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Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 1

When Jennifer needs a place to stay, a group of men give her just what she wants.
A thick mist descended on the valley, covering it like a blanket. Buildings, trees and the landmarks of an old civilisation were hidden from sight as Jenny stepped carefully over the cracked tarmac of the road. The casual breeze carried her auburn hair and the loose, bloodstained shirt slightly as she paused for a moment or two. She admired the view before being reminded of the events that had led to all of this, although she could only imagine what it had been like as it happened years prior to her birth. None the less, she could hear the cries of war, the bombs hitting and eventually visualise the tall mushroom cloud in the sky which sent a shiver down her spine every time it entered her mind.

She wiped away a small tear that was slowly sliding down her cheek before she set off again. Cautiously, she began to descend the hill, avoiding the craters caused from the explosions. Her mind replayed the image before moving onto a more pleasant tone. As she carried on moving down the hill, she began to quietly hum a song that her father had sung to her many years ago. The mist began to engulf her as she reached the bottom, the sunlight had completely vanished and now Jenny had entered the sadistic depths where creatures created by radiation lurked.

The smog made it almost impossible for Jenny to see more than a foot in front of her. None the less she needed to carry on, she needed food and shelter. She continued to travel down the road, climbing over piles of rubble and debris. A tall shadowy structure began to creep into her view as she carried on down the street. A faint beam of light started to emerge as she gradually got closer to it. Closer and closer she got to the building until eventually she could make out the old, red bricks. She moved to the window, scanning the inside of the house.

For a few moments, she admired the luxurious decoration of the front room. The fancy leather furniture complimented the walls and ornaments around. Her attention then moved to a short, red candle sat on the glass table in the centre. For a few moments she looked deeply at the flame, imagining its warmth radiating onto her face. Her eyes then wandered to the shadow growing on the wall. She ducked slightly as a mysterious man came into view. She watched as he pondered around the room. Jenny couldn’t help but admire the stranger’s handsomeness.

She gazed at him reading an old newspaper, almost forgetting about the world behind her. Her trance was broken by the sudden screech from a nearby mutant known as a ghoul by survivors. Ghouls were pretty much the exact same as humans, however they had mutated due to the immense amounts of radiation absorbed and they were extremely hostile to the “non-mutants”. Jenny quickly ran to the door, opened it and moved inside. She slammed the door behind her alerting the man she had just been spying on.

He slowly walked through the door, coming towards Jenny with a large knife in one hand and the candle in the other. He held the candle up, seeing Jenny’s face for the first time.

“Who are you? What do you want?” He questioned sharply.

“My name’s Jennifer, Jenny for short,” she replied hesitantly, “I’m only looking for shelter.”

“Shelter? We have no room for ya here kiddo,” the man hissed back at her.

Jenny looked at him confused by what he had just said. It was a big empty house yet he had no room for her. She wondered a bit more before noticing the door at the end of the corridor opening. Three muscular men stepped into the corridor with them, scowls on each of their faces. They approached Jenny before halting just behind their leader.

“You could always earn your shelter,” the leader said smugly.

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked.

“I think you know what I mean girl,” he snapped.

“I’m not going to give myself to men that I do not know,” she said boldly.

“Fine, as you wish girl,” he laughed. “I am Robert.”

He beckoned the men to step forward.

“This is Shawn,” he chuckled as the first muscular man stepped forward. His long, golden hair rested on his shoulders and his crystal blue eyes stared into hers.

The next man stepped forward. Robert placed his hand on the man’s shoulder as he began to introduce him.

“This is Elliot,” he said. “He is the great grandson of an historic leader.”

Jenny rolled her eyes as Robert rambled on. Elliot stepped aside as the last of the men stepped forward to be introduced.

“Finally, this is Michael,” He yawned.

Jenny’s face lit up as she gazed at his handsomeness, his short black hair and chiselling hazel eyes captivated her. Her heart raced slightly before her mind began to bring her back to the reality of things. She cleared her throat thoroughly.

“Just because I know their names does not mean I know them,” she hissed.

“You want shelter but you’re not willing to earn it,” Robert said. “There’s the door girl.”

Jenny turned towards the door, his words seeming to echo in her mind. She then heard the screeches of hellish creatures in the ruins outside. Her head stooped and her eyes met the floorboards as she pondered her options. She looked back at the men; each one of them stood nonchalantly watching her.

“We’re offering you safety and protection,” Robert persuaded. “Join us and you can be safe for as long as you live.”

“Fine,” Jenny said sharply as she faced all of them.

She hesitantly walked back towards the men, making them separate as she got closer. She walked through the middle, each man giving her a gentle slap on her rear. They followed her into the front room, the newspaper’s pages scattered around the floor. Robert moved in front of Jenny, placing the candle back on the table as he did. Jenny stood still for a moment, watching the flame flicker. The men began to surround her, their hands admiring each side of her 18 year old body. She looked at each of them as they began to grope her taut, young body.

Her heart sunk slightly and her mind began to turn into a dark and dirty place. Her hands started to brush over each of their cocks lightly, her fingers dancing on each one before going to the next. One by one, they began to get harder at her soft and delicate touch. Tents formed as slowly they began to tug Jenny’s pants down. Her tight, shaven snatch caught Robert’s eye immediately as her trousers reached her knees. The other men however, were mainly focused on her perfectly shaped ass.

Jenny sunk her teeth into her lower lip as they began to grope her bare skin. She felt intimidated but at the same time extremely aroused. Robert planted the first kiss on Jenny’s lips, his tongue sliding into her mouth. Time seemed to stop as they huddled there, Robert rubbing the bare skin between her legs and his tongue overpowering hers. The others continued to grope and tug at her young flesh, leaving faint, pink marks on the skin.

Robert’s tongue carried on swirling around Jenny’s gums vigorously as Shawn started to kiss down her back. Michael and Elliot began to laugh amongst themselves slightly as he reached Jenny’s sweet little backside. He quickly pulled her cheeks apart and began to lick around the hole. She squirmed faintly as she felt his tongue flicking over her anus repeatedly. Robert gradually began to move his mouth from hers. His eyes stared piercingly into hers whilst his hands moved up to her cheeks, cupping them.

“Arms up,” he commanded.

Jenny did as she was told and in a flash, her top was ragged up and over her head. Her pert bust sat like two large grapefruits on her chest, and her nipples stood fully erect.

“What a lovely pair of tits they are,” Elliot laughed as he took one in his hands.

He rolled her tit in his hand, squeezing it slightly make Jenny yelp with even more pleasure. She bit her lip hard as Shawn’s tongue slowly crept its way inside her tight, little asshole. Robert stood there, smirking as Jenny whimpered and moaned.

“I’m guessing this is the first time any man has given you this kind of attention?” Robert chuckled.

Jenny looked him in the eyes, her teeth still sunk deep in her bottom lip, and nodded. His grin began to grow, stretching from ear to ear almost. Michael grabbed her other tit and started to mimic Elliot as Robert started to lower his head. Jenny felt his lips brush against her stomach, tenderly kissing over it and to her mound. Again, time seemed to go by slowly as she felt his soft, spongy tongue against her clitoris. Shivers went down her spine as the tongue flicked up strongly. She released a soft moan as her fingers stroked Robert’s silky, brown hair. She watched as he devoured her delicate, virgin pussy.

“You are a delicious feast,” Robert laughed as he pulled his head from her groin for a moment or two.

Immediately, he began to eat her once more. His tongue skilfully lapped up her juices as they leaked from her lips. Jenny’s eyes closed as Michael and Elliot begun to suck on her juicy, stiff nipples and with one hand on Robert’s head, she moved the other to Shawn’s. Her hand grasped his golden hair and slowly, she began to push his head into her ass.

Her body was filled with pure lust as her four lovers licked and sucked on her body. She opened her eyes and quickly looked at the wall where the silhouette was cast. To her, it looked just as heavenly as it felt. Their tongues continued to swirl around her body causing exquisite pleasure and bringing her closer to her first orgasm. Jenny closed her eyes again, the ecstatic feeling flowing through her body like a river. Her heart started to thud violently in her chest and her knees began to weaken. She inhaled deeply and her pussy began to throb as her orgasm erupted.

Robert’s tongue swirled around Jenny’s succulent little pussy, lapping up all the juices as it did. He closed his eyes with delight as he enjoyed drinking Jenny’s sweet nectar. Her moans filled the air with the occasional moment of panting between them. Each of the men twitched slightly as they heard her heavenly yelps of pleasure. They knew it was almost their time to enjoy her mouth pleasing them. Simultaneously, the men pulled their heads away from her body and began to unzip their trousers.

As the pleasure began to decline, Jenny dropped to her knees. One by one, the men pulled out their erect cocks and brought it towards her. Jenny stared at each of them, inspecting them closely. Robert’s cock was the biggest out of the four; she guessed that it was about 9 inches in her head. She admired it for a few seconds, her fingers stroking through a short tuft of black pubic hair. She then moved her hand to Michael’s hardening penis. Unlike Robert’s, this one was completely bald and looked around 7 inches long. She gave it a few gentle strokes whilst her eyes looked deeply into his. The next cock was exactly the same, bald and around the same length. However this one was fatter and belonged to Shawn. Just like before, she gave it a few gentle strokes before finally moving on to Elliot’s. His cock was the smallest out of the group and his jet black pubic hair was trimmed in a neat line.

Jenny looked up at him, wanking him softly as she licked her lips. Elliot groaned slightly as he felt her palm stroke up and down his shaft. Her mouth opened and finally, his cock slipped inside her for the first time. He groaned more as her saliva coated the head of his dick. The other men began to surround her, each of their cocks stood firmly at attention in front of her. Jenny moved her hands from Elliot and began to grab the others, wanting to pleasure them even more than the one in her mouth. She looked up at all of them, showing her love for their cocks before bringing her focus back down on to Elliot’s penis.

Her tongue whisked around his gland, making his manhood twitch a few times and her hands worked Shawn and Michael’s throbbing shafts. Robert however just stroked her cheek with his index finger as Elliot’s member made it bulge with its hardness.

“Such a good girl,” he laughed as he brought his other hand to his erection.

Robert started to masturbate as he watched Jenny swapped Elliot’s cock for Shawn’s. He just loved watching this petite, young slut loving each of his friend’s cocks. Groans from each of the men were the only noise within the room and it just made Jenny wetter with each groan heard. Continuing to slurp on Shawn, she released Elliot, her hand longed for Robert’s erect penis. Reluctantly, Robert brought it towards her letting her hand wrap itself around him. He sighed as he began to feel it slide up and down his long, hard shaft.

Jenny stopped sucking once more; she wanted a different cock, a different treat and flavour. Michael stepped into position, giving her what she wanted. His cock glided softly between her lips and into her mouth. He felt it hit the back of her throat and began to pull back out, beginning a thrusting rhythm. Jenny knelt there, letting Michael fuck her mouth as she wanked Robert hard.

“Are you ready?” Robert asked as he winked at the men behind him.

Jenny looked at him and nodded as Michael continued to fuck her mouth softly. Elliot moved behind her, grabbing her legs as he did. He pulled her legs back slightly so her back was straight and adjacent to the floor. He opened her thighs slightly, admiring her tight, virgin pussy. With his cock in hand, he began to stroke it up and down the lips, teasing her. With a smooth motion, he began to slide into her. Jenny braced herself as a sharp pain of Elliot taking her virginity rushed through her body. For a few moments, she shuddered as Elliot slid deeper.

“Don’t worry, it’s natural.” Robert said as his hand stroked her shoulder.

The blood from Jenny’s hymen began to run down her thighs as Elliot started to thrust softly. Hearing a muffled moan from Jenny, Michael began to thrust his cock into her mouth once more, this time in rhythm with Elliot. More moans started to be heard from Jenny as Elliot’s cock began to fuck her harder with each thrust. Shawn moved Jenny’s free hand onto his cock, feeling it wrap around just like before. Almost synchronized, the men groaned with delight.

Elliot’s balls started to make a loud slapping noise as they collided with Jenny’s clitoris. All of a sudden, his breathing began to get heavy and his thrusts began to slow down. With his cock deep within the soft, smooth velvet of her vagina, he began to cum. His balls pulsated and his white, gooey seed started to empty into her. Jenny’s pussy began to squeeze his cock, milking every last drop from his shaft before finally releasing him.

“Fucking hell,” Elliot groaned as he pulled his bloodied cock out of her 18 year old hole.

Robert laughed as Elliot sat on the furniture, watching the other men.

“Bring her some delight you two,” He chuckled as he winked at them both.

They both began to laugh amongst themselves like some kind of inside joke. Shawn laid down on his back, pulling Jenny on top of him. He gazed at her beauty for a few seconds, admiring her from head to toe. He gave her a kiss on the cheek as he brought his cock to her bare pussy. Jenny looked him in the eyes as she slid her hips down. Shawn felt each inch of his manhood become embedded inside of her one by one. He let out a loud groan as he felt her cervix against his head.

“Oh my god,” Jenny moaned.

Robert chuckled once more as he brought his huge, 9 inch cock to her mouth. Immediately, Jenny began to gobble it into her mouth. She had become their slut and her holes were hungry for each of their cocks. Her head bobbed frantically and her bouncing tits were halted by Shawn’s hands on them. Jenny started to ride his cock hard, enjoying his groaning and whimpering.

“Do it,” Robert ordered as Michael came closer to her body.

With a nod of his head, he held Jenny still as he squatted over her back. His hand guided his cock to the entrance of her ass and with a slight push, he started to enter. Another sharp pain shot up Jenny’s spine as his cock started to stretch her tight asshole. Michael paused for a few seconds, letting her recuperate before going any further. Her ass gripped his cock tightly as it slid further. Michael felt as though he was going to bust as his balls touched her skin.

“You like being an airtight slut?” Robert asked as he looked down at Jenny.

Once again, she looked up at him and nodded with her saliva running down her chin. Michael and Shawn began to thrust in a beat with one another, their balls narrowly missing one another as they made Jenny into a human sandwich. Elliot’s semen began to ooze down Shawn’s shaft as he penetrated her more. He didn’t mind however, he was more focused on giving Jenny the time of her young life. Before long, Jenny’s body began to tense and her holes began to tighten around the men’s cocks. Her hips started to buck as a powerful orgasm ripped its way through her body.

Her juices began to flood down her pussy, glazing Shawn’s cock and mixing with Elliot’s cum in the process. She felt as though she was going to collapse on top of Shawn; however Robert’s cock was acting as some sort of support beam as it stuffed her mouth. Panting from her orgasm, she straightened her back again allowing Michael to begin thrusting once more. His hands started to separate her ass, making it easier for his cock to glide in and out of her tight, newly deflowered asshole. His pace began to quicken before his heart sunk. His breathing began to become deeper and his balls clenched together. Jenny reached back, her hands feeling the heat of Michael’s testicles as they started to empty inside of her.

Robert started laughing again as comical groans started to leave Michael’s mouth. Jenny started to feel strings of cum shooting deep into her ass. She couldn’t help but get slightly excited that she could do this to men. However, Michael wasn’t quite as excited. His head stooped as his flaccid cock slipped from her hole, part of his seed following and oozing down from it.

“Don’t worry Mike, you’ll have plenty of opportunities.” Robert said jokingly as he began to wait for Shawn to finish.

Noticing that his leader was becoming bored, Shawn grabbed Jenny’s hips and began to pull her up and down his shaft viciously. Jenny started to scream and giggle with pleasure as he fucked her like a whore. Her tits bounced like two perfectly filled water balloons, and her hands planted firmly on Shawn’s chest. It wasn’t long until Shawn began to turn red in the face. He carried on fucking until finally, a shot of ecstasy started to consume his body. His cock begun to lose feeling as his hot cum started to mix with Elliot’s inside Jenny’s pussy. His cock carried on penetrating as his impressive load was emptied into her. With one final string of his cum, he laid back exhausted.

Jenny climbed off of him, silky threads of semen running from her pussy to the tip of Shawn’s now softening cock. She turned over and laid on her back as Robert glanced at her body.

“Lay on your side,” he commanded.

She did as she was told, giving him a gorgeous breathtaking view of both of her cum filled holes.

“Come fuck your slut,” she said gracefully.

Robert licked his lips as he climbed down to the floor behind her. Propping her leg up, he began to stroke the saliva covered head of his member against her cum filled pussy hole. He started to kiss her passionately as his penis begun to part the lips of her vagina. His cock was plunged into the heat and stickiness of her pussy. All 9 inches thrust into Jenny making her stiffen with pleasure. Robert started to fuck her as hard as he could. He wanted to make sure she’d remember him most of all.

His huge cock continued to impale her as his tongue swirled around her mouth. Each of the men shouted words of encouragement as they watched their friend, their leader fucking their newly found whore. As he thrust, Jenny begun to thrust her hips backwards, meeting his cock with satisfaction. She loved it along with her body as all 9 inches continued to fuck her. His balls slapped against her perfect, peachy ass as they continued to breed with one another. He propped her leg up more, pushing her knee almost to her chest and opening her pussy up more for his member.

Jenny broke the kiss as she began to cum once again. Her body filled with lust and her moans filled the air. She started to shake as her orgasm erupted. Trying to make this orgasm the biggest, Robert continued to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Her pussy gripped his huge cock, squeezing it tightly.

“Cum for me,” Jenny moaned.

Robert thrust faster and harder until finally, he let go of it all. With his balls filled to the brim, they began to empty. His eyes rolled back and his cum began to squirt from the tip of his cock like a cannon. Jenny started kissing him again as he impregnated her in front of the 3 others who had also gave her the time of her life. As his orgasm came to an end, the candle burnt out and the room flashed into darkness with Robert’s cock still inside her.

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