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She Hooked Me-part two: Your Blood is Mine

But remember you can have as much pleasure from them but your blood is mine!
As your memory floods back like a river bursting its banks, questions start forming in your mind. What does this mean? Am I a Vampire now? When will I see her again? Oh God, I want her to bite me again! Half of your brain is saying no, you don’t want it again. But the images of the night before are like a disease spreading through your body. That thought fades as you remember her lips on your neck, the tingle as her teeth touch your skin. Your body starts to crave for her, she is like a drug and you can’t get enough!

“Lillian,” her name escapes your lips.

You decide to return to Blood Rush as soon as the sun is down, to seek her out. The day drags on and the hours feel like years and the minutes tick like time has slowed just to make you miserable. You try to fill your day with action but that is impossible.

You’re fixated on her. It all seems like a blur and it’s hard to believe it really happened. But the memory of her perfume fills your mind and enchants you. Her cool touch excites passion and pleasure throughout your entire body. The vision of her eyes makes you want to fall into them, to never return. How her icy lips tantalised your neck, before she delicately pierced your neck with her sharp fangs. And oh, the ecstasy as she tenderly sucked on your neck, moaning and licking as wave upon wave of pure pleasure ravaged your body. Then you remember one specific vision of Jane, one of Lillian’s coven members, as you looked down at her and see her lips wrapped around your rock hard cock, sucking on it so hard that words cannot describe the pleasure.

Wait, what did she say after you blew your load in that woman’s mouth? She said, “Oh shit! That was close.” What did she mean by that, you ask yourself? But as you wonder about this, the craving creeps back in and the hunger to have her feed on you again drowns out all other thoughts. You lay on the couch in a haze.

Later, as the sun dips over the horizon, you get up, shower and dress. Your mind is on auto pilot. Taking your keys, wallet and mobile you leave. As you step outside there is a black limo in your driveway. The door opens into a void in the night that you’re drawn into. It all feels so surreal yet you continue and climb in to find me. Getting in, you sit next to me. Intense emotions overtake you, both fear and the excitement like that of a first date.

I run my fingers over your neck causing shivers to run down your spine. But you also feel a sense of peace that you belong to me now.

My voice in your head asks, “Did you sleep well?”

You’re not used to my method of communication. You talk to yourself, “Yes! Well . . . I think . . . I did”

“You have eaten and replenished your strength with three days of sleep,” I continue to speak through your mind.

Three days? You didn’t realise you slept for three days and you now understand why you ate so much when you woke.

“I have been waiting for you!” I lean into you and gently press my lips against yours. Your mind begins to fog and reel in my presence. I’m so seductive I could get you to do anything for me. I kiss your cheek and move down your neck brushing my lips lightly on your skin. You arch your neck out wanting me to bite. A murmur escapes your lips as the rush, the thrill and the suspense of the possibility of being bitten with my needle sharp fangs.

My senses are heightened as I feel the pulse of blood pumping through your heart and veins. My body tenses like a tiger ready to pounce on its prey. My concentration on the sound of your heart: lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub of blood pumping through your veins begging me to bite and to feel the rush of blood spurting into my mouth. I kiss your neck and pull back teasing you. It almost hurts me and it takes great strength for me not to bite.

The car pulls up to a very old well established garden. As you climb out of the car you see a high wall of greenery like an entrance to a maze. To the left is an amazing lake with a very ancient and huge water sculpture of a half naked woman dancing and being merry.

You turn and as the moon passes from behind a cloud it reveals, in magnificent splendour, a very ornate castle. It is six stories high with gargoyle sculptures around the towers that you swear move as your eyes pass over them. There are two round towers with spires, on each side of the castle. The windows are filled with stories of years gone by etched in stained glass. The stories seem to dance and animate as candle light flickers behind them. A moat surrounds the castle with a heavy, wood and iron studded drawbridge which links the surrounding land with the castle. It is as if you have stepped back in time.

As we cross the drawbridge and walk into a court yard, you look up in awe, feeling like you’re on a movie set. You keep blinking your eyes in disbelief. You see a large wooden door open in front of us and a flood of light that seems to bring warmth to the dark, damp night. As we enter you see people bowing before me and addressing me as Queen Lillian.

You have so many questions and many more keep popping to mind. But you don’t think it’s the right time to ask them so you decide to wait until you have me alone. There is so much to take in, the beauty of the room and those people who fill it. What sticks out in your mind and as you look around is that you see some differences between the people in the room. Some are standing confidently while others seem a bit on edge, as if they don’t fully belong here. Maybe, you think, the confident ones are vampires and the others are humans. A few others don’t even look like anything you’ve ever seen before. A shiver runs down your body.

We walk up five flights of stairs, all my worshipers bow as we pass which you find strange but intriguing. Looking back after passing some you see them looking from me to you. Most do not like you and would rather feast upon you than to have anything to do with you. As we reach the fifth floor those following and protecting me disperse and you see the most ornate wooden door in front of us. The craftsmanship is amazingly beautiful, majestic, studded with pure gold spikes and other jewels. You realize this room is special to have received such a door.

It is just you and I standing at the door. I lean over and brush my lips on yours and then we kiss deeply, our lips together, igniting passion in both of us. Your tongue brushes my fangs as we kiss deeper and deeper till I pull away. Your head is a little light as if you have been drinking. You’re intoxicated by me. You now notice a young man standing with his head held low next to you.

The young man bows to you then leads you away. You look back at me not wanting to leave but not wanting to disappoint me. The young man leads you down the hall. You have mixed feelings: the fear of the unknown; excitement of the new adventure. You wonder what another night with Lillian would be like. He turns down another hall and stops outside another ornate door, different, but still beautifully hand carved like the other. He opens the door for you.

The room is huge bigger then you have ever seen, with high ceilings and a king-size four poster bed. There is a lounge and a massive wide screen TV, all you’d need for games, DVDs, or anything digital. There’s even a desk with a laptop. The room is elegant and yet very up to date with technology. The young man clears his throat. You look at him and he addresses you, “Sir, my name is Sebastian. I am now yours.” Sebastian collects some clothes in a walk-in wardrobe and continues speaking, “If you follow me, sir, I must get you ready.”

You follow him back out the door and down a flight of stairs, down some halls. The place is a maze of corridors. You try hard to remember the path but you soon give up. As you walk down the halls those you pass follow your every move with their eyes.

You walk in to a room and it is covered ceiling to floor in beautifully painted mosaics, pictures from the history of the castle. Then you see a sunken bath. It is huge like an ancient Roman communal bath with marble pillars on each corner and vaulted, with a dome ceiling. Sebastian undresses you till you’re naked, folding your clothes and gently laying them aside. There is someone already in the pool, a woman, but not a woman. You sense she’s something else. Sebastian is now naked, besides you, gesturing for you to enter the bath.

You slowly descend into the warm bath, Sebastian right behind you. He starts to clean you, running soap over all of your body, cleaning you thoroughly. His hands on your body are soft. She watches, from the other side of the pool, and starts to play with herself, massaging her plump breasts and pulling on her nipples till they are hard. She stands up. The water comes up to her waist, as her hand glides down her body and between her legs. She sits up on the side of the bath so you can see and watch as she spreads her pink lips and caresses her clit, allowing a finger to slide in.

The sight of the woman before you incites lust in you and makes blood rush to your manhood. But you realize you’ve had a granite hard cock since you got into the limo. But it isn’t just from the woman who is exciting you so much. Sebastian’s hands on you are also affecting you. He is washing you, rubbing your body, paying special attention to your chest and nipples making them harden. Sebastian slips under the water, but it goes unnoticed by you as your full attention is on the woman masturbating in front of you.

All of a sudden you feel a pair of hot lips touch your cock, a tongue licking as a moan escapes your mouth. The woman smiles as she can see the pleasure you are experiencing. She slips back into the bath and walks over to you. She pushes you against the side of the pool. Her hand forces your head back, and in a feat of surprising agility, she climbs the side of the bath and wraps her legs around your head. Your hands jump up, out of reflex, and support her ass.

“Lick my pussy now!” she hisses.

The woman smells sweet and as you run your tongue up her pussy the taste is intoxicating.

You hear me in your head, “I hope you are enjoying your bath. But remember you can have as much pleasure from them but your blood is mine!”

Sebastian is sucking you hard and engulfing the length of your cock with every swallow. At first you are surprised by this, because it just feels right with his mouth on your cock. Sebastian knows what to do with his mouth. He runs his teeth along your shaft, driving you wild. Your body tingles, the sensations running through you are like waves lapping on the beach over and over again. You bathe in the sensation of Sebastian’s mouth on you.

The sense of taste, you are experiencing, is overwhelming with the sweet but slightly salty and delicious pussy in front of your face. You inhale her scent and devour her heavenly women hood as you listen to her moans and whimpers. Your thumb dances over her clit and your tongue delves into her cave of delights. Her essence fills your mouth and runs down your face as orgasms explode like fireworks in her body and screams of joy from her mouth.

As she climaxes over and over, your body and senses are overwhelmed by everything that you explode your own gift of essence into Sebastian’s waiting mouth. Filling his throat, he swallows every drop. He continues to suck and clean you with his tongue. You continue to moan into the woman’s cave till she grabs your hair and pulls you away from her pussy and says,
“You make a good slut! Maybe you will be good enough for the queen, if I say so!”

She looks into your eyes,
“I might keep you for myself!”
Her fingers are still tangled in your hair. She pulls your head to the side and leans down to your exposed neck, opening her mouth, baring her white razor sharp teeth.

Remembering what I said inside your mind, “. . . you can have as much pleasure from them but your blood is mine!”

Fear starts to shatter your excitement and you can’t think of what you should do. Lillian will be angry, she might even kill me. You can feel the breath on your neck, like a fire. God! You want it so much, to give in and be bitten by this woman. The anticipation is nearly overpowering even though you know you are mine. The tips of her fangs scrap against your skin sending electrical shocks through your body from the point where they touch like lightning.

All of a sudden the vampire reals back away from you. An expression of utter pain is written across her face. A scream comes out of her mouth like something is trying to kill her but there is nothing there to cause this. She moves quickly away from you, out of the pool to a door on the other side. From the doorway she looks back at you, the look of pain seems to subside but she will not come back so she leaves. You stare after her in amazement.

Sebastian continues to clean you and tries to relax you after what has happened. He massages your neck and back. Then he leads you out of the bath and pats you dry with a soft plush towel. The silk black pants and matching robe he dresses you in feel so good and comfy on your body. You watch him as he dresses you.

“He is yours!” I tell you, “I choose him for you. And he will wait on you hand and foot and even your cock.”

Sebastian looks up at you and you quickly look away. He puts back on his original clothes and then leads you back along the halls and up the stairs back to the ornate door that you will soon learn is your room.

Sebastian bows and asks, “Sir is there anything further you wish of me or that you desire?”

“No, Sebastian,” you say. “But what am I to do now?”

He replies with, “You are to wait for the queen to call for you”.

To be continued. . . .

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