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Run Viola Run!

Run Viola Run!

A woman runs as an enchanted cock and balls chase her through the California redwood forest.
Viola Hunter ran as fast as she could. There was no time to be wasted. She was buxom and tall, and her long, straight, black hair was tied into a thick plait that offered a strong contrast to her olive skin. It was currently flying behind her, as she ran to preserve her modesty. The rogue cock was in pursuit.

There had been many such pursuits all over the land. The rogue cock was the penis and balls of an ancient magician, and they had come alive a month ago, following a freak storm that hit all parts of the world at the same time. Right now, in the dense California forests, it was Viola’s turn to be a target of the rogue cock. The cock did only one thing when it targeted someone. It entered them, from all angles, with as much vehemence as possible, until the balls of that ancient magician discharged their entire load for the day.

That was not all though. Previous victims of the rogue cock had plain vanished. One of them, an attractive Mexican female otolaryngologist, had been pursued in Times Square with thousands of people around her. Good Samaritans and cops had tried to hide her in vain, but the rogue cock always poked its way through to her.

The poor doctor had darted into a Macy’s, and even hid out in the elevator, and in the changing rooms of several different stores. Much to the horror of all those present however, the cock had wiggled and poked its way into her in one manner or another. It had poked multiple female derrieres on its way. It had also stopped by to quickly enter the mouth of a young woman who was pursing her lips to check out her lipstick in front of one the multiple mirrors shops have in order to secure a bond between a consumer’s vanity and their wallet.

Ultimately however, the unfortunate doctor had been lifted bodily into the air, while the rogue cock fucked her willy-nilly in Times Square! The cock had invaded her cunt, then her anus, and then her mouth. Pedestrians, cab drivers, Deli owners and workers, pavement artists, all had stopped what they were doing, as an enchanted cock and a pair of balls stripped the poor doctor naked and had its way with her. At the very end of the show, both the victim and the rogue cock had vanished in a shower of semen and female emissions, as if they had been a holographic projection and the projector had just been turned off.

If Viola Hunter wasn't scared of the rogue cock having targeted her, she would have found the irony of herself being hunted hilarious. Hunter was now the hunted.

In spite of her fear, Viola felt a certain perverse fascination with the cock and balls that chased her. A large portion of her body and mind were intensely curious about the experience. From what she had heard about it so far, she wondered whether she should even heed the fear she felt. Perhaps she should allow the cock between her thighs after all.

Her lusty thoughts didn't stop her from running however. If the cock caught her, it could take her. If she outran the cock, then she was just that good a runner. So she kept running.

She skirted through two redwood trunks, and looked over her shoulder. The rogue cock was chasing her, only twenty paces behind. She felt panic rising in her pendulous breasts, and turned back and increased her pace. She had a stitch in her side soon, but she heard the rhythmic squishy crunching of the leaves on the forest floor behind her. The cock had elected to run instead of flying after her, so she heard the balls functioning as a very odd yet efficient pair of feet pounding after her.

The cock was right behind her when she turned back. The sparrows that flitted about her watched her humiliation as though they were watching some reality show. She saw a curious squirrel, too big for its species, watching with apparent glee. She felt like crying because there was no one who would help her.

Then the cock entered her from behind. Its grinning pink and purple head tore right through her cargo pants, and her lace panties posterior and took her cunt from an impossible angle. She felt giant balls slamming ferociously against her buttocks. She cried out from a mixture of pain and pleasure, although the latter was quickly gaining the upper hand.

She turned frantically, to evade the penetration, and slapped the cock and balls behind her. She heard a sharp “Hey” that sounded like Oompa Loompa from the cock or perhaps from the balls or from both. She whirled around, and the cock remained behind her, darting in and out like an expert fencer’s rapier. It had easy access to her cunt and her anus, having torn her pants and panties.

Viola panicked! She reached back, still whirling around, trying to face the rogue cock, and gripped the shaft of the cock in her hand. The cock was pulsing, and sentient, and responded to her touch and became even harder. She started, but she wasn’t going to forget her aim in the waves of sheer lust that swamped her just then.

She ripped the cock out, gripping it right at the base. The balls pumped against her closed fist, and tried wriggling away, but her grip was strong enough. She tightened it further and felt the cock understanding its captive position.

The cock struggled for a minute, and then went slack. Viola knew that it was playing possum, so she didn’t loosen her hold. That would mean immediate betrayal and subsequent invasion of her vagina. She held on.

The rogue cock was too ancient to lose at such a game. It suddenly wilted to half its size, as though it had just discharged, and slipped out of her grasp. Then it came back to full mast and attacked her pussy from the front, with double the vehemence.

Viola gasped, as the thrust from the cock carried her off in the air, and tossed her into a heap of leaves, that was mercifully enough cushioning for the ten foot high fall the cock visited on her. She moaned, as a deluge of female hormones rushed through every nerve and fiber of her being, while the rogue cock slammed into her cunt repeatedly, with climactic intent. The gargantuan balls had suddenly become fleshy yet turgid, and they slapped her inner thighs and her buttocks.

She reached down to dislodge the cock from her dripping cunt, but the cock pivoted around its head, which was buried deep in her belly, and dragged her along with it on the forest floor, always straining just an inch out of reach. Viola was forced to choose between protecting the back of her head, and dislodging the cock, and sheer survival instinct made her choose the former.

After a brutal half hour or dragging around the forest floor, Viola felt the cock straining and throbbing. She had tears in her eyes, and many scrapes and bruises on her back. Still, her loins were on fire, and she knew that she had long since been enjoying the solid fucking she was being given. She was not just enjoying this, she wanted it to never stop. She felt the cock’s throbbing grow even more frantic, and then she realized her cunt was throbbing as well.

At the exact same moment, the cock and her cunt reached climax, and a glorious sequence of the cock’s viscous spurts mixed with her molten juices. She forgot everything around her except for that unending swell of the climax she was experiencing. She felt herself being raised off the forest floor, as the cock pulled out of her, and its thick jizz enveloped her. The goo was thicker than any man’s and it blotted out her consciousness.

When she came to, she was in a palace that appeared to be Valhalla and Olympus combined. She saw multiple other women there, including the vanished Mexican doctor. Each woman was being attended to by seven men. Every one of these men was an Adonis. One looked like George Clooney, and another like Hugh Jackman. One looked like Antonio Banderas, and another like Michael Jordan. They were all bronzed and godlike, and all hung like horses. Each woman’s seven men were waiting on her hand and foot.

A grinning old wizard greeted her, as he levitated a few feet in front of her, holding a wand in his right hand that was seven feet tall and made of California redwood.

“For every sacrifice, there is a reward,” he said, simply, and waved his wand.

Seven mouthwatering men appeared around Viola Hunter, and bowed before her.

“Hey!” she yelled at the magician, “who gave you permission to cut down a California redwood!”

Note to the reader: You guessed it, dear reader! The name of this piece is a play on the name of the famous German movie ‘Run Lola Run’, although Lola is hardly running from a cock. I am not sure what made me write this. I suppose I have an odd brain. 

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Cover and internal design by Jay Valagmite (a pseudonym of the author).

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems—except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews—without permission in writing from the author.

Note to the reader
This book contains explicit descriptions of hardcore sex and bad language. Be warned! Adults only (18+).

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