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Sleeping Beauty 1

An adaptation of the fairy tale, this story goes in an entirely new direction.
Long ago in a legendary kingdom, two monarchs bargained for a way to unite their kingdoms. King Stefan was tall and wiry, with black hair, brown eyes, and a smart beard. While his best friend, King Hubert was short and stocky; his head shaved and eyes green.

King Stefan was married to a slender blonde with blue eyes. She was considered the most beautiful woman in the land. Her body had curves in all the right places. Her breasts were bountiful.

One night in the royal bed chambers, the two men discussed ways to join their kingdom. King Stefan was balls deep in the Queen’s pussy, while King Hubert fucked her throat. Clad in only her royal crown, the Queen was on her hands and knees, being impaled from both ends.

“Now, Stefan…uhhhh…you need to get the …fuck! Suck my cock, love,” Hubert groaned.

“Speak your piece, man!” Stefan panted.

All talk was abandoned, as the men worked the Queen over. The bed chamber was filled with sounds of wet sucking and flesh slapping flesh. The Queen’s moans were muffled by the thick cock in her mouth. She sucked Hubert’s hard flesh, greedily. Long lines of drool dripped off her chin, as she nursed on his plum shaped, red cock head.

“Damn, Stefan! I should have snatched this little filly up when I could. She certainly knows how to work my knob,” Hubert said in a husky voice.

Stefan, hands tightly gripping her hips, was unable to speak. His long, curved dick slammed into her tight sheath. With each thrust, he butted her womb. His eyes were riveted to her winking ass hole. He slapped her white globes, as he rubbed his pole over her pubic bone.

The Queen’s hoarse cries were getting louder. Her clit poked from it’s hood and pulsed. She loved when her husband spanked her ass, while he was deep in her cunt. With one hand gripping the base of Hubert’s shaft, she reached between her thighs and tugged on her throbbing nub.

Hubert grabbed her head and rapidly thrust in her mouth. He pushed deep in her throat, feeling her swallow convulsively around his shaft. The Queen had one hell of suction.

“I’m going to blow my load. You hear me? I’m going to spray your pretty face with my hot cum,” Hubert growled.

The Queen whimpered. Her pussy was on fire, and she needed to cum so badly. She loved these get togethers with Hubert. He always pounded her mouth. No other person was allowed in the royal pussy, other than the King. So, while the King filled her cunt with his royal jism, Hubert would spray her face, or sometimes fill her mouth.

Stefan, close to cumming, left red finger prints on the Queen’s hip from his tight grip. His queen’s sheath was so moist and tight; it literally milked his cock with every thrust. He pressed his thumb to her winking pucker and put a steady pressure on it.

His thumb sank deep into her tight gut, and he could feel his thrusting pole on the other side of the thin wall separating her pussy from her ass. His lady’s moans increased in volume, as he rubbed his cock through her ass.

“Milk me, baby. Tighten your pussy around my meat. Make me cum, my queen,” Stefan moaned.

His words set a fire in her loins. She pushed back, as he thrust forward. She could feel the king’s cock swell and harden, and then felt the warm, wet splash of his cum coat her inner folds.

At the other end, Hubert pulled his rock hard tool out of her wet throat and jerked it rapidly. A hot rush of cum raced up his shaft and erupted from his piss slit. He aimed several jets of sticky, white sperm at her face.

The queen frigged her pulsing clitty, as Hubert’s seed covered her nose and mouth. One strand even matted in her eye lashes. With a loud shriek, the Queen pinched her clit hard, as the waves of pleasure radiated from her pussy to her clit, and then out to her body.

“I needed that,” Hubert said.

“I, as well,” Stefan agreed.

The queen remained silent. She was allowed to stay during these after sex talks, because she kept quiet and didn’t hassle the men. She winced, as the King pulled his thumb from her ass hole, which made a popping sound as it exited.

The Kings got off the bed and slipped into their royal robes. Ringing for the servants to bring them mugs of mead, they sat down arm chairs facing a roaring fire. The queen lay on the bed where she was left; cum drying on her face and leaking from her cunt.

“Stefan, we need to come to some agreement, regarding merging our kingdoms,” Hubert mused.

“Yes. Yes. I agree fully,” Stefan said.

“As I have no Queen, I feel you should get your Lady Queen with child. Hopefully, there will be a Princess, rather than a Prince,” Hubert remarked.

“If the Gods allow it, my daughter will marry your son, Phillip,” Stefan agreed, excitedly, “Then, our kingdoms will unite as one!”

Several weeks later, Stefan sent a missive to his best friend. The Queen was indeed pregnant and would bear the child in the spring. The friends started finalizing the betrothal plans, hoping that the babe would be female.

Come springtime, the Queen went into labor, and her maids helped to deliver a beautiful baby girl. The Gods had listened to their plea. The baby princess was the spitting image of her beautiful mother. Her hair was golden, and her eyes crystal blue.

When the baby and Queen were well enough to receive visitors, a great party was planned. Everyone in the kingdom came bearing gifts for the tiny royal. Hubert, with a very young Phillip, paid his homage, as well. Stefan and his Queen sat on their thrones overseeing the festivities.

The herald blew his horn marking the arrival of the three, lovely fairies. These fairies, old as time, were the same ones who bestowed the Queen with her sensual and lusty nature. Now, they were here to grant the tiny princess the same.

Each dressed in their signature color; they were clad in a gossamer gown that flowed freely around their naked, lithe bodies. Flora, redheaded with snapping green eyes, was dressed in a baby pink gown. Known to be bossy and a take charge fairy, she was the first to approach the princess.

“Tiny Aurora, my gift to you is the gift of beauty. You will grow up to be fair of face, with full overflowing breasts, a tiny waist, and rounded hips. Your womanly slit will be the tightest of the land,” Flora sang, as pink shimmering dust fell from her wand to land on the sleeping baby.

Fauna, dressed in emerald green, was a lovely blonde with deep chocolate brown eyes. She was known to be easy going and laid back. She stepped up to the baby next.

“Lovely princess, you will indeed be beautiful and lusty. My gift to you is the gift of oral skills. You shall sing like a siren, attracting many suitors. Your mouth will be warm and moist; your throat tight,” Fauna sang, as green shimmering dust fell from her wand to land on the baby.

The final fairy to approach was Merryweather. Going by Merry, she was a feisty black haired, blue eyed spit fire. As she stepped forward to grant her gift, a large puff of dark purple smoke filled the air.

Outraged gasps rang in the hall, as Maleficent stepped from the smoke. The sorceress, who went by Mali, was tall and willowy; dressed in a black leather bustier that pushed her breasts up, a tiny black thong with black stockings and garters, and thigh high stiletto boots. Accompanying her was her latest toy. The poor man was naked, wearing only a studded collar that was attached to a leash.

Maleficent dragged the man behind her; her heels clicking on the stone floor, echoing. Malice was in her cruel lavender eyes, as she approached the King and Queen. Briefly glancing at her ex-lover, Hubert, she turned her sharp gaze back to the royal couple.

“I was deeply upset that I had not received my invitation. I thought perhaps it was an oversight,” Mali said, smoothly.

“You weren’t wanted here, bitch!” Merry fired out at her.

“Weren’t wanted? Oh. Well, let me take my leave,” Mali said, turning toward the baby.

The three good fairies surrounded the cradle; protecting the princess.

“You’re not offended then, your Excellency,” the Queen whispered.

“Oh. No, and to prove it, I will bestow a gift, as well, Mali purred.

She stepped up to the cradle and said, “By sunset on her 18 th birthday, the lovely Aurora will be pricked by a hard dick and die!”

“Seize her!” Stefan yelled.

Mali disappeared in a puff of purple smoke, before the guards could reach her. The Queen was weeping quietly. She ran to the cradle and hugged the baby close to her.

“Can you reverse the spell?” Stefan asked, in despair.

“No, my King, but I can alter it, Merry said.

“Little Princess, you shall not die. With the first prick of that fateful cock, you shall become frenzied in your need of a release. Your true love’s kiss and cock shall set you free,” Merry sang, as bright blue shimmers rained from her wand to Aurora.

That very night King Stefan ordered all males to stay clear of the Princess Aurora. If one was to approach her, he would be placed in the royal dungeon for life. A great sadness descended upon the land. In order to protect the princess, the fairies took the baby into the woods to be raised by them.

They vowed to not use magic until her 18 th birthday, when she would be returned to the castle. Late that night, they took the baby. Not even the king would know her whereabouts. They walked throughout the night, until they reached a tiny cottage that would be their home.

“We need to rename Aurora. Using her real name is too risky,” Flora said.

Fauna nodded in agreement.

“But, to what?” Merry asked.

The fairies looked around. Spying a delicate red rose the exact shade of the princess’ lips; they looked at each other and smiled. It would be perfect.

“Rose!” they said, in unison.

And so, it came to be that the tiny royal princess was to be known as Rose. She would know the love of her aunts and would grow to fulfill each wish that Flora and Fauna had given her.

The years flew by at an astonishing rate. It wouldn’t be long before Rose would return to her life as a royal and marry Prince Phillip. The night before her 18 th birthday the fairies made their plans. They were sad about losing the girl that they had grown to love as their own and decided that they would give her a party of their own.

The next morning, they sent Rose into the woods to pick berries and flowers with instructions to stay away for at least two hours. Once she was out of sight, they busied themselves trying to prepare a cake and gown.

It soon became obvious that they were in over their heads. Flora, who wanted to make the dress, had never sewed a day in her life. Fauna, who was trying to bake the cake, was lost as well. Merry, who had pissed off Flora earlier, was supposed to clean the cottage. Grumbling about her task, she set about wearing down the other fairies resistance about using magic.

“Your sewing skills suck, Flo,” Merry taunted.

“Fuck you, Merry,” Flora snarled.

Fauna tittered.

“What are you laughing at, Fawn? I’ve never seen a more lopsided cake,” Merry jeered.

Fauna gasped, and then teared up.

“C’mon girls! What’s it gonna hurt if we use magic just this one time?” Merry wheedled.

This went on for about 20 minutes, until Flora gave in, just to get Merry to shut up. They grabbed their dusty wands and zapped into their gossamer gowns. Sighing, it felt good to be back to normal.

“Damn, Flora. I had forgotten how good you looked naked. Those tits haven’t sagged a bit,” Merry said.

Flora grinned in appreciation. Merry might be a bitch, but she was her bitch.

“Come here. I wanna suck those perky nipples,” Merry told Flora.

Gliding over to her black haired beauty, Flora wrapped her arms around Merry, cradling her head to her breasts. Merry, whose pussy was sopping just from the sight of Flora’s body, flicked her tongue across that pebble hard nipple.

“It’s been too long, love,” she murmured to Flora.

Flora groaned, as Merry used her teeth to nip at her bud. Her pink cunt cream shimmered down her thighs, when Merry clamped her teeth around the base of her nipple and sucked hard. She grabbed Merry’s hand and placed it on her glittering pussy.

Never one to miss a hint, Merry parted Flora’s gown and sawed her finger over the moist slit, parting her puffy pink lips. She rubbed her middle finger back and forth over Flora’s turgid clit, making the woman moan in pleasure. She tugged Flora’s fat clitty, pinching it tightly, and then shoved two fingers deep inside her flooded cunt.

“Suck harder, Merry. Bite my nipple!” Flora panted, “You’re gonna make me cum.”

Knowing it wouldn’t take much to push Flora over the edge; Merry bit down hard and flicked her tongue over Flora’s rubbery nipple. At the same time, she shove a third finger inside her drenched snatch and rubbed her sweet spot firmly.

It had been entirely too long, since they had played. Flora’s pussy exploded into a spray of hot pink sparkles. Her long, keening cry pierced the air, as more sparkles poured from her mouth and floated over to the dress. Within seconds, the pink shimmering dust enclosed the dress; remaking it into something fit for royalty.

Flora sank to the floor to catch her breath. Several seconds later, she saw Fauna sitting on the counter with her legs wide open. Her fingers were a blur, as she vigorously frigged her clit.

Flora crawled to her friends and pulled her fingers away. Fauna’s pussy was flushed to a bright red; her long, inner labia was dripping wet. She kissed Fauna’s inner thighs, running her tongue all the way up to her puffy outer lips.

Fauna squealed. Flora’s tongue tickled, but her giggles stopped when she felt that strong tongue push deep into her pussy hole. Fauna scooted to the edge of the counter and draped her legs over Flora’s shoulders.

Curving her tongue, Flora scooped loads of fresh cream from the blonde fairies cunt hole. Her lips were shiny with pussy juice. She swallowed, as much as she could, before licking her lips.

Not letting Fauna recover, Flora sucked her pulsing clit into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the base, while doing figure eights over the whole nub. Fauna rocked her hips in time with Flora’s tongue, getting more and more worked up. She was so close that green sparkles had begun to leak from her pussy and mouth.

Fauna exploded when her friend used her tongue to retract her clitoral hood. She coated the redhead’s face in translucent cum, as Flora tongued her bare clit. Green sparkles filled the room. Some of them mingled with the left over pink ones hanging around the ceiling. The majority of them surrounded the cake, transforming it into a confectionery masterpiece.

Merry, whose pussy was humming violently, was eager for her turn. While she loved it when her pussy was played with, Merry craved back door attention more. Fauna wiggled down from the table and glided over to the sultry black haired woman.

“I know what you want,” Fauna purred, “Bend over that table, Merry. Show me your perfect ass.”

Merry felt a chill course through her body. Just hearing those words made her cunt twitch and her clit quiver. She leaned over the table, resting her chest flat against the wood. Reaching back, Merry pulled her gown up to her waist and pulled her ass cheeks open.

“Such a pretty star, you have. I bet it tastes as good as it looks,” Fauna said; her breath hot as it grazed her hole.

“I don’t know, Fawn. Why don’t you taste it, instead of teasing me?” Merry grunted.

Fauna blew puffs of warm air at Merry’s hole, watching it contract. She knew that her friend was worked up, because her slit was oozing her nectar, which was continuously dripping down her inner thighs. She pushed her thumb inside Merry’s slit and pressed down.

Right where her thumb was, Merry had a patch of sensitive skin. Fauna rubbed and tickled this patch, causing more cream to seep out of the black haired fairy.

“Damn it, Fauna! Quit fucking with me. I want to feel your tongue on and in my ass!” Merry growled.

Fauna kept rubbed and stimulating Merry’s G spot. Merry’s ass hole was winking frantically. Wanting to ease her friend’s need, she circled the brown little hole, making it glisten with her spit. Merry moaned deeply.

Without warning, Fauna shoved her tongue past the tight ring of muscle. Merry sucked her breath in sharply; her body was tightly wound. Fauna mimicked the motions of a cock. She loved hearing her fellow fairy squeal in delight each time she thrust her tongue inside like a tiny cock.

The puddle of pussy cream at Merry’s feet was getting bigger. Blue sparkles were starting to ooze from her pussy and mouth. Fauna, wanting to make Merry cum, pushed her tongue in deep and wiggled it around.

“OH! I’m gonna cum all over your tongue, baby!” Merry yelled out.

Blue sparkles filled the room; cleaning it spotless. The remainder joined the excess at the ceiling. By now, the room was saturated with sex magic, and the only escape for it was the chimney.

Outside, a shadowy person lurked. She spied the bursts of fairy dust from the isolated cottage’s chimney. The figure smiled, turned, and walked away.

The three fairies regained their strength. Quickly changing back into their mortal clothes, they had seconds to spare before Rose came rushing in from her jaunt in the woods.

While the three fairies were slacking their lust with sex magic, innocent Rose was left to her own devices. More beautiful than her mother, her golden blonde hair flowed to her waist. Sapphire blue eyes were framed by peachy skin, with red lips.

Sheltered by her aunties, Rose knew nothing about sex or men. She didn’t understand what she was feeling or why. All she knew is that it felt really good when she touched herself between her thighs, but every time she did it one of the fairies would stop her.

At first, they spanked her hand. As she grew up, they would tell her that she should never touch there; that it would cause her to become ill.

Rose’s siren voice enchanted everyone, including animals. She would often wander around the woods singing, which attracted all the forest life. Her only friends were the animals, and she loved them dearly. Little did she know the animals were protecting her. The fairies had enchanted them to watch over her, in the event that a man was ever present.

Rose, knowing that her birthday was today, suspected something was up with her aunts. She knew they were planning a party. It was obvious, but she played along with their game.

Singing a song she made up, Rose wandered to a grove of trees and sat down. Her animals gathered around her and listened to her hypnotic voice.

“You know; I had a great dream last night, she said to her animals.

“I dreamt that I was getting married to a handsome prince, and that he could do something to make these strange feelings go away,” Rose giggled.

She looked around. No one was remotely close to her to stop her from finding out what was making her feel like this. She lifted her skirt. Not wearing any bloomers, Rose opened her legs and looked down.

Her folds were covered in light blonde curls. The thick outer lips were parted by long, delicate inner ones. Dusky pink in color; her pussy looked like her name.

“I have a rose bud!” she giggled.

The animals scurried away, leaving her alone. She shrugged her shoulders and continued her exploration. Dropping her legs wide open, it amazed her to see her fur lined lips part even more.

Rose spied what looked like a pea in it’s pod. Sitting directly above the area where her pee came out, this strange little bud interested her. She touched it lightly and felt chills run down her inner thighs.

“That felt good,” she mumbled.

Touching it again caused an ache to form.

“Oh! NO! I think I broke it,” she exclaimed.

Rose couldn’t ignore the throbbing in her nub. She knew that every time she had an injury she could rub that area to make it feel better. Thinking that it would work for this, too, she rubbed her clit, but the throbbing only got worse.

Alarmed now, Rose began to panic. Her aunties were right. Touching herself there did, indeed, make her sick.

Not knowing what to do and afraid to go home and tell her aunts what she done, Rose rubbed harder and faster. Instead of easing the ache, she noticed that her nub was swelling. The little pea was peeking out from the pod.

“I’m leaking!” she said; her breaths coming in gasps, “Something very strange is going on here.”

Rose’s pussy was shiny from her nectar, which was flowing copiously now. Her normally dusky pink skin was bright red and swollen. Determined to ease the ache, she pulled the hood back from her nub and rubbed it.

The direct stimulation to her clit sent electrically sharp pulses deep inside her pussy, making it spurt sticky fluid from the mysterious hole. Thinking she was leaking, Rose did the logical thing and tried to plug the hole with her fingers, but the fluid kept seeping out. She pushed another finger inside, which did no good.

A little way down the path, Prince Phillip was skinny dipping in the stream. He was a little nervous for tonight he was to meet his betrothed. Tall, with brown hair and bright green eyes, Phillip was the object of many a maiden’s fantasy.

He knew that they would often spy on him when he skinny dipped. Phillip didn’t mind, because usually he would get his cock sucked in return for not throwing them in jail. It was a shady practice, he knew.

Floating on his back, he long, thick cock was bobbed in the swirling water. He was irritated. No maidens were spying today, and he was hard and horny. About to settle for rubbing his shaft until he came, Phillip heard a distinctive female voice moaning and sighing. Pulling himself from the water, he went to investigate.

Peering through the thick foliage, he saw a stunning blonde haired woman masturbating furiously. She had two fingers deep inside her cunt and was using her other hand to rub circles around her huge clit. Phillip’s cock hardened to full mast.

“Perhaps, I should help her,” he thought.

Stepping from the bushes, he strode over to the girl. Rose watched the stranger walk to her. Under normal circumstances, she would have been petrified, but the ache in her pussy dulled her fear.

“Please, sir. You have to help me!” Rose exclaimed.

“That depends on what the problem is, pretty lady,” Phillip replied.

“I should have listened to my aunties. They told me not to touch myself here. They said I would get ill,” she explained, “Now, look at me! This strange nub is throbbing and aching. It’s swollen, and I’m leaking from this hole!”

“I see,” he remarked.

Rose continued to rub her clit, which by now was throbbing in time with her rapid heartbeat. Her forehead was coated in sweat, and she was panting. Her bare toes were curled tightly; legs stiff.

Phillip walked closer. His erection bobbed with each step. He wrapped his fist around his shaft and slowly stroked his cock, as he watched the young lady get closer to cumming. When her breaths were coming faster, he got closer and knelt down beside her.

“I have a magic tonic that can help with the ache,” he said.

She looked up at him, but was unable to talk. Phillip cupped the back of her head, bringing her face to his crotch. With his other hand, he traced her red lips with his pole, leaving a thick trail of pre cum.

“Lick your lips, love,” he ordered.

Rose’s tongue darted out and licked the pearly fluid from her lips. It was salty, but not bad tasting. She opened her mouth, when his mushroom shaped glans probed her lips. His musky scent filled her nostrils, causing them to flare. His salty essence filled her tongue, making her mouth water for more.

“Keep rubbing your clit. I promise that the ache will stop when I give you my tonic,” he said.

Phillip had never been more turned on in his life. This simple girl knew nothing about her body, which made him want to teach her; protect her. His ball sac felt tight. It felt like his huge load was going to explode any second.

“Listen to me. I want you to push another finger inside you pussy hole. It has to be tightly packed or my essence will leak out,” he grunted, “Keep rubbing your bud. Pretty soon, you’re going to feel lots of tingles.

“One last thing, I want you to start sucking harder on my pole. The essence is deep inside, and you have to bring it to the surface,” Phillip told her.

Rose, already feeling massive tingles in her pussy and thighs, sucked the cock in her mouth. Her cheeks caved in with each pull. It seemed the harder she sucked the more cream erupted from the tip.

Phillip grabbed her head and pushed his dick further into her mouth. He touched the back of her throat, repeatedly, making her gag in the process. His balls banged against her chin, as he picked up speed.

Rose, unable to breath at times, tried to keep up. Deciding it was too hard; she relaxed her mouth and let him fuck her face. She could feel a trickle of juice run down her ass crack. Pushing another finger inside, she felt so full, almost too full.

Her other hand was beginning to cramp, but there was no way she was quitting. It felt like she was standing on the edge of a cliff; about to jump.

Phillip roared loudly. Streams of hot cum raced up his shaft and splashed the back of her throat. Rose swallowed and swallowed, yet some managed to escape the corner of her mouth.

He pulled his softening cock from her throat. He looked down at her and saw the desperation in her eyes. She needed to be pushed over the edge.

Phillip reached down and smacked her clit sharply. The sudden pain pushed her in the right direction. Rose saw a white light behind her eyes, as contraction after contraction gripped her virgin pussy. Her hole rippled around her finger, squirting her precious fluid all over her hand.

It was always beautiful to see a woman cum hard. Phillip watched her, as she regained her composure. It was settled in his mind. He wanted this woman, not the princess.

Rose, who had blacked out momentarily, realized that she was sitting here with a perfect stranger. Her pussy was bared, and she had his sperm in her mouth and on her lips. Jumping to her feet, she tried to flee, but he grabbed her wrist.

“When can I see you again?” he asked.

“I don’t know. Never. No wait. Come to my cottage tonight. It’s my birthday. Come to the party,” she said, as she started to sprint home.

“But, what’s your name?” he called out to her, but he was too late. She was gone.

Smiling to himself, he trotted back to retrieve his clothes. It was time to tell his father that he was not marrying Aurora. Quickly dressing, he climbed on his horse and rode home.

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