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The Creature and Jessica

Jessica has had many fantasies like most teen girls but she never expected them all to come true
There came a sound from just beyond my bedroom door. I didn’t know what it was because I had never heard it anytime before but I decided to see what it might be. I wasn’t scared of it and figured I didn’t have any reason to be. The only thing I did know was that this sound was not from something in my house. My name is Jessica and I had just turned seventeen which was that age most often spoken about besides sweet sixteen. I opened the door and stepped out into the dark hallway. There wasn’t a light on anywhere but there was that sound again. What was that? It sound like some sort of screech that was most unfamiliar to me. I couldn’t place it in anything I knew but the sound hurt my ears. It had the same effect as that of fingernails over a chalk board.

I covered my ears and tried to get my eyes to adjust and that was when I saw it. There was a shadow of something large standing a few feet in front of me. This wasn’t a normal shadow. It was that creepy type shadow which you see from the tree’s outline on the wall in your bedroom. The only difference was that this thing was darker. What was this thing doing in my house? How had it gotten in? Was it real and was I dreaming? Those are the first few questions to plague my mind. I shook the thoughts from my head and spoke to whatever was standing there, “Who is there?”

That was great. Why did I have to sound like a chick in a horror movie? The shadow thing didn’t answer me but stepped closer to me. A passing car’s headlights flooded my room and swept across the floor. They enveloped me and the thing standing in the hall now just a couple feet from me. The light revealed the figure and I screamed as if I was in a nightmare. What I had seen scared the hell out of me. This thing wasn’t human and that much I knew. It didn’t have a face or the figure of a real body. It just was solid black like a shadow and was tall; indeed, so tall that it’s head was almost touching the ceiling. That meant that it had to be at least six foot. I didn’t have much of a chance to move.

I turned to run but the thing followed me and tackled me onto my bed. The things touch was warm but not like that of a human. It was even warmer than that but something else was odd about it’s touch. I felt a sensation on my skin and in my body after it had grapped a hold of me. My skin erupted like it was on fire and it spread through my body like poison until I was trembling. My mouth opened and the feeling taking over my body was unbearable. I was moaning as this creture’s grip on my body tightened and wrapped it’s hands more around me. Yes, it did have hands. It had the shape of a human but the outer form was completely different.

It was touching me in all the right places and yet it was everywhere. I was wearing a gray colored tank top and denim blue shorts. The creature’s hands were making sure to take advantage of the bare skin of my legs. The feeling inside my body was unlike anything I had ever felt. I was biting my lip so hard that it was bleeding which oddly seemed to excite the creature more and it actually kissed me. It’s kiss was like rain on a summer day and left me wanting more. I laid on the bed motionless and was freely giving up my body to the creature. I could hear it grunting and making other noises that I figured was it’s way of letting me know it was enjoying my sexiness. I gasped a moment later because it ripped my tank top open. The fabric of the shredded tank top coming to rest on either side of my ribs while the creatures hands crept across my stomach to my crimson colored bra.

I opened my mouth and tried to speak through the constant moans that were coursing through my body, “What are you? What are you going to do to me?”

The thing answered me in a voice that came out husky, “I am the product created by the combined energies of all your past fantasies. Every time you imagined anything regarding sex and anytime you masturbated, I was given more power; until I was finally able to materialize.”

“I created you….?” I asked in a shaky voice. I was confused and didn’t know what was going on? Where was my Mom? I lived alone with my Mom because I didn’t have any siblings and my dad had walked out on us. Yet, I also knew some things which made a lot of sense now.

“Your mom cannot help you. I already had her and she was rather enjoyable but you are going to be so much better. Your mom lasted for a good while and I used a great amount of energy on her; however, you are going to receive even more than she did.” The creature told me with a wicked laugh before it added, “…Or should I say it in other words? I can’t wait to get a hold of your sweet, virgin pussy.”

My face turned bright red. How did it know I was a virgin? I still had my shorts and panties on. It was something that nobody else knew for sure. Sure there were rumors at school but I was the type of girl that was smart and kept to myself. Most people simply gossiped about me being a virgin but couldn’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was.

“I am not a human like you are Jessica,” The creature told me but how did it know my name? It continued to speak, “I am a part of you. I am your fantasies and a part of your mind; therefore, I know everything about you.”

The creature’s hands continued over my body as it spoke. One of it’s hands was now parting my legs and sliding, palm first over my warmly smooth skin that was already aflame with desire.

“Please…” I pleaded with it.

The creature moved his hands up to my head and ran it’s fingers through my bleach blounde hair as he answered me, “Please what?”

I shivered at the way the creature was looking at me now and managed to find my voice enough to answer more strongly, “Please don’t do this to me.”

The creature actually stopped touching me. I was surprised. Then it spoke again, “Are you sure? Very well and I shall leave now then.”

That was when I shook my head and my face flushed with another blush that said it all. The creature let out another one of those sinister laughs as he returned his hands to my body and answered me upon my reaction, “That is what I thought. You don’t really want me to stop.”

It was true. I would have gotten on the ground and begged him not to go if he had attempted to leave. My body was just too turned on and the panties inside my shorts were soaked. The creature proceed by tugging off my shorts after having unbuttoned and unzipped them. I was left in only my red lingerie. It was starting to finally dawn on me. This creature was about to be my first. It was about to have my sexy, seventeen year old virgin body. I knew that it was more than likely that I would enjoy this but the creature also was likely to enjoy getting me.

“Look here my sweet, blue eyed angel. You already are so wet and ready to be fucked but I want for you to tell beg me using a little sweet voice for it.” The creature then told me as he leaned more on top of me.

“I do want you and I want you to fuck me.” I told him in a voice I hoped was good enough.

“That is my girl.” He told me and brushes his hand against my cheek. I soon felt something against my leg and let my fingers wrap around it. I discovered that it was the creature’s long and hard cock. I was stunned at how large it was and a bit fearful that it would be too big for me. The creature was rubbing the cock into my hand before removing my hand so that it could move it right up against my panties.

I was wearing string bikini style panties; therefore, the creature yanked both the strings loose. He left the delicate and silky cloth over my pussy while his hands pulled my bra free. Once he had it free, he slid his hand down but kept a grip on the bra and slipped it along with my panties off my body. I was blushing again. The creature now had my young, naked virgin figure at his command. He could do whatever he wanted to do to me. I wouldn’t stop him. The creature moved forward and places the tip of his hard cock against my wet, warm pussy. The hardened cock inched onward until I felt myself open and him slide in. If the feeling of his touches on the outside of my body weren’t enough to drive me crazy, the feeling of him inside of me would but I managed to keep my insanity. I was screaming by now in pure pleasure. I felt a brief moment of pain before my pussy began to expand and adjust to his size. I extended my hands flat against the headboard of my bed while he rocked me back and forth with every thrust. This continued for a while and I lost track of the time. It could have been minutes or hours. The only thing I did know was that the creature’s movements were taking effect upon my body. I felt myself cum several times but the creature didn’t stop even after it too had cum again and again into me. I literally was being fucked senseless and each time I came it took more energy out of me. I was soon sore and my body could not take it anymore. The world around me went dim and I finally passed out.

Sometime later I woke up and the creature was gone. I dressed and went to check on my mind. I didn’t find her in her bedroom or the living room. She was in the kitchen making dinner. She turned to me when I walked in and smiled as she spoke to me, “Hey, sweetie, How are you.”

I was a bit caught off guard. I told her that I was ok. She then turned back to the stove and explained that something strange had happened to her. She told me how she had fallen asleep and had this weird dream of this creature which did naughty things to her. She actually giggled about it and said it was some dream. I stared back at her because I was shocked. The memory of what happened to me was still fresh in my mind, It was too real because my body was still weak and I could still feel the creature’s touch. I sat down in the chair at the table and decided to skip any more talk about her dream. I just knew one thing. I had to make sure to not have any more fantasies or the creature might come back. I just didn’t know how that would work for me? I guess I was just going to have to find out.

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