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Slave to The Sun- Exposed (Part One)

"So … You’re – you – a …” She couldn’t bring herself to chokeout the word. Her face had frozen into a mask of horror. She could not, would not fathom what was going on. It was like a great stone wall had been put up in her mind. As this new information was trying to break through the barrier of the wall, she started to pant heavily as she was struggling with the possibility.

He watched the emotions melt onto her face – confusion, disbelief, fear, despair, wonderment, a resentful hint of respect, hope and, finally, calm. It was then that he decided to give her confirmation.

"I’m a vampire, princess.” His voice came from the other side of the room, and she looked towards the sound. He was by the window, looking out, wearing a hateful expression on his beautiful face. She wouldn’t take in the words, she couldn't understand them. She sat bolt upright in her bed, her skin still dewy from her recent release, and picked up her nightgown from the side of the bed and threw it on.

"Explain it to me,” she said, lifting her chin up.

He didn’t answer her. She threw her bed sheets away from her, and got out of the bed, marching over to him boldly.

“How is this all possible, how do you exist?!” She demanded an answer.

“We just do,” He looked at her, studying her face tenderly, looking for any slight sign of revulsion, or hatred. He could find none. “We evolved, just like you humans. I was human once, of course.”

“Are there… just vampires?” She asked, hesitating, already somewhat knowing the answer.

“No, there are other things, too.” He said in a very quiet voice. “Some pretty obvious things, now that you’ve met a vampire.”

“Like were-wolves and witches and stuff?” She asked apprehensively.

“Yes,” He looked at her, his blue eyes big and misty, and brought a pale hand up to her face, and brushed away a curly lock of hair, tucking it snugly behind one ear. “And some things you couldn’t even think of.”

She felt dazed. Everything seemed so surreal. Just two weeks ago, she had left behind what she thought was an abnormal life, in the most dysfunctional sense. Now, so far, she had met a stranger, practically gave herself to him in a car park, later almost fucked him in her own house, without her knowing he was actually in the house, and now, suddenly, vampires, were-wolves and witches galore was crashing down into her life, and then some. Already she felt changed, her old life felt a million miles away, when it was only two weeks old. She took a deep, steadying breath, and let it out slowly, blowing up her cheeks.

“How many of you are there? How many do you know?” She asked shakily, leaning against the wall next to the window.

“I don’t know for sure how many of us there are. I mean it’s not like we all hang out and share our scary stories.” He grinned his cocky grin.

She glared angrily at him.

“You need to tell me more, I’m so confused!” She said breathlessly, frowning and pouting. “I want to hear more.”

He smiled at her, looked out of the window, and he stiffened as his expression changed to a look of desperation.

“I would love to tell you more, princess, but I have to be going.” He said quickly, moving away slightly from the window. “Dawn will rise soon, and I have to be underground when she does.”

He began to climb out of the window.

“Wait! Wait!” She said in a rush. “I need to see you again, where can I find you?!”

He let go of the window frame, and stared at her, suspended in mid air.

She gaped, her pouty mouth forming a wide ‘O’. “How in the holy hell are you -?”

“I don’t have time to explain now, my little blackbird.” He said urgently. “There’s a club around here that’s known for the supernatural beings that hang around there. It’s called Adder‘s Tongue, it’s about five streets away from Lazy Jacks, it’s just a little out of the picture, to keep all the humans from pursuing it, and it‘s on Flynn Street. You’ll find it easily. Meet me there at dusk.”

She nodded, flabbergasted, eyes wide open, the pale light making the green in her eyes stand out prominently.

He stilled, watching her, and she noticed that small beads of sweat were glistening on his pale skin. He must feel the heat, she didn’t how she knew that, but maybe it was pretty obvious.

While she was pondering this in her head, he had gotten closer. Or levitated closer… She swept her tongue over her dry lips nervously, and her eyes widened, and wandered down to gaze at his sculpted mouth. He was so close… so near. Just before his lips touched hers softly, she let out a ragged breath, and let her eyes drift to a close. The kiss was sweet, and filled with a stomach-swirling passion.

She opened her eyes when she felt his lips leave hers, only to find herself staring blankly out of the window.

He ran through the trees, desperately fast, having just left his dark princess. He didn’t want to leave, but dawn was fast approaching, and he needed to be underground, he could feel it was mere minutes away. He ran faster, at lightning speed, tearing off his clothes as he went.

He smiled grimly. He had told her about Adder’s Tongue, but what he didn’t tell her, was that ordinary humans wouldn’t be able to enter it because of all the protective wards designed to keep humans out, and also, to keep humans safe.

He reached a place that would stay out of the light, got down on his hands and knees, and started clawing up the damp, soft, brown earth.

All day Ariana had done absolutely nothing. When he’d left - she still didn’t know his name- she’d just stared out of the window and into the trees and fields beyond, watching the pale streaks of pink and gold become more pronounced in the morning sky.

She was finally shaken out of her stupor around noon when a raven bird had landed on her open window sill. She started when it soared down to rest, and shooed it away, shutting the window and quickly locking it. As if that would stop all the screaming in her head.

She looked around her room, seeing everything with new eyes. It all looked foreign, as if none of it belonged to her. She felt like a stranger in her own home.

She sighed and made her bed routinely, and cleared away the clutter scattered across the floor.

It wasn’t enough, she needed to busy herself. She stripped off her nightgown and threw it in a basket outside her room, and then she stripped off her bed sheets and threw them in the basket, too. She closed her door behind her, and walked over to her dresser. She grabbed her brush and pulled her hair into a high ponytail. When she had secured the band, she opened some of her drawers and pulled on a light blue vest top and black cotton shorts. She couldn’t be bothered with underwear. She gathered up all of the clothes that needed washing and took them out to the basket, dumping them in.

She cleaned her house from top to bottom, overdoing it in an attempt to push all thought from her mind. She did three loads of laundry, and then cleaned her furniture, and her carpets. She cleaned all the surfaces in the kitchen, and polished them, vacuumed and mopped the hardwood floors, she washed the windows, she cleaned her personal bathroom and the second bathroom until they were dazzling. She put fresh bed sheets down on her bed, and vacuumed and mopped in her room, too. She washed her car, mowed her lawn, front garden and back, she trimmed her flower beds and watered and pruned her roses, and painted the fence and the bench in her back yard, with the southern sun blazing and fiery above her, making her damp with slick sweat. At long last, when she could do nothing else, she walked back into the house through the back door, aching and sweaty.

She sat down at her table in the kitchen and glanced at the clock above the door. It read 5.30pm. Sundown wasn’t for another two hours, and she would purposely be at least a half hour late, just to make sure he‘d be there. She made herself a cup of coffee, and sat out on her back porch to drink it, having five minutes of breathing time before she would get ready. She drank her coffee deeply, gratefully.

How was this all possible? She thought about every myth she’d ever heard, every supernatural being she had read in books and fairytales. Could it all really be so? She decided to let things be, simply just accepting the truth of the world – that nothing is what it seems.

She pulled herself out of another stupor and walked back inside, shutting the door behind her and putting her cup in the chrome sink. She walked upstairs to her bedroom and shrugged out of her clothes, letting her damp hair down and brushing through it before she went into her bathroom.

She took a long shower. Her muscles felt worked, and the harsh beating of the hot water against her skin made her tingle and relax. She smiled in spite of herself. She was a little excited about tonight, and a little scared. She was venturing into the unknown, the unexpected. She was looking forward to seeing him again. And she realized that he’d kind of asked her out on a date, even though she didn’t process it at the time. Her stomach curled with excitement.

She shaved her legs until they were completely free of hair, and stepped out of the shower, shutting off the water and quickly towel drying. She dug through the cabinet above the sink, which was also a large mirror and found some scented oil for her legs. She applied the oil moderately and massaged the sweet scent into her legs, making them shine healthily.

Quickly she washed her hands and dashed out of the bathroom, pulling on a robe and sitting down at her dresser. She had her make-up bag with her, and dug out some tweezers, tweezing away at her eyebrows, getting rid of the stray hairs. Next she dried her hair, and then put them in heated rollers, securing a cap over her head to keep them in place.

She walked over to her wardrobe and pulled out a tight, red, knee length dress, going for that and not really caring what people wore at a supernatural club. She hung it outside her wardrobe and went back over to her dresser to begin her makeup. She didn’t go too hard on it, with only little foundation and blush, but decided on fierce, smoky eyes with a clear gloss on her full lips. She lacquered red varnish onto her nails.

She put her dress on after, not wanting to ruin it with makeup. It accentuated all of her best features, her tiny waist, her round shapely bottom, her flat stomach, and the curving swell of her breasts. It showed only little cleavage, and it zipped up at the back. She went back to her wardrobe and found some striking red high fuck-me heels to put on before she left.

Her rollers were finally cool, and she took off her cap, and pulled them out one by one, shaking out the voluptuous curls that had formed, combing through them with her fingers to loosen them up a bit. She added a little hairspray and shook her hair out behind her. It was a like soft mass of twisted bronze. She sprayed a little violet-scented perfume on her chest, and put on her heels before taking a step back to examine herself.

“Good enough to eat,” she said, indulging in a secret smile, and giggling. She grabbed a simple black clutch out of her draw, and put in her house keys, and some money. She kept her car keys in her hand and left her bedroom, walking down the stairs, and checking the time in the kitchen before stalking out the front door. It was eight now, sundown half an hour behind her. It would take her fifteen minutes to get to Lazy Jacks, and perhaps another five minutes to find this Adder’s Tongue place.

She locked her front door behind her, and walked over to her car, looking around at the trees and fields to her left. She wondered if there was anything supernatural in them. Remembering that last time she had looked toward the trees, she shuddered delicately.

She pushed that thought out of her mind, and got into her car, starting the engine and zooming away.

Right. She had just passed Lazy Jacks. Now she had her full attention on this Adder’s Tongue place. She stopped for the lights and when they flashed green, she carried on straight ahead. Lazy Jacks was on Pine Street, which she was on now. It was pretty empty. Hardly any cars. She passed an old, white boarded up house. Then she passed Olive Street, there was a lot of greenery around, with small houses scattered every so often, then she came up to Breard Street and turned left, taking her up to Washington Street, then she turned right onto North 18 th Street, and drove until she found Flynn Street.

It was quiet around here, with a few old buildings, and not many cars or people. It was still near the main road. And it wasn’t too quiet that she felt extremely uncomfortable, but it was still out of the way so that all the people in night clubs wouldn’t think of coming here.

She knew where it was immediately, although it had no sign. It was just a blank building, with a plain metal door. She didn’t know it because of the car park out front.

She knew it because she could feel it. She could feel pressure, closing in on her from all sides. She parked in the car park, got out of her car, locked it and placed the keys in her bag. It was sundown.

She didn’t know how she knew this was the place. She just knew it. She could feel the magic in the air. It was thick and heavy with it. She was breathing it. It tingled against her skin; it travelled through her whole body. It fuelled her. She began walking away from her car, her heels clacking loudly against the concrete ground. She walked toward the metal door, going deeper into the magic with every stride.

She was face to face with it. She raised a pale fist up to the door, and knocked. Then she noticed the small metal tray on the door. She took a step back and waited.

After a few moments, the tray on the door slid away, revealing dark, almost black, beady eyes.

They assessed her admiringly. The man behind the door gave a grunt.

“What d’ya want?” he asked in a gruff voice.

“I want to come in, of course,” she stated simply.

The beady eyes squinted.

“D’ya know what this place is?” he asked irritably.

“It’s the Adder’s Tongue, yes?” she said in a sweet, simpering voice, smiling brightly.

She heard a sigh, then the eyes disappeared, and after a few sounds of bolts being unlocked, the metal door swung open.

She looked up, and up even further.

Framed in the doorway was a giant of a man, with big, brawny muscles, and a face you’d find on an old Roman coin. He was tanned, with curly brown/blonde hair and shocking brown/gold eyes, and he was wearing dark blue jeans, with a faded black t-shirt with text that read ‘Adder’s Tongue’ on it.

“Come on in, clubs in back.” he said shortly.

“Thank you,” she said gratefully and stepped inside the dimly lit hallway. The floors were linoleum, and the walls were brick painted black.

“You human, lady?” he asked curiously.

“As far as I know,” she said. “Why?”

“Ain’t no normal humans that come here,” he replied.

“What do you mean?” she frowned.

“I mean, no normal humans are able to come here. We have wards, they get scared off by the pressure.” He stared at her.

“Oh,” she said in a quiet tone. “Well, I got here just fine. And as far as I know, I’m not a vampire, or a were-wolf or a witch or a fairy. I’m just plain ol’ human.”

He laughed, extending a big hand.

“I’m Marv,” he said, kindness crinkling his eyes.

“Ariana,” she introduced herself, shaking his hand.

“You ‘ere to meet someone then, Ariana?” he asked inquiringly.

“Yes, I am as it happens, but I don’t think he’s here yet,” They started walking down the hallway, to the other door.

“What’s his name? Perhaps I know him. I know all the locals.”

“Actually, I don’t know his name, it‘s a long story,” she started. “What are you?”

“I’m a shifter, my animal is a tiger” he winked at her and grinned. She laughed, and at the same time processed the information. Wow, shifters… So they turn into animals.

They had reached the end of the hallway.

“It was nice to meet’cha, Marv!” she said, genuinely.

“Good luck out there, and mind them were-wolves. The full moons coming up, and they’re a bit rowdy.” He said seriously. “But if anythin’ get’s outta hand, that’s what they got me for.”

She extended her head in thanks, and he opened the door for her and she stepped out into the music.

He came up to the metal door about ten minutes after she did. And she confirmed his thoughts. She wasn’t a human. She had something in her. If she was a real human she wouldn’t have gotten out of her car.

He walked up to the metal door, confident. He was looking good. He had influenced some poor human woman to let him into her house so that he could clean himself up. He didn’t have time to run back to his place. Then he erased her memory afterwards. No harm, no foul. He smiled grimly.

He knocked three times on the metal door, and Sage’s eyes appeared momentarily, before disappearing.

When the door opened he greeted Marv with a nod, and walked past him to the end of the corridor.


She was in some kind of different world. She could tell who they were and what they were. The were-wolves were the loudest, all wearing biker vests and band t shirts, with heavy boots. The vampires were the palest, even the ones with dark pallor’s had an otherworldly sheen to their faces, they seemed to favour dark clothing.

There were other people, some people who looked normal, and some who were so obviously not normal. There was foggy magic in the air, almost tangible. The walls were either black or red, and the lighting was dim, the heavy metal music loud. There were even pole dancers. Vampire pole dancers.

She stared at the way they moved, mesmerized by how slow they were one minute, and how fast they were the next. Their bodies twisted and writhed with the motion of the music. It was hypnotic and erotic.

She looked around and found the bar, relieved to have an excuse to not stare at everything and everyone like a fool. She ordered a champagne cocktail and sat down at the stool at the bar. To hell with her car, she would find some other way to get home. For now, she needed a drink.

For some reason, she was able to feel things in this building. If she focused, she could feel the rowdiness and the intoxication of the were-wolves, she could feel it, as if it were actually her being drunk and rowdy. She could feel the confidence and the twirling excitement from the dancers behind her. It had absolutely no effect on her body, it didn’t manipulate her, but she could feel things, she could feel the euphoria or everybody here, she had a small tangible taste of what they were feeling. And it felt intoxicating. Mind-blowing.

And then she felt something above her, through the ceiling. She could feel a magic that made her stomach coil with desire. She could sense the auras of the supernatural beings up there. They were swirling, and she could feel the swirling in her stomach. It felt good. So good that her hand resting on her knee skimmed up her thigh, and she sighed out in desire.

An epiphany hit her. She looked desperately around and spotted a door with a small window out at the far end of the bar, she wound her way through dancing supes frantically, and pushed the door ajar, stepped into the narrow hallway and shut it behind her, there was only small light in the hallway, and stairs to the second story ahead of her.

Now that she was safe and out of sight she leaned back against the cool stone wall, and breathed deeply; letting the magic from above wash down over her, sing through her body, curl inside her stomach. She felt heat between her legs. She pressed her hands against the wall and took deep, shuddering breaths, leaning her head to the side and arching her body out.

She moaned softly, and then moaned some more. Her knees were getting shaky and warmth coiled tightly in her stomach, and then stretched out, spreading through her whole body, radiating out of her pores, and radiating out of her mouth in the form of moans.

“Ugh,” she groaned, turning around and bracing her hands against the wall, breathing deeply, coming down from her high.

She was just about to walk through the door and back into the bar when he walked through the door. Her spirits soared when she saw him, and she gave a small smile. He looked around and saw her braced against the wall. He stopped for a moment, assessing her.

“Are you okay?” He asked, cocking his head to the side.

“Y-yes. I’m… fine.” She said shakily, attempting to hide her flush.

“You know… we vampires have extremely accurate senses. When we concentrate.”

He had probably heard her moaning. Hell, with that nose of his he could probably smell her arousal. She gathered herself together and stood up straight and dignified.

“I don’t know what you mean.” She said, straightening her dress slightly.

He noticed the motion and looked down at her thigh, grinning. Then he looked her over completely, from head to toe and back again. Her hands twined together nervously.

“It’s okay, you’re turned on,” he flashed her a 1000 watt smile. “Although I don’t know why, seeing as you’re in a hallway by yourself, moaning at… nothing.”

She straightened up and stalked over to him, looking him boldly in the eye.

“If you must know, I orgasmed because of the magic,” She felt silly for saying it, but that’s how it was.

“The… magic?” He cocked his head to the side again, looking at her eyes, her mouth, her neck…

“I can feel it, the magic. I can feel it, in my body. I can feel what they are feeling.” She jabbed a thumb in the direction of the door. “And I can sense what they are feeling.” She looked upwards and nodded once.

Understanding seeped onto his face. He smiled a wicked smile, and looked dangerously close to laughing.

“I see…” He looked down at the floor and smiled, pressing his lips together.

She scoffed. “You know what? Screw you… whoeveryouare!” She said to his face, and turned to walk back out to the bar.

He stopped her by grabbing her by the wrist, and he pulled her back in front of him.

“My name is James,” he said silkily. “MacLeod.”

“James…” She tasted the name on her tongue, relived that she finally knew his name. “Well, then. Screw you, James.”

He took a very deliberate step closer to her. Even with her heels on he was taller than her by a good hand span.

“You look, mouth-watering in that dress, princess,” his fingers trailed up and down her arm.

She looked down at his hand on her arm.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

He leaned down near her neck and inhaled deeply, letting his breath fan over her neck and shoulder. She shuddered.

“Mmm, and you smell amazing,” he murmured into her ear, grinning at the sweet musky smell of her obvious arousal, as his hands slid up her thighs, across her hips and came to rest at her waist. “So good… it makes me want to kiss you and bite you and rub myself all over you.”

She was paralysed with wanton need and her arms stayed loose at her sides. His hands drifted around to her back, and he squeezed her bottom, pulling her against him, while kissing her neck softly. She took deep breaths her chest rapidly rising and falling, her breasts brushing his chest with each breath.

He lifted her slightly, and backed them both up so that she was sandwiched between the wall and his body. Both of her hands tangled in his hair, and she leaned her head back, enjoying the sensations on her neck, the tingling between her legs and deep in the pit of her stomach.

He bit at her skin, without fangs, and licked over the bite to soothe the burn. He moved down to her collarbone, and she heard him give a small gasp. She looked down at him.

His fangs had extended, and she stared, awestruck. They were a half inch long in length. He looked so sexy. His eyes were already changing, his pupils dilating, and the whites of his eyes turning red. Her hands untangled from his hair, and she grasped a handful of his leather jacket and pulled him closer to her.

She leaned up and pressed her mouth softly into his. Then her lips parted, craving more. She nudged his lips apart with hers, and he gave himself over to the passion. He kissed her deeply, being careful to not accidentally cut her lip.

She didn’t seem to care at all about being careful. She clung to him, and held his face in her hands, kissing him, sliding her mouth over his in a heavy, wet kiss. She caught his bottom lip between her teeth, and tugged lightly, resulting in a hiss and a groan that seemed to come from deep within his body.

Her tongue dipped into his mouth, and she lightly swept her tongue along his top lip. Then, tentatively, she ran her tongue up one long, aching fang. He gasped, and shuddered, pressing into her more tightly and kissing her pouty pink perfect lips passionately.

Quite suddenly, she pushed him away from her and backed him up against the wall, pressing her thigh between his, grazing his burgeoning erection. Her hands slid down from his hair, across his face and neck, and down onto his collar. She began to unbutton his shirt, feeling his smooth, cool skin underneath with each button. When she reached his belt she delved her fingers a little inside his jeans to get the rest of his shirt out, and then continued to undo the rest of his buttons.

She finally reached his belt buckle, and she undid it impatiently, desperate to find the hidden prize. Still attached to the end of his lips, the buckle finally gave in, and she pulled it vigorously away from his jeans.

She left his lips and began kissing down his neck and collarbone in a slow, neat line, as his hands wrapped themselves in her glossy mahogany locks, combing through the soft curls. She planted soft kisses on his chest, worshipping him like he was a god among men. Her fingertips trailed along his stomach, moving around to caress his back, as her tongue slithered out of her mouth to slide over his nipple. She grinned as she felt his hands tighten slightly in her hair. But he was getting impatient. He grabbed her suddenly and laid her down on the floor, coming on top of her and kissing down the line of her neck and grazing her breasts with his hands.

“You’re so impatient you are!” She rolled over so that she was on top of him. She grabbed his wrists and pressed them into the ground either side of his head.

She leaned down, and whispered “Stay” in his ear, and gently tugged on his earlobe with her teeth.

His eyes were full of a furious need. She gave him her secret smile and slid further down his body, kissing down his stomach, positioning herself between his thighs. Slowly, carefully, she took the band of his jeans between her hands, and tugged them open, pulling the button and releasing him of his jeans. A hot wave of pleasure settled dangerously low in her stomach. She tugged his jeans easily down to his knees.

She could see the outline of his throbbing sex. It was a generous size, and she absently licked her lips, almost wondering how on earth she would get the thing into her mouth. But she loved a challenge. Smiling slightly, she grasped the band of his tight black boxer shorts, and pulled them down extra slowly, savouring the sight of every inch of his exposed skin, her blood pumping hard and fast through her body as she took in his defined hips, before at last his boxers caught on his growing erection, and it finally jumped out of the stretchy fabric. She stared in awe at it. It was clean, and healthy looking, beautiful. She took the length of him gently in her hand, and his penis jerked at her branding. She brushed her hand up the length, and back down, feeling the fullness in her hand. He moaned softly.

Remembering her plan, she let go of his penis, and proceeded to kiss and lick around his penis. She massaged his thighs with her hands, kissing them each gently, coming closer and closer to his agile pole. She kissed the soft patch of skin at either side of his penis, and her fingertips whispered softly across his inner thighs in a barely-there touch. His breathing was becoming ragged.

Slowly, hesitantly, she moved on to his testicles, taking one fully in her mouth, and then the other one, rolling it slickly in her mouth. His hands clenched into fists when she massaged his fraenulum with her thumb and ran her tongue up his shaft. She tickled his around the glans with her tongue.

He watched her as she took him in her mouth, enjoying the cocktail of sensations flowing through his body, a sensual gift her mouth was giving him. She continued licking, sucking and teasing him, before looking up at him straight in the eye, holding his gaze and smiling slightly, before taking his full length into that luscious, pouty mouth.

He gasped, taken aback. No one had done that to him before. She teased the head of his penis, circling it with her tongue, lapping side to side and back and forth.

He was going to come soon. He could feel it. He felt like his body was on fire. Heat coursed through his body, his blood boiled under his skin. He wrapped his hands in her soft curls once more, and murmured her name.

“Hold me where you want me,” She whispered, taking that sweet mouth away from his pulsing sex for a split second.

And so he did. She wrapped her silky lips around his member, taking her deep into her hot, wet mouth. Thick ropes of pleasure coiled through his body, extending outwards. His hands clenched in her hair, and he pushed her down, his cock sliding deeper into her mouth. He released a primal grunt, slightly thrusting his hips.

Ariana didn’t know how much more of him she could take. She was worried about her gag reflex. But she took one big breath and relaxed completely.

“Ariana,” He moaned.

She hummed, egging him on, and he hissed, the vibrations shaking his whole body. She wanted to please him, like no one else had done before. Slowly he inched his cock further down her throat, and she began to gag. He moaned at her spasms, and he continued to push his way in until she was feeling the patch of skin above his penis with her lips. Her eyes began to water, and saliva was dripping out of her mouth.

He pulled out suddenly and she took in deep, painful gasps of air, her heart racing.

“Do you want me?” He smiled alluringly at her.

“Yes,” she whimpered in hush tones.

He slid his cock once more through the barrier of her lips, and this time slid more easily down her throat.

“Uhh, mmm,” the sound of his moans motivated her, excited her. She adjusted her position for better access, and slathered her lips and tongue up and down his shaft, concentrating on his head, and taking him deep inside again.

“Yes,” He gasped, shivering. “Ariana, I need- I’m going to-”

He made a motion, as if to get up, but she held him down with a tender hand. She used her free hand to stoke his heated length.

James was revelling in pleasure. He felt the coils in his body snake down to his middle, growing, glowing, like a bright light. Like dawn rising, the light stretching to the corners of the earth, like life whispering through veins, like sunlight.

Sunlight. He could feel it on her. He could smell it. It was the most sensual smell, so mouth-watering, so unknown. He watched her head bobbing up and down on his bulge. She put her whole body into pleasuring him. She was going to be his… And she was so perfect. He was craving more of her sweet exquisite blood. But he wanted something else from her, and he wanted it with a fierce passion. He wouldn’t rest.

His cock swelled, and she moaned with victory as thick hot ropes of semen escaped him. He shivered with unadulterated pleasure, and smiled grimly when she lapped up his liquid, drinking every last drop of his seed.

She sat back on her heels and stared at him, licking her lips and savouring the salty taste. He smiled when she fixed her hair and adjusted her dress, looking like she’d committed a felony. He laid back down and pulled up his boxers and jeans, then sat back up, getting to his knees and inching towards her. She was blushing furiously and smiling secretly. He grabbed her hands and stood up, pulling her with him.

“That,” he said “was beautiful.”

She looked up at him, her green/brown eyes glittering. He leaned down into her, and planted a tender kiss on her mouth. She gazed at him, a glassy look in her eyes, as if she thought this was a dream.

“Make love to me, James.” She said, staring him straight in the eye, her voice turning husky.

That’s all he wanted to hear. He took her face gently in his hands, treating her like she was a glass ornament, and pressed his lips softly to hers.

Part Four: Coming Soon

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