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The defiling of a Gorgon 2/2

Rand takes control back and shows her what humans are made of.

He backhanded her on the cheek, hard. To vindicate his lackeys or just by plain stupidity he didn't know. But the latter was more likely.

It rang through many layers of silence, only to end in the agonizing stillness of bodies. The first body belonged to a man who nurtured trifling hopes of surviving but still, grinned.

The other body, far more elegant and exquisite, it belonged to an individual who should not be but was. This one's emotions were far more complex. Surprised and pleased, furious but aroused.

It hit harder than what meant. His knuckles throbbed but her face was a far terrible sight. Her cheeks were flushed crimson red and her lips bloodied. He had seen beaten wives and had beaten his share of girlfriends when too drunk to think and always regretted it. They always left afterwards. I’m not letting this one go.

"It seems I was right to give..." Rand did not need counselling or petting. Not now, he knew what to do, how to please her while getting his revenge. Everything was in the momentum. Do not pause.

Before she finished, he grabbed her by the snakes and pulled her face close to his so could read her irises, see every crevasse and lines. They were shining now, like volcanoes ready to spew. And drive them to gush was his goal. The authoritarian air turned melted into a submissive one. And Rand had to admit a fondness to it, not at all like being in command of lackeys. He felt no responsibility for her well-being, he would defile at will.

"Do. Not. Speak. Unless I tell you." His voice full of authority and scorn.

"Very..." She started tentatively pulling her head back. And in one quick and powerful swing, he brought her head to the ground, hard.

"Have you something else to add? Try me." She motioned a No with her head. Tears forming in the corner of her eyes, all residue of overconfidence gone in a blink.

"Fantastic. You do learn fast." He brought her head back up rewarding it with a kiss - no mere embrace, but a wet flapping of lips. She resisted with lips pressed firm at the beginning but opened to it as her chin got covered in saliva. Tongue fondling tongue he explored her mouth in circular motions, both adding spit into the dance who grew into a looser pattern. A cleansing of walls and scrubbing of teeth. Saliva dripping from red swollen lips. Sanskrit couldn't but whimper at her fantasy of Zeus invading her mouth, reaching deep into her throat as if he were wielding a tentacle instead of a tongue. Without breath but she dared not challenge his iron grip. Eyes, mouth and muff dripping with wetness. She couldn't take it anymore.

"Daddy please..." She gurgled.

"You dare defy me again? You are clearly enjoying this." This hussy sure fancies hard stuff. God, this role-play liberating!

"Oh yes. Please, discipline me." The Gorgon pleaded while continuously rubbing her legs together in a restless manner.

"Get on all fours. Knees, elbows and face on the ground. And if I catch you move even one inch you will regret it severely, I promise you that."

He took his time circling her. Pulling her legs apart with his foot which made her whimper softly. Slow steps as he admired her flawless curves, only stopping when her ass faced his fully erect pecker again. He kneeled behind her and teased his pink head against her swollen moist pussy.

"How bad do you want it? Shall I impregnate you with demi-gods? How lovely would that be? Eh, Reptile harlot. Answer me!" She did so, in a pleading tone.

"I want it hard... please fill me with your essence. Take this damned immortality out of me. Fuck me hard on every step to Olympus, make me ache till I can't feel it no more."

"Oh no, that would be too pleasant, wouldn't it?"

She moaned at that, rocking her ass impatiently. Good. He levelled up slightly his hips, facing her pink butt-hole. A pale crater in the middle of a flushed red ass.

"This is how you'll get it." And he thrust hard. In one abrupt, remorseless assault, all the way in. So quick that he found no resistance. The surprised squeal echoed like a brief glance at infinity trough his body. He truly felt powerful and complete at that moment. All good things are short-lived, though.

Her ass tightened at once, compressing his cock out of it. But he wouldn't take no for an answer. Not after seeing Sanskrit weak and eager to please. Taking her ass-cheeks in his hands he pulled back and thrust a second time, harder, and this time forcing his way inside and camping there. She howled for what seemed ages and when she stopped to catch her breath he started fucking her. The Gorgon tried squealing but it sounded more like pants to him. Which reminded him of that time when he caught Geralt shagging the watchdog. They had to put him down afterwards since a limping dog was no good. His cock throbbed causing him to slow down so as to not cum.

"Khan. Khan. Oh, punish, khan me, hum harder." Guess a God should grant wishes, the pleasurable ones at least. Grabbing and lifting her right left, he tried to set it on his shoulder but the far he lifted it the more she moved uncontrollably. One hard slap on her bum settled the jerks.

Finally, he got her leg up on his shoulder, causing her to lose balance with every thrust. But, what made her skirt viciously were the slaps. Spanking her every time she seemed to lose footing with her left leg. On the fourth she lost control, trembling viciously and wetting the floor around her.

Shit! No better than my old Rottweiler this one. Good thing he'd already came twice today, otherwise, he’d be just as done.

After the torrent calmed down her limbs buckled up, she tried to heave herself only to fall again. He had no choice but to lay down, in turn, rolling the flushed body over him.

"Come my little naughty daughter. Here now, aren't you settled well?" She was surprisingly light considering her tall stature, covering him like a big winter blanket. And just as warm too. She lay slumped over him, head down on his chest, gasping over his nipples hot breath turning them hard.

"I'm not satisfied yet, conscious or not I'm coming inside you. You'll taste my destructive cum." She'll breed me plenty of demi-gods after this and I'll... oh, right, I'm not a god.

"I will ravage your pussy like lightning!" Can act like one, though.

"Oh yes cum inside me Daddy, fuck me relentlessly. Please promise you'll keep me with you. Please, Daddy Zeus." He dared not speak or she would hear the emotion in his voice. Nobody talked to him like this, especially not the drunk girls he usually had sex with.

"Oh, God. Oh, God. No. Please no. Go slow..." She implored as he dived deeper. Sensible now, are we? Placing three fingers in her mouth and one in her ass he hammered upwards like never before, becoming deft to her cries nor could he feel the nails digging into his skin. All that mattered was making that throbbing pussy cum again.

"KhuuuuuuiiinI'll come. It hurts and feels so good." She managed to say despite the mouthful of fingers.

"Oh yes. Be a good daughter and let's cum together." he-couldn't hold it off anymore, his cock was about to explode. He grinned in anticipation.

"Oh yes, Daddy I'm...Glurgh."

A vivid red liquid bubbled down her mouth, curving down her chin and dropped on his chest. Blood. He only now noticed the tip of a sword showing between her breasts. She dropped to the side and his cock did the same as he saw the figure standing behind her. That horrible face accompanied by the sweet voice it wielded, like a constant poking to one's sanity.

"Ah, sorry boss dozed off, you alright? Bitch had you on the floor. Good thing she was distracted, eh?" Grin splitting his face in two. What the fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! Geralt's grin slowly faltered and turned to an awkward smile as he got no response.

"She has nice feet, though. It'd be a shame to leave them here, and since we're taking her head with us...."

"I hate you Geralt, are you aware of that? You dumb illiterate shit faced rat whore." He did seem oblivious to the insults as he shrugged, cleaning his blade on the lying corpse.

"Reckon I've been called worse. There was a wench back in Shic'vtach, who called me a child-brained brute with a Lama's tongue for a cock..." He seemed to hesitate. "And more besides. Can't remember half of it, though." He said with a regretful sigh.

"Of fucking pardon me if I brought bad memories. It was not in my fucking intentions." He spat trough-gritted teeth. All the acidity proved to be harmless, Geralt being sarcasm-proof and all.

"Oh it happens sometimes boss, some limbs chopping will get my spirits up in no time."

"Geralt, this time we won’t be recruiting in the fecking alley. I’ll do so at an inn, so as to stay away from idiots like you." His mood seemed to go up at that, so he added. "And women with ugly feet only."



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