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The Best Super-power

A man discusses how his gift has enhanced his sex life.
There is an old joke that if you ask someone what super-power they would rather have, flight or invisibility, you really want to watch out for guys that say "invisibility". After all, those are the creepy guys who would rather be skulking around in locker rooms, rather than out soaring in the blue sky. Now, I don't know if that is totally untrue, but let me tell you, as a man who can fly, that it certainly has its sexual advantages.

I guess I should explain the "man who can fly" part. I can fly. Lift myself up. Lift a few hundred pounds with me. I can hover. I can zoom, pretty fast if I need to. And I bet the reader is asking how that happened. Am I part faery? Did I have an ancient medallion placed in my hands as a baby? Did I push an old blind man out of the way of a speeding truck full of radioactive material? Well, besides the last one, which didn't happen, I have no idea. I know that as a kid I would sometimes feel I was "floating", but my parents laughed at me. Around puberty, I started to "fly", and was of course very surprised. But it was also, obviously, a nice gift. While other boys my age were sneaking off to find places to masturbate, was sneaking off to find places to fly. Oh, and to masturbate. I was a boy in puberty. I feel sorry for anyone who got caught underneath me.

All adolescents feel different, and I certainly had good enough reason to. Despite the rush of self-esteem my gift gave me, I didn't really know how to work it into my love life. The first few times, after I had dated girls for a while, I just looked at them and said "I can fly. Want to try it?" and of course they just walked away, shaking their heads. It took me until sometime around the college years before I realized the real way to get girls in a sexy mood. I had modulated my powers to the point where I could make myself or someone else slightly lighter. So I would be walking along with a woman, and I would remove just a bit of her weight. Being lighter makes every step feel giddy. Its kind of like being drunk. When I combined it with a nice outdoor setting, the girl was usually laughing and giddy in a short while. One of the things I would do is point to a gully or stream, and tell her we could probably leap it...and then use my flying powers to help us over. And then we would end up on the other side, on the ground, and the kissing would usually commence.

The reader is probably thinking one of two things: either that I was being a manipulative bastard, or that I was being a wuss for doing things like jumping along in meadows when I should be fucking girls in mid air. Towards the first, I say that every guy has to have something to back up his game, whether it is a nice car or a nice voice. I don't really have either, so I think using flight is fair. Towards the second: be patient.

The first time I actually had sex in the air, it was by accident. I had ended up doing the streamside seduction thing, and during the sex, I got so excited that we just zoomed about ten feet into the air, and then came back down. It is actually somewhat hard to finish the act without a ground to move against, but I was excited enough I didn't have any troubles. And then we floated back to the ground and she said "I felt like I was flying", and I explained that we had. And strangely enough, she didn't disbelieve me. (I think that once people have flown, they become much more likely to believe it is possible.) And that night, the dam broke, and she wanted to go again and again, hovering, zooming, me holding her from in front, and behind. Even to horny young me, it was hard to keep up with it, but I certainly didn't object. After that, she was constantly looking forward to sex with me. Of course, though, we were always in the air. She had more ideas than I did. It was fun for a while, but eventually I left her, because when it came to sex on the ground, or anything on the ground, she started acting very bored. The only good thing about it is, when we had our break-up and she started throwing stuff out of the window, I could catch it.

After that, I went through a slutty period. I've found that along with all the romance, being drunk got girls used to flying. But of course, being that I am not the type of guy who gets girls drunk to have sex with them, I had to establish first that they wanted to have sex with me. So I would seduce them, then the second time, would get them drunk so we could fly and have sex. Ever had sex in a dirty ally outside a dive bar? I have, but never at ground level, I was always pressing into the woman against a brick wall, thirty or more feet in the air. And luckily it was dark enough, and anyone around was drunk enough, that I never got caught. Of course, after this happened, lots of the women pretended it didn't. Which is normal enough, and even more so when it comes to a question of having sex while flying.

And a few times I got in some real trouble. I had a woman who was afraid of heights, and when she opened her eyes from a long kiss, she was in the air, and she freaked out, and started hitting me. I barely got her to the ground in one piece, where many people were quite interested in why I should be next to a drunk, disheveled and very frightened young woman. So I did what any young man would do... slipped into the shadows and flew away.

I am in my late 20s now, and I have finally decided to start to settle down. I've learned that there are many romantic ways to use the power of flight. One thing I did with my current girlfriend is fly her up to the branch of a high, large tree in a secluded location. I had already been there the day before and tacked up the old poem about "Kissing in a Tree", with our names attached to it. She thought it was quite romantic, and we did end up kissing. Then, I levitated up her dress (another nice trick I have learned!), saw that she was pantiless and ready, so I slipped into her and we had sex, standing up, me pushing her into the trunk of the tree. Sometimes we fly up to a ledge on a mountain, and we have sex with me behind her, looking over into the view provided. I think every guy is a little insecure about how he stacks up, so I love knowing I can give her an experience she has never had before. But even when we have terrestrial sex, she appreciates it.

So that is the story, for now, of how a flying man has managed to have some hot sex, and some not-so-hot-sex.

And yes, even with my flying powers, sometimes I imagine what type of sex I could have if I was invisible.

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