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Regional Investigators of the Paranormal

Investigating a horny haunting

Scott pumped his fist as the reply to his text message came in. He slipped his phone back in his pocket, and snuck out of the corner where he’d hidden to keep his supervisor from seeing the phone. A quick look across the warehouse found Rick talking to Karl, another member of the team.

“You’re not going to believe who just texted to set up a case,” he said as he approached his co-workers and fellow part-time investigators of the paranormal. After a suitable pause, he revealed the secret.


Of course, her real name was Candice, but everyone called her Candy – and every man in the place wanted to give her a lick. The blonde had a body to die for, and a roommate who was equally drool-worthy. Candy had managed to get fired for attendance, but her roommate Misty still worked in the warehouse.

Karl’s eyes popped wide open. “No fucking way,” he responded, emphasizing every word.

“You have to be kidding,” Rick agreed.

Scott shook his head. “Only catch is that it has to be tomorrow night. I told her that we’d do it. Didn’t figure that anybody would mind.”

“No shit,” Karl said with a laugh.

Rick remarked, “Damn, things sure are stirred up. We’ve been booked solid for a month. Looks like we’re getting a real Halloween surge.”

“We’re going to be exhausted after doing Candy’s place tomorrow and the Grady Mansion on Halloween, but it will be worth it,” Scott said.

“Especially if we keep getting EVPs as clear as those last few,” Karl agreed, referring to the ghostly voices – Electronic Voice Phenomenon – that they’d picked up on recent investigations.

Scott nodded. “I could do without any more that say kill them, though.”

“Clearest one yet,” Rick said. Though the voice had spooked them all a little at first, excitement at having such clear evidence of paranormal activity had quickly overwhelmed it.

“Let’s get ahold of everyone.” Scott assigned Karl and Rick different members of the team to contact, so that all three of them could send text messages whenever the opportunity arose.

The Regional Investigators of the Paranormal – R.I.P. for short – were on the case.


The pair of semi-professional ghost hunters arrived at Candy’s house that evening, to do a little scouting and get some information before bringing in the whole team the next night.

“Come in,” Misty said when she answered the door.

Rick and Scott both glanced at each other and grinned when she turned to hold the door open. She was wearing shorts and a tight t-shirt that did a damn good job of showing off her long legs and breasts.

Candy was sitting on the couch, dressed in a similar outfit. Her larger breasts stretched the material of the t-shirt between them, making it more than a little difficult for the two long-time friends and colleagues to keep their minds on business. Misty sat down next to her roommate, while Scott and Rick pulled up chairs.

Scott said, “Okay, if you could tell us anything about what’s been happening, it will help in the investigation.”

Misty shrugged and said, “I’ve always felt a little weird about the one bedroom. It gets cold in there sometimes, and I feel like somebody is watching me. I never used to go in there after dark, until Candy moved in.”

Her roommate picked up from there. “I’ve been having the same sort of feelings ever since I moved in, but I’ve been hearing things, too. I thought I saw something a couple of nights ago, and that really freaked me out.”

The two women shared a look. Misty’s expression looked amused, while Candy’s looked apprehensive. After a few seconds, Candy said, “No, I’m not saying it.”

Misty laughed. “Well, can I? They should know everything, shouldn’t they?”

Rick offered, “There’s nothing you can say that we’re going to make fun of you over.”

Scott agreed, “Yeah, we take anything that you’re feeling seriously, and it could help us direct the investigation.”

“God, you do it,” Candy said, her cheeks turning a little red.

“Candy’s been having certain feelings any time she sleeps in her room for the last couple of weeks.”

“What sort of feelings?” Scott asked.

Candy smiled and rolled her eyes. “I get so horny that I can’t see straight, okay.”

It was all Scott and Rick could do to maintain a straight face. If not for having heard the most outrageous claims from people since taking up paranormal investigation as a hobby, they couldn’t have possibly managed it.

“It’s gotten so bad that she’s just been sleeping with me,” Misty added, her tone serious again.

That was even harder to take.

Scott took the initiative, hoping to push aside the distinctly naughty nature of his thoughts with business. “Why don’t you show us around, and point out anywhere that gives you an odd feeling? It doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to the one room. Other places in the house could have activity, too.”

“Sure,” Misty said, and stood up.

Candy got up as well, and the tour commenced.

A short while later, with a good feel for the house and the case, Scott and Rick climbed back in the car.

They held on until they were a block away, and then exploded into laughter.

“Holy fucking shit,” Scott finally said.

“I thought for sure that I was going to crack when she said that they were sleeping together.”

“Wonder if they’re actually sleeping together?” Scott suggested.

“Wonder if we can convince them to let us set up cameras and leave them for a couple of days to see for ourselves?”

“Well, I have my whacking material for tonight.”

Rick cringed and said, “I didn’t need to know that.”

“I didn’t need to know that Mary called your dick Monty the Python either, so we’re even.”

The two lifelong friends shared another laugh, anticipating the case the next night – for more than one reason.


With darkness falling the next day, Scott stood outside Misty’s house with seven members of the team. None of the girls had been able to get out of obligations on short notice, so it was only the guys on the case.

Considering the clients and the description of the case, it was little surprise that all of the men had dropped everything for the opportunity.

“We won’t touch anything, except to maybe open closet doors,” Scott reassured the two women, who were dressed to kill, because they were going to the bar while the investigation was on.

“Or if Greg trips over something in the dark,” Karl added, drawing laughter from everyone – even the butt of the joke.

Misty waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. “It’s okay, we trust you.”

“Yeah, give us a call when you’re done,” Candy said. The two women then waved goodbye, and headed for their car.

The team filed into the house, and Scott took charge. “Okay, I want to leave the bedrooms for last, since that’s where most of the activity is. Two of us will take the kitchen, two in here, two in the basement, and two in the attic.”

Karl eyed the questionable ladder positioned below the attic entrance. “Count me out of the attic.”

“I’m all over it,” Rick said.

Scott nodded his head in agreement. “I want to check out that attic. There’s something about it.”

A couple of minutes later, the team had their assigned areas. With all the equipment checked, Scott said, “Okay, let’s go lights out.”

The girls had turned off most of the lights, so when Rick flipped the last switch, the house was plunged into darkness, save for the small beams of LED flashlights.

Scott and Rick split up upon ascending the ladder, though they stayed within a few feet of each other. The attic was unfinished, making walking a bit precarious on the two-by-fours with insulation filling the gaps between them. Though he’d felt as if the attic had promise, Scott wasn’t getting that vibe now that he’d actually ascended the ladder.

“I just had a temperature drop,” Rick remarked.

Scott carefully made his way toward his friend, and tried to guess their position. “I think we’re over Candy’s bedroom.”

“That’s what I was thinking.” Rick turned the electromagnetic field detector so that his friend could see it. “It’s reading normal right now, but I had a short spike while you were walking over here.”

“I can feel the cold, too,” Scott noted.

“It’s about four degrees difference.”

“Let’s turn on the DVRs and see if we can pick anything up.”

Though most investigators used old-fashioned tape media for recording, claiming that digital filtered out EVPs, Scott had never agreed with that. Hisses and pops from the tapes could easily be mistaken for EVPs, and he was all about irrefutable evidence. The choice to use digital voice recorders hadn’t prevented them from obtaining some exciting recordings.

The pair asked a few questions, watching the readings on their equipment, hoping to elicit a response from any otherworldly entities. Though nothing else out of the ordinary occurred, they had picked up EVPs before without experiencing anything unusual at the time.

“Let’s head back down. I think the bedroom is where it’s going to be at,” Scott suggested.

Rick agreed, and the pair made the slightly frightening journey back down the old ladder. Karl was near the ladder when they descended. “You guys get anything?”

“A little hit on the EMF, and a cold spot. We think it was over Candy’s room,” Scott answered.

“I had a big hit on the K2 in the hall outside her room too.”

Rick said, “There’s definitely something about that room.”

“That’s why we saved it for last,” Scott said.

A few quick calls on the two-way radios revealed much the same story. Most of the hits that the team had noticed were associated with Candy’s room in some way. The other two sets of partners weren’t quite ready to leave their assigned areas, so Karl, Greg, Rick, and Scott went into Misty’s bedroom.

Scott was watching his EMF meter when Rick nudged him in the side. He looked over toward his friend, and then watched a beam of light fall upon something on the floor.

Seeing the pair of sheer red panties had Scott’s pants growing tight in short order.

With the camcorders and DVRs running, he didn’t dare remark about it. The evil grin on Rick’s face said that it was exactly why he had pointed it out at that moment. A short while later, Rick pointed to a bra hanging over the edge of the shower in the adjoining bathroom.

With nothing out of the ordinary happening in the room, the four men went back out into the front room of the house after asking a few questions with the DVRs recording. The other two teams had already returned, eager to investigate the center of the activity in the house.

“Anybody recording?” Scott asked.

After receiving confirmation that everyone had shut off the DVRs and camcorders, Scott punched Rick in the shoulder. “You’re a dick!”

Rick laughed. “The look on your face... Wish we’d had more than the flashlights on, so I could’ve seen it better.”

“What?” one of the other team members asked, prompting the four who had seen the bra and panties to laugh. All eight men then shared another laugh and speculative fantasies when Rick showed them the panties lying on the floor in Misty’s room.

“There’s no way those got accidentally left there,” Karl observed as everyone returned to the front room.

“They knew that they were going to have eight guys with unobserved access to the whole house. If Misty had wanted to hide those, she would have. She left them there on purpose,” Rick agreed.

Scott laughed, but then said, “Okay, let’s get serious. You can all go home and whack it tonight. Ready for the main event?”

After having so many enticing hits related to Candy’s room already, everyone heartily agreed. Team members switched on camcorders, DVRs, and other equipment in preparation.

“Temperature drop,” Rick and another team member said almost simultaneously, upon reaching the center of the room.

“Check this out,” Rick noted, extending and retracting his arm toward the bed.

Scott walked over to stand next to him and watched the EMF meter. In the short range of motion Rick was doing, the EMF spiked, and the temperature dropped by two degrees when the meter was closest to the bed.

“Anyone else getting anything?” Scott asked.

Karl made sure that the two team members wielding camcorders were looking elsewhere, and then shined his flashlight up by his face. He held a hand up in the light, snapped up one finger, and mouthed the word wood. Then, he pointed to his right, and shined the flashlight in that direction.

The top drawer of Candy’s dresser was open, with frilly panties spilling out to hang over the edge of the drawer.

Scott checked the position of the guys with the cameras as well, and then flew the bird at his grinning friend. “Let’s go full lights out,” he said, and all the flashlights in the room clicked off. With only the glow from the EMF meter in the room, he stepped a little closer to the bed.

The temperature drop he felt was easily noticeable without the gauge. Something else was even more difficult to ignore. Scott was hard within a few seconds of stepping near the bed. The sharp blast of arousal he felt was certainly unnatural, even though he was standing next to Candy’s bed after seeing a drawer full of her panties.

Rick walked up beside him and showed him the EMF meter. The temperature was a full six degrees colder, and the needle hovered at a high electromagnetic reading.

“Sustained,” Rick whispered. He then added, “Are you?”

“Oh yeah,” Scott agreed. After so many years together, he usually knew what his friend was thinking. Rick was obviously aroused with no good reason as well. “We’ll look for a source in a few minutes. Let’s try some communication. Cameras on the bed. Start with night vision, and then we’ll turn on the flashlights for some natural light.”

“Is anyone here?” Rick asked the room.

The temperature reading on his equipment dipped by two degrees in a fraction of a second, and the EMF signature spiked even higher.

“Could you do that again – once for no, and twice for yes?” Scott asked, having seen the reading on Rick’s meter.

It spiked again.

“Once for no, and twice for yes,” Scott reiterated. “Would you like to talk to us?”

Again, a spike.

“Would you like us to leave you alone?” Rick asked, switching things up.

This time, the EMF spiked twice, and the temperature dropped another degree.

Scott broke out into gooseflesh, chills of excitement running up and down his spine. “We understand. Just one more question, and we’ll leave you alone. Do you mean any harm to the two women who live here?”

The meter spiked once for no.

Karl asked, “Does anybody else have the same feeling you get when you come home, and you suddenly know that you’ve done something to tick your girlfriend off?”

A couple of murmurs of agreement sounded from the darkness.

“Thank you. We’ll leave you alone,” Scott said.

He didn’t even have to give instructions. Rick pulled a motion detector from a bag slung over his shoulder. Greg did the same, except he withdrew a travel tripod. Scott left his own DVR on the dresser, and snuck a good look in the panty drawer with his flashlight in the process. Within a minute, everything was set up.

A camera remained pointed at the bed, Scott’s DVR was on and recording, and Rick’s motion detector was ready to alert them if anything in the room moved. The rest of the team had already exited when Greg and the two team leaders finally left Candy’s bedroom. On a whim, Scott shut the bedroom door.

“Living room,” Scott instructed.

The team pulled up seats in the living room and Scott said, “Okay, let’s give it a while. We can go through some of the recordings and see if there’s anything there.”

The team members with DVRs all put on headphones and started jumping through their recordings, randomly sampling bits of audio. Scott and Rick always did a full analysis of all the recordings in the days following an investigation, but sometimes the quick scans found something. Light shone on Karl’s face as he reviewed the remaining camcorder’s recording.

“Hey, I’ve got something,” said Jeremy, a new team member, who had taken Karl’s DVR while Karl looked at the video. He quickly wrote down the time stamp and scrawled a note about what he’d heard. Scott had already stood up and walked over to him. Jeremy cued up what he’d heard, and then handed the DVR to Scott.

Scott put on the headphones and listened. After a few seconds, he heard Karl whisper, “K2 spike,” on the recording. Immediately thereafter, he could hear a faint sound that resembled a woman laughing.

“Karl, did you have a K2 spike anywhere except outside Candy’s room?” Scott asked.

“Nope,” he replied without taking his eye off the monitor of the camcorder.

“I heard a woman laughing,” Scott said, and then smiled when Jeremy showed him the notepad, which had exactly that scrawled next to the timestamp.

The DVR quickly made rounds to the other members of the team who weren’t busy reviewing their own recordings. Everyone agreed about hearing a woman’s laughter.

“Check this out,” Rick said while noting the time from his own DVR. He cued the section back up as Scott approached, and then handed it to him. “Listen to the whole part where we were asking questions.”

Scott’s mouth dropped open as he listened. With the first few questions, he heard something that sounded like voices answering, but couldn’t make out any words. When he’d asked if anyone wanted to talk to him, he distinctly heard an irritated feminine voice say, “No.” A few seconds later, the next question had an even more distinct answer of “Yes.”

One of the other team members piped up, “I’m at the same place in mine. I can hear a woman answering at least one question, and I think I hear a guy’s voice too.”

Scott pulled off his headphones, his heart pounding with excitement. “Man, I can’t wait to get home and run these through the software to...”

“Holy fucking shit,” Karl suddenly interrupted.

“You got something?” Scott asked.

Karl quickly gestured and held up the camcorder.

Scott’s jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw the frame frozen on the camcorder. Between him and Rick in the image, he could see a hazy outline of a human shape in the night-vision shot.

“It’s only three frames,” Karl explained. “That’s the clearest one. It’s right when you guys were asking questions.”

“Did anybody see anything then?” Scott asked.

Answers in the negative followed.

“Man, this makes up for Halloween being a dud last year. We’re on a roll this time,” Karl said, clenching his fist in a victory salute.

It was a mountain of evidence equal to what they might expect from several investigations, and they were only doing quick reviews, so far. Scott was about to suggest that they pack it in and discuss the activity, in order to make an initial recommendation to the girls, but Rick’s excited voice cancelled that.

“Motion detector just went off!”

“Easy,” Scott cautioned as all the guys popped up from their seats. “Get the camcorder cued up again. We want to have a real-time record of what we see when we open that door.”

Everyone shifted with nervous energy as Karl handed the camcorder back to Greg. He was more used to it, and could cue up the end of the previous recording more quickly. As soon as he was ready, everyone else switched on their equipment to follow Scott and Rick to Candy’s bedroom.

Scott opened the door, and immediately saw that a pair of panties – which had been hanging precariously from the edge of the drawer earlier – was now lying on the floor. Nothing else looked out of place or unusual.

A few grumbles and sighs of disappointment rose up from the group, punctuated by a yawn.

“It’s getting pretty late,” Scott said. “I know you all have to work tomorrow, so let’s pack it up. I think we have a lot to go through as it is, anyway.”

Most of the team returned to the living room, leaving Rick and Scott to pick up the last of the equipment in Candy’s bedroom. Rick turned off the camera, while Scott picked up his DVR and switched it off.

As soon as he knew that nothing was recording, Scott shined his flashlight at the panties on the floor. “I’d like to see those on the floor next to my bed.”

“No shit. If you tell Mary that I said that, I’ll kill you.”

Scott laughed. Though the pair often did things to get each other in minor trouble, Rick knew that there was no way he would ever go that far.

“May as well see if there’s anything on here when the motion detector went off,” Rick suggested. He flipped open the camcorder’s viewing monitor.

After a brief rewind that represented a guess as to the amount of time between when the motion detector had tripped and their entry into the room, Rick hit play.

“F-freeze it!” Scott said in stunned amazement, though Rick was already fumbling to hit the pause button even before his friend spoke.

The pair stared in stunned amazement at the image on the screen. There was no way to doubt what they were looking at – a faint, transparent spirit of a woman. She was visibly nude, and apparently kneeling on the bed, though the image of her faded just below her ass. Her head was thrown back and to the side, obscuring her face, but giving a fine view of her squeezing her breasts, which were thrust forward by her arched back.

“FBA,” Scott said in a stunned whisper. “We’ve got a full body apparition.”

“And hot as hell at that. Damn,” Rick agreed.

“Step through it. See how many frames.”

Rick backed the recording up one frame at a time until the woman vanished, and then counted while moving forward through the video.


“Over a half a second. Fucking incredible.”

“No wonder Candy’s getting all worked up, if that’s what’s going on in here,” Rick said with a laugh.

Karl peeked into the room. “What’s up?” He noticed them looking at the camcorder and asked, “Did you get something?”

“Oh yeah,” Scott replied. He nodded to Rick, who stepped the video back to a point before the apparition appeared. “Tell everybody to gather around in there. They’re not going to believe this.”

“I still don’t know if I do,” Rick said as he picked up the camera and tripod.

“I don’t see how it could be a trick of light or anything, but I’ll enhance it and see if I can find any explanation later, on the computer.”

“Should we stop and grab you a box of tissues on the way home?”

Scott exploded into laughter and swung a backhand at his friend, but Rick knew it was coming, and was well out of range.

The team could tell from the look on the faces of their lead investigators that they were in for something remarkable.


Candy and Misty both covered their mouths, laughed, and turned bright red as they viewed the video. “Oh my god,” Candy remarked, and then added, “Nice tits.”

Everyone in the room cracked up at that, and the laughter lasted for a couple of minutes.

“I guess that explains a few things,” Misty said.

“Suffice to say, we’re fairly certain that you have some genuine activity,” Scott said. “We went back through the EVPs, and I’m almost positive that something answered no when we asked if anyone meant any harm to the two of you.”

“Still, the cold and...” Candy paused, her face filling with color again. “The other thing are a little hard to deal with.”

Rick said, “We got some fairly definitive responses to our questions. You might just try talking to her. I don’t really think she’s any threat, and she might be willing to be a better houseguest if you ask her.”

“So, you’re saying we should just share the house with a horny girl ghost?” Misty asked, her tone flippant, rather than frightened.

“That’s up to you. It’s worth a shot for tonight, at least,” Scott suggested. “We have a member who’s an ordained minister, but she couldn’t come out tonight. If you feel the need, we can have her cleanse the house as soon as possible.”

Candy shrugged. “I don’t know. Knowing what it is sort of makes it less scary. It was the not knowing that was really creeping me out.”

Misty said, “It’s your room. If you can deal with her, and she doesn’t start rattling chains, I’m okay, I guess.”

Scott said, “We aren’t going to give you a final evaluation and recommendation until we’ve completely reviewed the evidence, but I agree with Rick. Nothing seems threatening. The activity seems almost exclusive to the one room, too. You can avoid it for the time being, if you need to.”

Candy shook her head and chuckled. “Wow. Thanks for coming. I never would have expected this.”

“Neither did we,” Rick said and laughed.

“Thanks for giving us the opportunity.” Yawns were spreading like wildfire through everyone gathered in the living room, so Scott said, “It’s going to be an awfully early morning, so we should probably all head for home. We’ll have copies of everything we find for you within three days. If we come across anything disturbing in the meantime, we’ll let you know immediately.”

“Thanks again,” Candy responded, and then yawned. “I think it’s about bedtime for me, too.”

“In which room?” Misty asked.

“I’ll figure that out after I have a shower,” Candy answered.

Most of the team members were already climbing into their cars, eager for their beds despite the excitement of the night. After a final goodbye, Rick and Scott hopped in their car as well.

A mixture of speculation about the case and the girls filled the ride home, though both were too exhausted to deal with the evidence when they finally made it there. Scott wisely decided to wait until he was awake, since he had the day off, and the pair crashed out for the night.


Scott groaned and fumbled in the dark for his cell, until he finally found it. “Hello?” he mumbled, still more than half asleep.

“I guess I woke you up, huh?”

He managed to focus his eyes to see that he’d only been asleep for about an hour. At about the same time, he realized who was on the phone. “Candy?”

“Yeah. Sorry to wake you up. Uhm... Is there any chance you can come over here?”

“Is something wrong?”

“Yeah – sort of.”

“Okay, let me wake up. It will probably be a half hour or so.”

“Hurry,” Candy said. “Bye.”

“Bye,” Scott responded, and then groaned again as he flipped the phone closed.

Knowing that Rick and everyone else had to be at work in only a few hours, he decided not to wake any of them. It broke his own rule of always working in teams, but he could at least use the girls as witnesses if he picked up anything. He grabbed his own camcorder, which hadn’t been used earlier in the night, and slung it over his shoulder. He stuffed a DVR in the bag with his other equipment and grabbed it as well. After slamming a Mtn. Dew, he felt almost functional.

By the time he reached the girls’ house, he was more or less awake. The door opened almost as soon as he rang the bell, and he heard Misty call, “Come in,” from behind it.

His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the two women.

Candy and Misty were both wearing what danced precariously on the line between nightgowns and negligees. Candy was standing in the hallway near her bedroom, and walked in after Misty shut the door. Misty said, “Thanks for coming. We want to show you something in Candy’s room.”

Scott pulled the camcorder off his shoulder and hit the record button. With all the indicator lights masked to avoid creating false glows, there was no way for anyone looking at it to know it was on. He knew that the guys would never believe what the two girls were wearing unless they saw it for themselves. He just hoped that Misty’s barely-covered ass was in frame as he followed her, holding the camera in his hand at his side.

The sight when he walked into the bedroom was even more unbelievable. Candy was lounging on her bed, the bottom of her gown having bunched up enough to show off the white cotton panties beneath. Misty crawled into the bed with her, and Scott’s mind whirled. He sat down his bag and the camcorder as casually as possible on Candy’s vanity, making sure the lens pointed toward the bed. Then, he went into business mode, hoping his voice wouldn’t crack and that he wasn’t drooling.

“Did you see something odd, or..?”

Candy said, “Come over here by the bed and tell me what you feel.”

Like I’m going to bust the zipper out of these jeans and come in my pants, he thought as he walked over toward the bed.

“Do you feel it?” Misty asked.

Candy glanced at the bulge in his jeans and said, “It sure looks like it.”

“Uhm, feel what?” he asked, hoping against hope that they were actually leading where he thought they were, and that he wasn’t just imagining it.

The pair looked at each other and laughed. Candy said, “We were just sitting here talking about what you’d shown us, and we started getting really horny.”

Misty continued, “We were just going to take care of each other, but Candy said that you’d probably come right over if we called.” She reached out and ran her fingertip over the outline of his erection. “We’re sort of lacking certain things that sound really good right now.”

“So, could you help us out?” Candy asked, though Misty had already taken the initiative of sliding to sit on the edge of the bed, and popping open the button of his jeans.

If I’m dreaming, please don’t let me wake up. “I think I can handle that.”

“Mmm, and I can handle this,” Misty said as she unzipped his jeans.

Between the two of them, they had his jeans and boxers down to his knees in a second. Misty slid off the bed onto her knees and gave his cock a broad lap of her tongue.

“Hey, it was my idea,” Candy said indignantly as she pulled her nightgown over her head.

Misty kissed the head of his cock and told her friend, “You snooze, you lose.”

Scott barely heard the words. He was too busy absorbing every detail of Candy’s bare breasts, after imagining them for so long. Despite the size of the generous globes, they were only slightly pendulous without the support of a bra. Her nipples were even bigger than he expected after seeing them pressing against clothing so many times. They and the surrounding halo were a little darker than her skin, and a ring of bumps lined the outer edge of her areolae.

She saw his stare, smiled, and cupped her tits in her hands before slipping off the bed onto her knees as well.

Misty sucked the tip of his cock between her lips at about the same time as Candy’s knees settled to the floor. He let out a sharp grunt as her mouth engulfed him, and then sighed when Candy lifted the hem of her friend’s gown. Misty released him with a wet pop, allowing Candy to pull the gown over her head.

The other blonde’s breasts weren’t quite as big, but they were even more firm and perky for it. Her nipples were smaller, and very smooth, surrounded by large, rosy ovals. Scott slid his fingers through the two women’s hair as they shared a tongue-wrangling kiss in front of his twitching cock.

Both women looked up at him after their lips parted, making him shiver from the undisguised lust in the blue and green orbs. As one, they turned their heads and kissed again, but with his cock in the middle this time.

Scott twitched and groaned as two tongues and sets of lips glided over his erection. Candy noticed the drop of pre-cum welling up from his tip first, and scooped it up with the tip of her tongue. She moaned in approval, and then took him in.

Misty and Scott both watched Candy’s head bobbing over his organ for a few strokes, and then Misty asked, “So, are you going to tell us who’s better?”

“Not... Not that stupid,” Scott answered.

Misty laughed, and Candy let out a muffled chuckle around him. A second later, she let him slip free of her lips, and pushed his cock toward Misty in offering. His saliva-coated cock wasn’t in the cool air for very long.

Scott gasped when Candy leaned down to tongue his balls while Misty sucked him fast and deep. Getting with either of them was a fantasy come true. Having them both on their knees licking and sucking him was almost too much to believe.

Misty’s hair bounced as she bobbed her head over his cock, and Candy’s tongue seemed to dart everywhere over the dangling orbs below. Just as he felt the first tingles of an approaching orgasm, Candy gently sucked one of his balls between her lips, and then let it slide free. She straightened and said, “My turn.”

Though Misty acquiesced, she took her sweet time doing it – not that Scott minded. The blonde sucked him hard, and pulled back with agonizing slowness to the head, which she then let pop free. She leaned back to caress her breasts and moan while her friend guided Scott’s cock between her lips.

“Holy...” Scott exclaimed, and then gasped as Candy took him nearly to the root. She sucked him more slowly than Misty had, but she took him almost in her throat with every slow suck.

“Doesn’t she have such great boobs?” Misty remarked, and then reached around her friend’s body to squeeze the generous globes.

“Yep. Yours are pretty nice too,” Scott answered between grunts and groans brought on by Candy’s mouth.

One of Misty’s hands left the other blonde’s breast, to slide down her body. Scott could just see hints of Misty’s hand slipping into Candy’s panties, but he soon felt the effects.

Candy picked up the pace, taking shorter, faster strokes, and moaning around him. Misty continued to caress her friend’s breast while fingering her at the same time, and leaned in to kiss her neck as well. The sheer sexual energy of the two women pushed Scott toward an explosion as he watched.

Candy let out a sad whimper, and Scott growled as he saw Misty bring her pussy slick fingers to her lips. Seeing Misty tasting her friend’s juices pushed him right to the edge.

“Are you about to come?” Misty asked, obviously seeing the strain in his expression.

All he could manage was a nod. He couldn’t push any words past the pants blasting from between his clenched teeth. He didn’t know how he’d held out this long, considering how hot the whole situation was, and how well Candy was sucking his cock.

Misty tugged on her friend’s shoulder, and Candy released Scott’s cock from her talented mouth. Candy looked up, licked her lips, and said, “Not yet. A little excited, are we?”

Scott blew out two hard, fast breaths, and then said, “Yeah.”

Candy grinned and said, “Good.”

Misty stood up and gave her nipples an eye-teasing tweak. She stepped around her friend and pulled Scott into a brief, hungry kiss. She started a little, and then pulled back with a gasp.

Candy had pulled her friend’s panties down to her ankles. Scott’s eyes homed in on the curly blonde hairs above Misty’s smooth-shaven sex and the silver ring adorning the blonde’s hood, just as Candy’s hand pushed between her friend’s thighs.

“Mmm, I guess you aren’t he only one who’s a little too excited,” Misty remarked, her back arching as Candy’s fingers slipped into her wet heat.

Misty smiled and nodded toward the bed, prompting a slightly weak-kneed Scott to follow her directions. He sat down on the edge of the bed and watched Candy retrieve her hand. She repeated the sexy finger-sucking show that her friend had put on shortly before and stood up.

Candy’s panties soon found a home on the floor as well, revealing that she left a short-trimmed triangle of hair between her legs. Scott’s cock throbbed as the two women kissed, pressing their bodies tightly together and grabbing each other’s ass.

Misty pulled away and said, “We can do this any time.” She leaned in for another quick taste of her friend’s lips. “It’s all we’ve been doing since you saw our horny ghost guest. I need some cock.”

“I just happen to have one,” Scott piped up, prompting both women to laugh.

“Do you happen to have a condom?” Misty asked.

Scott’s smile faded as he realized that he didn’t. He’d left the house in too big of a hurry, and certainly hadn’t thought about anything like this happening.

Misty pulled away from the embrace with her roommate and said, “Oh, forget it. Just don’t come inside me. I’m not on the pill.”

“I am,” Candy suggested, and twitched her eyebrows at Scott.

His cock bounced at the thought of that. He’d always pulled out or wore a condom. No girl had ever let him blow his load inside her before.

“Bitch,” Misty said, and then laughed as she pushed on Scott’s chest.

Scott lay back, and then turned parallel on the mattress at further silent instruction from the two sexy women joining him on the bed. As soon as he was where she wanted him, Misty straddled his hips, one finger teasing her moist folds.

Candy stood his cock up straight, and then wiggled the mushroom tip between her friend’s nether lips. Misty sank down on his hard organ with a loud, “Ah! Oh!”

A growl escaped Scott as Misty’s hot pussy engulfed him. She shifted her hips ever so slightly, stirring him in her tight canal, and moaning all the while. His eyes left the incredible sight of the blonde impaled on his cock and found her eyes.

Misty’s eyes opened, and she let out a sensual growl. “Oh, that’s good.”

“Damn, you’re tight.”

“Don’t you dare come inside me,” she reminded him, and then started rocking her hips forward and back. Two of her fingers found her clit a second later.

Even though her pussy felt incredible, he wasn’t getting an enormous amount of stimulation from the way she was riding him. From the look on her face, the same didn’t appear to be true for Misty. The pleasure filling her expression made him twitch inside her and drew out a yelp of bliss from the blonde.

Scott was so intent on Misty that he didn’t even register what Candy was doing until one of her knees filled his vision. That knee came to rest on the opposite side of his head, leaving her pussy only a few centimeters away from the reach of his tongue – but not for long.

The scent of Candy’s arousal filled his lungs, and the taste of her flooded his mouth a second later. She knelt facing away from him, so that she wouldn’t miss the sight of her friend riding his cock. Scott slurped Candy’s full, thick folds between his lips to caress them with his tongue.

After a deep gasp, Candy said, “He knows how to lick pussy, too.”

“Not as good as me,” Misty teased, her voice warbling a bit, in time with her thrusting hips.

“Good enough,” Candy responded with laughter in her tone. “Ooo yeah. That cock feel good?”

“Fucking incredible. God, he’s hard.”

Scott didn’t join in the conversation, to intent upon drinking up Candy’s bittersweet nectar and exploring every inch of her with his tongue. Misty rode him hard, causing him just a little discomfort every time her hips slid away from him. Far from taking anything away from her grinding on his cock, it actually gave him a burst of confidence that he might hold off long enough for her to come.

Even though he couldn’t see it happen, he knew that Candy had leaned down to flick her tongue over Misty’s folds. The posture of her body above him, Misty’s squeal, and a little brush of Candy’s slippery tongue along the base of his shaft formed a mental picture in his head that was almost as sweet as the pussy he was licking. Scott felt drunk on the pure sexual energy and Candy’s juices.

Misty’s hips rocked ever faster, further tugging his cock at an unnatural angle on the backstrokes, but Scott barely noticed. From the building volume and pitch of the sounds that the two girls were making, he knew that they were getting closer to coming by the second.

Candy shifted position, giving him better access to her clit. She then emphasized her desire by grinding her pussy into his lips – as if he needed any more encouragement.

Scott licked, sucked, and probed with every trick he’d ever learned, wanting nothing more than to make Candy come on is tongue, now that he was getting the lick that he’s always wanted. Though he didn’t have much control over Misty’s climb toward bliss, he did flex the muscles in his groin to make his cock swell and jump inside her. Hearing the sharp spike in Misty’s cries every time he did it let him know that it was doing the trick.

He started to get worried when Misty mixed in short, fast bounces with the circling of her hips. The feeling of her hot walls caressing him started building an itch in the base of his cock, and the last thing he wanted to do was stop everything before the two women climaxed, because he couldn’t hold back.

“Oh... oh... Fuck yes!” Misty cried out.

“Uh huh. Yeah,” Candy’s voice complemented her friend’s, followed by a squeal.

Even though he was fighting with all his will, Scott was losing the battle. Misty simply felt too good. Candy tasted too good. He was on the cusp, and knew that he was going to have to push Candy’s sweet pussy away to warn Misty any second.

Two sharp, loud screams ringing out in simultaneous ecstasy saved him from that surrender.

Misty trembled atop him, her walls clenched around him in a vise-like grip. Her fingers dug into his sides, the pressure shocking him back from the edge of the danger zone. Candy’s hair tickled his stomach, and her breath was hot against his skin as she wailed, “Oh god, yeah,” the last word trailing off into a high-pitched groan.

Scott swelled with euphoria as he twitched his hips and flicked his tongue, causing both women to cry out from spikes in the orgasmic energy running through them. Candy wrenched her sensitive pussy away from his lips after a few seconds, and fell heavily to the bed next to him with both hands pressed between her legs.

Misty didn’t last much longer. After a loud, warbling whimper brought on by an upward thrust of his cock, she lifted her hips to let him slip free. She fell forward onto her hands, and then collapsed fully atop him, panting and moaning in bliss.

Scott stroked his hands over Misty’s back and ass, and looked over at Candy. Her face was flushed, and her expression shocked. “Oh my fucking... T-that was... Oh god,” she gasped.

He flicked his tongue at her, which caused her to close her eyes, clamp her thighs down on her hands, and whimper.

“Y-you didn’t...” Misty began, but a gasp and a moan stole the rest of her words.

“Nuh uh,” he answered her unfinished question, and gave her ass a squeeze.

“Thank god. I don’t think I could have stopped if you were going to.” She let out a growl and added, “Fuck, that was good.”

“Ohh, I thought I was going to pass out,” Candy moaned, her eyes having drifted back open again. “I’ve never had a chill shoot up from my clit like that before.”

Misty made an inquisitive sound and then revealed, “I had that too. God, it was like – bang.”

“You are welcome,” Scott said in an exaggerated lounge singer voice.

Both women laughed. “You’re a goofball,” Candy accused as she snuggled in a little closer to him.

Misty rolled off him on the opposite side, either growing uncomfortable or sensing that he was. Candy reached down to run the tip of one finger up the length of his twitching, pussy-slick cock as soon as her friend’s body was out of the way.

Scott groaned and twined his fingers into Candy’s hair. Their eyes met, and she mouthed, I want it. He tugged her head toward him, and kissed her hard.

As soon as their lips parted, Candy said, “Move for a second. That way,” and gestured toward the foot of the bed.

Scott popped up and scooted that way. When Candy picked up a pillow and put it about the same place where his butt was a second before, Misty moaned, “Uh huh,” and shifted on the bed. He watched as Candy added a second pillow, after which Misty laid her head on them with her feet touching the headboard. Candy then leaned over her friend and retrieved two vibrators from her dresser.

Misty took one of the vibes and turned it on. Candy did the same, and then straddled her friend’s face. With the pillows supporting her, Misty’s lips easily reached her friend’s folds.

A buzz sounded as Candy’s vibrator hummed against Misty’s hood ring. Misty was already lapping her friend’s clit, and teasing it with her vibe as well. Candy looked over her shoulder at Scott, who sat entranced by the sight, and asked, “What are you waiting for?”

Good question, Scott thought as he pulled his knees under him. He moved forward to run his fingers over Candy’s tight ass and looked down at Misty between her friend’s legs. One of his hands curled around Candy’s waist at the hips, and he used the other to guide his cock inside her.

Scott groaned and Candy said, “Oh fuck yes,” as he sank balls-deep inside her with one smooth thrust. “Give it to me,” she added once he hit bottom.

Candy’s pussy was soaked and slippery, but squeezed more than tight enough to give him plenty of hot friction as he thrust and withdrew. He knew that he had a fight on his hands from the very first stroke. Every second was going to be a battle of mind over matter, to keep his cum from erupting into Candy’s velvety soft embrace.

“Oh yeah. Fuck me. Faster. Fuck me,” Candy encouraged him as she supported her weight on one hand and stroked the vibe into Misty’s pussy with the other. Misty moaned and whimpered as his balls brushed her forehead with every thrust of his hips.

Scott pounded his cock home, her words spurring him on. Though he tried to think about a dozen things to distract him from how good she felt, it wasn’t working. Giving in to the inevitable, he gripped her hips hard and gave her all that he had.

Candy cried out every time his balls slapped against her. “Yeah! Give it to me!” she screamed.

“Ah – fuck,” Scott exclaimed, the words passing his lips unbidden. It was simply too much, and he was barely holding on as the smacks of their bodies colliding echoed through the room.

“God, I’m almost there! Don’t stop!” Candy begged.

By some miracle, he hovered just below the point of no-return, pounding Candy’s pussy with all the strength and speed he could muster. A warbling scream that rose steadily in pitch emerged from between his legs as Misty tumbled over the edge into orgasm.

“Yes!” Candy screamed as she saw her friend’s legs trembling and felt Misty’s pussy clamp down on the vibe. Somehow, Misty kept her vibrator against Candy’s clit, even as she twitched and trembled in climax.

Scott’s growls blasted from between clenched teeth as the strength of his will evaporated. A thought flashed through his head, almost too late. Even though she’d mentioned being on the pill, she hadn’t actually told him to come inside her.

She must have felt the loss of rhythm in Scott’s thrusts and understood what it foretold, because she cried out, “Fill me up! Yes! Yes! I’m gonna c-c-c-co...”

The rest of the word never passed her lips, because Scott was there. He slammed his cock into her depths, and his eyes popped wide open when he felt an icy cold sensation, as if someone with a handful of ice was squeezing his balls. Twin screams filled the room, one from him, and one from Candy.

Inarticulate, almost pained sounds bubbled from Scott’s lips with every pulse of his cock. He came so hard that he could feel every spurt of semen surging up through his shaft, and a chilly jolt in the head as his cum erupted into Candy’s clinging pussy. He just kept coming, far more than he could ever remember before, and far harder.

Scott could barely catch his breath when he finally ceased to spurt. His head was hanging down, and a curtain of hair hung in front of his eyes. Both he and Candy twitched and gasped, still caught in the aftershocks of their orgasms. An especially hard squeeze of her walls around him was more than he could take. He jerked free with a comical, quavering groan, and sat back hard on his ass.

Candy cried out as cool air washed over her hot sex, and then again, when Misty grabbed her ass. Through half-closed eyes, Scott watched Misty lapping up the cum flowing from Candy’s depths with hungry moans.

A few seconds later, Candy went into a second wave of ecstasy. She screamed in a high-pitched voice as the orgasm took hold of her even before the first had really ended. “F-fuck!”

The first time Candy tried to pull away, unable to endure Misty’s questing tongue any longer, Misty’s grip kept her from succeeding. Finally, Candy was able to escape the exquisite torment.

The three lay panting and exhausted – but satisfied beyond words – for long minutes before any of them could move.


Scott was still wearing a stupid grin when he woke up at nearly noon the next day in his apartment. He knew that he should be reviewing the evidence from the investigation, but he couldn’t resist doing something else first.

Luck must have surely played a role in the quick, blind adjustments that he made to the camera before placing it nonchalantly on Candy’s vanity. He had a damn fine view of almost everything that had happened the night before as he watched the video.

Even better, they had both invited him to come back over any time for more.

He fast-forwarded to Misty riding his cock and Candy sitting on his face, enjoying the new view almost as much as the one he had from between Candy’s thighs at the time. Just as both women threw their heads back and screamed in climax, his mouth dropped open and his eyes bugged out.

A ghostly image of a woman leaned over his body between the two girls. Her fingers were pressed to both women’s clits, and she was staring right at the camera with a sultry, mischievous grin.

Scott hit the pause button, and could do nothing except stare in stunned amazement.

Behind him, Jim and Keri both laughed hard enough to make their sides hurt. They were a mismatched pair: a geeky-looking young man with an ample endowment, and a curvaceous, sultry blonde. Not even being transparent spirits could disguise the disparity.

“The look on his face!” Jim remarked, and then launched into another gale of laughter.

Keri sat down on Scott’s bed, her large breasts bouncing as her bottom settled on the mattress. “I know. It was so worth it.”

“You really managed to manifest that time. Sure it was a good idea, though?” Jim asked while wiping away a tear and sitting next to his ghostly lover.

“They seem okay. Not like most of those investigators with sticks in their asses. Most people still won’t believe the evidence with it right in front of them, and he’ll never be able to show anybody but his closest friends that one, since he taped it secretly.”

He leaned in to kiss her. “You were a little bitchy when they were asking you questions, though.”

“I was seconds from coming when they burst in and started jabbering. I wasn’t in the best of moods. As I recall, you weren’t too amused either.”

“I got over it later, though. Why didn’t you tell me you were into girls?”

Keri bit her lower lip and stroked a finger over his rising erection while glancing at the image on the computer monitor. “I don’t think I really admitted it to myself until I saw our new roommates going down on each other.”

Jim shivered, and then said, “I guess we should stop being so stubborn about being there first, and not keep chilling the poor girl out of her bed.”

Keri stopped teasing with her fingertip and wrapped her hand around his cock. “Well, he’s not using his bed right now.”

Jim didn’t need any more encouragement than that.

Oblivious to the paranormal activity going on in his own bed, Scott debated on whether to pay a visit to his fellow members of R.I.P. at work to show them the video on break, or call Candy.

He missed an opportunity to investigate the rare paranormal phenomenon of ectosplooge on his bed when he hurried to Candy’s house a little later.


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