By HotBloodedSiren

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Innocence can only capture the eyes of a predator...
The first time he ever saw her, nothing had ever captivated him as much as she did in that one single moment. In all his vampire existence, he had wanted nothing more than to posses her, both in body and soul.

Lucius had been returning from the vampire council meeting held by the few purebloods. Rare as they were, no vampire would dare attack them. They were practically royalty; correction, they were royalty. With all that being undead business, vampires are still able to give birth, though there is a big difference: the baby is born dead. It is given blood in the hopes that it'll awaken. 

The statistical rate of it remaing dead is close to always, compared to the chance it will actually come alive. There were only hundreds of purebloods compared to the millions of vampires. Oh yeah, it was one hell of a life all right.

Spoiled endlessly, Lucius was the pride of his family and no one gave a damn about anything he did. Of course centuries back they would have; now at least three centuries old, Lucius did whatever he wanted. With all the heavy responsibility placed upon the purebloods to maintain order in the vampire community, there was that one perk which made dealing with everything so much more pleasurable.

They had the ability to stop aging.

You'd think everyone would choose to stay young but Lucius soon learned that the older you look the sexier you seem, more experienced. At twenty-five he was the perfect predator; no female would dare deny him pleasure and blood. With dark wavy hair curling over his deep blue eyes and at least a six-foot frame, it was a breeze when it came to catching food.

It was where she came in.

He threw open the heavy doors of his mansion and saw almost every vampire who was loyal to him. Why the hell are they here? At his entrance they turned towards him and bowed courteously as he passed without so much as a glance to see who they were.

"Lord Lucius, have you fed?" His eyes found a girl with jet black hair and the same black soulless eyes staring up at him eagerly, so willing to give herself to him. He could take her offer in the middle of the room and no one would care, they might even join in on the fun. He would start one hell of a party.

Her blood would course into his mouth so deliciously it would turn him into an animal of pure lust filled with uncontrollable, insatiable sexual desires. His fangs slid down and bit his lower lip in wonderful pain but it was her eyes that stopped him. No, she wasn't good enough.

He wanted someone who could take all his sexual urges without breaking, someone who could bring him to his own orgasm. Lust was his drug, it sent his blood coursing and his cock aching for a female body who was capable of matching his own desires.

He shook his head and pushed her gently out of his way to find a certain friend who was most likely the cause of his house being filled with vampires.

He was soon greeted by his longtime friend Jason, who had a sly grin shaping his mouth. Lucius gripped the front of his shirt and furiously whispered in his ear. "There better be a good reason as to why almost all of the members of the coven are here."

With a careless laugh, Jason nodded towards the stairs. "Come look for yourself, my lord."

Wasting no time and wanting everyone to get the hell out, Lucius let go and began storming towards the stairs where a moderate sized group was gathered. When they saw him they immediately threw themselves out of the way until he got a good look of what it was all about.

An angel. No, not anymore: she was fallen.

"What the fuck?" He gasped, completely caught off guard by what was in front of him. He had never seen one before much less have one in his own house.

He couldn't believe it and yet she was there, her radiance still wrapped around her petite pale frame showered with bright sun golden curls. Her hands were manacled on the stair railings which prevented her from attempting to run. She wore a white, tattered see-through robe and he could see everything from her tits to her angelic pussy. Every angel could hide their wings in the form of a silver tattoo on their backs, this one still had hers blazing through the robe.

"Oh yeah, freshly fallen too." Jason smiled maliciously with his fangs extended and bent towards the girl. He gripped her chin and forced her face towards Lucius. "Why don't you show yourself to our lord?"

Oh God, she was beyond anything he'd ever seen! Her eyes were a pale yellow and her lips full and round, they were luscious enough for him to shove his cock into. Her mouth let out a frightened whimper at the sight of him, fear clouded her innocent eyes and made her mouth tremble. His fangs instantly shot down at the sight of her frail helpless figure. So delicate and gentle it sent him into a frenzy. His cock pulsed and throbbed with the urge to have it inside of her.

Staring down at her with pure hunger and thirst that he needed to quench now, he spoke through his protruding fangs. "Where did you find her?"

"By the cemetery. It was in your territory so some of your guards captured her. I'm sure she already knows what we are. " Jason licked his lips and stroked the angel's hair, Lucius could almost see tears welling in her eyes. She's so helpless. "What do you think, Lucius? Is she good enough? I could always take her if you don't wish it."

Without another word, Lucius moved forward and ripped the handcuffs apart from the rails. Too weak to fight him, the angel let Lucius pick her up into his arms. He could hear her soft whimpers and her long fingers clutching his shirt closer, it was unbearable but he had to control it a little longer.

"Jason, this is no way to treat anyone! What would we look like to all the other night creatures? We're already hated enough as it is, there is no reason to make it damn worse." Turning away, Lucius moved up the stairs with anger seething within his body. "Get the hell out along with everyone else and the next time you want to kidnap someone: don't. I'm sure you don't want to piss me off."

He gently placed the girl on his bed and she remained still, her long golden curls over her face to keep her from looking at him. He could see her round breasts rising to the tempo of her breathing.

When he spoke, his fangs achingly wanted to pierce her throat. It was in every vampire's nature. "What's your name?"

Glaring up with hatred the girl spoke venomously. "I am called Serenity."

"I'm sure you know what we are." He sat beside her and saw her fidget from his nearness. "I'm Lucius. I'm a pureblood and the leader of those creatures whom I must apologize for. I'm sure they didn't mean to take you against your will but Jason was right, you were in vampire territory."

"Only hell has the power to breathe life back into the dead. To sustain yourselves you drink the blood of innocents." She looked up through her curls and bravely placed the palm of her hand against his cheek. The touch was like fire burning his skin and he breathed heavily as she stared at him like being a vampire was the worst fate. "How can I blame you for being monsters when it is the only thing you were made to be?"

He raised his hand and wrapped his fingers around her wrist. "Tell me Serenity, why did you fall?"

His question made her eyes widen and she didn't look at him straight as she responded breathlessly. "Temptation was my downfall. I wanted to feel something, anything!"

He didn't expect her to answer much less feel her responding to him. He saw her nipples stiffening until they poked at her robe as two points. He tugged her gently forward and she followed until she lay on top of him. He ran the tips of his fingers along the curves of her cheeks and whispered his offer softy. "Will you allow a vampire to show you the reason why you chose to fall?" 

"Yes. Lucius." She sighed his name and that was it. He kissed her and flipped her so her back was pressed against the sheets of his bed.

Overcome by lust, he let go of her wrist to cup her right breast into his hand. He squeezed roughly then pinched her nipple between his thumb and index finger. Serenity gave a sharp gasp.

Taking a handful of her curls, he brought her face close to his and bared his fangs. He pulled her mouth forcefully onto his and kissed her hungrily. He had to have her now, while she still remained pure. Her arms tightened against his neck and Lucius commandingly cupped her pussy under her robe. She yelped through his mouth and arched her body against his.

He rubbed her cunt roughly until she squirmed under his touches. He growled through her lips and spoke thickly. "You're already fallen. And you're going to be mine."

He invaded her pussy with two fingers. She gasped in response, falling back onto the mattress and spreading her legs open to welcome his body. He followed her and ran his fangs along her chin and thrust his hips to press his hard cock against her. He took his fingers back and licked it, tasting her delicious juices that awaited him.

With no effort he moved up and skillfully ripped her whole robe in half with his vampire strength, exposing her heavenly body to him. He hissed in pleasure as he gazed at her beauty, then slowly made his way down along her body to her cunt that was drenched with her sexual desires. He could hear his angel whimpering as he breathed on her swollen lips. 

Giving no warning, Lucius attacked her pussy and licked it hungrily, drinking her overflowing juices into his mouth like it was blood. She shrieked and gripped the waves of his hair as he sucked on her clit, running his tongue everywhere in the folds of her cunt. He moaned from her responses and moved his mouth faster in the purpose of making her cum. Her body began to become more uncontrolled and he knew she was on the edge. He brought his mouth up just above her slit and sank his fangs into her delicate skin. 

"Oh God!" He would have laughed at her response but he was too overcome with the sexual desire that coursed through him as he drank her blood. At his bitet her body jerked as it was seized by her first orgasm. "Ahhhhh yes, you bloodsucking vampire!"

He licked her wound to close it and placed his mouth on her cunt just as her juices ran down into his mouth. He loved the taste as blood and pussy juice mixed into his mouth and he groaned, drinking it with pleasure.

Leaving no time for her to recover, he threw his shirt off and removed his pants with speed only possessed by his kind. He lined the tip his cock to her entrance and thrust himself forcefully in. He hissed as the angel beneath him screamed in both pain and pleasure, her pussy clamping onto his cock like a new virgin except only without the barrier. Lucius was sure angels were made without them.

"Holy fuck, you're tight!" He grunted as each thrust became harder than the next. His animal side was coming out, wanting to fuck her relentlessly until she broke under his force of desire. His hisses became more pronounced as he shoved his cock in and out of her pussy, wanting to bring himself to the point he couldn't take anymore.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she screamed, digging her fingers into his back, her delicate body thrashing underneath him as his cock possessively took her pussy to the point of no return. No other woman would ever be satisfying enough for him now. Only her.

"You're mine now, my angel. All mine," he growled, baring his fangs. He could feel himself ready to explode, they were both caught under the whirlwind of pure pleasure as Lucius breathed heavily, knowing he was close. "Come on, come for me!"

With those words Serenity's mouth opened in a silent scream. He brought his mouth down on hers and devoured her as her body tightened and her pussy caught his cock in an iron grip. With one thrust he pushed himself as far it could go and felt the release of his cum as it shot out of his cock in powerful spurts within the hot walls of Serenity's cunt.

He hissed as he felt it overcome his whole vampire self; no woman had ever had enough endurance to handle his strength and for the first time in three centuries Lucius had let out all his contained lust and into a fallen angel no less.

Pulling out, he breathed heavily and collapsed on the bed with Serenity wrapped in his arms. He looked back and noted the cracks on his wall from the rough fucking he hadn't known he was giving. Maybe he wouldn't fix it, to remind him of this night forever.

He looked down adoringly at his frail angel, who stared up at him with the same innocent yellow eyes that had captured him in the first moment they had looked at each other.
Had she been the hunter and he, her victim this whole time? When he thought he had caught her, he hadn't realized that she might have been catching him all along.

He kissed her tenderly, in apology for the roughness he had used. She sighed into his lips and smiled when he reluctantly broke free.

"Will you stay with me?" He never wanted to let her go. He was going to keep her until the world crashed and burned.