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The Claiming of Meteior's Queen

A woman is claimed by her masters ancient dragon clan.
“M-master?” The blonde woman whispered from her position on all fours in front of the three nude males in the hall. 

“Come, love,” the largest one murmured as he tugged on the leash attached not to the gold and black collar that hugged her throat but to the black studded clamps that pinched her swollen nipples. Her ample breasts swayed as she crawled forward to follow her master’s muscled legs.

“Now,” her master said, “Crawl to the throne to the left and await your orders.”

The blonde hair moved in a nod of acknowledgement as the plump woman made her way slowly to the steps leading to the line of thrones. Her black satin leash dragged between her legs as she moved, her knee catching it once as she crawled. A small yelp escaped her pink lips as the clamps pulled her nipples toward her stomach.

“No sounds, love. Remember what I’ve told you,” the largest one warned, his tone almost loving.

“Meteior,” the man to his left nudged him, “are you sure she’s the one for you?”

“Do you doubt your brother so much, Talion? Meteior, there are many other maidens in the world… Why her?” His eldest brother, Sylver, watched as the plump woman reached the steps and followed Meteior’s orders and knelt with her arse in the air, her smooth nether lips spreading, the scent of arousal met their noses.

Meteior growled deep within his broad, muscled chest. “Yes, both of you. I know she is to be my mate and my queen,” he turned to face them and pushed a large hand through his chocolate, shoulder length hair, “Are you both ready to initiate her?”

He was met with two nods and a surge of energy as they walked toward the woman.

Talion moved to the left and Sylver to the right of her. They easily lifted her onto the large mahogany throne. With a quick flick, the woman was placed into tight restraints. Her arms were held above her head and her legs were pulled to the sides as far as her joints would allow, exposing her hidden secrets and arousal for the men.

“Now, Sloane, I know this was never discussed, in length, but I promise you that you will be my queen, but only if you pass these tests. As I have told you, we are an ancient clan of dragons that have ruled this realm for centuries. My brothers and I are to initiate you into our clan. And prove to the Gods that you are strong enough to hold position in a realm of our kind,” Meteior stroked Sloane’s moonbeam hair and nodded to the brother on her right.

Sylver placed a firm hand upon her stomach, “I won’t hurt you,” as he took place between her spread thighs.

She inhaled deeply through her nose as Meteior tugged on her leash playfully. Sylver stroked her spread lips with a large finger and dipped his index fingertip into the pool of arousal. With a small smile he spread the arousal from her slippery opening to the tight clenched cavern between creamy white cheeks. Her stomach quivered as he broke through her barrier and into the untouched. Sylver watched Sloane’s face as he pushed his finger in knuckle deep. Sloane’s face turned red as she bit her lip and drew a droplet of crimson blood. Sylver groaned as the scent of her wetness filled his desire with a fire. His erection stood its full nine inch length as he wet its length with her slickness.

Meteior pulled back on her long curls and licked the blood from her lip slowly, and muttered something quietly as he palmed his own erection, his robe no longer able to contain its bulbous head.

Talion roughly pulled her reddened face toward him by her chin and thrust his sculpted hip muscles forward toward her pink and now swollen lips. Sloane’s tongue darted out across the swollen lump from her bite and licked his head with an unskilled swipe. Sloane was met with his length being shoved into her throat as she choked back a scream of pain and pleasure while Sylver ripped through her too tight hole.

“Oh, Goddess,” Sylver moaned as his hips began pushing his length into her now gaping arse. His hands gripped her fleshy thighs with a hold so tight her porcelain flesh began to turn white.

With a grunt, Talion began fucking Sloane’s warm mouth, her tongue making small circles around his shaven balls as he hit the back of her contracting throat. Meteior stroked her hair as he watched his two brothers take his potential mate, they both knew to leave her maidenhood to him. Meteior wanted nothing more than to rip through her tight hole and take her until she cried his name, but he had to restrain himself, to allow them to finish and mark her together.

Sloane’s eyes were watering from the force of having her throat fucked raw by Talion’s thickness and having her arse brutally deflowered by Sylver’s hardness, the tears streamed freely down her cheeks and pooled at the hollow of her neck.

With a hearty grunt, Talion pulled his cock from her tongues hold and exploded in a shower of white seed over her tear streaked face and her now bruised nipples. As Talion rested his weight on the arm of the throne with one hand, he smeared his mark into his cum on her chest.

“Welcome, Sloane,” he panted and bowed before walking to the door, a small smile on his tanned face.

During the time Talion marked Sloane, Sylver began fucking her harder. She was panting as he worked her pulsating nub between her slicked lips with his thumb. With a pop he removed himself from his haven and he too, exploded with shuddering spurts onto her thighs and stomach as he panted and groaned in pleasure.

“Welcome, Sloane,” he murmured as he smeared his mark onto her stomach. He took his leave with a bow. Meteior smiled as the door shut and locked behind his brother.

“My love, you have passed the two hardest tests, now, are you ready for my test?” he unclamped her bruised and swollen nipples with an easy flick. The leash slid to the floor with a quiet swish of silk against skin. Sloane bit her lip from moaning in need. Her nipples ached and the agony of being torn by Sylver left her soaking and achy.

“You may speak freely, my love,” he smiled as she arched her back and he released her arms and legs. He walked to her right side and leaned down to her mouth and kissed her tear salted lips. His slender hand massaged her left breast gingerly as his tongue parted her lips and danced with hers.

“Please, master. I need – Oh!” Sloane’s words were silenced by his fingers slipping between her now closed thighs and parting her swollen, slippery lips with his fingertips and massaging her deprived clit with a gentle touch. His tongue left her lips with a little flick and a smile as he kissed his way down her jaw, his teeth grazing her collarbone as he came to her heaving mounds. His tongue massaged her nipple as his finger worked her tiny, untouched cave, preparing her for his girth and the sheer need that blazed between his own legs.

“Sit up,” he ordered as he left her legs. Sloane whined as he teased her with the promise of the release she needed so badly.

Meteior wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up with ease, as she buried her head into his tanned and muscular neck. The room spun around her as he wrapped her legs around his waist, her wet mound now pressed against his pelvic bone he placed his damp head against her promise.

Sloane whimpered as he broke her, and dug her nails into his shoulder blade, her nails creating red grooves in their wake. Meteior thrust his hips upward and buried himself deep within his lover with a deep groan as he bit her neck.

She yelped as his teeth dug into her pale skin, a thin rivulet of life blood trickling down her shoulder. His tongue lapped the crimson trail hungrily as she writhed between his arms.

“Oh, Goddess,” she whined as he removed his slickened member from her and laid her on the marble floor. Her nipples hardened as her body reacted to the cold of the marble.

He knelt between her sweat dampened thighs and kissed his way down her body, taking special care to kiss the bruises forming on her thighs from his brother.

“You did so well, my love. Relax,” his tongue made its way from the small part of her sex to the now deflowered and bleeding hole he and just been buried in. He licked her clean, as her body convulsed under his lapping tongue, his finger tip working her clit in steady flicks as she clawed at his muscled shoulders in ecstasy, her mouth parted in a silent moan as she convulsed and exploded in a wave of creamy wetness over his tongue, his mouth filling with her flavor as he licked her clean.

He slid himself back into her now released cavern and groaned, “You are so deliciously wet, my love. Dear Goddess, I don’t know how long,” he grunted as he thrust deeply into her, her breasts jiggling with the force, “I can make this last.”

“Just, please, I need you!” Sloane cried, her legs wrapping around his waist as he pummeled her wetness, the only sounds floating to the ceiling the slapping of his balls against her pussy and the duet of sighs and moans as he shifted positions and kissed her neck as he thrust one final time.

His growl rattled the pillars and made Sloane cry out in pure pleasure as he filled her with his creamy, hot seed. His legs gave out from the force of his climax and he rested his full weight on top of Sloane’s full frame, his mouth teasing her nipples as she panted under his chest.

She winced as he moved off of her and she sat up.

“Sore, love?” he asked as he pulled her into his lap on his throne, his hair matted to his forehead with sweat.

Sloane nodded and rested her head on his chest, their skin sticking together with sweat and the mix of their juices as she kissed her new mate.

“I expect to be this sore every night. But,” she smiled as his finger lifted to her mouth, a puddle of their love on the tip, “just,” she sucked them off of his finger, “from you, Master.” She giggled quietly as he buried his face into her damp hair.

“Whatever it takes to please you, my queen.”

-to be continued.

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