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She Hooked Me- part Three: The Taste of Life

Wait till she is ready and calls you or you may have someone other than her on your neck
You walk around your room looking at the entertainment but it is all meaningless. You try to kill time, so to speak, but it does not fulfil the desire or alleviate the waiting. Oh!... the waiting drives you mad. All you can think about is Lillian; her eyes that draw you to her, her lushed blood red lips, her slender sexy neck that you just wish, no, crave to brush your own lips on. Then her bountiful breasts, which call to you to release them from their prison; the black corset, laced all the way down her curved body to her voluptuous hips. And finally, her legs which you can’t wait to have wrapped around you.

You find you have wandered over to the grand, hand crafted oak, four poster bed and you lie on your back, drifting back into your memories. It has only been a matter of hours but it seems like decades. Your memories are haunted by the scent of her perfume mixed with her natural essences. Your cock jumps inside your pants in anticipation of her cold lips on your neck, sending pulses of pleasure, through your body. Your body remembers and your male organ hardens like quick setting concrete. Her slightly sharp fangs drift over your neck and you moan, “Oh Lillian.”

Your hand slips between your black silk pants and wraps around your rock hard cock. You begin to stroke it as you remember all that has happened; Lillian teasing you before you were taken to the bath, and oh, the bath! Sebastian’s hot lips on your cock. Another thought drifts in, of the beautiful vampire woman and her glorious cave. You recall her sweet essence and how it filled your mouth. Your hand is sliding up and down your shaft, oh so fast and you have a tight grip around it; pumping it faster and faster.

“Ahem...” Sebastian clears his throat, trying to get your attention.

You open your eyes and quickly slide your hand out of your pants. You are slightly embarrassed. Your male member does not deflate, but stays in its hardened state.

“Sir, Queen Lillian has called you,” he states, as his eyes stay glued to the floor.

“Do I need to change? Is there something I am meant to take with me?” you inquire, nerves racking your body but also filling you with joy as, soon, you will be in her presence again. You can’t wait, you are like a boy about to meet his hero.

Sebastian goes ahead of you, opening and closing doors until you come to the ornate door where you kissed her and departed from her company. You wait and then the door is opened from the inside by others.

You see another huge room similar to yours but grander and more elegant. There is an even more magnificent, hand crafted Jarrah, four poster bed, it is draped with dark red velvet curtains. The room was dressed in dark red, black and gold. You notice that you and Sebastian are not alone. There are vampires of both genders watching the bed while standing and lounging on the chairs and furniture.

You slowly walk over to the bed and you stop as soon as you see Lillian. She is with two sexy, curvy, naked brunette women who wear their hair flowing down their backs. They are kissing and caressing her body and each others. All vampire eyes are on you as you are new to the room and the only human besides the two in bed.

There is a seat free and Sebastian directs you to it. It is the best seat and view of the bed in the room. I slowly pry myself off these women and as I stand, you see that I am dressed in a semi-transparent silk robe. The women continue to play with each other; kissing, licking, moaning, etc. I walk elegantly over to you. You can’t keep your eyes off me and the women do not distract you. Your feelings begin to build like the beginning of a storm. I walk behind you and stand there a little while before I lean down and brush my cool red lips on the skin of your neck. Goose bumps spread across your body, intensifying your every nerve.

I move my lips up to your ear and whisper, “Are you ready for me?”

You try to pull words together but you only moan, “Mmmmmmm yes”

I reply, “I think not!”

I run my hand down your bare chest. You’re not quite ready yet; I want your desire for me to be so intense, I want you to crave me. I look up as the women in the bed call, “Lillian my queen, come back to us.”

I walk back to the bed and just before I climb on, I look over my shoulder at you and smile. My robe comes off and drops to the floor and you watch intently as I join the women on the bed. It is not the girls you watch but rather, every move I make; my fluidity and how I take pleasure and give it too. You watch as the women move all over my body, wanting more and more, moaning and breathing hard.

Licking and caressing hands are everywhere and tongues are everywhere also. They have one mouth on each of my nipples. The women suck and pull till my nipples are hard. One woman moves down my body, spreading my legs. Her head dives into my pussy.

“Mmmmm,” I moan as I feel her hot breath and tongue pleasuring me.

You can’t believe this. You think it must be a dream and you will wake up. You pinch yourself, not taking your eyes from mine and yet you do not wake up. Your hand has subconsciously returned to your diamond hard rod of a cock and is rubbing it through your silk pants; the silky smooth texture, adding to the pleasure of the moment.

The way the women attend to my body you know they know their place. They are there to serve their queen. I grab the woman still on my nipple and pull her up to me so that our eyes meet. I look deep into her eyes then kiss her while moving down to her neck. The women arches her neck, as if offering it up to me, waiting for my fangs to pierce it and for me to feast on her life. I kiss her neck and I moan as the other woman sucks on my clit.

The woman at my lips moans in anticipation. I wait and listen to her heart quicken with excitement and endorphins. You watch me as I lick my lips and display my fangs. It is like slow motion as I sink my fangs into her soft neck and blood flows out around my lips and down her neck. She screams and moans as her body fills with orgasms. You see cum leaking out of her pussy and running down her leg. Your cock begins to leak pre-cum. You know that feeling and you crave it so much that your body is on fire with desire.

I stare at you, licking my lips, and you fall into my eyes. You instinctively stand and move toward the bed but Sebastian pulls you back down into the chair.

Sebastian whispers into your ear, “Do not move. Wait till she is ready and calls you or you may have someone other than her on your neck.”

We both look around the room and the fresh blood in the air has every one on edge. You look back at me as I just finish drinking from her. I lay her next to me, her body spasming from the orgasms rolling through her.

I lay back and arch my back, moaning louder as the woman licks love nectar from my flower. She is doing such an orgasmic job; she is so talented with her tongue moving between my clit and my g-spot, driving me insane.

I moan, “Mmmm ooohhhh aaagggghhh”

My hand moves down and I run my fingers through her hair encouraging her more and more. Then I press her head into my pussy as I moan louder.

“Oh God.......oh yes.......fuck yes,” I moan loudly.

I grind my hips into her face, wanting more and more to be lost in her mouth. She daringly and slowly moves up my body, kissing me inch by inch, watching and fearing for her life. She stops without permission. She positions herself so her clit meets mine. She slowly begins to grind our clits together. I pull her to me, kissing her and licking my pussy nectar off her face. We both moan as our clits rub together; the friction and the contact, so wonderful.

I roll her over, so now I am on top; just how I like it. I now start to give her what she wants. I grind harder and faster on her clit and as she screams I kiss her neck; intensifying the pleasure that is now heating her up. Her blood pumps harder and faster through her veins.

I moan, “Oh shit...... this is so hot!”

Screaming, “Mmmmmm........ oooohhhh....... aaagggghhhh”

Her mouth engulfs my breast as I arch my back and release my orgasm. My flower releases love nectar onto her clit, it runs down her pussy and leg. I lean down and kiss her neck then look at you. I lick her neck as I keep grinding. She also moves and offers up her neck to me, waiting patiently as I keep grinding her clit. I move quickly and bite deep into her neck; drinking her blood as it runs down her neck.

Without actually realising how much pleasure you are receiving from watching me bite the women’s necks, you have come for the first time both in front of the others; wether human or not, and cum not once touching the one you want.

The woman screams from the intensity of the orgasm ripping through her body. Ravaging her, leaving her body flopping around, under me as I feed, inhaling every drop of pleasure and life. I finish my feeding, climb off her and leave both the women on the bed. I dress in my robe again. Behind me you see two male vampires come forward and lift a woman each, and leave. The rest of the vampires then exit the room, leaving you, me and Sebastian. A woman now enters to change the bed sheets. I lay back on the bed and my robe falls open as I relax. My body gleams with a light sheen of sweat, giving it a sexy glow.


Even though you have only just had release, your body craves her embrace, her touch, her scent, and to be closer to her. Your eyes gaze up and down her body, taking everything in; the way she is sitting legs on top of one another, her chest rising and falling, how her breasts try to peek out of her robe, her sexy lips and her eyes you want to fall into. You want her so badly, more than anything in the world. You want her to feed on you so much it hurts but you must wait.


I lie there relaxing and enjoying the anticipation. As you look at me, you think I may have fallen asleep or forgotten about you.

Then you hear me in your head, “Oh, come my lover, come to me.”

You stand and walk over to the bed but Sebastian stops you for a minute and whispers, “Do not forget to address her as Lillian not Queen or Mistress”

You nod, not taking your eyes off me in case I disappear. You slowly climb onto the bed; it is so soft, and you crawl like a tiger across the bed to me. My hands softly embrace your face and guide it to my lips. I kiss you. It is like our lips are on fire but you still feel my cool touch on yours. I move so that my lips are inches from your ear and whisper, “I believe you are ready for me now!”

Then I run my hand down your body to feel how engorged your cock has become.

I kiss your neck. With my lips I feel your pulse pumping under your skin. “Mmm, but later,” I comment.

Your hands skim over my body and skin as they feel my curves and discover my touch for the first time. My lips have returned to yours, plunging you deeper and deeper into passion. It feels like sinking in a deep pond. You moan, “Mmmmm,” as my hands in turn discover your body, your curves and your nipples. I pull on your nipples as you do to mine and our nipples become hard.

“Mmmmmmm, you’re so big and hard,” I moan, enjoying you.

I move under you and wrap my legs around you, your heart beats faster; you have been dreaming of having my legs around you and now it is true. You move so you can lick and suck on my supple breasts. As your mouth engulfs them, your mouth waters as though you have just smelt the aroma of the food you love. I taste sweet and sweaty.

You lick, suck and moan. With the above combination and the roughness of your tongue on my very sensitive nipples, I moan and squirm under you. As you moan on my nipple sending sensations down to my pussy. You want to thrust into me but you refrain. Rubbing instead your granite-hard cock on my clit; coating it with my juices. We are both soon lost in our own world of pure pleasure. Is this heaven maybe?

Your right hand slides down my side making me shiver and tingle. You add to the anticipation, the build of excitement and pleasure. Your cock, rubs up and down my clit as you slide a finger into my very juice, very ready and waiting pussy. You slide it in and I groan, “Oh my God! Yes....mmmmm!”

You continue by sliding it in and out. As you do, your need grows in you and you want to slide your sexy man-rod into my juicy hole. You pull out your finger and bring it to our lips. We kiss with your finger between our lips. We both taste the sweet but slightly salty pussy juice, turning up the heat inside us both.

Your cock is so excited it is waiting at my entrance, enticing and teasing me. You wrap your arms under my arms, placing your hands on my shoulders. You pull me down as you thrust up, pushing your big hard head into my open and wanting pussy.

“Aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhh,” escapes my lips.

You kiss my neck, with each thrust filling me full of you; my pussy is so sensitive I feel every ridge and vein on your cock as you slide out and thrust in. I lean up and kiss your neck intensifying your sensations which fill you and spread through your body. You want to explode but you hold on, making it hard to concentrate on thrusting. You thrust fast then slow then fast again teasing me.

“Oh my God........ yes....... yessss...... ooohhhhh,” I scream

I lift my hips, thrusting them up as you thrust down so you can thrust deep into me. My body starts to spasm and I brush my fangs on your neck. This almost causes you to pre-cum but you hold the main load. You do not know for how much longer as the fangs drive fire through your body. I brush my fangs over your neck again and your thrusting becomes wild and erotic. This is what you want; you want my fangs.

I watch your neck; your pulse is so fast and it turns me on so much. My tongue can taste your sweet blood on it before the first drop is shed and my body craves for your blood, your life giving blood. I open my mouth and allow my fangs to show, I bite into your sweet soft neck. The flow of your exquisite, thick but flowing blood filling my mouth now running down my dry throat, “Mmmm!” I moan. As I feed, my body convulses and explodes in strongest orgasm I have had in centuries. Then one after another, like earthquake aftershocks, my body is racked with orgasm after orgasm.

You feel my fangs puncture your vein so precisely. Your body is filled with pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. Spreading from your neck; out and down your body till it hits your cock and you feel my pussy spasm on your cock and tighten around you. You have no control so you let go and you explode over and over again into my sweet pussy.

“Oh Lillian! God! Take me!” you scream

You don’t want her to stop, her lips are like Heaven on your neck and your body is ablaze with pleasure. You keep pumping her. It is like your cock will never stop filling her. I suck harder, I want more and I am taken over by the wildness in me. Drinking you deeper and deeper, you drift off, not knowing reality is becoming a dream as I drink more of you.

I suddenly pull away. I find it hard to do as your blood is like a drug and I want it so bad and I want so much more of it. But I must remember if I drink too much I will have to turn you and then your blood will not have the taste it has now, the taste of life; which is what makes it taste so good. I look at you as you lie to my side and you drift off into unconsciousness with your cock still inside me. I lay there and watch you sleep, running my hands through your hair.

What will tomorrow bring?

To be continued

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