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Sylph Esteem

Matt's been having a rough time of it, but good deeds pay sweet dividends.

People had finally gotten the hint.

Matthew finished his walk alongside the gravel road, having not found so much as a cigarette butt or gum wrapper. It was a far cry from two years ago when the roadside and the valley below had been littered with trash bags and discarded appliances. His cameras providing evidence of the people littering on the property had allowed the police to track down and fine the offenders. After only a couple of months, the constant stream of refuse had trickled down to nothing.

He checked the last of his hidden cameras, changing the battery and the memory card before starting down the hill. The slope was steep and covered with last year’s fallen leaves, forcing him to pay close attention to his footing as he descended.

Once at the bottom, he wiped the perspiration from his brow and shook loose a few strands of dark brown hair that were sticking to his neck. The shade beneath the canopy felt wonderful after the hike in the hot June sun – and the best was yet to come.

There was work to do first, though.

He pulled his arms out of the straps of his backpack and retrieved a water bottle from the side pocket. Thirst quenched, he sat down and leaned against the trunk of a large maple. Pushing aside the trash bags he was glad he hadn’t needed, he pulled his laptop from the backpack and inserted the first flash card.

As expected, most of the images were of him as he checked the cameras. He’d also captured a deer on one, and a couple of shots of cars on the road. The picture of the deer went into a folder to show to his mother before he inserted the next card. He quickly flipped through the first few images of himself and passing cars, and then paused when he saw one of a car stopped alongside the road.

He could tell by the lighting that the image had been snapped at night with the flash. That was usually enough to chase away anyone up to no good. The license plate was plainly visible, so he had all the evidence he needed if the driver had still tried to get away with something. A click moved on to the next image.

“Oh god,” he groaned as the image loaded. One of the car’s back doors was open, and he had an unwelcome view of a guy’s legs and naked ass sticking out of it. Quickly moving to the next image, he saw exactly what he expected. The guy was staring in the general direction of the camera with a look of surprise on his face. The next image had him reaching inside the car while trying to cover his junk with the other hand. There was another image of the guy scrambling to leave, and then a welcome surprise.

The image quality wasn’t the best through the back glass with the flash going off, but it was clear enough. The woman who had sat up in the back seat had nice tits, and hadn’t managed to cover them up with her shirt when the camera snapped.

Matt chuckled and flipped through two more shots of the couple fleeing. He felt a little bad about accidentally cock-blocking the guy, but it had probably saved him from having to pick up a used condom. There was nothing else of interest on the card, so he wiped it clean and moved on to the next.

The rest of the cards contained only mundane images, so his work was done for the next few days. He closed the laptop and looked at the water with a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. The creek widened and deepened into a rock-bottom pool in this spot – the perfect place to cool down on a hot day. He pulled off his shoes and shirt, hanging the latter from a tree limb, and turned toward the creek.

The bittersweet memory of coming here for a skinny-dip with his last girlfriend hit him out of the blue. He could almost see her standing naked in front of him with beads of water glistening on her skin and the current tickling her smooth-shaven pussy.

Pushing away the memory with a determined shake of his head, he took the last couple of steps toward the creek. He slipped into the cool, sparkling water with a sigh of relief, though he gasped when he sat down and the sudden change of temperature caused his family jewels to retreat in shock.

The birds were singing and the water felt wonderful, but he couldn’t help flashing back to the memory of Tina. It had been one of the most exciting experiences of his life, now ruined by catching her giving a blowjob to some other guy the day before Valentine’s. It had severely shaken his confidence, and he hadn’t even considered getting back into the dating game since. After only a couple of minutes, he climbed out and dried his hands on his shirt.

A flicker of motion in his peripheral vision caused Matt to turn. The butterfly had the most vivid purple wings he’d ever seen, and almost seemed to be studying him. Another flitter of movement revealed a second butterfly with wings the color of new leaves.

“They’re fairies,” his sister had said upon seeing another group of butterflies here, so many years ago.

Though he’d scoffed and called her stupid, the truth was that he almost believed her. She had a good story about how the fey folk changed into butterflies to hide from adults and boys. When a blue one landed on her finger, she had even pretended to talk to it.

Inspired, he reached into the backpack for his sketch book and flipped to a blank page. The purple butterfly conveniently landed on a twig, allowing him to sketch out the shape of its wings. The way the light hit the insect, he could see subtle changes in color, from a deep purple to almost pink. Fixing the colors to memory, he went on to draw a body to go with the wings.

In no time, he had a beautiful fairy on the page. When he got home, he’d color it in, and then scan it to send to his sister. Of course, he’d have to put some clothes on her first. His fairy was conspicuously naked, and hardly family fare.

A yawn crept up on him as he closed the sketchbook and slipped it back into the backpack. The walk back to the house wasn’t far, but the thought of getting up made him feel even more exhausted. A nap sounded like just the thing, and he scooted to rest his head on the amazingly soft hummock at the base of the tree. In only moments, he was asleep.


The sound that roused him some time later was a high-pitched hum. He tried to ignore it, but that only seemed to make it louder. Irritated, he tried to open his eyes, only to find them heavy – resisting the effort. It was then that he realized he couldn’t move.

In a panic, his eyes shot open. Though he still couldn’t move, he could see that the contents of his backpack had been rifled through. The hum continued, boring into his brain, and he groaned. His mouth opened, letting the sound out, which was at least a little progress.

Must be dreaming, he thought while fighting the alarming paralysis. I’ll wake up, or it will go some other weird direction any second now.

As he continued the mental struggle, a new sensation struck. It was as if someone was watching him – or rather several people. He could feel eyes on him, though the hum had thankfully quieted.

Something moved at the edge of his vision, and a breeze stirred his hair. Then again, on the opposite side. It tickled like mad, adding to his discomfort.

Come on. Wake up.

No luck there. More tickles arose from his right knee, and then from his left big toe. It was driving him crazy.

“It’s awake.”

The voice reinforced the idea that he was going crazy. It was both inside his head and somehow coming from outside at the same time.

“We should fly.”

The second voice was different, and more distinct. It sounded quite feminine, with a musical quality.

“No, it’s nice,” a third, deeper, but still feminine voice said.

“It’s big. It’s a boy.”

“It’s nice,” the deeper voice countered, carrying a note of finality.

“Who are you?” he tried to say, but it came out as nothing more than a groaning mumble.

“It can hear us!”


“No,” the deeper voice argued. Then it said, “Can you hear me?”

How am I supposed to answer? he wondered, but to his surprise, he was able to say, “Yes.”

“Will you try to catch us?”

His brow furrowed – a little more progress. “Catch you? Who are you?”

“Will you try to catch us? Tell me or we’ll go away.”

“No, I won’t try to catch you,” he answered, not knowing what else to say.

“It’s telling the truth,” the voice said, sounding quite satisfied.

“I still don’t trust it,” another voice said.

“It’s nice. I’ll show you.”

The moment he felt the muscles in his neck relax, he turned his head. What he saw left little doubt that he was dreaming or crazy. A five-inch high naked woman was hovering over his chest, brilliant purple wings flapping to keep her aloft. She had long, dark hair, and smiled as he beheld her. Near his feet, he could see three others. One had wings the color of new leaves, another sported blue, and the last was orange.

“They really are fairies,” he muttered in awe.

The purple-winged beauty put her hands on her hips and frowned. “We are not fairies.”

The rest of the creatures looked just as offended, so he quickly said, “I’m sorry. What are you then?”

“We’re sylphs. Fairies are snooty girls with pointed ears.”

“I didn’t mean to insult you. I didn’t know.”

The purple-winged one turned to her companions and said, “See. I told you it was nice. It took away the nasty things, and it apologizes.”

He couldn’t help it. The sylph was hovering at just the right distance to let him behold her in all her glory. She had perky little breasts that quivered from the beating of her wings, long, gorgeous legs, and a face so beautiful it was heartbreaking.

The sylph turned back to him and broke out into a knowing smile. She stroked a hand over her hip and asked, “Do you think I’m pretty?”

His cheeks warming, he answered, “Very pretty.”

The sylph giggled, and her companions did as well. They hovered a little closer, letting him see that they all looked much the same as the first. The other three had blonde hair and slightly smaller breasts, but otherwise were nearly identical, except for the color of their wings.

“Look,” the blue-winged one gasped while pointing.

His face warmed even more as all four turned to look at the swelling bulge in his damp shorts. A chorus of giggles and purring sounds erupted from them.

The purple-winged leader darted toward his crotch and said, “Show us.”

“Show you my...” He trailed off as the paralysis that had held him vanished.

The blonde sylphs encouraged him.

“Yes. Show us.”

“Show us.”


A dainty foot settled against the tenting cloth and the dark-haired sylph said, “Please,” in such a sultry voice that he shivered from the sound of it.

What the hell. I’m dreaming – right? All four of the sylphs drifted up and away as he reached for the waistband of his shorts. He lifted his butt and pushed the cloth down to a chorus of squeals.

Before he could finish wriggling out of his last piece of clothing, the four beautiful creatures darted in and alighted. He groaned as eight tiny hands settled on his hardening cock.

“It’s still growing,” one of the blonde sylphs said, and then giggled.

All four of the small women let out yelps of surprise when his manhood bounced upward. The purple sylph took to wing again, but only long enough to straddle his cock. The orange one then reached out to stroke his glans, causing his erection to jump. The purple-winged beauty screamed and wrapped her arms around his shaft, pressing her breasts against it, but the throb still bucked her from her perch. All four broke out into laughter as their dark-haired companion flapped her wings, allowing her to settle safely on his hip.

Matt breathed heavily as the sylphs caressed him in aroused fascination. He felt hard enough to cut glass, and desperately needed more than the feather-light touches. A drop of pre-cum welled up, glistening on his tip.

The purple sylph moaned at the sight, and knelt down next to the clear droplet. She reached out, coated her fingertips, and then looked at him with the sexiest expression he’d ever seen in his life as she sucked them clean.

The rest of the sylphs swooped in, joining their dark-haired companion. They tasted him and smeared the slippery fluid over their perky breasts – cooing and moaning in delight all the while. The purple-winged leader of the group also whispered into the ears of the others. As with every other word they’d spoken, he could hear the voice in his head, but it was too quiet to make out the words.

The other sylphs moved to the side of his erection while the purple one stroked the swollen head with her hand. She smiled at him and said, “You were nice and took away the nasty things from our place, so we will do something nice for you. Would you like that?”

“God – please,” Matt groaned, feeling as if he were going to explode.

The winged women laughed and began to move. The blue and green sylphs hugged his cock from opposite sides, wrapping their arms around him. The orange one hovered upward, and then alighted between his thighs. He sucked in a gasp as he felt her nuzzle her body against his balls. Finally, the purple one hugged the ridge at the base of his cockhead, pressing her breasts against the tip.

Matthew moaned from the sensation as the four went to work. The orange one rubbed her body over his balls, hefting them and rolling them with her arms. The two hugging his cock held their bodies tight against him while bending and straightening their legs, stroking his hardness from opposite sides. The purple-winged sylph rubbed her arms up and down over the ridge while writhing to caress him with her breasts. Soon enough, a second drop of pre-cum coated the perky globes, adding to the sensation.

As good as the small bodies felt against his hardness, there was something more. Just as he could hear their voices in his head, he discovered that he could feel something as well. The pleasure of the sylphs steadily increased, mingling with his own. Somehow, he knew they were all part of the wonderful circle, feeding off each other’s bliss to increase their own.

Whimpers emerged from the sylphs’ lips as they writhed ever more energetically. Matthew stiffened and growled when the purple beauty slipped her tongue into the slit of his cock, tracing its contours. It was like nothing he’d ever felt before, and his fingers dug into the earth from the surge of pleasure. The small, dark-haired woman pulled back just as another drop of pre-cum bubbled up. The droplet burst, covering her beautiful body in the clear, slippery fluid.

He barely noticed her arms releasing the throbbing head, as he was rapidly approaching the point of no return. His eyes snapped open just in time to see her drift down on fluttering wings, wrapping her legs around him instead. She bucked her hips, rubbing her pussy against the ridge while squeezing her glistening breasts. The orange-winged sylph reappeared, climbing up to straddle his manhood. She slipped her arms beneath the tummies of the other two and ground her sex against him.

The itch in the tip of his cock swelled, spreading down the shaft. He stiffened, feeling the sylphs soaring to a crescendo along with him. Cries of beautiful agony rang out, and he saw the wings of the four tiny women snap out to their full span.

Then he was there.

Powerful jets of cum erupted, leaving stripes across his abdomen and chest all the way to his neck. On an on it went – the sylphs holding on to his throbbing, pulsing manhood with climax-fueled strength. He was sure he was going to pass out from the ecstasy when a final dribble rolled down the head of his cock. The arms and legs holding him relaxed, and the tiny women slid down off his sensitive organ.

Matthew lay gasping and panting for breath as the waves of pleasure wound down. He felt the sylphs crawling on his chest and stomach, and eventually managed to force his eyes open. The sight of the four smearing their bodies with his cum and tasting it caused a shudder to rip through him, and his eyes closed again.

Giggles interrupted the moans of the sylphs, and he heard the whispers in his head again. Beginning to catch his breath, he opened his eyes to see them gathered together in a circle, whispering to each other. They seemed to reach an agreement, and took flight.

The purple one hovered in the air beyond his feet while the blue one shot upward above her. The other two drifted out to the sides, forming a triangle. Sparkles the same color as each sylph’s wings drifted from the hovering women, moving to the center to mingle with the purple motes swirling around the dark-haired one. Matt’s mouth dropped open as the purple-winged sylph grew larger, her feet touching the ground when she reached full human size.

Her wings quivering, the dark-haired beauty knelt down next to him. She ran a finger over her nether lips, which were perfectly smooth, showing not the slightest hint of a bump or a hair. The outer lips parted as she did so, revealing a glimpse of pink. She then reached out, touching his cheek, and every ounce of post-come lethargy drained away.

Her fingers drifted to his lips and she said, “You did a thing with your mouth for the one with the golden hair. Will you do it for me?”

He smiled and nodded, curling his fingers around her inner thigh to tug her toward him. She let out a sultry giggle and lifted her knee to straddle his face.

The perfume of her arousal hit him as she sank down toward his lips. The musky scent had touches of sweetness to it, making his head swim. A droplet emerged from between her labia, rolling down the smooth skin to drip onto his chin. His tongue snaked out, and he gasped in surprised delight.

Her taste was as unique as her scent. The tangy nectar encouraged him to stab his tongue deep inside her, seeking its source. She let out a quavering, high-pitched moan as his tongue swirled over her walls. A moan rumbled in his throat, and his tongue moved faster.

“Oh! Oh, so nice,” she whimpered, and then curled her fingers behind his head, pulling him tighter against her.

He didn’t mind in the slightest. Drunk on the flow of her sweet juices, he devoured her with desperate need. His cock swelled with new blood, long before he would have ever imagined it was possible to get hard a second time. As before, he could feel not only the pleasure of the woman he was lapping, but her companions as well. Though he couldn’t see them, he knew their fingers flashed over their folds, joining in the symphony of bliss.

Matthew turned his attention to her clit, drawing a squeal from the woman astride his face. Her fingers tightened behind his head as he rolled and lapped the swollen bud, driving her to new heights. His cock throbbed and bounced, slapping against him from the psychic connection to the four sylphs.

The whimpers of the four women grew louder and more frequent. Sweet juices dribbled from the angelic pussy he was lapping, running down his face and tickling his neck. She stiffened, powerfully trembling for the space of a half dozen heartbeats, and then came.

A rush of air swept across his skin as her wings snapped taut. Four simultaneous screams echoed in his head and amongst the trees, joined by his growling groan into the purple-winged woman’s folds. Untouched, he erupted into orgasm, spurting his seed to spatter against her back and bottom, his chest, and the ground nearby. Impossibly, the eruptions were as strong and the blasts of semen as copious as his first climax, only a short time before.

He tried to hold on when she lifted her pussy from his lips, wanting nothing more than to remain between her thighs, drinking up her nectar for all eternity. His strength failed him when an especially powerful wave of pleasure ripped through him, and she escaped his grasp. It didn’t last long, though. When she touched his cheek, he found his energy again renewed.

The sylph scooted back, her body and wings still trembling. He should have been too sensitive to endure even the faintest of touches, but felt only pleasure when she gripped his cum-drizzled erection and rose above it. He growled as she sank down on him, enfolding him in her virgin-tight, satiny sheath.

The other three winged women flew over, landing on his chest amidst the streaks and puddles of cum. The magically grown sylph bounced on his cock, wings flapping as she rode him. The other three masturbated furiously, writhing in his seed as the synergy of their shared pleasure climbed ever higher.

In only a pair of minutes, the five reached their peak, and tumbled over into oblivion. Matthew erupted like a volcano, flooding the sylph’s depths with blasts of cum that seemed to go on forever. His vision dimmed and his mind drifted as wave after wave of orgasmic energy coursed through him.

It had not yet faded when soft, quivering fingers touched his cheek. The sylph’s voice wavered when she said, “The one with the golden hair was not your one. This is the one.”

An image formed behind his closed eyes, and he recognized the brunette. A cheerleader and social butterfly, he’d never even considered asking her out, because he was positive he didn’t have a chance.

“H-heather?” he weakly asked.

“Yes. She is the one. Thank you for sharing with us, and for taking away the nasty things. Now sleep.”

With those words, darkness descended upon him.


Matthew couldn’t wipe the grin off his face as he walked hand-in-hand with Heather across the bridge over the creek. He’d barely managed to get out the words asking her on a date before she accepted, and it had been the best five days of his life.

“Wow, it’s beautiful,” she said as they stepped onto the opposite bank. “I can see why you like to come here to draw.”

“I’ve loved this place since I was a kid. Swimming in the creek is one of my earliest memories.”

His eyes fell on the spot where he’d awakened a few days earlier, covered in cum and pussy nectar. His cheeks warmed, and he turned to see Heather smiling at him.

“You’re blushing. It’s so cute.”

He nervously chuckled and suggested, “I could draw something for you.”

Heather plucked at her top, fanning air into the neckline. “Maybe later. It’s so hot, and that water looks soo cool.”

Before he could even think of a response, she grabbed the tail of her top and pulled it over her head, freeing her incredible breasts.

“Take a swim with me?” she asked, and then bit her lower lip while pushing down on her shorts.

Matt was dropping his own shirt to the ground and admiring Heather’s bare bottom when he felt it. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of purple. Sure enough, when he glanced that way, he saw four butterflies perched on a limb beside the creek.

Musical giggles sounded in his head as Heather kissed him and jerked down his shorts.

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