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The Coin pt.1

Tags: djinn, wishes, oral
This story came to me after watching a episode of Supernatural, plus I LOVE the Wishmaster movies. So I thought 'WHAT THE HELL' let me give it a shot but I wanted to take go the NAUGHTY way with it.

I woke up early on my day off climbing into the shower. I could feel like this was a great day to be alive (not knowing what is going to go down later in the day). Then making a very delicious breakfast eating slow enjoying ever bite. I didn't have any plans so I deiced to go to the shops down main street that I've been wanting to check out. Grabbing my mad money from my dresser drawer I counted it there was four hundred, stuffing it into my wallet then headed out the door.

Pulling up to a empty parking lot thinking 'WOW, this is weird. It's usually packed with people in the mid-morning.' So just throwing that in the back of my mind. I get out I started to walk down the empty sidewalk and window shop. Nothing caught my eye until I walked up to an antique store. In the window there was a rare comic book I just stared at it for ten minutes. I walked into the store there was nobody in it and started to browse, from the register I hear an old man

“Can I help you find something?” He said in a raspy voice

“Oh, No thanks just browsing, but how much is that Action Comic in the window?” I asked

“Good eye” He said as his eyes lite up “That's going for thousand buck.”

My jaw dropped open as I heard him tell me, I blinked in disbelief. I continued to walk around looking at all the old collectibles. I stumbled over a box in the floor knocking it over, I looked around to make sure it wasn't going to knock stuff off the tables. There was no way I could afford anything in this store, bending down to pick the box up the lid fell off it was a box full of vintage comic book. So I started to flip through them I was excited seeing a lot of first editions in great condition.

“I see you found them!” He says from behind me

“Yes this is a great find.”

“I'm glad you found what you were looking for.”

I stopped and started to think 'How'd he know I was into comic and am always looking for rare ones.' I stood up turning to look at him. He was standing there with a smile on his face as he cleaned his glasses with his shirt.

“So how much for the box?” I asked

“Ummm, that's a lot of great comics in there!” He said “I'll sell it for eight hundred as is.”

“That's too bad because I would have loved to get them for my collection.”

“Well how much do you have? Maybe we can make a deal.” He said as he placed his glasses back on his face

“Only got three hundred.”

He looked at me as he thought about it a smile slowly came on his face and he stuck his hand out at me. I quickly grabbed his hand shaking it fast to seal the deal. I bent down picking up the box as the man walked behind the counter. I placed the box next to me on the counter and pulled out my wallet,as he was writing up a receipt. I placed the money on the counter then he handed me the receipt and his hand again. I shook as he smiled.

“I really hope you love those comics, I've had them for a long time.” He said

“I'm sure I will!” I said letting go of his hand

I picked up the box and started out the store as I pushed the door open in the background I heard 'Have a NICE day'. I walked out the store and there was a crowd of people now as I tried to walk around them with this huge box under my arm. Finally getting to my car placing the box in the trunk I had to stop at a couple of more stores which will take a little more time out of my day. I hit the stores and headed home about six hours later. It took a couple of trips to the car to unload everything leaving the box for last.

I walked into the house placing the box on the table as I unload my groceries and making something for an early dinner. But all I wanted to do was tear into that box to see what gems I've just stumbled into owning. I ate fast then walked into my home office where my stuff is. Grabbing a milk crate and placing my official Over Street Comic Book price guide, my home made price tags, two black pens, new boards and bags for the comics and a white glove so I won't leave any grease or finger prints on them. Carrying the crate to the table I start to unload it then placing it on the floor.

I stood there slowly opening the box of comics and grabbing a few at a time placing them on the table in stacks. I them moved the box they were in to the floor next to the crate. Placing the glove on my left hand I started to open them getting the information from inside the cover and writing it down on the tag. I would place the tag with the information on the back of the board then slide it in a bag along with the comic. Already I've got some great comics like Superman # 4 worth 2,200 bucks, Batman #1 worth 2,400 and it just got better and better as the pile started to grow.

But then I started to think 'why in the HELL would the guy sell a box of valuable comics for so cheap' but I wasn't going to question it so I just stopped thinking about it. Getting through bout half of the stack my back started to hurt, but something just made me go for one more comic. I grabbed the last comic in the stack and slowly pulled it out. Opening it I had it laying down on the table as I pulled the old board and bag off. Then I grabbed it, picking it up something fell out of it I tried to stop it from bouncing across the table. Right as it got to the edge of the table I slammed my hand down on it, picking it up to start to examine it.

I opened my hand slowly staring at it as I opened it all the way and could see it was some type of coin but it was dirty. I was holding it with my thumb and index finger trying to see what kind of coin but I couldn't make it out. I grabbed a paper towel and put a little water on it and started to rub it but it wasn't coming off. I took off the glove and ran my thumb across it some how that worked and I could see it was some type of ancient gold coin. I stared at it like I found a pirate ship full of gold coin.

It had a guys face on it but I don't remember seeing him in my school book when we were studying in that type of era. I continued to examine the coin trying to find a date of something that would tell me what type of coin it was. But couldn't find anything I flipped the coin over and rubbed it the same was the crude came right off with one swipe. Staring at it doing the same thing but still no date. There was a old looking ship with big sails, out from nowhere from behind me.

“HELLO Jax.” A rough but velvety voice said

I spun around dropping the coin and knocking my chair over. The Coin just floated in the air and I made eye contact with a six and a half foot tall man, Bright blue eyes, gray skinned with black tattoos all over his body including his face and head. He had a evil smirk on his face as he walked over and picked up the chair without touching it. Sitting there I was freaking out and staring at this weird looking man in my house but I felt calm for some reason.

“Wha...Who are you?” I finally got out

“What do you mean? You are the one who called me!”

“I..I never called you!”

“Oh but you did you rub the coin and now I'm here.”

I just stared at him trying to understand what the hell he was talking about. Almost felting like I was going to pass out, he motioned his hand over to me and a chair slide across the floor behind me.

“SIT!!!” he said in a stern voice

I slowly sat down in the chair as I keep my eyes on him making sure he didn't make a move. I sat there breathing hard like I just ran a marathon. Trying to gain my composer I could see he was only wearing some baggy genie pants (like the ones Samantha from I dream of genie) they were black with red inlay design and no shirt I could see his ancient tattoos. I opened my mouth to say something but he interrupted me.

“I am a djinn!”

“Excuse me.” I said in shock

“I am a djinn or a genie as most people know us by.”

“Oh OK.” I said shaking my head in disbelief

“Don't trust me? Ok, then let me tell you my story then.”

I was once like you, A simple young man with lots of wishes and Dreams. When I stumbled upon this coin you see in front of you. I didn't always look this way I was once human, but one rub of the coin and all my dream and wishes were answered. I was tricked by the djinn that I was given. He used my wishes and greed against me. He wished himself free through me.

I wouldn't wish that on anyone, you see after living for over three centuries I have seen things nobody would ever want to see. I've loved and lost, I didn't always have a dark soul. I loved a young woman who found this coin and when she was under my care I lost her to the darkness of my life. That why I claim souls, Let me explain that. You see the younger the soul the more innocent and pure it is. And that makes mine lighter but only for a short while.”

I listened and could see the pain in his eyes of how hard it has been for him as a djinn, but I still wasn't convinced that this true. He looked deep into my eyes and scoffs.

“So you still don't believe me.” he said letting out a light evil laugh

I rubbed my eyes thinking I was having a dream, but as I moved my hands he was still there staring at me. I tried to stand but was stuck to the seat no matter how hard I tried to get up nothing wouldn't budge. He slowly stood up and walked in front of me the chair followed him slowly gliding across the floor. He sat in front of me closer then I wanted him to but I couldn't do any thing about it.

“OK, I am a djinn and you get three wishes. NOW let me break the rules down to you.”he said with a evil smile showing his pointed teeth.

1. I will not harm you in anyway or time, BUT after your third wish your soul is mine.

2. You can't wish to KEEP your soul.

3. You can NOT wish for more wishes.

4. This ones a double edge sword: You can't wish for World Peace or Destruction, the fates must stay in balance.

5. You can NOT wish harm on to anybody.

So shall we get started?” He said while a bigger smile came across his face

“Wow, That's a lot to process! May I have the rest of the day to think about it and we'll talk about it in the morning?”

“Hmm...Yes I suppose.” He says indecisively

When I blinked, he vanished and I could move again. I stood up and paced around the house for a couple of hours thinking about what just happened . Starting to feel tired I deiced to go to bed but I tossed and turned for the first half of the night. So I deiced to do a little research on djinns, Getting on my computer I Googled djinn but nothing helpful popped up. I then put in 'How do you get rid of a djinn' I didn't see anything til I got to be bottom of the page. A page was there in the description


Double clicking the link a black page came up with a gray box that said 'Bewared if you click the button you will NOT believe what your reading, BUT BELIEVE!!!!' I clicked it because I needed to know. I was reading page after page of information on djinns it was amazing how detailed it was. On the last page it broke it down saying 'You can NOT bargain with a djinn' and 'once you summon a djinn you have to use your wishes or he will haunt you for the rest of your life'. There was a line I keep reading over and over it said 'You can get a lot more stuff in one wish if you word it right' and it gave an EX: if you want wealth and power you will word it like, I wish for wealth with power.

I took that into thought and started to get sleepy again so I went to bed and passed out as soon as I hit the pillow. I woke up at one in the afternoon slowly opening my eyes so they get use to the light in the room. But I saw something move next to my bed so I turned my head fast, there he was sitting in the chair across my bed smiling and staring at me.

“Hello Jax, Did you sleep well?”

“Umm, I guess” I said with wide eyes

“So have you thought about your wishes?”

“Oh yeah, I don't want any.”

“Oh come on Jax! What do you wish you had?”

I started to get out of bed heading to the restroom to relive myself when I came out he was standing there still with that evil grin on his face. Staring at me like he was trying to read my mind. But I learned a trick on that site to block the djinns mine reading ability. It was easy there was a design that you write on your body and they can't read your thoughts. I walked pass him grabbing a glass of water and headed to the living room he was sitting on the couch.

“Well, just one wish to get your wishing juices flowing.” He said giving a light chuckle after

I sat in the chair next to the door to the kitchen staring back at him. Feeling like I had no choice I stood up as did he and I walked over to my bedroom door. He stood a couple of feet behind me I turned looking at him I opened my mouth. His eyes went wide as I did that. Then his grin went wider showing his pointed teeth again which gave me the creeps. I closed my mouth as I looked at him his face became angry.

“Ok, I'll be nice and give you one free wish.” He said as he tried to read me

“I don't believe you.”

“Don't worry this one will not go against your three.”

I looked at him still in disbelief, walking back to the kitchen to put the glass down he was still following me like a lost puppy. I turned looking in his eyes I was getting tired of every time I looked around there he was.

“OK, I'll play.” I said watching him

He rubbed his hands together readying to grant my wishes. I walked back to my bedroom standing at the door he was right there besides me.

“OK, for my free wish I want you to fill this room with twenty, fifty and hundred dollar bills!”

“Done!” he said as he snapped his fingers

I looked over at the door and a pile money came flowing through the door. I picked up a bundle of fifties running my thumb across them. They felt real and looked real but I had my doubts dropping the bills on the pile out my bedroom door. I looked over at him with a surprised look on my face.

“What's your next wish?” he said rubbing his hands together again

“Um, I want to put this cash to the test. I will take some and go shopping if I have no problems I will make another wish tomorrow.”

“GREAT!” he said slapping his hands together and disappearing

I grabbed a bundle of each bill, then took off to the mall buying stuff I've wanted but didn't have the money, like a NEW Xbox 360, all the games I've ever wanted, then bought some other stuff. All this time thinking what will be my next wish but nothing was coming to mind. On the drive home I passed by a adult movie store and it hit me. I know exactly what I want, grinning from ear to ear I thought about how to ask for it again trying to get as much as possible. I wanted to look like the porn star Scott Nails and get Andie Valentino to be my lover. Let me describe myself right NOW for you: I'm 6'2” blue with green dot eyes, brown hair I shave down, three hundred + lbs, five and a half inch penis and am a complete nerd with the glasses, allergies, complete shy the whole package.

I got home unloading the four bag in the car I went in locking the door fast and grabbing the coin where I hide it. Placing it on the table, pacing trying to word the wish right and I just went with something simple. I walked up to the coin running my hand over it but nothing happened. I turned around to use the restroom and there he stood with that eerie grin scared the life out of me.

“Hello Jax.” He said in his eerie voice “So have you thought of your first wish?”

“Actually I have!”

“GREAT.” He said rubbing his hands together

“I would like to look like porn star Scott Nails with Andie Valentino being my naughty lover.”

He stared confused at me “Ok, I'll need to see a picture of them.”

We walked into my office and I looked up Scott Nails first. He asked for his statics Nails Stood at 6 foot, Blue eyes, Dark Brown hair, one hundred and sixty nine pounds which was all muscle, Tattoo of tribal flames from left side of neck down the left arm and a piece of meat hanging between his legs nine and a half inches. Then I showed him a picture of Valentino Beautiful 4' 11” tanned skin goddess, Green eyes, Long Brown hair, with a sexy navel piercing, nice meaty labia and her measurements are 34D-26-35. He stared deep into my eyes and a smile creep onto his face.

“Are you sure that's what you want?”


“GREAT.” He said as he reached for his belt pulling a medium black silk bag that was tied with a dark red rope.

He opened the bag and poured out a pile of pearly white sand next to me. Then poured a little pile into his hand looked at me taking a deep breath in. “DONE!” he said as he exhaled his breath. I felt the sand hitting my face and lips I felt at peace as I smelt his rank breath. I passed out where I stood, Then waking up in the morning I climbed off of the floor of the office and stumbled into the bathroom completely naked for some reason.

Walking into the bathroom rubbing my eyes I stopped in front of the mirror. Opening up my right eye I couldn't believe what I saw, I slowly move my left hand away from my face and stared into the mirror. I started to pinch my cheeks the slapping myself to wake up but I was awake already. I took a step back to examine myself though the mirror I still couldn't believe it as I ran my hand over my chest then down my left arm. I was stunned and speechless just staring at my toned ripped body.

I couldn't resist so I looked down and there it was in all it's glory my seven inch flaccid rod. I just stared at it wishing I could have been using it right NOW. I then saw something move out of the corner of my left eye spinning my head to look over. There she was the most beautiful woman in the world sitting on my toilet with her black lace thong past her knees. She just stared at me looking up and down my body with a cute smirk on her face.

“Um, I'm busy. Can I have a couple of minutes?”

“Oh yeah, I'm sorry.” I said as I backed out of the room

I walked past my bedroom and all the money was gone I stood at the opened door confused and starting to get pissed. Just as I was going to get the coin Andie walked up placing her hand on my now firm right ass cheek. I turned my head and she gave me a long passionate kiss. I was running my hand up her stomach cupping her right breast then pulling on her already hard nipple. She broke the kiss and we stared into each others eyes.

“Oh BABY this is for you.” She said as she grabbed a little black book off of the dresser

“What is it?” I asked

“The armored car came by this morning to pick up the boxes of cash.”

“Oh yeah I forgot about that.” I said as I opened the book and two cards started to slide out

I caught the cards and looked at the book there was thirty four million dollars in the account. I looked up and watched her bend over to pull up her black capri pants up her long legs. I couldn't stop staring at her firm ass wiggling in the air and the way her thong split her cheeks my member started to twitch. I walked up placing the book back on the dresser then grabbing her hips as I grinned my semi hard cock into her ass. She slowly started to grind back as she dropped her pants and stood up, I started to kiss the back of her neck working to her ear I sucked her earlobe into my mouth sucking it softly. She ran her hand over my shaved head and letting out soft moans.

She spun around and we locked lips as our tongues danced into each others mouths. I was still running my hand up and down her smooth skin as I pulled her shirt off. I started to kiss her jaw then her collarbone continued to move down her chest. Running my tongue around her left large lite pink aureola her body shivered as I moved closer to her now hard small nipple. I started to play with the other in my free hand tugging and pulling on it. She let out soft moans of pleasure as I continued to suck on her hard nipple, I kissed my way over to her right breast making her moan as I did the same thing.

I ran my finger tips down her stomach then over her black thong. I ran my hand in between her thighs cupping her wet hot mound in my hand. I slowly started to move my hand back and forth along the length of her slit she arched her back letting out a loud growl of ecstasy. As I rubbed my middle and ring finger hard into her slit. She started to thrust her hips harder and harder on my hand so I scooped her up in my arms walking her over to the bed. Placing her down I went up and kissed her passionately again kissing down her body licking her nipples then around her hot belly button.

She spread her legs wide as I got closer to her womanhood I ran my tongue over her lacy thong then back up, I could taste her juices as I hit the opening of her mound. I stuck my tongue into her though her panties she grabbed my head pressing it harder into her grinding hips. I slowly started up to her hips staring into her eyes and biting on the waistband of the thong, I pulled them down as we stared into each others eyes. I kissed up her thighs then licking the crease of her thigh and mound she arched her back. I moved to the top of her wet pussy running the underside of my tongue down her wet slit then back up stopping at her meaty labia. I softly nibbled and sucking on it as I worked my way to her hard clit, sucking her clit into my mouth she started to grind harder and harder as I sucked harder and harder.

I looked up to see her thrusting her back in the air and twisting her hard nipples as she rode the waves of pleasure. I grabbed her clit with my teeth then flicked my tongue across the tip she took a sharp breath and a moan. I slowly slide my two fingers into her opening as I was still sucking on her clit, she placed her hand on my head as I slide two of my fingers deep into her pussy. I was thrusting it hard and fast as her tunnel gripped my fingers. I then bent them and rubbed her inner walls searching for her G-spot she started to breath harder. She started to go crazy thrusting her hips off the bed riding my finger harder and faster.

“Mmmmm, baby your going to make me cum.”

I keep thrusting my finger deep into her dripping wet tunnel as I felt her body tense up. She looked into my eyes biting her bottom lip letting a deep muffled growl of ecstasy as her tunnel gripped my fingers harder.

“Mmmmm, Ba...Baby I'm cuuuummmmming” She tried to yell it out but her orgasm was to powerful

I couldn't move my fingers as much as her body convulsed under me so I sucked on her clit and labia harder. She slide her hand in between my mouth and her mound as she twitched with pleasure. She sat up pulling my face towards her as she licked her juices off my chin and cheeks. We kissed passionately as she sucked on my tongue gathering as much of her juices she could off of it. Then laying me on my back she started to kiss me and make her way down my body, kissing and licking stopping at my nipples she nibbled one then the other as she continued down my tone body. My member was throbbing with anticipation as she lightly kissed the head. She moved down to my balls licking one by one my member twitched as she did this.

I stared at her as she did this all I wanted to do was ravage her at that moment but I controlled myself . She looked up at me as she licked her way up my hot throbbing shaft I could barely keep my eyes open it felt so good. She slowly licked up to the head and I could see the pre cum building up in the eye as she got there it started to run down the head towards my stomach. Grabbing my shaft she licked the trail of sticky fluid the engulfing the head in he mouth. I teased up as she did so I couldn't believe how great it felt as she ran her tongue around the throbbing head. I was grabbing the sheets hard as she sucked my head and stroked the shaft with her right hand.

I started to breathe harder as she slowly bobbed her head up and down my cock. I could feel my head hitting the back of her throat as she moaned when it hit sending vibrations down my shaft. By this time my knuckles were white and my head was pressed hard into the pillow as I let out moans of lust. She picked up her pace and I felt my balls tense up I couldn't do or say anything she knew I wasn't going to last long as she started to massage my balls softly. I felt the passion building up deep in my loin as I tried to calm myself but she was sending my over the edge.

“Oh... fuck..... baby your...... going to...... make me....... cum.” I said stuttering out the sentience

She just looked deep into my eyes giving me a very sexy wink as I threw my head back hard into the pillow. My cock swelled up in her hand and mouth as my toes started to curl. I felt the eruption running up my shaft as she grabbed my shaft harder and stroked it faster. I felt my first squirt hit the roof of her mouth as it fell back my the head she sucked it harder. As I keep unloading my thick creamy load into her mouth she swallowed hard as I filled up her mouth with my spunk. My body was twitching harder as she keep stroking and sucking my hard cock milking it for all it was worth. She sucked it hard and pulled it out to gather the remaining little drops of the pearly fluid as it left her lips I heard a pop.

“Damn baby that was amazing!” I panted out

“YES it was.” She said crawling up to me

She placed a kiss on each nipple then worked her way up as we embraced and kissed passionately. I could taste my bitter spunk on her tongue but I didn't care I was so happy that I got my wish and just wanted to spend all day in bed with her. She was the first to get up and jump into the shower. I looked through my clothes to find something to wear but everything was from when I was a huge fucker. I heard the water in the shower stop and she came out with a towel around her head and rubbing one over her body. I started to get hard again as I watched her dry her body off she caught my stare and gave me a smile and she bite her bottom lip. I smile back and started to walk towards her just as I got to her my phone started to ring.

“HELLO.” I answered frustrated that they bugged me

“Yes is this Jax?”

“Yes it is”

“This is John from City Bank. Just wanted to remind you that you can use those cards now.”

“Ok thanks for the call.”

I looked at Andie with a huge smile on my face grabbing the book off the dresser I took the cards out and walked over to her giving her a long kiss she wrapped her arm around my neck pulling her body closer to my I could feel her hard nipples on my chest. I broke the kiss looked deep into her green eyes and held the cards up where she could see them smiling.

“Let do some shopping baby.” I said with excitement in my voice

“YEAH!” She said with her eyes lighting up

To Be Continued

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