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The 35th Generation

The 35th Generation

It's all about family, but seven hundred years?
What the hell was that?

My eyes snapped open and an intense white light was coming out of the bathroom. I threw my hands up and tried to block it, it was so bright it hurt. I thought it was coming from the bathroom, but it didn't look like what I had seen last night as I fell asleep. Where was the mirror? A large, gold framed mirror had been over the sink for eight years. My wife had picked it and I put it in when we bought the house.

As my eyes got used to the glare, what I could see wasn't my bathroom. A room that looked like a warehouse instead, and people in strange clothing moving around, some with very large heads that looked almost insectile. What looked like compound eyes, but were helmets of some kind. Strange instruments with flashing lights everywhere. I blinked several times and it stayed the same.

Then one of the figures stepped closer and motioned to someone I couldn't see. The door frame changed, becoming a deep black frame covered with what looked like a thin film. It flexed, rippled and fluctuated, then the image of a naked woman appeared.

Large breasts and she kept stretching the film as she stepped forward, until it shattered into an image with a grey figure at the center and radiating spikes pointed inward. She was a shattered image. Like a picture painted on glass in black, then broken. As she stepped forward and started to change, I could see her more clearly and calmed a little.

It changed again, and a solid figure appeared in my bedroom. It was a woman.

She was human, a black woman, short, with large breasts that swayed as she moved. She wasn't a tiny woman, and older. Forty-five or so, not a teenager. She also had no hair at her crotch, but that on her head was long and straight, hanging to her waist.

As she stepped into the bedroom and toward me, she became a solid figure, and the light in the bathroom died, taking everything with it until I could see the mirror reappear behind her.

She was stunningly beautiful and totally naked. "What the fuck? Why was a naked black woman in my bedroom at... what the hell time is it?" When I looked, it was just five-thirty in the morning and it was just getting light enough to see.

She smiled and was even more beautiful. I still lay on my back with my head raised and started to sit up as she reached the bedside. She put her left hand on my chest and gently pushed me back down.

It was hot! Hot enough to put a wince on my face as I tried to move away. She jerked it back and said, "I'm sorry, Paul, that happens during the transition. I can't feel it and I forgot. When we pass through the warp it heats a thin layer of air that travels through with us. It's very dense, compacted by the portal, and super-hot for a few milliseconds. It goes away quickly though."

When she reached for me again, I started to pull away, but her touch was a soft, gentle caress at a normal temperature. A gentle woman's touch as she moved her hand and rubbed my chest where she had burned it. She kept doing that as she explained, and I couldn't keep my eyes off her breasts. I had never been this close to breasts that big. Dark brown areola and large nipples. Freckles too.

I looked up at her eyes and she said, "My name is Lela, and you will find this hard to believe. Just relax and enjoy it as I do what I need." Then she ran her hand down, grabbed a hand-full of my stomach and started kneading it. She put her right hand on my head, the palm and fingers on top and stroked my fore-head with her thumb.

She said, "I'm from your future, seven-hundred years in your future, and we have a problem. Fifty years in your future, there is a war, a very nasty war. Everyone thought there would be no more wars after they solved the problems that caused the need for them and all nations destroyed their weapons."

Time travel? Horse hockey! I've been reading science fiction since I was thirteen, and it was a laughable thought. I started wondering how I was going to get this fricking nut-case out of my house. A beautiful fricking nut case though.

Seeing her standing there, naked, with those large black breasts hanging in front of me, hairless crotch and skin like a soft caramel that I wanted to lick, made me want her to stay. It had been a long time.

My brain started to buzz, a "frizzing" sound, not the ringing I've had in my ears for the last fifteen years, then it started to feel and sound like frying bacon, popping and sizzling. And I quit worrying about anything except her touching me more. My eyes got wide and she leaned down and kissed me, then gave a soft, shushing sound that calmed me.

She paused and lifted her butt up to sit on the bed next to me. She took her hand off my head and put her arm around my neck, sliding in and under the blanket with me. She pulled my head to the side and pressed my left cheek against her right breast. It was soft, oh so soft, and warm as she pulled me into her and ran her hand farther down my stomach to my pubic hair.

I hadn't touched a woman's breast in four years. I hadn't had a woman's hand in my groin in a lot longer and I started to harden. When my wife Paige's Alzheimer's got to where she didn't know me, I had to put her in a home. She's been there for four years now, comfortable and happy and I still go see her every three days. She hadn't touched me sexually for more than five years before then.

I'm seventy-six now and I don't get around so good any more. It's a real chore. I don't stand straight and use a cane. I don't drive any more either, I quit when I started stumbling a lot, so one of my kids or grand kids has to drive me and I've cut back from every day. I don't want to put them out and soon I'll be in there with her anyway. That'll be hard, seeing her every day without her knowing who I am. I still adore her after fifty years and she's still sexy as hell so that won't help either.

They found Prostate cancer when I was sixty-five and killed it with radiation. They also killed my ability to get erections by destroying a nerve. That really pissed me off for a short time but I got over it, didn't I? Right! I could still masturbate and have orgasms, I just couldn't get hard enough to fuck any more.

I think that made Paige's memory problem worse. She gave up on sex, totally, didn't masturbate any more and quit leaving the house. She pulled back into herself and just gave up on everything to do with living her life.

This woman's hand crept farther toward my cock as she pulled and squeezed at me. She turned her upper body slightly and let my face drop away. Then she put her hand on the back of my head like she would a basketball and pulled me toward her again. I could see her dark areola with a darker nipple sticking up and I opened my mouth as she pulled me in.

When I started to suck on her, she moaned and pushed her left hand farther down. I could feel her fingers touch the base of my cock and she kept up the kneading. Gripping, then spreading her fingers to touch me again. As she did this, her fingers moved down until she had my soft cock in her hand. I was laying on my left arm, but I brought my right hand up and started kneading her breast as I sucked on it.

She said, "I applied for this a year ago and my slot finally opened. We discovered a few things about ourselves and why we weren't having babies any more. There had been biological weapons developed that made men infertile. It took six-hundred and fifty years but eventually every man on the planet was sterile. All of the changes in the women happened then too, but we essentially finished evolving two-hundred years sooner."

I stopped to listen as she told me this but her hands kept busy. She pulled me back, her right was moving my head around as she pushed her breast into my mouth, and her left had my balls and cock cradled as she gently squeezed them. I started to tell her that it would never get hard again and if she was after a good screwing, it wouldn't be by me, but she shushed me.

She continued, "It used to take nine years to map all the possible ancestor candidates, time, availability, abilities, everything we needed to know. Once we found all the old Ancestry web data we sped that up to less than half the time so now it's four."

All the time she was talking, she was massaging my head and my genitals. I was starting to feel better and more awake. Thinking this might just be possible, but still not convinced.

"Only the women can travel, it doesn't work with men. It also turned out that we could use the sperm, but the female had to feel a strong connection to the man. We spent years studying our family trees, ancestors.

"I've looked at one hundred men in our family and you are the one I found. Your grand daughter, Willow, is going to marry a man, Lewis Stone. Lewis is black and has a sister. I am that sister's grand child thirty-five generations later. We share family but not blood."

That smacked into my mind like a spatula until it just lay there, flat, flaccid and unresponsive. Willow? She was fifteen, and I had seen her two days ago when her and her dad, my son Aaron, had taken me to visit Paige. Those images shattered in my mind. Then, "What the fuck is this all about!"

"We've discovered a few other things too. Like how to extend life and get around the problem you have. The first women who came back found out all our new abilities worked here too, in your time.

It turned out that the women in her time had been genetically altered by the virus too. They had mental powers that allowed them to read minds and project an image that replaced reality. Everything, sound, touch, smell and sight, all of the senses. Essentially she was a Shape Shifter . Nothing physical would change, just my perception of it.

She said she had to decide to return within an hour or it would take a month before she could be retrieved. I had to decide And if it was no then she would go back and find another relative, maybe my son.

I immediately decided yes, and told her so.

She smiled and said, "Thank you, Paul. Is it okay that I call you that? I'll change it if you want. 'Grandpa' maybe, or how about 'Daddy', I might like that," and I cringed.

I was quick with, "No!" then softer, "Don't change it. I like Paul."

"I can be anything or anyone you want," she said. "We can do anything you think of and switch people and activity by you simply thinking about it. I can read your mind because we are related. It doesn't work with everyone and has to be more than twenty-five generations."

What she said next was something I've had to think about.

She said, "I've been learning you, mapping my mind into yours and connecting with your body. That's why I was rubbing you. Sensing what you are and I like what I've seen so far. It proves what we found researching you.

You are known as a really neat grandpa for another four generations. Before you die, you give all the stories you wrote to your son Aaron. He shared them with his brothers and sisters and they wound up with your grand children. Most liked them, and they got passed on until they just became a cute historical fact. I rediscovered you three years ago."

And she sat up, cross-legged, facing me, naked while I thought. I sat up too and was staring at her open legs, at her puffy outer lips and the very pink center. As I did, her skin changed. It lightened and her body changed.

I jerked my eyes up and her face, hair, her whole body changed as my mind jumped around thinking about this. When it happened the first time it startled the hell out of me. She became Paige, my wife and it was her. Everything I remembered her as. I thought, "Duuhh, no shit."

Paige smiled at me and said, "Hi," and I fell apart. She grabbed hold of me and squeezed me in her arms, Paige's arms, and I must have cried for a long time. When I could think and see again, we were lying with me facing her in her arms, and her whole front was wet.

Then she changed again and was Zoe Saldana, one of my latest lusts. She is incredibly strong and sexy and this was her from Columbiana, then suddenly the blue alien in Avatar, Neytiri. I had a real lust for her so she stayed that way. When I could think, she seemed almost as big as the alien and I liked that. It reminded me of when my mother held me, kissing away all my hurts.

I felt a change start and switched my mind back to Neytiri fast. I had no desire for her to become my mother. I love my mother dearly and really don't think of her as being dead. But not that.

I nestled there for a short time then started thinking about sex. I could feel her change and I opened my eyes to a smaller version. Her skin was about one degree cooler than mine, maybe two, just enough to feel it. My fantasy of this. I had worked on it for more than seven years so it was pretty specific.

Her breasts were small, her eyes were slanted, that exciting gold color too, her ears were pointed and her teeth were a predators. Just like the movie. I was in absolute lust. I reached out and cupped both her breasts, squeezing a little and rubbing the nipples with my thumbs. I pinched them and pulled them, squeezing harder until they popped out and sprung back. They were firm and she moaned deep inside her, low and long.

She reached up, cupped my head in her hands and pulled me into an amazing kiss. It was as hot as any I had ever received, and when her tongue stabbed into my mouth, it was cool and extremely exciting. When she let mine into her mouth, I knew what my cock was going to feel going into her.

She pushed with her legs, those beautiful, long, strong legs, blue legs Neytiri had, and shoved me back onto the bed. Her head wound up at my crotch and the longest, pinkest tongue in the world came out and licked my cock.

She started at the base and pushed into me hard as she swept it up to the head. When she got there, she used her tongue to slip me into her mouth and literally plunged her head down until I was embedded in her throat and gripped by what felt like very strong hands.

I came so hard I thought I might have hurt her, but she just kept sucking, and I thought I would turn inside-out. She had just the head in her mouth and was sucking so hard I boiled and just kept coming forever. When she stopped, I was wrung out like an old dish-cloth, no substance, just a "limp" thing hanging there.

When my mind was functioning again, she was sitting up, kneeling between my legs and holding my cock in both hands. It was hard! I hadn't had an erection like that in more than fifteen years and, actually, it looked bigger than I remembered. I thought, "I'm going to really like this," and smiled up at her.

She smiled back and said, "Yes, you are, and we can do that twenty times a day. It's all in your mind and I can control that, as long as you let me. You can lock me out by thinking about it."

"Twenty times? Bullshit, no one could do that." But I was forgetting that it was all in my mind. I was living in that perfect virtual reality world I had waited for for years. Be anything, have anyone, ultimate power. I wondered what I would become with that kind of power.

She grinned from ear to ear and changed again. Now she was Paige again and put her mouth back on my cock, and I was as hard, harder than I had been minutes before. Bigger too, I was at least eight inches long and two and a half in diameter. I just stared, and a small doubt crept in until she looked up at me and said, "Yes, you are. We can measure it if you like."

I decided that I didn't want to do that and she changed. Now she was Ripley, Sigourney Weaver in Alien as it came out in nineteen seventy-nine. She had been my main fantasy for years, and I still picture her at times. Older, as she is now, too, but the first vision kind of boiled my brain and I accepted it all completely.

She looked me straight in he eye, and a feeling of contentment flooded me. I was happy and not troubled by anything for the first time in years. Since Paige had started losing her memories and desires.

Then she crawled up and crouched over my cock, reaching under and holding it so it was pointed at the opening, and it felt like I was pushing into hands that had been dipped in cold water, not ice water, just cold. It was exciting, and I tilted my head back and groaned from my gut. Deep and low, grunts like a silver-back gorilla fucking.

It crossed my mind that I had always wanted to fuck that Vulcan woman in one of the early Star Treks too, I don't remember which. They said that her inner temperature was several degrees higher than humans and I've wanted that since. That's a favorite fantasy too and I was there, just like that and my cock was in something ten or more degrees hotter than it had been.

I've been very cold and warming hurts, but this wasn't like that. This was an agony I did not want to go away. It rocked my core when I came and I actually thought, "That's how I want to go. But please, don't let this stop now." I know she prolonged it, to the point where I was incoherent, then she slowed and brought me back.

I haven't had one single doubt or negative thought about what she said or what we'll do since that moment.


Three weeks later


We have done almost everything. Every position, and she could get me into some incredible ones, every woman I have ever been attracted to. A couple of times, three I think, we've started, keeping it in the missionary position, and every thirty seconds she was someone else I had seen in my past.

One after another, every woman I've ever seen that attracted my attention, and she had me come with every one of them. For a long time. One of the adventures was all anal. Hundreds of women and I got to screw each one in the ass, coming with every one until I was so exhausted I couldn't move or talk.

When we got to the end of each session she was Paige again and I immediately became a bomb that had already exploded but was contained in an energy field, like Tokamak, the fusion reactor. When I went off it was that field collapsing and all that bottled energy boiling, billowing away in enormous clouds..

I don't think I want to do that again soon because it was over an hour before I could even talk. But, my god, what an incredible experience.

She even went back to Chrissy, a sixteen year old I knew. We were the same age and we discovered all the differences then. We had touched and fondled each other until we both orgasmed. Even oral sex, but we had both come on the other's hands. That morning, I finally got to really know her and what my cock in her felt like. What I had fantasized about for years at least. I've never forgotten Chrissy, what a lovely thing for her to think of doing for me. I guess Chrissy was my first love.

The thing I finally blew her mind with was after she had turned me inside out, being Paige for me, doing all those things I had loved for forty years. I said, "Show me what I saw when you first came through."

She changed and I studied her. She wasn't reading me, she only did that when we agreed together.

I reached out and took her breasts in my hands, weighing them and rubbing her nipples with my thumbs. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back, took a deep breath and sighed slowly. I finally said, "I like you, the way you look, the way you feel, stay that way for a while, please."

She cried for a long time. I gathered her up and held her until she stopped. And she stayed her. "Thank you, Paul. I love you." And I was totally "captured", taken prisoner and jammed into a wonderful prison I had no thoughts of ever escaping.

She was Mona for me that night, as she was at sixteen. I've been in love with her since I was seventeen. Every woman I've ever been attracted to looked like her. All my life, my biggest shame had been that I always thought I would have left everything I had, wife, kids, everything, if Mona had asked me. She was my second love, but she had taken a piece of my soul with her.

The next morning, Lela said I wouldn't have. I would have stayed, that I was not that type of man and that has helped me a immensely. I feel better about me now. And Paige.

That's when she got pregnant too, when she realized she was in love. She told me she was yesterday.

Many of the women didn't get pregnant. They failed a lot of the time and maybe this was the reason.

The women in her society know their bodies on a very deep level. They heal themselves, and they heal the men too. She had already started on me. I felt stronger and more able than I had in ten years. My eyes were better, the ringing in my ears was gone. And, best of all, my dick got hard. What more could a man want? Right?


The best part is, now I can go back with her on the cycle after Paige dies. That the genetic connection we share through our daughter - yeah, she knows already - is strong and she can drag me back with her.

They couldn't cure the men's infertility, they had changed too much. What they were doing was replacing them with men like me, from the past and viable in their time. They would gradually let their men die. Live a full life, then be allowed to die in a beautiful fantasy.

She says I take up sailing again and get lost at sea. Seems like a reasonable way to go to me. She said I could even go to my own funeral, she would change me, but I don't want to see my kids there. I'm going to feel guilty as hell anyway.

She said to get a girlfriend, that she didn't care. She knew we were bonded and I would return with her and we'd have millennia together. I said, "No. I'll wait, I would get involved and hurt her when I died. I am a patient man and I know there is a long future ahead of me, so I'll spend all that time with Paige."

Those thousand or more years to study. It boggles my mind thinking of what I'm going to learn when she drags me back with her and seven hundred years into my future.

For now we're happy and looking forward. She has to go back in a week, but she'll return when Paige dies. She'll be there as a nurse in ICU to comfort me. I am going to need a lot of that then, and she'll give it. I am not looking forward to that, the thought scares the crap out of me.

She knows when that'll happen too and will tell me if I ask. I can't bring myself to do that. It frightens me, thinking what I might do, knowing exactly when she'll die. It makes me extremely sad, and I cry if I think about it to much. I can be a maudlin old fart.

She says it's several more years, and to enjoy what I can of them. It will get worse but Paige is never in pain or unhappy. She just fades away and that make me cry. "What a waste, what a shame losing all those years." I'm glad I'm a Taoist, it helps.

I'll be much healthier but will look the same. She can straighten my back too but that'll wait until we're there. When we're there I'll eventually stabilize around thirty-five in physical age and will remain that until I die. A lot of the sex will be her planting it in my mind but a lot will be the real "Us." I can't tell the difference. She says she will tell me if I ask.

There will be time for everything. Time for life and a new love, and sex, a lot of sex. She wants it and can keep me going, so I'll just chug along like that little pink bunny, going, and going...

And coming.

She told me that there were not enough men there yet so when the man each brought back was fully recovered from the transition he was offered the chance to be shared by several women. My choice.

That had been a big fantasy of mine, and I told Lela we had to talk. She just grinned at me. She screwed my brains out again then as a woman I had never met. She said it was another woman she knew that couldn't find a relative she was drawn to. Lela was convinced that she would be to me. They were very close and she would be there too and help her connect with me.

At that instant, while she fondled my cock, I was totally convinced.

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