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Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

Declan shows jealous Sara that it's not always good to get what you want.
Declan looked at the ornate jar. It was large, diamond cut, and clear. Antique and expensive, it contained one lonely violet light that swirled around. He watched the light, knowing that by the end of tonight, it would have some company.

As he watched the light dance, he sat back in his chair and locked his hands behind his neck. Capturing envy should be extraordinarily easy, much like pride. Sara was a creature of habit. She ate the same, thought the same, and wanted the same.

Sara wanted Adam. Molly had Adam. According to Sara, Molly had the perfect life. She was prettier, smarter, richer, and she had Adam. Living with Molly was a daily dose of envious hell.

Declan closed his eyes and pictured Sara and Molly. Sara, although she thought she was second rate, was a lovely lady. Her long brown hair was straight and silky. Her chocolate brown eyes were intelligent. She had a good job and was never without money.

Sara, if she took the time to listen to others and take an honest look at herself, wasn't second rate. Molly, on the other hand, was a vivacious blonde with crystal blue eyes and a body to die for. Men followed her wherever she went. Molly went through men like tissue.

Every night Sara listened to the loud moans and screams of pleasure that emanated from Molly's room. She always had trouble sleeping, because her pussy was wet and throbbing from the sounds and imagining what Adam was doing to her roommate.

The next morning Molly emerged from her room looking like the cat who ate the canary. She walking bowlegged and sat gingerly. Molly could never really look Sara in the face. It was like she was satisfied, yet ashamed. This all but pissed Sara off.

As the time passed, the more envious Sara got. She wanted Adam. She wanted Adam to the point that she actually saw green when Molly walked into the room, and when she was with Adam, Sara turned into the biggest bitch.

Declan whispered the vicious rumor that Sara was saying in the wind, and it landed right in their ears. What Molly heard was Sara was better for Adam. What Adam heard was that Molly was seeing another man; a better lover.

Hurt, Adam confronted Molly, who denied everything. But, the damage was done. Adam, determined to get back at Molly, turned to Sara.

Once the motions were in play, Declan flashed to Sara's apartment. Standing apart from the man and woman present, he called the mist and watched it settle on the couple. He loved using the mist; it allowed the intended sinner to part with their body to watch, as the vice took control.

Sara blinked, as the mist covered her. She watched her body move, like watching a movie. When she noticed Declan in the corner, her insides quivered. What was in those drinks? What was she tripping on? Rather than question the mysterious, handsome man, she reverted her attention back to the scene unfolding in front of her.

“Man...fucking bitch...I loved her,” Adam moaned, “How could she fuck another guy?”

Sara nodded her head, encouraging him to go on. On the surface, she was all compassion, but below, Sara was dancing with joy. She patted his arm, wondering how she could get him to fuck her like he fucked Molly every night.

“My, My, My. You are a vicious bitch, aren't you?” Declan whispered in Sara's ears.

Startled, Sara nearly jumped out of her skin. She had not heard the man move. Declan touched her temples, and she saw Molly in the next room. Her roommate was clearly angry and upset. Talking to a mutual friend on the phone, Molly was hearing who started the rumor.

"Sorry little cunt! She's gonna find out that she is biting off more than she could chew. That mousy bitch is in for a surprise,” Molly said, into the phone.

Declan closed the scene, before Sara could find out just what she got herself into. He returned to the couch and motioned for her to watch the show. Sara, sick to her stomach, watched the story unfold.

Adam, unbeknownst to Sara, channeled his frustrations and anger into his dick. He fucked. None of this tender making love shit for him. He wanted it hard and rough.

He looked at Sara, licked his lips. She would do. Sara wasn't really his type. He knew that she watched him. Adam made Molly howl, just for Sara's benefit.
Sara was clearly expecting him to realize that she was the woman for him and make tender love to her. She was not expecting to be grabbed roughly and crushed against his hard chest.

“You know what you're in store for, don't you?” Declan said.

She nodded.

“Your jealousy broke up this couple. You wanted this man, but you have no idea what he is truly like. Now, you have what you wanted. I wonder if it is going to be worth it,” Declan said, nonchalantly.

Sara watched herself, as he pushed her to her knees. Adam opened his jeans and pulled out his cock. Her eyes widened. Now, she knew why Molly always walked funny. He had to be at least 7in in circumference and a good 8in long.

She didn't know if she would be able to take it. Having only had one other lover before in her life, she was limited in her experience. Adam gripped his pole in his hands and rubbed the leaking tip over her lips.

The madder he got, the harder he got. Holding Sara by the hair, he smacked her mouth with his cock a couple times before nudging her lips open with the huge mushroom head. He groaned deep in his chest. Her mouth was wet and very warm, which reminded him of Molly, who was an excellent dick sucker.

Adam looked down at Sara's face. Her mouth stuffed full of his meat. He wanted to fuck her face. Tightening his grip in her hair, he started to slowly inch his way down her throat, until he hit the back wall of her throat. Her face was red, and she was swallowing convulsively. He pulled back out to let her catch her breath.

The outer Sara was outraged. She would never let a man do that to her, treat her like a sex slave. But, apparently, her other self had no problem being debased like that.

“No need to get all bent out of shape. You wanted him,” Declan laughed.

Adam pulled his cock out of her mouth. A string of spit trailed from his slit to her lips. It broke when he wiped himself on her cheeks.

“I need to work off some steam. Get naked. I'm gonna fuck you,” he ordered.

Like a little whore, Sara stripped off her clothes and stood naked in front of the man she had wanted for so long. She hoped that he would like her body. She was disappointed when he took her wrists, led her to the bed, and tied them to the head post.

The outer Sara was getting more and more upset. He barely noticed her. She looked at Declan, who was smirking at her.

“This is NOT how it is supposed to be,” she protested.

“How do you know? Have you ever talked to Molly about him?” Declan countered.

Rather than answer him, she turned back to the action, just as Adam was about to straddle her waist. He tweaked her nipples roughly, making them stand sharply.

“I just love seeing your pointy nipples get red and hard,” he said, as he pulled the left one out and let it bounce back.

The outer Sara was surprised. First, she had not verbally ripped him a new one. Second, her pussy was drenched. It was like her nipple was attached to her clit and with every bolt of pain, her clit jumped and twitched.

Adam hopped off the bed and started rummaging through the bedside stand. Pulling out a pair of nipple clamps, he pinched her right nipple and worked the clamp onto it, then repeated the process on the left side.

Running a chain through both clamps, he pulled them tight, making both of her rubbery buds stand straight up. Adam hung the chain on a nail in the wall, keeping the tension on her tender tips.

“So pretty!” he exclaimed.

The outer Sara was aghast. Her normally brown nipples were red and swelling, as she watched. Her gaze traveled south and noticed that her pussy lips were shiny and swollen.

Adam noticed this, too.

He looped a rope under her left knee, then another under her right. Adam hoisted her legs up and out, opening her wide. Her bare pussy and ass was visible and bare. He smiled, because he just loved a woman who shaved her cunt and asshole.

He ran a fingertip over her lips and circled her puckered back door. Watching as both holes contracted, Adam leaned over and spit on her pussy. Watching as the spittle traveled into her hole, he slapped her rigid clit with his fingertips a couple of times.

The outer Sara jumped with every strike. She watched her own clit get bigger and visibly pulse. With every slap, her pussy make wet slapping noises.

Adam pulled out the biggest dildo Sara had ever seen. He began rubbing it up and down over her drooling slit, focusing on her clit. He nudged the tip at her hole, barely inserting the head inside.

Sara could not move. She wanted to hump against him so bad, but he had her trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Adam pulled the massive dildo from her cunt and slapped it against her. She heard herself beg.

“Please...anything...I'll do anything,” Sara whined.

“Anything, huh?” Adam sneered, “that's interesting.”

He backed away from the bed. His little booty call was tied up with no way to get loose. She was just a pussy and ass hole to play with. With an evil grin, he grabbed a tube of lubrication. Adam squirted a dollop onto his fingers and rubbed it all over the rim of her asshole.

“NO!” she howled.

“Yes,” he replied.

He twisted and worked his fingers into her tight hole. Her anus relaxed with the constant pressure and movement of his fingers, until she opened up and swallowed his digits whole.

Declan allowed the outer Sara to feel what her shadow self was feeling. She groaned. It burned and hurt, but the pressure was wonderful. Her own pussy was flooding at the feelings going through her.

“YES!” she screamed, “More!”

“Tell me what you want,” he asked her.

“In my ass...I want you in my ass,” she groaned.

“What do you want in your filthy, lying ass?” he growled.

"Your...your...cock. I want your cock,” she screamed.

“My pleasure,” was all he said, before pulling his fingers out and shoving his thick cock deep inside her asshole in one massive thrust.

Sara screamed in pleasure/pain, as he fucked her puckered hole. Using strong, hard thrusts, Adam worked his meat in and out of her ass. He punished her ass with slow, deep strokes, followed by rapid, shallow ones.

The pressure was so great that Sara was bearing down for all she was worth. A deep red flush extended from her clamped nipples to her bright red pussy. When he began to pinch her clit in time with his thrusts, she lost control.

Thrashing and bucking, Sara came hard. Her whole body convulsed and jerked. She saw bright white flashes, before blacking out briefly.

When her thought processes cleared, she was aware that her pussy was leaking a copious amount of pearly juice. She felt it pool at the opening, before running down over her asshole, which was still full of Adam's spasmodic cock.

He filled her guts with warm jism. Her ass burned and felt wet. Adam pulled out, got up, and walked to the dresser. He grabbed a mirror and brought it back to the bed.

“Look...just look,” Adam said to her.

The outer Sara looked. Her pussy was swollen and red. She watched her clit jump. Her asshole looked ravaged. Swollen and gaping open, she could see their mingled juices draining from her open ass.

“You are a manipulative bitch, Sara. You know that, huh? Your friend, the one that you started those lies with, came clean. Your hurtful gossip lost me my girlfriend,” he said, as he released her legs.

She watched him with wary eyes and yelped when he pulled the clamps off her nipples. When she opened her mouth to defend herself, Adam stopped her with a look.

“Don't say a word. You've said enough,” he said.

Sara, freed from her bonds, just laid there. The outer Sara watched, as her plans went down the drain. Declan watched, serenely. Adam gathered his stuff and left the room.

Declan lifted the mist, rejoining the outer Sara with the one on the bed. He materialized before her.

“You wanted what you didn't have. You tried to steal it from another,” he said.

She watched.

“Funny still don't have what you wanted,” Declan said to her, dematerializing.

He returned to his home. A new light swirled with the violet one. A beautiful green light had joined it. Sin #2 was gathered, and a new sin awaited. This one he might actually take part in. Nothing was funner than breaking a woman, who carried the third deadly sin, Anger.

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