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Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 6

Celeste's sweet sixteen birthday present is more than she ever wanted.
Adam watched as his stepdaughter celebrated her sixteenth birthday with her friends. He couldn’t help but feel a bit dull as he knew she had never seen the outside world. However staying in the bunkers was the safest option not only for her but the other residents. Adam had been in the vault the longest and had been voted to become the overseer of the entire population. He wanted to make this birthday special for her without putting her life at risk.

He kept pondering ideas about what to do for the special occasion; she already had enough presents from the other bunker dwellers. As he thought about it, a large pink and white cake was brought into the room from the kitchen. The candles shone brightly as everyone began to sit down around the table.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Celeste, happy birthday to you.” Everyone sang before she blew out the sixteen candles on top.

A loud cheer went up around the room as the last candle was extinguished yet Adam continued to think about what he could give Celeste on her special day. A few minutes went past before he finally figured out a plan and with that, he approached her.

“I hope you’re having a great time Celeste,” he said cheerfully.

“Yes, I am dad.” She responded.

“I have a very special surprise for you after the party,” Adam said as the smile grew on his face.

Like every teenage girl, Celeste was eager to find out what her surprise was.

“What is it dad?” She asked firmly.

“I’m not going to tell you just yet, you’ll find out later.” Adam chuckled.

Celeste pouted slightly in disappointment; however she wasn’t going to let it dampen the mood. She embraced Adam in a hug for a few moments. Adam placed his hands on her lower back then subtly brushed them against her small, round ass. Celeste noticed the contact but strangely enough, she liked it. Eventually, they broke away from one another and she went back to talking to her friends. Adam, on the other hand, was mesmerised by her. The way her long and straight black hair rested perfectly on her young, pert bosoms. Her hazel eyes were just as immaculate and her slender figure just made her a perfect ten in his eyes.

As she carried on talking to her friends, she began to look back at her stepfather. Just like he was looking at her differently, she began to do the same with him. She couldn’t help but admire his tall, muscular frame, his short blond hair and pale blue eyes. His chiselled jaw line had always been admired by the ladies too. Her mind began to wander for a few moments before finally she was interrupted by her friend’s impatience.

She was just about to explain herself when the kitchen doors swung open once more and staff carried plates of cake and ice cream out. The teens quickly sat back at the table and awaited their food but all Celeste could think about was her stepfather. She had never really looked at him that way but she was beginning to have dirty, taboo thoughts of him. As everyone scoffed their cake as quickly as they could, Celeste ate very slowly as she admired the filthy images in her mind.

Before long, the guests began to return to their living quarters until it was just Celeste, her mother and Adam.

“We hope you enjoyed your birthday princess,” they both said.

“Unfortunately, I have to go complete some jobs around the vault.” Her mother said as she left them both.

With her mom gone, it left just Celeste and Adam in the mess hall. Their eyes were focused on each other as if they were daring one another to break eye contact. Images of Celeste undressing flooded Adam’s mind and vice versa. Clearing his throat, Adam offered his hand to her. She slowly took it and off they went back to his office.

“Are you sure you’re ready for your surprise?” Adam asked as they walked down the dimly lit corridors.

“Ready as I’ll ever be daddy,” Celeste replied excitedly.

As they reached the door, Adam placed his hand on her back side once more and swiped his key card. They both wandered inside his spacious office and immediately both of his hands were under her ass cheeks, squeezing them gently then hard. His lips pressed against her neck as he groped and pushed her towards his desk. As her ass hit the cold wood of his desk, she kicked her shoes off and allowed her bare feet to touch the cold, metal floor.

Adam stopped kissing and groping her as he pulled her dress up and over her head. He licked his lips as he saw her tight red and white polkadot panties and matching brassiere. Celeste’s cheeks began to turn a rosy red colour as Adam stroked his fingers along her body.

“We’ll have to take them off,” he said as he reached his hands behind her back and unclipped her bra.

Reluctantly, Celeste didn’t allow it to drop from her shoulders for a few seconds. Once it did, two small areolas with a pale pink nipple in the middle of each came into view. She began to blush more whilst her 28A bust was exposed, however as Adam expressed his fondness of them she began to calm. He rolled them gently in his hands, allowing the nipples to grow harder before he pushed his hands further down her body. He tickled her whilst his fingers brushed over her stomach and onto her mound.

Adam kissed her once more as he hooked his fingers underneath the waistband of her panties. His tongue pushed into her mouth powerfully and began to circle hers quickly. She returned the favour by beginning to swirl her tongue in time with his. She closed her eyes and began to enjoy the idea of her stepfather being her first in everything. Their first kiss came to an end and Adam swiftly pulled his head away from hers. With no hesitation, he pulled her panties down her slender legs allowing her bald pussy to come into view for the first time.

“Oh my,” he said. “That’s the cutest snatch I’ve seen for a while.”

His words echoed around her mind as his lips pressed down her body. First he kissed her breasts, then her stomach, then her mound, then her thighs before finally placing a teasing kiss on her soaking wet pussy. Celeste placed a hand on his head encouraging him to kiss her again. Adam quickly acknowledged this and planted his lips on her pussy once more but this time, his tongue slipped out and begun to lick at her hymen. His tongue recklessly licked her labia and hymen before moving up her slit to her clitoris. Celeste was in heaven.

She pushed his head in further, wanting more of his delicate delights. Adam continued to do as she wished, making her shudder on his desk before pushing her onto her back. As she lied on her back, his tongue began to slither down her slit and between her ass cheeks. Celeste sunk her teeth into her lower lip as she felt Adam, her stepfather’s tongue brush around her tight asshole for the first time. She couldn’t believe how naughty but how good it all felt as he prepared her for womanhood.

His tongue circled her ass a few times, each time making her squirm before he slid it back up her crack to her clitoris. He sucked on it vigorously, tasting her one last time before he withdrew his head from her crotch.

“What now?” Celeste moaned as she sat up.

“There’s a lot of firsts tonight,” he laughed as he pulled his trousers down.

Celeste’s eyes widened as his average but thick cock stood erect in front of her.

“Just suck it like you would a lollypop, it’s really easy.” He added.

Celeste took a deep breath and began to move her head towards his twitching hard on. Her spongey tongue pushed against the eye of his cock and his helmet popped into her mouth with no issues. Celeste closed her eyes as she began to do as Adam said. She imagined his head was a cola flavoured lollypop and sucked it hard. She then remembered it was a blowjob and began to slide her mouth down his shaft as far as she possibly could. Her cheek bulged with his helmet as his shaft began to be coated in her saliva.

She brought her head back up, making him gasp as spit trickled down to his testicles. His hands cupped her face as she bobbed her head back and forth on his manhood. For a beginner, her blowjob felt amazing to him. Her tongue carried on swirling around his girth as she went up and down.

“Are you ready?” He asked as his spit covered helmet glistened in the lights.

“Yes,” she responded as she wiped her mouth.

He pushed her onto her back again and spread her legs slightly. He faintly rubbed his head against her pussy lips and pushed in slowly. A sharp pain went through her body as his cock popped her hymen. He groaned slightly as he pushed further into her tight hole. Blood began to slowly flow out of her pussy as he loosened her up. She sighed with relief as his balls hit her ass, his cock was fully embedded inside and for a few moments he paused there with her pussy muscles squeezing his new sensation.

As he brought his hips back, the pain she felt began to fade and turn to pleasure. He then slammed his cock back in a bit harder than his first thrust making a soft moan leave her lips. Once more, he left it there for a few seconds before pulling back out. Again, he thrust deep into her making her moan louder and again he pulled back out to thrust. This continued for what seemed an eternity to her as he fucked her senseless.

His balls slapped against her ass violently as he started to pick up momentum in his thrusts. Her moans grew louder as her stepfather’s cock stretched her newly deflowered pussy. Her body slid up and down the desk with the force of Adam’s thrusts but they were both feeling the ecstasy of one another.

After a few moments, Adam pulled his blood covered cock from her hole and pulled her off his desk. He then turned her around and pushed her face down on the warm wood and began to slide his fat cock in from behind. He spanked her gently as his cock glided into her body and tickled her cervix. Once again her moans grew louder as sweat began to drip from Adam’s forehead onto her lower back. It had been a while since he had worked a pussy like this and he was going to make sure that both of them loved the moment.

Celeste sprawled her arms out in front of her, grasping the edges of the desk as Adam bred her hard. She could feel the cool air sooth her spread pussy as the friction of his cock almost burned. With one more spank, Adam began to dig his fingers into her hips getting a better grip of her petite body as he fucked it savagely. He began to turn bright red as he pumped his cock in and out of her hole and before long he was begging for a rest.

Once again he withdrew his cock and pulled Celeste back to her feet. Her pussy was almost dripping with her juices as she stood there with her legs and lips still spread apart. This time however, Adam laid back on the desk and pulled her on top of him. His cock quickly impaled her as she squirmed on his body. With his hands on her hips, he began to aid her in riding. Her pussy was definitely stretched to accommodate him now as she went up and down with ease. Her juices poured down the base of his cock and onto his testicles as they moved her hips together.

As she began to get more comfortable on his shaft, Adam started to move his hands back to her tiny tits allowing her to work his dick independently. Her small ass carried on pushing down on his ballsack before rising up until only his head was inside her pussy. She finally began to get the hang of riding cowgirl and begun to pick up the pace. Her pussy started to fuck his cock with purpose as her hips bounced up and down against his. She wanted his cum and quickly.

They groaned and moaned in sync with one another as his balls tensed below her ass. She stopped immediately as his cock pulsated deep within. For a few seconds they waited before her womb was flooded with one large jet of cum and a few smaller strings that followed. Celeste collapsed onto his chest with a pussy full of cum as his dick flopped out of her hole.

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