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Soul Tormented By Kavya's Virgin Holes Till

Tortured spirit finally find solace with virgin Kavya left bruised from this encounter.
It was 5:42 which left Kavya two hours to sleep and sweep off this night. She let her body fall on the cold bed and closed her eyes. Soon, everything came back...

She was in her room, combing her silky hair while contemplating her exposed body in the mirror. She loved the way her long hair covered her full breasts and deliberately parted her legs to look at her insides. She has never been a shy girl and love wandering au naturel in her room with her windows wide opened. She never mind closing them since they gave on a wide spread of forest.

It was already late in the night and she had classes early the next morning so she climbed under the white sheet and soon fell asleep in the warmth of the night. Her eyes popped opened when she sensed the slow down movement of the bed sheet against her skin. In panic, she drew it back only to find it withdrawn from her in the opposite direction leaving her exposed to the darkness in her room. She refused to give up to hysteria and switched on the side lamp and turn swiftly to empty space...again. Such mysterious occurrences were not new to her, she had been experiencing it from much before. When it started, she used to yell and wake up the entire house. Lately, she refused to be scared and wanted to confront the thing.

Abruptly, Kavya felt all the extensions of her body being held firmly by a strong force. This time, she was actually petrified and cried out all the more.

Nothing came out from her...nothing. She was breathing heavily and dared to look at her arms to see what was holding on her but was forced to look at...deep blue eyes.

She shut her eyes in an attempt to brush off all that her mind was unable to process but was forced to open them when she heard that voice.

"Kavya, get prepared to be punished for tormenting me" it said in a harsh tone. She thought she was going to pee right there out of fright when she felt her legs being stretched apart. She knew what was going to happen next.

"Don't, please don't. I...I beg you a," came out in a trembling mutter.

"I know little one but I have waited too long for this," he said in a cruel voice.

Kavya was aware of the growing hunger from the beast crawling on her as he was salivating at the sight of her nakedness. She had to think of something and fast.

She has never seen something like him. He was a spirit, demon, beast or all three at a time...Kavya wondered.

"I never wanted to torment you...Sir...please let me go...If you don't hurt me, I promise," she dared but regretted her words as she can't understand what can one actually promise to a spirit.

"If you want a deal, you can have it but it will be on my terms," he affirmed with a firm lick on her left ear which caused her nipples to stand alert which took her by surprise.

"I won't hurt you tonight but tomorrow at midnight, you will come naked to the river with the mirror and sit on the largest rock. You will open your legs and look at the reflection of your cunt in it," he continued. Kavya knew exactly the spot, he was talking about as it was her favorite spot to hang out but she can't understand the mirror thing.

Her alarm woke her up in a startle the next morning. "Was it a dream?" she wondered.

She got the answer sooner than expected when she found a gold framed mirror on the side of her bed.

That night, Kavya sat in her room asking herself what she should do. It was already 2:30 and as the minutes were flying by, she was getting more and more anxious. She was sweating heavily despite the coldness of the night and held the mirror in her hands now convinced that yesterday night was no dream. She had to bring light to the situation and the only way out seemed to go out there.

'Come naked' lingered in her mind. Determined, she came out of her clothes and let her hair loose in an attempt to protect her. Then, she took the mirror and silently, made her way to the river in the deafness of the night.

She reached the spot out of breath from running. Kavya sat on the rock, brought the mirror in front of her with trembling hands and hesitantly, opened her legs.

In no time, a strong gust projected her powerfully on the ground and he was on her again with his fierce blue eyes.

"You are late, little one...for that you will be fucked, fucked hard," he said with a cruel voice.

Kavya's primitive needs to be fucked by a supreme beast took over and her breasts swelled in response to his demand. She bit her lower lips in realization of her body's reaction.

"Kavya, everything in you spells sex...your sexy lips...your big should be punished for this....severely," he said before throwing her on the rock, ass in the air. Kavya did not get the time to protest when she felt a heavy blow on her ass from an invisible whip.

One...ouch....two...ahh...three...ouuuuccch...four...ahhhhh... It was unbearable, tears refused to show up at first but dignity gave place to profound humiliation.

"Stop...please stop...ahhhhh...please I beg you sir," she pleaded in tears but the blows came with a higher frequency. What added up to the pain was the unseen hands pulling on her hair.

"Learn to enjoy the spanks...they are not going to stop," he said with a mocking laugh.

Kavya let her body fall on the rock in desperation to escape from his grip but he hold tight.

Then, it stopped. Kavya was unable to look back due to profound pain in her derriere.

The rain started pouring which gave her immense relief from the beating. It was soothing, the rain drops were caressing her ass which sent a thrill through her cords and she felt moist at her entrance.

"See, you are learning to enjoy open your legs wide so I can decide in which hole, I will fuck you first," he said.

Kavya had to admit to herself that she wanted to be fucked...fucked hard by this beastly spirit.

She spread her legs, exposing her virgin holes to the pouring rain which added up to her own juices.

Kavya left a moan when an unexpected tongue devoured her crack in a precise up and down movement. His actions were animal like and Kavya was submerged by all of it. It was surreal, she could feel the tongue inside her pussy and ass holes at the same time and it went deep...very deep inside lubricating each part.

"Fuck me, Sir...please fuck me..I can't take this anymore," she said, surprised by her own words.

In a huge thrust, a cock entered her tearing her virgin slit. The pain was even greater than the spanking. Kavya started sobbing loudly but the thrusts became more and more intense. Her feet could not hold her anymore and she let go. She opened her eyes between two sobs to find herself flying over the ground with her breasts pounding heavily in the air.

"Ah....ah..ummmmmm........aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.......yes....yes......ummmmm...pleasssssseee...more..more..more," came out of her. Few drops of blood tipped on the ground but she was soon in too much ecstasy to actually care. She could not understand how so much pain can lead to so much fucking pleasure.

"You have tortured me too much.....urmm..ahh..when you your room...urmm...when you touch yourself....ahhh...pleading god for a bang you hard...ahhh," he was able to say in between cock-cunt smacks.

After which seemed forever, the banging stopped and Kavya was slowing placed on the ground. She felt possessed by him and knew she was his now.

Kavya was still trying to grasp what just happened when her mouth was penetrated with a watery cock. It went all the way back to her throat and filled all spaces. It had a rhythmic movement and soon Kavya found the rhythm too.

Her eyes were watering up as she was nearly suffocating but the pleasure was too immense to stop. Her hand found its way to her clitoris and two fingers circled her G-spot. The damp air was filled with slow orgasmic moans.

Suddenly, her hands were thrown up in the air and two unknown fingers replaced hers at her clitoris. She was convulsing like never before. At each burst, she was fingered and juices kept on flowing out of her.

Once more, she was lift off the ground but this time, it was her ass hole which was screwed with an inhuman force and Kavya was in nirvana.

"I am not a spirit like others...I possess powers that you can't even imagine," he acclaimed with much pride.

Kavya experienced the great powers when she sensed both her holes getting roughly fucked by two distinct cocks while two hands hold on her breasts massaging and pumping them.

She felt so tired that it was getting hard to moan but it did not stop...this went on and on...

It was too much for Kavya's human body to accept all this beastly ramming and she went unconscious.

She woke up with the first rays from the sun and found herself bruised and covered in a sticky gold-colored liquid.

Without thinking, she jumped into the river to wash off all traces of her brutal sexual encounter before running back to her place.

One month has passed since she met the monstrous spirit and no days has gone by without her thinking of him. It was even harder to forget with the marks on her ass reminding her of his fuck. She tried all ways to find him and waited for him several nights at the rock by the river but nothing...

In exasperation, Kavya went to her mirror and remove her clothes. Oh god, she was very horny and knew that no human can satisfy her holes like the devilish spirit. She opened her legs wide and in a gift, she was projected on the rough floor and finally he was on her.

Kavya smiled looking into the blue vicious eyes and said: "Now, I finally know how to make you appear....Sir."

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