hurts so much not to have you. I’ll be gentle.”

His hands smoothed away the petals of her skirt to reveal a bare bottom. Goddess help him. Did Faeries not wear panties? He lifted her hips and bent to that delectable rump. His fingers were already spreading her open, seeing that tight little rosebud and the tips of her fingers clasped between her legs, hiding her sex. His lust jumped up another hundred degrees at her demure efforts, even though her ass was bare to his hungry gaze. He dipped his head and licked.

Wicked lust exploded in him as her dark flavor burst upon his seeking tongue. He dove in further, reveling in the sinful delight of tongue fucking a virgin’s ass. Her gasps and mewling cries only incited him further. He wet his finger and slipped them into her and was pleasantly surprised when she reared back, her anal star devouring his digits. He scissored them within her lush depths and heard her growl, deep and throaty. The sound had him pumping her, wanting to hear that suddenly-gone-husky voice again.

He veed his fingers again and was shocked when, with a guttural growl, she demanded through clenched teeth, “Fuck me.”

He didn’t need to be told twice, and sank his aching cock deep within her. They both groaned at the same time. Reiven’s eyes almost crossed at the feel of being encased in tight flesh. It was no different than fucking a boy and her passionate response assured him she enjoyed it too. He tried to pleasure her sex, but she kept her hands tightly clasped over that area, so he just lost himself in the rhythm of pumping into her. She reared back and matched his savage thrusts stroke for stroke, until he lost his control and burst into her. Somewhere between the shouts of completion and ragged panting, he heard her tiara clink to the floor and roll away.

“I’m in love,” he confessed, his cock still spurting deep inside her tight asshole. He smiled when her shout of completion followed, deep, throaty, husky. Her body shuddered beneath his, silver Faerie dust flying everywhere. He looked down at his cock as he withdrew and chuckled when he realized that it too sparkled like a glittering wand. “Beautiful,” he sighed, wanting to see his erection bathed in glitter like this for the rest of his life. Tenderly, he stroked her hair, “Did I hurt you, sweetness?”

She shook her head and then touched her now pure white tresses. The color had vanished. “My tiara!”

Reiven sieved the silver strands through his fingers. “Your hair is so pretty. It falls through my fingers like water." He frowned when he heard her panicked panting and realized that the tiara had some magical spell that gave her the streaks in her hair…and probably colored her face with the swirls and glitter that kept her identity hidden. “I'll find your tiara for you.”

He lifted himself off her as the music that signaled the midnight hour began to play. Reiven smiled as his fingers reached for the glowing tiara that had rolled underneath the bench. She couldn’t deny telling him her name now, nor the pleasure of gazing upon her pretty face unmasked.

“Here, I’ve found…” When he straightened she was gone, only a trail of glitter leading back to the ballroom.

Fear made him race after her, but upon entering the ballroom he found himself swarmed by hundreds of unmasked faeries vying for his attention. They trampled and erased her silver faerie dust trail, making him want to weep in desperation. He began to seek out every faerie with white hair and clothing, but when he placed the tiara on each head, the tresses remained the same color, and none of the females appealed to him regardless. His heart belonged to only one.


Rainbow wept bitterly as the last of his locks hit the floor. Stepmother had awakened early with a pair of scissors and hacked away all his pretty locks. “Now go start your chores,” she told him with emotionless green eyes.

Trembling, Rainbow ran from her presence back to the cave he always worked in during the early morning. Sobs wracked his body as he began to dig. As he worked, he wiped at his wet cheeks, his breath coming in spasms. Closing his eyes, he let his dreams take him elsewhere, to the memory of sweet, passionate kisses surrounded by the glory of deep space. Rainbow groaned and pushed his tattered pants around his thighs. His cock was delicate, small, unlike…

“Reiven,” he sighed as he wrapped his dirty fingers around his pale shaft. He arched his back and stroked, remembering every hard thrust of Reiven’s cock inside him. He’d been kissed before…ever. Bruser had used his ass to get off after offering to turn him into a whore. Prince Reiven had offered him marriage... thinking Rainbow was a girl.

He choked on a sob, savaging his aching flesh harder, punishing himself for desiring something foolish. If the prince knew he’d fucked a boy last night… Rainbow never wanted to see the look of disgust on his face… it would break his heart. He would always love the prince and cherish the time he had with him forever. Rainbow cried out as his balls constricted and his pastel colored cum splashed the cave wall before him. He panted heavily, shudders quaking him.

Dust kicked in from the cave entrance as a loud whooshing sound filled his pointed ears. Fixing his pants around his hips, he ventured out to see what all the commotion was about.

A large cruiser had landed on the front lawn of the castle. It had the markings of Dark Elf royalty. Rainbow’s eyes watered as he saw the Dark Elf Prince step out of the cruiser. Even in daylight, his hair was so black it glinted with bluish highlights. The raven hair fell to his waist, framing a pale face adorned with vivid blue eyes, a pixie-like nose, and lush lips… the same lips that had kissed him senseless and spouted words of love the night before.

He was impeccably dressed in a swirling black cape, opened shirt with silver metal grommets adorning either side of the opening down his chest, and low riding black pants with leather thigh-high boots. In his black gloved hand, he held Rainbow’s mother’s tiara.

Rainbow gasped, realizing the prince was searching for him, then laughed bitterly, remembering, “No. It’s not me he looks for, but a pretty rainbow-faerie girl.”

The Prince and his guards entered the castle and already he heard his stepsisters squealing their delight. Unfurling his wings, he flew up to the window above the entrance to the castle and peered in at the proceedings. They all seemed to converse for a while, then the Prince placed the tiara on each one of the women present.

He looked so sad. It ate away at Rainbow’s heart and he felt selfish at having caused the Prince heartache.

He drifted down to the ground and buried his face in his soiled hands. “What have I done? He’s so miserable now. My poor love.”

A sound behind him had him turning terrified eyes back. Prince Reiven stood a few paces behind him, his eyes narrowing, going over every inch of Rainbow with a scowl.

“No,” Rainbow choked and tried to fly away as fast as he could, but a large solid body had him pinned to the ground before he rose a foot off the grass. “Stop. Please,” he begged.

The prince grabbed is face and stared at him. “Your eyes are violet and your lashes so long and silver. You’re very pretty for a boy.”

“Rainbow!” He heard Malvora screech, her voice letting him know there would be blood later on. His stepmother tried to approach them, but the guards stopped her. She laughed nervously. “My Prince, he’s just a silly faerie boy that works for us.”

Rainbow couldn’t look away. Those vivid blue orbs caressed every feature of his…his dirty face, his almost bald head! Rainbow cried out and tried to turn away, ashamed.

“No, wait.” The Prince placed the tiara on Rainbows shorn locks, but even he knew there wasn’t enough hair there for the spell to work. Rainbow sobbed without consolation. “Don’t cry, my sweet. There’s one more thing…”

Rainbow gasped when he felt the Prince’s hand dip into his raggedy old pants and wrap around his cock. “N-no…” but even in his own ears he heard how weak that protest sounded, followed by a long shameless groan of pure lust. Rainbow thrust his hips in time with the Prince’s demanding tugs on is aching shaft.
"Yeah, that's it, baby," the Prince growled with arousal. "Fuck my hand."

Rainbow writhed and arched into him until he felt himself spill...again.

“My Prince…I’m so sorry. Please don’t hate me,” Rainbow whispered brokenly.

The Prince withdrew his hand and looked at the rainbow colored cum glistening on his fingers. Holding Rainbow’s tearful gaze, he raised his hand and licked at the pastel colored proof of Rainbow’s love. Rainbow gasped in shock. “Beautiful,” the Prince growled, his eyes glittering with the same love and lust as the night before. “You’re the one. The unique coloring of your cum and its sweet taste is all the proof I need. You came all over the bench, remember…Rainbow?” The Prince smiled, and then leaned down to kiss him.

“So you don’t hate me because I’m a boy?” Rainbow whispered huskily against the hot mouth eating away at his. 

Reiven drew back, his blue eyes sparkling. “I love boys!”

“But I like dressing as a girl,” he couldn't help blurting out. Rainbow felt his face flush at the embarrassing admission, but he wouldn't rescind his declaration. He clenched his jaw and stared at his love, Prince Reiven.

The Prince only grinned. “Then I’ll have the best of both worlds. A pretty girl with a sweet prick.”

Rainbow felt his face flush scarlet. The Prince growled and flashed him a wolfish smile, the breeze tousling his raven tresses so that his pointed ears peeped out naughtily from within the glossy strands. “I’m going to enjoy making you blush like that often, my bride, Will you marry me? I’ll cherish you forever.”

A warm glow filled Rainbow, making him smile. “Yes. I’d like that very much.”

When they rose, Rainbow’s stepmother and his stepsisters fell to their knees in terror at his feet. Prince Reiven snarled and reached for his elfin short sword, strapped to his waist. Rainbow stayed his hand from drawing it out and raised pleading eyes to his handsome love. “No. Don’t dirty your hands with their blood. It isn’t worth it.”

Prince Reiven’s hard glare softened as he looked into Rainbow’s eyes. “You’re too good. That’s why I love you.”

Just before his lips touched Rainbow’s again, Rainbow replied, “as I love you, my Prince.”

Many years later The royals kings watched their Faerie children play before the throne, all twelve of them, their features blended with that of their two fathers.

King Reiven kept his promise. King Rainbow couldn’t have been any happier. He felt Reiven’s fingers tangle in his long rainbow-colored hair, wrapping around the silky strand’s to pull him closer. Rainbow clutched at his mother’s tiara, lest it slip from his head.

“Let’s make another one,” the raven-haired king growled.

Rainbow blushed, making his king smile wolfishly, “You pervert,” he teased, “You just like seeing me pregnant.”

“Only half as much as I like getting you pregnant,” King Reiven chuckled, pulling Rainbow up for a deep tongue-filled kiss that made Rainbow's little asshole quiver in anticipation.

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