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SEXI: MAD Costume Party

Wicca and Wizards



Darry kicked back in his chair. The solution in the spray bottle had taken on an unearthly color but it had also clarified. And it didn't smell all that bad either, kind of reminded him of spicy musk cologne. The two new batches he had started with the sludge from the bottom of the first had gone through the expected changes. By the evening of the Alti-Verse Bash, he would have three bottles of the potion ready.


The Mu Alpha Deltas (MADs) were the college science and tech geeks. Though any MAD probably had a better chance at landing a real job with a real paycheck after college, the campus regarded most of the tech geeks as just that, geeks. Just ask any of the hot chicks on campus about MAD fraternity brothers and you'd get something like, "Oh they're great, for geeks. I mean if you need help to cram for finals or need a term paper sure!"


Last year's party had been lame. The girls from the Nerd Sorority had made a token appearance and some of the brothers' girlfriends had come to party. One very hot girl in NASA intern cosplay had shown up and flashed everyone her fine pussy and firm tits, then her boyfriend whisked her away in a hurry. Most of the frat boys had treasured GIF and j-peg stored memories of that infamous moment. But on the whole MAD parties were usually not very crazy or wild.


Darry had sworn that this year would be different. Having settled in his new room at Mu Alpha Delta, no one in the house could have guessed the second year fraternity brother's talents, no one knew about his unnatural gifts. Last year he'd been detailed to steal Johnny on the Spots for the party then had to power wash the interiors and decorate them with lights. Ugh.


When Darry had come up with the "Magical Acne Preparation" the entire frat house was his test ground. In a three-week trial, his treatment cured his fraternity brothers without notable side effects or exceptions. With a campus full of terminally immature coeds, the acne remedy found a ready market. Suddenly everyone wanted Darry's cream. Two MAD brothers took over marketing and the fraternity found a new enterprise. He'd earned his new digs and a small laboratory was cleared out for him in the basement.


"Darry, how's the secret project?" said a gawky red-haired guy who strode into the dimly lit laboratory.


"Winston, how's the party planning going?" Darry asked.


"Well, we got four coeds from Culinary Arts making fresh hors d'oeuvres upstairs right now. We need some room in your refrigerators."




The sophomore brother looked over at the rush party chairman. Winston was the most unlikely party host you'd ever meet except that he could organize a concert, an orgy or even a Rennaisance fair to the last detail. Besides that, he was obsessive-compulsive, a music savant and a maven of film noir wardrobe.


"How did you get chicks to come over and make food?" Darry asked.


"Oh, we've been going to the sister houses for the last two weeks giving out samples of Magical Acne Preparation and invitations to the Alti-Verse Bash."


"That's fucking brilliant Winston!"


A part of him wanted to remind the party chairman about diluting the market for the acne cream, but the invitations meant girls would be coming. The typical costume for a coed was lingerie and kitten or bunny ears and tail.  It was a sorority house standard. When your typically nerdy frat house becomes suddenly popular, the girls come to party and do all kinds of whatever.


"How's the chemistry project going? You were going, I think you said, 'to do a disappearing illusion,'" Winston asked.


"One, it's a solution, not an illusion, and b, it's alchemy, not chemistry," Darry's subtle malaprop made the party chairman chuckle.  The alchemist pointed to a rack of coat hangers. "The samples are over there and I think we have a winner."


Looking over at the rack near the wall, the party chairman saw wisps of translucence shimmering. It was as if gossamer had been made into clothes.


"Did you camouflage the skirt or did it disappear?" he asked.


"Don't ask," Darry advised. "Clothing samples of girls skirts, tops, lingerie in nylon, rayon, polyester, satin, and cotton. A small spray of the potion contacting any part of clothing will cause a chain collapse at the molecular level. Any pigment or dye is eliminated; the garment is rendered eighty-nine percent transparent. The collapse occurs over a period of twenty-two to thirty-four minutes depending on fabric density. But there's a little catch."


"Wait, what? So the top five fabrics that chicks wear basically disappear when they spray on the potion. What's the catch? Do I have to ask?"


"The subject must voluntarily apply the spray."


"So you need a label that says, 'Magic Party Spray, use this for a Good Time?'" Winston supplied the answer.


"Call it 'MAD Party Glitter Spray One Spray Does It!'  It's a pheromone entrancer, just a quick sniff entices the user to want more."


From a pad on the desk, Darry grabbed the first page and handed it over. "Here's a label that I drew for it. I even included an advisory note: This product can produce the adverse effect destabilized pigment desaturation."


"Wow, so some chicks won't get it and the ones that do... " Winston continued.


"Will think it's just a crazy nerdy frat-boy joke," Darry explained. There were things that he could explain and others that he couldn't, not to his brothers, not really. Like where he'd found the elemental components to synthesize the acne medicine and the disappearing compound. 'Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine. Yeah, that pretty much says it,' he thought.


"So we need to make sure there are two spray pumps in the first floor, the girls' bathroom," Winston mused. "And we're blocking off a girls' powder room in the front hall so another there."


"Put a mirror on a side table on the patio, and a bottle next to it. Chicks at parties look for a selfie or a mirror."


"For the patio porta-potties, of course," the party chairman approved. "How're we going to judge costumes that are basically translucent iridescence?"


"Did you get any good prizes?"


"Actually, somebody suggested a kitten, because chicks love them. We were able to swap two samples of the acne cream for two kittens. But we're also offering term papers and a week of pre-finals tutoring," Darry's frat brother turned back toward the door. "We have a committee to pick who gets to tutor some coed during finals. Half the house is volunteering."


"I'd be more than happy to volunteer for that myself!" the alchemist smiled.




"Winston?" Darry looked back as the party chairman approached the door.


"Should I ask you what you're doing? Would the Chemistry Department understand?"


"Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies."


Winston nodded at the old saying and left the basement lab.


On a nearby worktable a brew bubbled happily over an alcohol burner, racks of test-tubes and bell jars sat on shelves hung on the walls. His lab kind of reminded him of seeing his Uncle Dadeyo's secret room for the first time. The summer he was twelve years old his parents sent him to the Colorado mountain home of his uncle and aunt.


There he learned all the secrets of his family and their honored name among the Wicca.  He thought of the day his uncle had brought out and shown him the grand book. A well-kept family heirloom, the antique tome was rumored to have been printed on a Gutenberg Press. The gold tooled cover read: (translated from ancient Celtic) 'The Conjuror's Canon and Words of Power'.


 Every summer afterward until he went to college was spent reading from the Canon and learning the family history, how his own mother descended from a line of witches both famous and powerful. Each page entranced him as he learned to decipher the cryptic letters like hieroglyphics.  He learned not just his own history but also the craft, the practical application of the spells and potions in the ancient tome.  At crafting potions he proved himself quite adept,  at curses, spells, and incantations, less so.


The potion that sat in the bottle on the table was famous in fable. A royal emperor refused to pay the tribute owed after a witch had cleared his castle of evil wards and demons. The witch had designed dyes which she'd sold secretly to the emperor's tailors, then the tailors used the dyes to craft the 'Emperor's New Clothes'. Judging by the condition of the page in the book, it had been a well-used potion.


The acne cream had been another of his family's creations. Though originally conceived to remove warts, moles, and freckles, it had morphed and improved many ways since its inception. Now it looked as though the cream alone would pay for his books and lodgings, not to mention the status the frat had gained on campus. He got up and walked over to the translucent samples of girls clothing, troubled by the idea that he hadn't done a proper field test yet. 'Who could he get to volunteer for that? And had he counted wrong?' Because suddenly he needed four bottles.


As if in answer, his cell phone started playing "My Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades." He grabbed it off the lab table and saw the caller displayed on the screen. Mr. Robert Connor who liked to bet on the frat house football pool, and also the husband of hot wife, Janine Connor. An idea suddenly formed.


"Hello Bob, glad you called. Looks like you lost the football pool again," Darry informed the caller. "I'm pretty sure that's your third loss this season."


"Here's the thing, Darry, can I call you Darry? I guess I don't know how to pick 'em." Connor was delaying the inevitable. "So, how do I say this? I just don't have the money to cover that bet, not right now."


"Mmm, hmm. That's a bit of a problem, Bob. You went double or nothing on this. That's four thousand.


"Maybe I can get something to help with that party? You guys need music, entertainment?" His voice sounded a bit desperate. Bob was in a fix.


Darry was ready to help him out. "All right Bob, I have an idea. You can provide us some entertainment. How's Mrs. Hotwife Connor at doing favors for you? Cause I have a way she can pay off your bet."


"Hotwife, he, he, she'd like that. So how does this work?  She plays hot mom at the frat?  She'd like that too." Bob answered acquiescing. "Knock off a grand a day. That's four days. So, are you going to make my hot wife do something naughty?"


"Bob, I really like the way you think; what a great idea!" Darry responded. "I'm so glad you're stepping to the plate on this. I'll be sending you a text with instructions for her. Make sure she understands her role."


"Thanks, Darry. She'll do whatever you think she needs to do."




The note from Bob this morning was, well, it was curious at the least. Janine was to go check into the Park Moor Hotel in the middle of the week before five o'clock. She'd get a call with instructions when she got there. So mysterious, but it might turn out to be fun and sexy.


She liked the Park Moor, it was really nice. Close to the college campus, but too expensive for most of the students and coeds. The room was very chic and comfortable. There was a nice bottle of wine and she was on her second glass. She'd been waiting about half an hour and no phone call yet.


But her husband had been clear, "Don't do anything until you get the phone call, then you need to do whatever you're instructed."


She sat on the bed with a nice buzz from the wine wondering what was up. Her dress was cut low on her breasts, and she couldn't wear a bra with that. Her best thigh high hose embraced her long legs; she'd worn the red heels that Bob always liked her to wear. Her cell phone beeped a text message incoming, grabbing her attention. Bob didn't usually text, he preferred to hear her talk, he said; she picked it up and read the screen.


'Darling, I have to ask you something. Only you can do this. You need to help me pay a bet. I know you're saying, "Again?!" Well, I lost to the frat geeks on the football pool. For now, just read the attachment and do what the instructions say. I'll explain it when I see you sometime. Thanks, Babe. Daddy loves you.'


Janine opened the attached text and started reading again. 'Remove your clothes now and go to the french doors to the balcony and open them. Step outside a moment then go in and wait. In about five minutes there will be a knock on the door. Go and answer the door and invite the person in. He will give you a bag with some clothes in it, you will take them and put your clothes, your key, and your ID in the bag. You can keep the rest of your purse. Do not leave the room to change into the clothes. From that moment whatever the frat member tells you, do it. You will be brought by car to your next destination, where you will receive your next instructions.' 


As Janine stripped off the dress and walked over to the balcony doors she analyzed the situation. 'Brought by car? To where? Seriously?' She needed another drink to get up the nerve to step out on the balcony. She refilled her glass and sat in one of the chairs and drank. The wine was pretty good and it warmed her down to her toes.

Enervated, Janine set her glass down. An idea came to mind. She got up and took the key card from the bureau and walked over to the door. She bent down and slipped the card under the door out into the hall. Then she got her phone and texted a message back. 'Tell the kid the keycard is in the hall, he can open the damn door himself.'


Janine got up and walked over to the balcony doors and pushed them open. The balcony overlooked the hotel's courtyard bar, she walked straight up to the decorative rail. A cool autumn breeze stiffened her naked nipples. She looked down at a table where a guy sat alone among the small crowd spread around the few tables.  She waited until she caught him looking up at her, then let her hands go to her string thong. In a second she pulled at the ties and revealed her nakedness to everyone. 


From down in the courtyard, the small crowd reacted: "Is she?" "Oh em gee, look at that? " "Hot damn, she is!"


She walked back inside to the chair to sit and wait. The knock on the door came a bit later. She looked over and ignored it.


Outside the door, the frat boy hung around waiting. 'Shouldn't she be opening the door? Wait, what was on the floor?' His phone beeped then, he had a text. He checked it: 'Keycard is on the hall floor. She says, open the damn door yourself.' Sure enough, it was a keycard laying there.


'So, should he knock?' he thought. He picked up the keycard and tripped the door, slowly opening it.


"Come on in," Janine invited him. "My stuff's over on the couch. Pack it up and hand me the clothes you brought."


She got up and walked over nakedly. The Fratboy looked obviously shaken.


Darry looked over at Janine Connor's body, naked in stockings and red pumps. 'How the hell had he gotten here?' he thought, 'and damn what a hot woman!' He brought the bag over to her.


"You got the text, you know what to do right? Or you can walk out in what you have on," he told her.


"So it's like that, okay," she answered taking the offered backpack. She dug into it and found a small spray bottle of some concoction. "'MAD Party Spray.' How sweet! You brought me a gift? Is it cologne?" she said half teasing.


"Actually it goes on the clothing. And it should blend nicely with whatever you might be wearing, scent-wise," Darry advised.


Janine pulled out a short hip-hugging skirt and a clingy top then dropped the bag on the floor. In a minute she had slipped into the skimpy sexy outfit. "So just spray onto the clothes and... ?"


"Get ready to be surprised," Darry answered. Unbelievably, hot wife Conner was here doing what he'd said just because he'd demanded it. "So, your ID and keys?"


The delicious MILF walked to the bed and bent over to grab her purse from the bed. Darry looked over at the long stocking wrapped legs rising up to her naked ass. Her nude, shaved pussy peeked from her thigh gap; she held the pose there a moment while picking up her dress.


Still bent over she dug into her purse, pulled out her wallet and keys then turned and walked back over to the other bag. Again she bent from the waist providing Darry with another pussy peek as she packed her stuff away. Finally, she stood up, took the spray bottle and spritzed the skirt and top.


"Oh, it's nice, it would work with any thing!" she said. She spritzed both the garments again. "I'm having another glass of wine unless you have something to drink where we're going?"


"It's a frat house, we always have something to drink. We should go, now." Darry went over and grabbed the bag with her clothes and personals.


"Ok, but first we have to do this. Hi, I'm Janine," hot wife Connor smiled.


"Hi, I'm MAD scientist Darry," the Frat Boy answered.






Darry eased his car out of the parking space with Janine at his side. By his watch it had been about six minutes since she'd sprayed her clothes with the potion. He wasn't sure what the second quick application would do. Would it increase the collapse rate of the dye molecules?


Janine sat in the passenger seat in the outfit the frat boy had brought for her and fiddled with the radio, then finally settled on some up tempo blues song .


"You know Bob is just awful at betting, he can never pick anything right," Darry informed her.


The scent from the spray was intoxicating to Janine; and so complimentary to her own perfume. It had blended right in, just as Darry had said it would. It was entrancing her, filling her senses.


"I know, right?" she agreed. "We were at this pool party one time and the guys were watching a baseball game. Bob made a bet with my brother in law that his team would win. Well, the other team gets a grand slam in the ninth inning and, of course, Bob lost the bet."


"So what happened? What did he bet?"


"Whichever one lost, me or my brother-in-law's stacked blonde girlfriend had to strip off her bikini and go naked the rest of the party!" Janine looked over at Darry and giggled. "The hostess decided I shouldn't be the only nude one, so she got out of her bikini, then the blonde had to take hers off and, well it was all in fun!" Darry laughed along with her marveling at this temptress.


The hot wife looked down at her skimpy outfit, the satin skirt shimmering in the sun coming in through the windshield. Then she was looking down through a sheer film. The bright blue satin had just turned sheer, her pussy displayed lightly veiled and naked.


"Oh my god, what happened to my skirt?" Janine cried.


"Oh fucking wow! That is just. Actually that's much better than I'd hoped," Darry explained. "It's typically about twenty or thirty minutes to get that sheer. That was just seven minutes. This changes everything." 


"So this was an expected outcome?" the hot-wife asked.


"No this is fucking great, not expected at all. Who could've?" The Alchemist reveled. "Must have been the second application. Brilliant!  Extrapolating from that I think I can do a twenty-eight percent dilution of the solution, yeah."


"Of the fucking spray?" Janine sat up and looked at her top now. It had started shimmering just like the skirt.


The white melted away like a shower of sparks and now her perfectly pert tits were visible in the invisible top. 'These little frat boys had dressed her in clothes that had disappeared. What the hell had Bob gotten her into?'


"Two questions: one, how long til this wears off and two, so, where we going?" she inquired shyly.


"One:  that's still an unknown.  Two: uhm, we need to run a blind test at the next corner mart. I need you to go in and get beer," Darry informed her. "I've got some cash and you can take your purse."


"Ok and are you going in?"


"You'll be fine," he said. "I'll be keeping my eye on you."


At the next intersection there was a Quickie Mart, Darry turned his old Toyota into the lot.


"Well, you'll see me whenever and however, I suppose," Janine smiled got out of the car and walked into the store.  Darry noticed that Janine had taken neither purse nor his cash with her.


As the curvy blonde sashayed away, the frat boy took out a small antenna dish, hooked up a synch cord and plugged in his laptop.  With a few keyboard instructions hastily typed in, a video feed from the corner mart flashed onto his screen. It was a great connection and a flawless image of the nude hot wife, walking every aisle of the store, taking items off the shelf. Her invisible clothing shimmered with her movement and showed nothing other than her nakedness. Then she saw a closed circuit cam and waved at it. 


When she got to the counter with her things the clerk looked at her amazedly. Then he smiled broadly and spoke to the blonde. She gestured to her body and shrugged, then smiled back. The clerk waited a moment, then seeming to remember something he bagged the items and handed them over to Janine. The hot wife picked up the bag and went to leave the store stopping once more to wave at the store cam.


Darry entered commands to send and then save the video, then retrieved the satellite dish from the roof.  In Janine's purse her phone buzzed.  As if in answer, Janine strode over to the car and opened the door.  She put the bag from the corner mart on the floor and settled into the passenger seat.


"So what's next?" she asked Darry.


"Your phone just beeped, you probably have a message.  Why don't you check it?"


Janine took her phone from the purse and pulled up her instant message app.  There was a new text, which she opened and read.


"So was that Bob?" Darry asked.


"No, not Bob," she replied.


"That wasn't your husband?"


"Not Bob, and we did this."


Bob should have sent her a message by now, but she said she hadn't got it. Now Darry was frantic to find out why. He opened his phone to his instant messenger to check it.


"He sent me the message, I'll send it to your phone." As he started to work the keypad, Janine took the phone away.


"Just let me see it," she told him.


The text was a bit long; she read: "Hey babe, I'm leaving town for a few days on business. Be back late Sunday. Meantime, I want you to go with the frat boys and stay at their house. While you're with the frat boys, I need you to cooperate and do whatever they need you to do. Be a good girl for me, thanks. Pick you up Sunday night!"


"Who was your other text from?" Darry asked when she looked  back at him.


"Oh, that was my daughter. She's just started at the college this fall and wants to know if she can go to your Halloween Bash."  Janine smiled wickedly at the frat boy. "I guess I'll tell her she'll be joining me there on Saturday. Hmmm?" 


Darry looked over at hot wife Janine in the passenger seat of his car, her body shimmering nakedly in his creative coutier. Her relaxed, comported and accomodating demeanor impressed him. This was a truly remarkable, incredibly sexy woman, driving off with him. He took a deep breath and pushed the car into gear, then turned it out of the parking lot and started down the street to the MAD fraternity house.


"We'll need to find you a room."


"You have a room?" she asked.


"Yes, I have a...  why?"


"I'll take yours. Be a good boy now, and invite me to have it."


"It's yours."  Darry smiled, thinking of her clothes in a backpack in his car.

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