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Sweetest Fruit

Sweetest Fruit

The last night in Paradise

Night was just beginning to envelope the land as he set fourth. A gentle breeze rolled in from the south, rustling the underbrush and carrying with it a thousand fascinating scents. He breathed deep, relishing the bouquet of flowers, fruits, a thousand wild kinds of dung and dark, rich earth. He filled his lungs with the smells of countless unseen beasts and a multitude of roots and leaves and vines. He cast his eyes towards the darkening sky and sucked in more and from somewhere in the expanding cosmos he got a whiff a stars burning. How long had it been since he had breathed that deeply of real fresh air? Took a breath that was not rank with corruption and stagnation? Far too long.

Already he could feel his senses coming alive once more. Strength flooded his limbs and extremities. His heartbeat quickened as he started to walk, the soil warm and lovely beneath his bare feet, the cool wind tickling his bare chest and arms. He paused between two trees, swaying drunkenly as sublime euphoria over took him. Before he could help himself he through back his head and howled. It was long and exuberant, a thousand times deeper than the howl of a wolf. It was an ancient battle cry once heard echoing off the Elysian Fields. It felt so good in his mouth that his face twisted into a huge grin.

When he finally stopped he panted and felt abashed. That had been imprudent. He had risked so much to come this far and he had scarcely begun with his task. It would do no good to announce himself so plainly. Thousands of ears and eyes waited out there amongst the trees, all of them eager to curry favor and turn him in no doubt. He must keep control of his faculties. For tonight was the night. Tonight he would strike a blow to rock the universe at its core. The Father thought the rebellion had been crushed. Tonight he would learn that what had come before was naught but the opening salvo. Steadying himself, he crouched towards the ground. Concentrating, he sniffed at the earth, trying to locate the scent of his quarry, buried amongst the rest.

His nose twitched and he sniffed again. He grinned once more, his teeth like mountain peaks in his maw. He could smell the sweat of their bodies clearly. There was no doubt about it. They were close. Just a few miles to the east, towards the center of the garden, he was certain. Rising, he moved silently into the foliage and the shadows. There was no rush. He would find them soon enough. And as the last light of day slipped from the sky, he knew he had many hours before the dawn.


She stirred in the night and cast her eyes to the tree line. A sound in the dark had woken her, and she felt the icy chill grip her heart. It was the same chill she had felt when she and her husband had watched the sky blacken with clouds, then split in two as forks of light ripped through the heavens. She had had shivered then and pressed herself against her husband’s body, as they starred at the sky for hours, wondering what had happened to The Father’s beautiful blue kingdom. All at once the word had come to her for what she was feeling. Fear. Fresh, new fear, the first ever felt by one of her kind. She had buried her face against her husband, felt his arms take her in and his hands, so strong yet so soft run down her hair and back. She could feel the fear coming from him as well, but he still held her, gently petting her, and as he did she could smell the good smells of his body. The sweet aroma of his unpolluted sweat made her feel at peace. Then they had stepped into the streams of water that poured down from the sky and laughed at their folly. For surely nothing in The Father’s garden could do them harm.

But now the fear was back. The sound tore through the twilight and echoed off the trees and rocks. It was a beast’s howl unlike any she had yet heard in the garden. It seemed full of emotions she did not know, unpleasant things she did not wish to feel. Her heart quickened as she scanned the dark. She looked down to her husband, sleeping without care against a tree. A moment ago she had been nestled against him, her head on his chest, dreaming. She shook him. Husband. She said, without needing to open her mouth. He grumbled and stirred a little.

Husband. Wake.

Wife. What is it? He asked, opening his eyes.

A sound. Out in the dark. It, it frightened me .

He smiled wearily. Sweet Wife. Be calm. No harm will come to us in The Father’s garden. It was the wind.

Not the wind. It was like no wind I’ve yet heard.

An animal then. Some beast off foraging. Forget your fear. Sleep dear one. And with that he closed his eyes again and was once more dead to the world. She signed softly and took a deep breath. He was right of course. It was more folly. It was just a strange sound. Perhaps more the product of dreams then of truth. She felt the cold grip slipping off of her heart.

She was settling back down beside him, ready to fall back into sleep when she cast her eyes once more to the tree line and saw something move. She shot back upright, mouth open, eyes wide. A weak gasp escaped her throat. It was a shadow, moving smoothly through the underbrush. It was shaped somewhat like her husband except much larger. At times it seemed to disappear all together. At other times it would move so suddenly she couldn’t keep straight where to look. Then suddenly it stopped.

The fear had returned, much stronger now. She breathed hard and felt a shiver run from between her shoulders straight to her bottom. Do not be foolish, she told herself. Surely this is but another of The Father’s creations. It means my husband and me no harm. Go forward. Greet it. Trembling, she got to her knees and began to creep towards the edge of the clearing. The shape did not move.

She paused at the edge of the clearing, straining to see more of whatever it was out in the dark. All she could see was that it was crouched about a hundred yards off against a tree, totally hidden by the night save for it’s manlike shape and size. Suddenly something happened. Two bright pinpricks opened and shimmered in the dark. Fabulously bright, slit-like eyes fell on her. She gasped in surprise. They seemed to illuminate the face to which they belonged and she could just barely make out some of its dark features. They were something between the look of a man and the look of a beast. Then it smiled. The site of its long, pristine white fangs, made her tremble again. But she steeled herself.

I am Eve, wife of Adam and first daughter of mankind. W-what are you friend? She asked in the tongue of Beasts. The more she looked into that face and into those eyes the less fear she felt and the more something else replaced it. It was not altogether unlike fear in a way, but it was a much more pleasant feeling. It seemed to consume her. She pondered what this new sensation was and then it came to her.  Wonder.

Then the creature spoke. Not in the tongue of Beasts but in the tongue of Man and Woman. No other creature had done this. Its voice was at once soft and sonorous. It had a quality like cool running water, sweetly feeling the ear of her mind.

Child. Oh, sweet child of the garden. Come, follow me. Let us explore this magnificent night. Come with me…

Then he turned and darted off into the night. She was surprised when she actually laughed to herself. What folly was this? Surely this was the queerest night she had yet seen in the garden. As she watched the beast move away she heard it’s words echoing in her head. Come with me…follow me. All at once she decided she would. After all, what harm could come of it? A moonlit frolic in The Father’s garden, with a creature as curious as this, was more interesting than another night asleep surely. There would be sleep another time. She rose and began to give chase.

She stopped briefly and glanced over at her shoulder. Her husband slept on undisturbed. Should she wake him? No . She thought. She turned back to the shadowy figure and followed after it. Whatever happened later, this part was just for her.


He darted between the thick bushes, hearing her footfalls behind him. He made certain to stay close enough that she could keep up, but it took restraint. It felt so good to be running again. His arms and legs pumping, feet pounding on the dark ground, with the leaves brushing against his body and tall grass tickling his ankles. He could hear the melodic sound of her laughter as she gave chase. Oh how sweet it was!

She had been fearful when he approached. Even if he had not been able to smell the fear, it was drawn on her so plainly. The way she shook, the way her almond eyes grew so wide, and the way her mouth hung agape. She was afraid and yet she still came forward to see him. She was bold. She was inquisitive. She was perfect. He knew he had been right to go to her first.

And what a comely form she had been given. He had only ever seen the pair of them from a distance before, through a haze of smoke. Seeing her close now, he could appreciate all her assets. A lithe, compact body, with brown hued flesh, long dark hair, coltish legs and breasts like perfectly ripe grapefruits. She had been made well. Tonight’s task would not be without its pleasantries.

He made his way through the dense sea of green and brown, at times whispering back to her. Come child…come…faster…come play in the garden with me... His direction seemed aimless, but he knew exactly where he was heading. At various times the odd set of eyes would flash at him from the dark, but if these beasts ever spoke to him he moved to fast to hear them. Let them chatter. He saw his destination up ahead.

Picking up speed, he darted towards a root jutting out of the ground. He launched off of it, fantastically high, as he sailed through the air he closed his eyes. He flexed, just as man would flex his muscle, and when he did his form shifted. He felt his bones receding, his skin elongating. There was a brief spasm of discomfort, and then he landed on a cushion of soft grass. He slithered onwards.


She stopped, panting, beside a grove of willows. She had lost sight of the creature. Ahead was a clearing. She walked onwards, gazing about for a sign of him. As she broke through the trees she halted. Moonbeams penetrated the canopy and pale light illuminated the setting. She knew this place. The Father had led her and her husband here once, long ago it seemed now. He had spoken to them in the tongue of The Father and bid them to stay away from this place. For the tree that grew in the center of it bore fruit that would bring death.

Father, Adam had asked, what is death ?

It is the end of life my dear child . The Father had answered. It is separation from my presence, exile from my bountiful garden. But let it worry you not my dear ones. For death shall never touch you, lest you disobey my words: EAT NOT THE FRUIT OF THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE.

They had obeyed. She had put the place and the tree out of her mind until this moment. Now, standing at the very edge of trees looking in, she felt trepidation. A cooling breeze swept over her and she felt her nipples grow hard and goose-flesh break over her skin. She took a hesitant step forward. Then another. The breeze swirled a gentle mist of the clearing floor, reflecting the moonlight off of it. The tree seemed to glow.

Friend? Where are you? Why have you taken me to this forbidden place? She asked, her hands grasping her arms for warmth.

I am here child. Eve, wife of Adam, first daughter of mankind, come forward. There is no reason to fear. Here, come and find me.

The voice was all around her and yet she knew it once it had come from the tree. She walked towards it uncertainly. It was low hanging, but its base was massive. Its leaves seemed somehow greener than the other trees of the garden, its bark browner. It seemed more alive. That was folly though, all things in the garden were alive, and how could one thing live more than another. But folly or not she sensed it was true. An intangible quality to the air around it, as if it radiated some form of heat. What’s more, as she drew near she caught a scent on the air unlike any other. It was at once tart and sweet. It was rich and pleasant in a way she could not describe. As she stepped under it’s branches she looked up and saw the fruit hanging low. Huge and red and ripe, they were close enough to touch.

I am here, beautiful one . The voice said. She looked to her side and in the branch closest to her she saw it, twisting its way across the bark, moving like water. It’s head was raised and it’s tongue darted in and out.

Are you the beast I chased?

I am, lovely Eve, I am.

You do not look as you did.

I can take many pleasing forms. In this form I am called serpent. Though, no I form I take could be half so pleasing as yours….

As it spoke, it lowered itself towards her. It’s head slid down closer and closer to hers, until at last it was actually slithering around her shoulders.

I should not be here . She said softly. A shudder ran through her body as it touched her. She did not feel like herself.


B-because, The Father...he...he forbade my husband and I from eating the fruit of this tree. It brings death.

Death? This beautiful tree? I think not my dear, I think not. It was slithering slowly around her now, gently coiling itself around her neck and shoulders. She looked up and saw the fruits again, and felt her mouth water looking at them.

The Father would not lie . She protested weakly, and she heard a hint of doubt in her own voice as she gazed upwards longingly.

The Father wished to keep you and your mate meek my dear, meek and docile creatures. But this tree…this tree could make you so much more.

What…what powers do it’s fruits hold that The Father would not let us possess?

Would you like to see….?

Her mouth hung open. His voice was so, so inviting, and smell was so sweet. It took a moment for her to realize that the serpent was no longer on her shoulders. There no longer was a serpent. Now a man shaped thing was behind her. His body pressed against hers. His hands were wrapping around her waist, embracing her as her husband embraced her. Except, there was something else. Something new. Her body quivered as his hands gingerly slipped upwards, taking her breasts under them. Something pressed against her, hard as stone, throbbing and alive.

She could smell him. His musk was sweet and masculine. Having him hold her was nothing at all like when her husband did. Then there was only warmth and love and devotion. Here was something new entirely. A feeling that coursed through her from the tips of her nipples to the nub of flesh between her legs, like a longing.

What…what am I feeling? She asked dazedly, straining to keep her thoughts in order.

“It is called lust, my lovely.” He spoke aloud, and as he did his breath fell hotly on her ear and she shook once more. His large hands squeezed at her breasts and he rolled his thick thumbs around her dark areolas. She leaned backwards and rested her head against his chest. With one hand he reached outward towards the nearest fruit, whilst the other began to slide back down her body, over her stomach, down between her legs. She breathed hard.

His arms were nearly as broad as small tree trunks and he plucked the orb from the branch with no trouble at all. She felt his fingers sliding down her, through her patch of sable hair, over her mounds and onto her warm, slick lips below. “I will give you choice now Eve, wife of Adam.” He said softly as his fingers deftly parted her lips and pressed against the throbbing jewel of her sex. She gasped and felt her knees buckle but he held her up. His fingers began to turn and twist on her. They moved a circle, slowly, rhythmically, pressing down just a little harder, and a little harder. He held the fruit before her lips. It looked tiny in his massive hand. “Would you like to eat?”

She began to writhe against him. His fingers moved faster and faster and her flesh ached for it. She could feel the juiced of her body gushing out of her. She opened her mouth. “Aw. Aaaw….Aaaah!” She closed her eyes. And she took a bite.


He watched with wild elation as her teeth sank into the soft flesh. As they did her body squirmed and quaked under the skilled touch of his fingers, moving on her slick, stiffened pearl. She moaned aloud even as the juice of the forbidden fruit cascaded over her lips and chin, her mouth full of its meat and nectar. He could feel the heavy thud of his hammering heart in his rips, as his body moved in sync with hers, grinding himself against her slowly, rolling his dexterous hands with ever increasing force and speed. He held the fruit closer to her and she bit into it once more eagerly. His engorged member pulsed and ached as it pressed against the curves of her writhing buttocks.

“Is it sweet, child? Sweeter than anything you’ve yet tasted?” he whispered breathily into her hear.

“Y-yes…huh, huh….” She cooed, her sweet voice wavering. She went weak in the knees again and her hand reached back behind his head to steady herself, lacing her fingers into the locks of his hair. Her free hand reached out and grasped hold of his, pushing into what was left in his palm into her mouth tearing into it with desperate, greedy relish.

His hands dropped to her waist and he turned her to face him. The look on her face thrilled him. Fear and shock yes, but in her wide, liquid eyes, there was awe and desire. It was all so new to her. Knowledge flooded her addled mind and soul and she was stricken by it. She wanted more. She stared back at him; her lips and cheeks streaked with nectar and pulp. “I can think of something sweeter.” He growled softly, as his callused hands gripped her back. He plunged his face into hers, kissing her fully, his tongue exploring the cavern of her mouth.

He felt her tense under him and then submit, letting her tongue dance with his, letting her hands fall down the sides of his trunk like arms. He ground himself against her body and she grunted with pleasure as he did. His hands wandered the landscape of her breasts and back and bottom. Oh proud creator, can you see her now? He thought, as he grabbed hold of her wrist. Your most prized creation, your innocent daughter, stands before me, reveling in her own corruption. Her sin is so sweet a reward!

He guided her hand downwards. She let him place it on the staff of his pulsating erection without any resistance. She broke her lips from his and looked at him with eyes alight. She gripped him firmly, squeezing it gently but determinedly. He looked at her in silence, breathing hard.

“This…is wickedness? This is sin?” she asked at last.

“Yes. There is no goodness in this. Only pleasure. Wicked, sinful pleasure.”

She was silent a moment longer. Then she smiled. “I want more.”


It was all coming so fast. Her mind’s eye flashed with a multitude of images, each more carnal than the last. Truths she never dreamed she would know surged into her. Why had she been denied this up until now? The rush of it was all consuming. New words came to her. New feelings. New possibilities. She could see other men and women, just like her and her husband, writhing in the earth and mud, their faces twisted in expressions of pure bliss as they moved with each other. She saw faces in a sea of dark, hideous and cruel, laughing.

At the same time, she was still right there rooted to the spot, looking at this man, this beautiful man who was not her husband, with strong hands and fierce eyes. He was putting his hands on her shoulders and saying something. The words came from far away. “Kneel….kneel and worship me.”

She was obeying. Her trembling body was lowing into the wisps of mist upon the ground. As she did she looked up at him. He looked huge to her from here. Before her face jutted the obelisk of his manhood. Penis. She thought. The word came to her from nowhere. Then came another. Cock. His cock.

Her hands glided up his thighs smoothly. Her eyes never left his as she wrapped her fingers around him. He was large enough that she could fit both her hands around it. She lowered her head towards the swollen, purple tip, and as she did other words came to her. Harlot. Slut. Whore . What did they mean? She wasn’t certain, but she liked the idea of them all the same. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth and twirled around the edge of his cock, before she took it into her lips.

His face creased with a calming smile. “Mmmmm….yes….yes Eve…Worship it.” He moaned quietly. Her tongue moved around its tip methodically, flicking back and forth, as her hands slid up and down the shaft, squeezing and massaging as they went. He was so thick and solid in her mouth. She could feel it throb between her lips like a living thing. Her head moved faster. She breathed deeply from her nose. One of her hands pumped down the saliva slick rod as the other cupped around his testicles. Her mind was still exploding. It was like a great tsunami raging over her. She knew the intricacies of her own body and of his. Her loins twanged and groaned for relief, her nipples protruded rigidly, eager to be pinched and rubbed and suckled.

Her head moved back and forth, tongue swirling with precision. She felt his hands slip into her hair and grip. He grunted and pulled back on it, as she took him as deep into her as he would go. He tugged harder and she stopped, looking up at him, her hands still slithering over him. Then he was lowering himself. Coming towards the earth, grabbing her waist as he did. I want him. I want him inside of me , she thought, I want to feel his cock plowing into me . And she was going to the ground as she thought it, rubbing her hands over his arms as she went.

He laid her on the slick grass, his movements forceful and quick, without discussion or warning. Kneeling before her he nudged her thighs apart. She opened them without pause, her nails racking over the hard skin of his chest. His hands were all over her body. Touching every curve, every ridge, every orifice. He took hold of her hips as he leaned over her, pushing her legs even further apart.

Their eyes were locked. His mouth opened and she watched him run his forked tongue across his fanglike teeth. No word was spoken as she felt it pushed into her. Sublime agony gripped her as it tore her. She felt it stretching her, filling her. Her back arched. “Aaah! Oh!” Her eyes closed and her mouth formed a scream that did not come. Instead She sucked in breath and deeply as she could. “Huuuuuh!”

And he was still going into her. Slowly, inch-by-inch she felt it. She grabbed onto his shoulders. “Deeeeeeper.” She moaned. He growled softly, and grunted and he pushed into her as deeply as she would take him in. She tightened herself around him. Squeezed him. She was so wet. She never dreamed pain could feel so good as he began to move, groaning as he did. Out of her to the very tip of his shaft and then filling her again.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Oh, I am your harlot!”

“Mmmm, yes…you are.”

“Oh! Harder! Harder!”

He moved master, his rhythm increasing in tempo as their bodies made a glorious song of skin on skin. She threw her hips out to meet him, sticking her legs out straight and lifting her body with her shoulders. She wanted him in. Her nails dug into his back as he leaned towards her. She felt his tongue on her neck and his hot breath. His teeth ground into her gingerly. All the while he rose and fell into her and out of her.

He began to move faster again. She felt something welling inside her. Something swelling in her loins, spreading outwards, into the pit of her stomach and in her legs and arms and fingers and toes. Her entire body was tensing, poised on the edge of some great surge. “Huh. Huh. Huh! Hmmmm.” He thrust himself in her and she felt it release.

She screamed. “Aaaaah !” The sound of her ecstasy tore into the night, echoing off the trees and stirring beasts from their slumber. It didn’t stop. The surge intensified, and wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her. He was breathing harder now. Every time he entered her he grunted and she loved the sound of him in her ear.

He pulled up suddenly. As he did, she saw his face contorting. He was changing. It was all in flashes before her eyes. In one instant he was a man, in another he was something else. A thing. Its skin became a dark hue of grey, its eyes slits of yellow. Drool dripped from the corner of its wide, razor lined mouth. It thrust once more into her, Her back arched and she moaned passionately. It threw its head back and issued an earsplitting roar to the sky. As she was struggling to catch her breath she saw something filling the world behind it. Something huge and black, that blotted out the moon and stars.

It was slipping out of her now, leaving her feeling empty. She breathed hard, her body wracked by a raw and wonderful ache. Its eyes looked at her with a kind of affection. A claw brushed her cheek gently. Her eyes felt very heavy. She reached her hand out towards its chest, but before she could touch it, it was above her. She heard a stir in the air and realization dawned on her. They were wings. Its wings had blotted out the moon. He was sailing upwards, ascending towards the stars. Whilst she was going down. Deeper and deeper, she was falling into the pit of sleep. At last she closed her eyes and could open them no more.


He soared into the cool, fresh, midnight air. He felt so light, so alive. The bat like wings on his back beat against the wind in sync with the rhythm in his chest. He basked in the moonbeams, drunk on his arousal and triumph, the memory of her slick, tight cunt fresh upon his cock. Half done. He chided himself. Do not forget. Your part is over but the task is but half done. Her part is just beginning.

Sighing, he circle back towards the tree line. His elation however would not abate. All he needed now was to watch. He found a tree on the edge of the clearing and settled in its branches, becoming one with the shadows. He bided his time as she slept on, idling sucking the juice of her sex from his fingers. His powers were as strong as ever now. Tonight was only the beginning. A world of possibilities opened before him. For her and for the male yes, but for so many more as well. He saw generation upon generation, cavorting in decadence.

As he rested in the tree, watching as she dozed he saw the beginning of dawn approaching. Not yet to where mortal eyes could see but beginning non-the less. Time was growing shorter. He began to wonder if he needed to act, when he heard the voice coming from the thicket. It was lost and full of fear. He smiled.

Wife? Wife, where are you? I’ve heard sounds in the night, and woken to find you gone! Wife?!

Beneath the tree she stirred. She could hear it too, though not clearly. To her it was muffled and distant. Already the tongue in her mind was slipping from her. He watched as she woke, dazed and curious, as the hours before returned to her slowly. With her hands she examined her body ponderously, rubbing down her breasts and stomach. They slipped over her thighs and she examined her fingertips. She saw the semen he had left upon her, mingled with the fluid of her body. She placed her fingers into her mouth as she got cautiously to her feet.

“Husband? I am here husband, come quickly!” She called back to him.

Her mate broke the line of trees, a look of great relief upon his face. Tall, and hued as she was, he was covered in lean, wild muscle and his uncovered manhood dangled freely. Wife, where have you b-? His smile faulted as he saw her standing beneath the forbidden tree. Eve…what have you done? He inched towards her, horror dawning in his eyes.

“It’s alright my love. Come to me…it’s better than you’d ever believe! Come please, taste it!”

No! It is forbidden. The Father commanded it! It brings death.

“There is no death here, there is life! There is wisdom! Wisdom of so much, my love! The Father would have us as children, but the fruit…the fruit is our future!”

She reached above her head, and plucked a fruit of the nearest branch. She held it out and stepped towards him. The male remained where he was, anguish on his face. You are mad. The fruit has poisoned you. It is folly.

“It has freed me!” She insisted walking closer to him, waving the fruit before the eyes. “Please Adam…taste it. Share it with me…” He stood his ground, tears forming in his eyes, as she wrapped her arm around his waist, grabbing the cheeks of his buttocks.


She sighed sympathetically as she pressed herself to him. “Then taste me husband….” She put her lips, still wet with the forbidden fruit, delicately onto his. He watched holding his breath as they stood there a moment in perfect stillness.

Yes! Oh Yes! He thought, putting his hand to his mouth to keep from bursting in out in wildly laughter. Their mouths moved, opening wider to take more of each other in. She held him tighter as their tongues and lips and teeth clashed in mad battle. She broke away, pierced the skin of the fruit with her teeth, and then squeezed it over her body. The juices dripped over her breasts, over her mid-rift and over her legs. She brought it lower, letting it flow over her lips and thighs. “Taste me…taste every part of me my beautiful husband.”

Already he was. Bowing into her, licking and sucking at her neck and shoulders, kissing her down her form. His tongue darted over her skin, circling her areolas, suckling her nipples. Her head rolled back in satisfaction. “Yes…yes, taste me more…”

He continued downwards, lapping at the sweet nectar as he went, covering her body with his lips. Until at last he was on his knees before her, his hands groping her hips as he kissed down her thighs. His mouth reached the cleft of her slit. She held what remained of the fruit above his face, and sighed deeply, squeezing the last drops of it onto to his extended tongue.

From the tree he heard them groaning, and watched as she lay down once more and her buried his face in her. Her hands went to his neck, pushing him in deeper, holding him in place. “Mmm, huh, huh, yes, yes, put your tongue in me my love, eat of my flesh and drink of my juice! Aw! Huh, huh! Do you taste it? Do you taste how sweet it is?!”

“Mmm!” He grunted, his hands pushing back on her legs so that the feet hung in the air. She shuddered. Her back arching as she moaned, hands gripping the locks of his hair fiercely.

He perched on the edge of the branch, eyes wide with delight, and sniffed. He could smell the sweet, salty fragrance of her lust. He could hear lap of Adam’s tongue upon her clitoris. Such music!

Adam rose now to his knees. Eve got to hers, and took his face her hands, both of them panting. “Now take me...” she murmured. “Take me as bitch in heat, on all fours like a beast.”

She bent over, presenting herself to him. Adam grabbed her hips and slid himself within her body without pause. They groaned together like rutting animals. They moved together with unhinged abandon. His buttocks pistoned back and forth, the hard shaft of his magnificent cock spearing her as she pushed back into him. Their moans were wild and unbridled, filled with raw and naked carnality.

“Aaaaw….aaaaaw…..Ah! aaaaaah!”

“Huh, huh, huuuuh....uuuugh…”

The horizon was beginning to redden now. Dawn was nigh. But his work was complete. The night had succeeded beyond his wildest expectations. All that is left now is to watch and enjoy the spect-


Suddenly the wind was knocked out of him totally and he was tumbling to the ground in shock. Pain shot into his body as he landed face first in the dirt. Light Bringer! What have you done?! a voice, half mad with righteous anger roared. A voice he at once recognized.

Ah, Michael. Good to see you again. It has been too long. He said calmly as he turned over, and wiped a droplet of blood from his lip. Pray, how are you and your fellow slaves? Still doci-? But a fist slamming into his jaw cut off the words. It sent him hurtling through the air and splayed him against a tree, dazed. He laughed with delirious glee to himself.

The Archangel towered over him, brilliant in radiance, his wings ten feet in span and leveled a the tip a flaming sword at his throat. I ask again Fallen, what have you done?

What have I done Sword of God? Lucifer said, tongues of flame licking at his flesh . I have taken from our Father that which he most loved. I have debased the pure. Forever after this night I shall be known as the supreme corrupter. Tell him that that which he treasured so much more than us is now worthless in his eyes! To be cast aside as cheaply one third of his host and I his most beloved once were!

Raaawr! The Angel roared again his eyes ablaze, he swung the fiery blade, but Lucifer saw the blow coming and sprang to the sky. The sward struck the tree which burst into a blaze in a flash. You have brought them death! He bellowed in a rage.

I have given them freedom! Lucifer spat . I have given them the choice he denied them! I have freed them from the prison of innocence! The fire was spreading, as other trees began to smolder and black smoke twisted upwards. The woods crackled and popped, flames leaping into the leaves, stirred by a harsh, cold wind blowing in form the north.

Brother you are too late. Look, dawn is here and the Father sees their sin.

He pointed his hand across the clearing towards his glorious victory. Indeed, the sun had broken the horizon, and in the center of the field the nude couple sat, clutching each other, casting their eyes about as the fire engulfed the garden. The wind rocked the trees. The acrid smoke rose to form a great cloud in the sky, banishing light from the world. Dawn had come. Eden was in flames. A new age had begun.

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