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Rosa gets more than she bargained for after a trip to a new store.
Rosa looked skeptically at the packet, turning it over and over with her fingers.

About three hours ago, she was on her way to the market for her monthly supply of fresh fruits and vegetables when she passed a small store with darkened windows. What struck her was that she couldn't remember whether she had ever passed it before, whether it was new or not. It was the name, etched on the dark glass window, which had gotten her attention. The script and language was unlike any she had seen, and somehow, had piqued her interest. Forgetting her previous quest, she backtracked (as she had already passed it while contemplating whether to act upon her interest for the mysterious) and entered.

As her eyes became accustomed to the gloom, she took note of the shelves that lined the walls, stuffed with a jumble of assorted and unknown objects in plastic and cloth bags. Candles were lit at various locations, pushing the darkness away to create a soothing sight on the eyes, rather than the glare of florescent lights that Rosa had tired of over the years. Incense wafted from an unknown location, tickling her nose and stimulating ideas of the ocean and, somehow, neck massages. Walking tentatively further into the shop and peering around, she unconsciously rotated her shoulders, easing the tension in her neck and with the lightest touches, stroked the path from her jaw to her shoulders with her fingertips. She had never felt so relaxed from a mere scent in her life.

"You like it?"

Rosa's heart nearly exited her chest by means of her mouth, and spinning around, she saw a young woman, dressed with many bangles at the wrist and beads at the neck. Her flowing hair framed her face, while her loose dress hung about her body, complemented by a belt at the waist. Her neckline hung as well, making Rosa's mind reel. Rosa instantly hid her massaging fingers away behind her elbows as she crossed her arms tightly.

"Excuse me?" She asked in a hoarse voice.

"The incense. The smell. Isn't it amazing?"

All Rosa could do was nod jerkily, her eyes glued to the woman's chest. Why did her breasts fascinate her so much?

"Has this store always been here? I don't think I've ever noticed it before." Somehow she had managed to force air through her vocal chords to produce this question, and was rewarded with a smile from the woman, who she assumed was the shop's clerk.

"In a way." Was all the answer she got. Rosa unhooked her arms and tried to seem nonchalant as she wandered away from the clerk, poking at bags on the shelves and attempting to ascertain their contents.

"Are you looking for anything in particular?" The clerk asked, taking her place behind the counter at the back of the shop. Rosa honestly had no idea, but felt compelled to at least buy something. This she voiced to the clerk, who smiled again and produced a packet from a bowl on the counter. Approaching the desk, warmth from the lit candle washed over her, and her eyelids instantly drooped. She wet her lips with her tongue, an action she did when she was nervous, and gazed intently at the packet, automatically leaning against the counter for a closer look.

The clerk held the packet up and looked Rosa straight in the eye, an action which somehow brought Rosa out of her reverie and commanded her full attention, yet revealing undertones of a strange playfulness.

"Since you yourself don't know what you want, maybe I can show you what you're looking for."

The clerk pushed the packet along the wooden counter-top to place it before her curious customer. Inside lay a cone about two inches in length, swirled like a white and green candy-corn.

It will help you relax.

The clerk would not take payment for the cone, insisting that it was already a gift, a welcome, a thank you for your future patronage, 'cuz I'm sure you'll be back for more. Rosa had left the store and continued her journey half-heartedly to the market, thinking only of the cone in her pocket, and managing only to buy strawberries, apples and pears before she returned home.

Now she sat on her bed, dressed in the green satin lingerie that she used for sleeping in, twiddling the cone between her thumbs. Finally, she opened the packet. She could practically see the scent wafting upwards from the cone, snaking its way to her nostrils before it slammed against the back of her throat and unfurled there; the scents of the forest and the sea. Breathing heavily, she set the cone on a dish on her bedside table, and set fire to the tip with a match.

The tip of the cone flared, then was still, burnt black by the match yet giving evidence of an orange ember glow. Lying on her side, Rosa inhaled deeply, her eyes half closed and her lips parted, gazing at the wisps of smoke that now rose, forming rolls, balls, flowers, rising ever upwards. She fancied that she could make out shapes in the shadowy stream, that the smoke seemed to take on a vision of fire, trapped in time and a shadow of itself, moving slowly upwards in a billowing movement. Captivated by the grace of the stream and its scent, Rosa stretched her arm out to play her fingers against the stream of smell and smoke, as though she were playing in a stream of rippling water. It surely felt like water.

On retracting her arm again, to her mild surprise, the stream of smoke had entwined itself around her fingers and came with her to her bed. Expecting it to simply be a stray wisp that would vanish, Rosa didn’t bother to be alarmed.

But she was definitely sure that the thin streamers of smoke was supposed to vanish, instead of crawling down her wrist to her elbow, and, as she kept watching in fascination, up her arm. She actually felt it moving, fluid, snaking its way along her shoulder and down her shirt.

She bolted upright, eyes wide as she realized that the smoke trailed directly from the incense, across to her left arm, and was now steadily thickening and materializing into a silvery grey ribbon that had captured her arm and was now disappearing down her shirt’s neckline. She let out a moan as the smoke, now with a texture of ice and silk, rubbed against her nipple, making her breasts become instantly full and her nipples painfully hard.

Why am I not scared?

She let herself back onto the pillows, breathing now through her painfully dry mouth as the smoke ribbon eased itself against both nipples now, encircling, rubbing, licking? It certainly felt like she was being sucked and licked by the shadow of smoke, and soon it made her clit ache for attention.

Turning her head, she saw that only a centimetre of the cone was burnt, and that which was already burnt were the ashen remains of the cone’s tip. The glowing circular ring was moving slowly but surely downwards, and now a separate billow of smoke erupted from the cone, second to that which was pleasing her nipples. This billow grew bigger, more slender, and took what could only be the shape of a woman; voluptuous breasts peaked with hardened nipples, hair that floated as though the air was a sea in which she was swimming. The first smoke stream was now her arm, and all that was left from the incense smoke was a slight trail which connected her legs to the cone.

Her face was not featureless, yet all that Rosa could possibly make out seemed to be only the shadow of what could be called features.

She was the most beautiful sight Rosa had ever seen.

She bent over Rosa, who had no fear in her heart, and pressed her lips to Rosa’s. The taste, like the scent, was smoky, yet it pressed itself against the back of Rosa’s throat and stroked her tongue. Silky wisps helped ease Rosa out of her own satin clothes, the shadow’s fingers still tweaking both of Rosa’s peaks. Rosa continued to moan, her eyes half closed and lips dry from the smoky kiss. The incense’s spirit now focused itself on Rosa’s entire naked body, moving from her hard peaks to her shoulders, playing the light silk smoke touch down her neck, back to her pinched nipples, and down her sides, where it then took hold of both Rosa’s legs and pried them gently apart. The apparition then moved its head down between Rosa’s legs, and Rosa herself bucked her hips and cried out at the unexpected cool silk touch of her smoke lover’s tongue against her clit.

She knew that nothing could ever stop this extreme sensation that rocked her body repeatedly, and she wildly wished it would never stop. Clit aching now with pleasure, she did her best to keep her thighs apart, the view of the smoky tongue, almost like that of a snake’s, darting out to play and press against her clit exciting her even more. Her pussy pulsed as she realized that the spirit was looking at her while suckling on her clit. As in response to this thought, the apparition blew onto Rosa’s pussy, causing a stream of scented smoke to play against her clit.

Gasping, Rosa saw the smoke woman blow a steady stream of solid pleasure into her pussy. The smoke solidified and gently pushed its way into her, rotating and pumped Rosa's pussy in a way that she herself never could have manage before. With every thrust, the smoky silk rod seemed to inflate, until it became the perfect size for Rosa’s pussy, thrusting deep and randomly grazing her G-Spot for unexpected and total pleasure. The woman seemed less formed now that she had done this, and Rosa got the impression that her perhaps ephemeral lover was changing her body in response to Rosa’s needs. Now that her pussy was being pumped by the solid shadow, and her clit was being brushed by cool wisps of smoke, Rosa went wild, stomach glistening with sweat, inhaling the scents of perfumed smoke and her own wetness. All she could do was squeeze her breasts and pinch and flick her nipples wildly, until her incense-lover’s smoke tendrils rubbed them as well, adding a cool, silk touch to her own painful and tingling stimulation.

With every pump, stroke and lick Rosa moaned, yelped and whimpered, not giving a fuck whether the neighbours heard, and she could sense her own orgasm was near, building up and unstoppable. With one last deep stroke Rosa screamed I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING as her stomach contracted and her pussy pounded, wave after wave of her orgasm rocking her body. The smoke seemed to continue to lap at her clit and her nipples, gently thrusting at Rosa’s pussy until Rosa could finally relax, spent, and unable to take any more.

The smoke itself seemed to be more transparent than before. Breathing raggedly through a mouth and throat dry from repeated exposure to her lover’s smoky tongue, Rosa observed everything as if in a dream. Her lover was now evaporating; Rosa could see tendrils of her smoke body fade away into the atmosphere. Wetting her lips, Rosa closed her eyes as she felt the last ribbons of smoke trail back up her body, play against her nipples one last time, before they pressed against her lips, mouth and throat for one last cool kiss.

When she reopened her eyes again, all that was left of her night’s passion was the lingering smell of the forest, the ocean and her cum, mixed as a perfume memory of the best night of her life, and light from a single, dying ember at the base of the incense cone.

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