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Rebecca Discovers The Temple of The Vestal Virgins, Chapter 2

This time in the shower, she let Rudy explore her bottom and giggled when he pushed inside.
On three separate occasions that day, Rebecca did her best to ask Rudy if he would be so kind as to remove the stigma of the pitiful unbroken hymen from her vaginal channel. She was far too ladylike and reserved to brace the question directly, but it seemed to her any red-blooded man would get the point when she said in a stage whisper,

“Did you ever wonder what it would be like if we both were at a Roman orgy and had to 'do it' just to keep our hostess happy?”

Her very last effort was to bend over to pick up the trowel right in front of him when they were leaving the underground cavern. Of course, he banged right into her soft flexible bottom, and she acted like it was “fun” for her. She was totally dismayed when all he did was to apologize profusely and hand her the trowel from the ground.

She was in her quarters at the base camp after dinner, disconsolate over her inability to get her “losing it” business out of the way. The way she saw it, she was still at risk of becoming a victim of the ghost of the ancient high priestess and her nimble cult followers. It might be just foolishness but in her mind it was far better to be safe than sorry.

At dinner, she had looked around the tent and tried to figure out if there were any other female members who might possibly fall into the “Virgin” category. She was dead certain any pretty young thing under 30 had already been well stretched before they came to the site. There was a couple of average looking workers in their mid-thirties who might have escaped the necessary probing with male equipment to qualify them as possible prey for the single-minded high priestess. With her head buried in a book, the assistant director, Allison Chambers, was past the young maiden phase and still retained the look and attitude of one lacking in sexual experience. Rebecca was certain she was a person conflicted in her gender identity and was more attuned to female companionship rather than male.

Other than those three poor souls, she was probably the only other "virgin" in the camp and her chances of survival grew dimmer with each passing moment.

She had to accept the fact that dear Rudy was a total failure in her 'cherry busting' project and that she had to find some other way to disqualify herself from the danger.

The Gypsy encampment was only a short distance away, and she considered strolling over there to see if she could round up a likely hymen buster. The sounds of the music and the shouting children discouraged her from insinuating herself into their company for such a base purpose.

Rebecca stripped down to her undies and slipped under the covers. The night promised to be as cold as the previous night, when she had sworn she saw ice in the teacup when she had awakened in the early morning’s light.

She tossed and turned and then finally found that perfect position to fall asleep, with her head buried in the pillow and her behind raised in the air like a defenseless target. Her skimpy night panties were buried in her arse crack, but she was far too tired to pull them back out again.

The dreams were not assailing her like the previous night. She sort of viewed them in the distance like a visiting bystander waiting for further instructions. She was glad, because the sharp blades and the sight of flowing blood had really scared her, and she was unable to distinguish reality from fantasy.

The sound of a wolf howled in the distance.

Then again, it might just be a stray dog. She liked to think it to be a wolf because that sounded so much more exciting than a mere dog. The wind shifted the cover on her legs and back and she pulled it tighter around her. She was in her sleep now and was not aware of the cover lifting from her body. A greenish glowing light collected in the space above her raised bottom.

All of a sudden, Rebecca felt like she was being crushed into the cot. A considerable weight was on top of her and no matter how hard she squirmed to the left or the right; she could not throw it off. The curious scent of leather and sea-salt air was all around her keeping her from moving in any direction.

It was dark in the tent, but the light from the mess tent shone through the entrance flap and she could not see anything in the space above her bed. The crushing weight bore down with deliberate slowness. Whatever it was, it was spreading her legs wide and taking indecent liberties with her sensitive folds.

At first, she was infuriated, but then she settled down into an accepting stupor knowing she had not the strength to fight against the superior force of the apparition.

Her breasts were flat against the mattress and she could feel her shaven slit being probed by a skillful master of erotic passion. She sealed her lips and determined not to let any sign of pleasure escape her mouth for fear of becoming complicit in the unholy union. Whatever it was, it had opened her wide like she wanted Rudy to do that very day. Perhaps this was a messenger of the Gods trying to protect her from the evil designs of the evil one.

She closed her eyes and pretended it was Rudy sliding in and out of her tight vaginal channel. She knew her “virgin” problem was solved and all that remained was to satisfy this invisible messenger with a quick release of his cosmic cum.

The thing picked up the pace and slammed her body hard against the mattress. She lost control of her determination to remain silent and started to grunt like one of the animals in the pen when they were being mounted by a male counterpart. It started to feel so divine that she wondered why she had waited so long to take male equipment inside her private female hole.

When the flood splashed inside her, Rebecca gasped at the shock of being filled with male seed. It was far too late to prevent anything and she was resolved to let this run its course despite the outcome.

The randy thing had taken to shoving something thick into her tight anal channel and she only hoped that it was either a digit or a toy and not the same equipment that had so recently ravaged her female slit. Rebecca was astonished that she was enjoying the rear door efforts as much as the vaginal and realized she was made of more erotic DNA than she had previously suspected.

Almost an hour after everything quieted down, Rudy came into the tent and asked if she needed him for anything.

She almost broke out in laughter because he was a "day late and a dollar short"as the Americans say.

He left after she assured him all she was in need of was a good night’s sleep. The next day would be a busy one because they were going to look into the room below the altar to see if there was any hidden treasure of jewels and gold to return to the main headquarters. The funding was sorely needed to restore the training school to its former glory.

She turned the light cast from the torch down to look between her legs. She was bleeding just a bit, but she had heard that was quite normal for these situations. Her sensitive little anus was quivering from the probing but she was certain it was either a digit or a toy of some sort and not a male penis.

Rebecca felt marvelous. All of the worries about being a virgin victim of the Moon Goddess High priestess had vanished. But it wasn’t just that. It was a feeling of having been filled. She felt like she was open now and ready to do so many things. Tomorrow would be the start of a new search in the unexplored area of the dig. She was really looking forward to it and hoped that whoever or whatever had taken care of her physical need might come back again to give her an encore.

She was bright and shining with new resolve at breakfast the very next morning. The attractive Assistant Director Allison Chambers came over to her table in the mess tent and addressed her with her stern voice.

“I saw you looking at me last night, Rebecca. Is there something you wanted to ask me?”

Rebecca looked up guiltily because there was no way she could ask her immediate supervisor if she was a virgin. Considering her age, it would be a terrible insult. She just smiled up and said,

“I was just admiring your hairstyle, Allison. You have a flair for looking your very best even out here in the field.”

Allison primped her full bun and sat down opposite Rebecca. The top two buttons on her blouse were undone and she was showing a lot of lush boob on the top of her bra. Rebecca tried not to look but the twin mounds were a magnet for her eyes and she blushed when Allison caught her peeking down her blouse.

“We should get together sometime, Rebecca. These young flighty things don’t have a brain in their skull. We can discuss some intelligent things and you can fill me in on what your future plans are.”

Rebecca was a little worried now.

She might be a little immature in sexual matters, but she certainly was not naïve. Her gut told her that the attractive older woman was fishing for something more than friendship and a stimulating conversation.

Now that her mysterious ghostly visitor had actually relieved her of the burden of her “virgin” status, she felt a little worldlier and a whole lot safer in the catacombs of the deserted Roman villa. She glanced down at the well-dressed woman’s legs and saw that she was wearing an interesting set of textured panty-hose over her delicately shaped knees. Most of the other females on the site, herself included, tended to go bare-legged because of the danger of snags and the ever-present challenge of mud and dirt. It was obvious that the pristine condition of Allison’s legs meant she was fastidious to a high degree and only delved into the grime of a working dig when she felt a need to wallow in the dirt.

Rebecca had a sudden vision in her mind of herself covered in mud from the dig before having an opportunity to shower. She saw a smiling Allison dressed in spotless attire pulling her close. The impeccably dressed woman allowed her to make her clothes and body dirty all over, like a pretty flower caught in the unstoppable flow of a mudslide.

She almost ran to the site and met Rudy at the stairway down to the chamber below. They didn’t say anything because they were already late, and the others were looking at them with exasperated impatience.

They went down to the work area from the previous day and then slid back the stone panel that revealed another narrow flight of stairs carved out of the bedrock. The unexplored lower level was decorated on every wall with graffiti of Roman design. Rebecca paused to investigate one very graphic panel that depicted a female slave being used in all three openings by muscular males who looked suspiciously like Gladiators. She became aware that Rudy was reading the same panel when she felt his hot breath on her neck and the touch of his lower body on her flanks from behind. Quickly, she moved her torch and continued down the narrow corridor to the main ceremonial chamber.

Right on the wall in front of her was a tile mural of the high priestess with a diabolical smile on her evil face. It made Rebecca shudder to consider how lucky she was to have a “ghostly” entity remove her from the list of possible victims. The strenuous efforts to open up her vaginal channel in the dark were truly a “lifesaver”.

Standing next to the priestess was a huge specimen of the Gladiator-type males sprinkled hither and yon about the freshly discovered hidden chamber. She wondered if he was the spirit that had answered her plea for virginal relief. Even in repose, his hanging equipment had the look of substantial size and girth. She found herself licking her lips, and she had absolutely no idea why she had that reaction because the only time she had ever placed one of those things inside her mouth was on a silly dare at university, with a bag hiding her face at a party.

The chamber was surprisingly clean, and she figured it was because it had been tightly sealed from the ravages of dust and dirt for centuries.

Rudy joined her in the shower and she let him scrub her back this time. He laughed at her reaction when he allowed his fingertips to “accidentaly” stray down to the cleft of her behind and even further down into her seldom touched gap between her sparkling clean cheeks. Rebecca was taken with the effect on Rudy’s modestly sized member which expanded to an adequate extension. She looked him in the eye and grasped him firmly and was pleased by his sigh of sheer pleasure. There was no need for him to take care of her virginity problem, but she felt she at least owed him a good tug to reward him for his keen attention to her comfort.

The sight of his ropes of white sticky stuff flying across the shower stall, to be washed away by the pelting spray of hot water, made her giggle. She hoped Rudy didn’t think she was laughing at his size,or anything demeaning of his manhood.

All things considered, she quite liked the happy young future scientist.

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