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The Becoming, Pt 2

The Becoming, Pt 2

The queen had recovered herself, now she must recover her court...
A willowy blonde greeted them at the door, her eyes a contrasting rich chocolate to her fair hair and light complexion. She stood tall and thin, almost too thin. But once again, she was a study in contrasts as her impressive décolletage seemed almost to overwhelm her.

“Nalia!” She exclaimed. “What are you doing here so late? Aren’t you usually sleeping the sleep of the chaste?”

Even as she said it, her eyes finally landed on Maccus. Her brows rose in surprised appreciation before her gaze turned once again to Newlyn.

“Introductions and explanations please.”

Newlyn laughed, “It’s a long story, may we come in?”

Imogen stepped back to let them in. Then closing the door behind them, gestured to the living room.

“Make yourselves at home. Can I get you anything? Beer? Wine, Nalia?”

“No, thank you.” Newlyn politely declined before perching on the edge of the sofa.

Maccus sat beside her and took her hand, their fingers lacing together. Her brows drawn together with intrigue, Imogen sat perpendicular to them in the leather recliner. Resting her forearms on her knees, she leaned in closer to them.

“Okay, you want to explain to me where you found captain gorgeous here and how I’ve never seen or even suspected he even existed before tonight?”

Newlyn chuckled, “You’re not going to believe me.”

And so saying, she laid out the centuries old story; of betrayal, of the curse, of over eight hundred years of reincarnation. She talked of magic and monsters and lush mystical forests. And while rationally Imogen didn’t believe a word of it, she felt something inexplicable stirring deep within her, a yearning; an aching need.

She quirked a challenging brow at them. “Okay, let’s pretend I believe you. Prove it.”

Maccus gently took Imogen’s hand and activated the probe of his ring. He grazed the tip of it against the back of her hand, right above the knuckle of her middle digit. The chime echoed around the room and Imogen went ridged before sliding boneless to the floor, her body convulsing, then shifting and melding.

Newlyn was mesmerized by the sight, and aroused. The nymph in her couldn’t pass this opportunity up. She dissolved her garments with her magic before kneeling beside Imogen as she was becoming. She leaned in and ran her lips and tongue across Imogen’s, her hands exploring the morphing flesh.

She shifted so she could straddle the shifting cocoon, rubbing her whole body against it. She found a damp slit in the protective, leathery envelope where Imogen’s center would be and slid her fingers inside. She felt the muscles there clamp over her in spasm and she knew that Imogen was peaking. It was strange and erotic and she loved every second of it.

She ran her tongue over every plane of it, dragged her nipples across it electrifying them. Fallingback on her magic once again, she manifested a double ended strap on. With one side snug in her quivering mound, she carefully slid the other into the slit in Imogen’s cocoon and began rocking her hips back and forth, thrusting deep and slow.

She could tell by the resistance as she pulled back that Imogen was climaxing again and again. The cocoon throbbed and pulsed beneath her in an erotic rhythm that only fueled Newlyn’s desire more. Gods this was so hot. Bracing herself on one hand, she fondled and pulled at her aching nipples with the other. She rocked forcefully in and out creating pleasurable friction against her twitching clit while she penetrated her maiden.

She never even broke stride when, at last, the pulsating pod split open, spilling long tendrils of vines and verdant into the apartment. Imogen was gone and in her place was Isla, Newlyn’s second most trusted confidant. Isla wrapped her arms around her queen and the women kissed with desperate fervor. The women climaxed two, three, four more times before Newlyn was finished with the appliance, to be replaced by hungry mouths and questing fingers.

Newlyn pulled her mouth away from Isla’s to trail it down to her generously endowed chest. She pulled one then the other nipple into her mouth, grazing them with teeth and tongue. All the while still rubbing her freed sex against Isla’s. Isla reached her hand down to frig Newlyn’s clit with saliva slickened fingers. Both women moaned and panted with need, neglect and erotic hunger.

No longer content to simply receive, Isla pushed her queen away from her breast so they could reposition into a sixty nine. Isla was atop Newlyn’s lithe body and took great care in nuzzling the queen’s highly sensitized center. The soft hairs there tickled her nose as she breathed in her lady musk. With her mouth watering, she slowly explored the soft contours of Newlyn’s flower, lightly suckling the velvety petals.

Her tongue swirled and lapped, circled and teased. Newlyn’s juices flowed and Isla captured them in her mouth, sipping from the fine nectar. And as her queen ministered to her own swollen sex, she moaned against Newlyn’s mound causing tantalizing vibrations that enhanced their mutual pleasure.

It had been too long since Newlyn had been with one of her maidens. She dove head first into Isla’s sweet apex, feasting, indeed gorging herself after such a prolonged fast. She spread Isla open with her fingers and probed with lips and tongue, sliding hers over every inch of her and even probing deeply her well fucked hole. It was still dripping from their coupling and she quenched her thirst with Isla’s tangy juices.

Maccus had been happy to sit back and observe while his queen and her maiden reunited. But his throbbing, swollen cock would be denied no more. He knelt behind Isla, straddling his queen’s head. She reached up to fondle his sac as he slid his member home, stretching and filling Isla’s wet heat.

He took his time, keeping his thrusts long and slow, nearly bordering on torture. Her pussy gripped him like a vice, and every time she came, the throbbing of her sex sent echoing shockwaves through his entire body. He was nearly undone when Newlyn took her mouth from Isla and sucked his balls into it to gently roll them around with her tongue.

Isla spasmed again and again on his cock until it was a quivering mass. He pulled out to allow her to recover. The three adjusted again so that he was once again inside the haven that was his queen’s hungry quim. On all fours, Newlyn was able to kiss Isla with abandon. They probed each other’s mouths, leaving no contour unexplored.

Isla positioned herself so she could suckle the queen’s breasts. She pulled and nibbled at them, rolling the fleshy pebbles around on her tongue. Newlyn returned the favor while thrusting back on her husband hard and fast, climaxing again and again. And just when she thought she could take no more, her husband pulled out and coaxed the women to their knees.

Newlyn and Isla started licking and sucking their king together. One would suckle his balls, the other would swallow his shaft; and then they’d trade places. When Maccus was almost to the point of no return, his bride and her maiden resumed kissing each other, this time with his thick meat between them. Their tongues and teeth lightly grazed and scraped against his tender flesh.

He felt his climax building, his sac pulled against the base of his cock and he spurted his seed over both women. It landed on their cheeks, chins and in their mouths. And when the last spasm wracked him, and the last drop dribbled down his tip, they used their mouths to clean the last dregs from their faces and his twitching cock.

Finally sated for now, the trio took stock of each other, and Isla finally spoke, her eyes wide and filled with a mixture of surprise, grief, reverence, love and joy.

 “My Lady Queen! Gods, how I’ve missed you these centuries. How is it that you are free? What happened to you, to all of us? Are you well?” The questions tumbled out rapid fire.

Chuckling affectionately Newlyn responded. “Isla, my dearest, I’ve missed you deeply. I am well, thank you, and will be better still. We were betrayed and cursed by Sheridan Perth. His rage over my betrothal and marriage to Maccus overwhelmed him. It poisoned his mind and soul which, I fear, was already troubled with envy and obsession.”

“Has the curse been broken then? May we now return home?”

“We are working on breaking it now. It has begun, but we have much work yet to be done before it’s over. And when we are victorious, then we may finally return to our beautiful home.”

Isla turned to Maccus then and knelt before him bowing her head in reverence. “My Lord King, welcome. Your kingdom has missed you. Thank you for such a gracious reunion. What can I do to serve you?”

Maccus gently cupped her cheek in the palm of his hand and urged her to her feet. Then bowing over her hand, he brushed his lips across her knuckles with a reverent kiss.

“Fair maiden, you have served my queen with faithful loyalty and love. You have already served me greater than most, for she is precious to me. For that, you have my everlasting gratitude.”

She blushed with the effusive praise. “Thank you my Lord King.”

“Do not thank me child, it is no less than your due. I only regret that I must ask much of you now. Newlyn is right, we have difficult work ahead of us. And dangerous work. Our enemies are gathering against us even now, for Sheridan will have surely also heard the song and felt the spell as it was worked.”

Eager to assist her king and queen, Isla gripped Maccus’ hand firmly and squeezed it urgently. “Please command me my king. How can I help?”

He held his free hand out to her. Cradled in the palm of it was a necklace. It was a silver pendant polished to a reflective glassy sheen. Its delicate knot work held at its center a brilliant rose pink gem that flashed as it caught the light. When worn, it would dangle from a dainty filament chain.

But belying its apparent fragility was a strength and power emanating from it in almost palpable waves. Drawn to it she took a step forward, nearly colliding with Maccus. She reached for it, hesitating to glance at him and, with his nod of approval, plucking it from his hand.

A rush of energy surged up her arm and splintered off to spear both her heart and her head with dizzying force. She staggered from it as her powers were fully restored to her. Maccus, still holding her hand, gripped it more tightly and steadied her with his other.

When she was steady again, he took the amulet from her so he could fasten the chain around her graceful neck. The pendant nestled snuggly at the opening to the valley of her breasts. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and leaned her head back and just let the power flow through her.

When at last she opened her eyes again, she finally became aware of her surroundings. Turning, she stared in awe and wonder at the lush beauty before her. The forest was rich and vibrant with life. The green was new and fresh, and the moss beneath her feet was soft as down. Splashes of bright jewel tones interrupted the green here and there in the form of stunning and mysterious blooms spread hap hazard as if by a careless artist splashing paint across canvas.

The crisp, clean scent of loamy earth filled her senses and bird song and insect scuttles serenaded her with abundant charm. She could also detect the faint tinkling of a stream somewhere nearby. She couldn’t wait to explore and reacquaint herself with her native realm.

Absently she took a step deeper into her forest but was brought up short by Maccus’ gentle touch on her arm. “Not yet, my dear girl, not yet.”

Newlyn took her hands then. “Isla, I need you. We have to go soon and re-awaken the others. While we are doing that, we need you to give the gift of The Becoming to as many as you can as quickly as you can.”

“Yes my lady.” She bowed her head.

“And remember,” Maccus instructed, “you must only offer it to those of age. The children must keep their innocence. It has its own magic that is just as powerful and we will need that once our kingdom is restored.”

“Yes my lord, of course.” Isla was eager to please her king and queen and wanted to leave straight away.

It was then that Newlyn realized that they were all still unclothed. It was with a mild regret that they manifested their garments once again. The three of them embraced before parting to go their separate ways. Isla, to start converting every man and woman she came into contact with, and husband and wife to find and restore her remaining court.

To Be Continued...

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