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Seven Deadly Sins: Anger

Declan enlists help to seduce an angry redhead.
Declan was excited about this sin. Next to lust, wrath or anger was his favorite. There was nothing more fun than watching a quick tempered person being broken. Teaching them the meaning of patience, and what better way to instruct than using orgasms, or the denial of orgasms.

Bella, the target for tonight, was a hot tempered red head. She didn't have time or patience for slowness. She wanted it done, and she wanted it done now. In every area of her life, she rushed through the minor details. Always impatient with the proper steps.

Declan sat back, deep in thought. Maybe, he wasn't the man for this particular job, but he certainly would take immense pleasure in watching. He knew the perfect person for the job, and that person was not a he.

This woman had to be the most patient person ever, practically an immovable rock when it came to teaching the stubborn. He called Desiree and pitched the plan to her.

“Hi Desy. Got a job for you,” he stated.

“Anything for you, luv. What's the job?” she asked.

“Teaching an impatient, almost hostile, filly some patience,” he laughed.

“Purrrrfect!” she purred, back.

Thinking that there was no time like the present, he teleported Desiree to his location, then both of them straight to Bella's bedroom. They waited for her to return.

“Damn. Damn. And double damn! Stupid traffic! I could have walked faster,” Bella fumed, as she entered her apartment.

She threw her keys on the table. Traffic pissed her off, almost as bad as stupid people. She could not count how many times she lost her temper with someone today. It must have been dumb ass day out.

She made her way to her shower. Why waste time on a bath? There was not enough time in the day for her to get everything done.

Stripping her clothes off and dumping them into the washing machine, she quickly jumped into the shower. With her face in the water and full of soap, she proceeded to wash the make up and stress from her head. Bella took a moment to relax in the warm water and let her mind wander.

Warm, small hands encircled her waist and glided up her back to her shoulders. Strong, but small hands, kneaded her muscles, all the while working the tension from her body. Bella jumped and spun around to find herself alone in the shower stall.

“What. The. Fuck,” she muttered.

Bella quickly rinsed and got out. Shaken, she dressed in a pair of black silk panties. She found that it was more comfortable to sleep in just panties, and it felt good to feel her nipples rub against her silky sheets.

Declan, invisible to Bella, watched in amusement. This woman was in such a hurry to do everything and get ahead, that she pushed away anything that would require time and effort. Her relationships were short and usually ended badly. Even masturbating, she took the easy way out and used a vibrator to cum quickly. Well, not tonight.

Bella slipped into bed and turned out the light. Snuggling into the blankets, she was about to fall asleep, when she felt the same hands on her body again. They cupped her breasts, gently rolling her nipples between their fingers. Startled awake, she laid there, trying to figure out if this was a figment of her imagination or was it real.

“Of course, it's real, silly,” a soft, seductive voice whispered into her ear.

“Holy shit!” Bella yelled, jumping out of bed.

Laying in her bed was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She was of average height, tanned, and toned. Jet black hair framed an angelic face that housed startling lavender eyes. Full red lips completed the picture.

“Who the fuck are you, and what the fuck are you doing in my house?” she yelled.

Her famous temper spiked, as she began yelling. The lovely lady in her bed smiled serenely, letting the hellcat vent her spleen. She laughed and waved for Declan to join. Bella, already pissed that her privacy had been invaded, looked on in amazement, as a devastatingly handsome man appeared out of no where.

“What the HELL is going on?” she sputtered, well into one of her famous temper tantrums.

Declan called the mist and watched as Bella split. Her outer self frowned, as the part of her affected by the mist allowed itself to be led back to bed. Amused at the pissy look on the outer Bella's face, Declan thought to add fuel to the fire by draping his arm around her shoulders and was rewarded with a violent shrug of her shoulders to dislodge him.

“Quit being such a bitch, and watch what a little patience can do for you,” he laughed, dunking to avoid her fist.

“Fuck you! Tell me what's going on,” she demanded.

“Shut up, and watch,” he retorted, not caving in to this fire haired harpy.

Desiree gently grabbed Bella's hands and guided her back to the bed. Urging her onto her belly, Desiree straddled Bella's slim hips and begin to glide her hands up and down her back. She kneaded the tense muscles, working the stress out of them.

Bella watched her body relax. This was a waste of time. Scowling back at Declan, she opened her mouth to complain.

“Shut up!” he said, pointing back to the couple on the bed.

Fuming, she turned her attention back to herself and the lovely creature touching her. Bella's foot began to tap, with irritation. She was getting worked up again, when she felt Declan's arm around her waist. He pulled her shadow self onto his lap. Mortified, she tried to get up, but was unable to.

He worked her legs over his, so that she was spread open. Feeling bold, he cupped her panty clad pussy and whispered, “Relax...just sit back and enjoy the show.”

Desiree had worked her way down Bella's back and was working her ass cheeks. She hooked her fingers in the band of Bella's panties and began to work them over her hips, baring her ass. Bella lifted her hips and off the panties went.

Desiree spread Bella's legs and sat back to look at her exposed slit. She ran her fingertips up and down Bella's lightly furred pussy lips, before pulling them open.

“What a pretty, pink pussy! So juicy and getting wetter by the moment,” she commented aloud.

She slipped a finger inside Bella's cunt, watching her asshole wink in response. Searching for the patch of skin about 2in inside her pussy, she used the pad of her finger to rub the anterior wall. Desiree knew she had hit the jackpot, when Bella's hips began to rotate and hump her finger.

Desiree tickled and prodded the smooth patch, making Bella's pussy balloon out and get juicier. She slid another finger inside, and Bella began grinding against the mattress. Wanting to add to her misery, she pressed her thumb against the puckered brown hole that was constantly winking at her.

“Patience, luv! Patience,” she crooned to Bella.

“God! I wanna cum so bad,” Bella moaned.

Desiree pulled her hand from Bella's slit and turned her over. She leaned over and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Bella groaned, as she felt Desiree's tongue flick and swirl around her turgid tip. Her pussy flooded with each slurp.

“Get my vibe...please...make me cum,” she begged.

“No. No. No,” Desiree admonished.

The shadow Bella watched, entranced. She was vaguely aware of Declan's hand mirroring what Desiree was doing. The crotch of her panties was soaking wet.

“Make me cum,” she hissed.

“So impatient! You will cum, when your counterpart cums. No sooner,” he chided.

Desiree gave a hard suck, then let Bella's nipple pop out of her mouth. She rolled Bella's other nipple, as she sucked her bottom lip before ravaging Bella's mouth with her tongue. Bella entangled her fingers in Desiree's hair, pulling her closer. She kissed the other woman, fiercely. They broke the kiss.

“Make me cum,” she said, breathlessly.

“No,” Desiree answered.

Desiree slid down Bella's body, positioning herself between her legs. Declan watched and mimicked, sliding between the shadow Bella's legs. She kissed the cunt in front of her, then slid her tongue inside the wet hole.

Bella howled. She felt the tongue slither inside her and tried to grind her pussy against Desiree's face. She nearly fainted when Desiree sucked her hole, then shoved her tongue deeper.

Desiree, teasing the impatient woman, pulled her face from Bella's cunt. She yanked her own panties off and scissored her legs, making her pussy touch Bella's. Desiree began to rotate and rub her wet lips against Bella's.

“Rub with me,” she said.

Bella, desperate to cum, rubbed and ground her cunt against Desiree's. The sounds of wet pussy, mixed with grunts and moans, filled the room. Desiree worked Bella to the point of orgasm, then let off.

Bella was at the point of insanity. Her body was strung so tightly that the slightest stimulation would be enough to send her over the edge. She rubbed faster and was almost there, when Desiree pulled away. Wanting to cry, Bella clenched her fists, but refrained from begging.

“So very very close, but are you deserving?” Desiree whispered.

Desiree looked at the lovely cunt, so flushed that it was no longer pink, but a fiery red and so very swollen. Bella's clit was so swollen that it was protruding from it's hood, completely. She watched, as Bella's flower opened and shut.

Declan, with the shadow Bella back on his lap, rubbed her clit in slow, deliberate circles. He listened, as she gasped and moaned. Her head resting back on his shoulder. Her hips bucking his hand.

Desiree decided it was time to set the fiery bomb off. She rolled Bella's clit between her fingers, then jacked it like a tiny cock. Her fingertips a blur, frigging that nub.

Bella's feet dug into the bed, pushing her hips up high. She let out a loud screech, as lights flashed behind her eyes. She came like she had never came before.

The shadow Bella came along with her other half. Declan's fingers worked just as fast and furious as Desiree's. His hand was coated with her slimy pussy juice, and with each contraction, more jetted out of her cunt.

“See how much better life can be when you have a modicum of patience,” he said, pulling his fingers from her convulsing pussy.

Desiree joined Declan, as he lifted the mist, and the Bella's rejoined. They left her there panting. He returned his friend to her home, then returned to his.

Declan admired the new red light, swirling with the other two. It was a lovely sight. Three sins down, and four to go. He looked at the docket of sinners to see who was next.

“Ahhh! The sin of sloth. Well, this lazy one is gonna have to work for their reward,” he grinned.

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