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The Demon Eloc - Part4

The Demon Eloc - Part4

Eve finally gets the answers she has been seeking.

There were only a few things scheduled for the morning and none interested me very much, so I decided I would take one last look around for Lina, and make some more inquiries about Eloc. I was told for a fact he was there and had been at some of the events I attended. As for Lina, I still wasn’t sure she was here, but I knew what I had seen. She had looked directly at me and smiled and then it wasn’t her, even though she had never been out of my sight even for a second.

I started aat one end of the land and walked back and forth. When lunch time was about to start, I got to the dining area early and stayed until everyone had gone, just in case Eloc came early or late. I saw a few with the white streak he was said to have, or a colored streak in the same spot, but none of them fit the rest of the description, even vaguely. As I wandered around, I saw no letup to the open sex going on. There were several same sex pairs, other three and foursomes with varied mixes of males and females, as well as hetero couplings.

There was one quite large orgy going on in the main tent.  I looked around for the last girl I needed to have sex with, and was informed she had left midday on Saturday when it had just gotten too much for her. I was actually relieved when I heard that, as so far today, I had not gotten aroused nor had my breasts become engorged. I was hoping it would stay that way even if it meant I needed to abstain from sex the rest of the day.

In the afternoon, there was another ceremony and attendance was pretty much mandatory. I went and found a quiet corner way in the back hoping I would be more or less invisible. No such luck. The ritual ended up essentially in one huge daisy chain with women fucking or sucking other women, men sucking and fucking women’s pussies or asses, women pegging men, men fucking or sucking men and every other combination you could think of. No one was left out including me. I ended up licking a woman’s clit and pussy and finger fucking her while I was fucked by a guy doggie style.

That was about as safe as I could get, and hoped I would make it through that without becoming over aroused. But, when that round was done, everyone was split up into smaller groups, and I was in a group with one other woman and three men. One man lay on the mat and I sat on top of him with his dick in my pussy. A second man came up behind me and entered my pussy as well. I could feel my arousal rising already as they started double fucking my pussy. The other woman straddled the head of the guy lying down and he began licking her clit and finger fucking her pussy and ass.

The third guy stepped in front of her and began fucking her mouth. After shooting his load over her face, he moved up behind me, straddling my body and pushed into my ass. He bent over me and grabbed my breasts which were beginning to swell. He rolled my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, and I could feel them harden under his touch. The feeling of fullness inside me and the pressure on my nipples was arousing me, and I knew it would not be long before I hit the point of no return.

I was moaning loudly as was the other girl. Her body was already beginning to tense. I reached forward with one hand and added a finger to her ass, moving in and out with the guy.  I felt her throbbing as her entire body began to jerk and her screams of pleasure filled the tent. I suddenly felt a finger rubbing my clit and that pushed me over as I exploded. I could feel pulsing cocks shooting hot cum into my cunt and ass. The men all pulled out and I collapsed, rolling off to the side. I could feel cum spilling out of my orifices. After a few minutes, I got up and looked around. Other groups were breaking up and leaving so I did as well.

I headed to the showers to rinse off, then parked myself at the dining area again, waiting for supper and watching the crowd, and again seeing nothing. I hung around after the meal until everyone was gone, but still never saw either Lina or Eloc. I decided to take down my canopy and tidy up my campsite before closing ceremonies, which began at nine. That way, all I would have to do in the morning was load the canopy, chairs and cooler into the car and take off.

After I had the canopy collapsed and back in the bag, I sat down in one of my chairs and closed my eyes, just soaking in the sun. when I sensed a darkening and opened my eyes, shading them with my hand. It was hard to see, as the sun was directly behind her, but it was Lina! I jumped up and grabbed her, determined not to let her go. Once I stood up I checked to make sure it was really her. Before I could say a word, she spoke.

“Hello my darling Eve. I know you have been looking for me this weekend, and I have been avoiding you deliberately. You deserve an explanation, but I needed to wait until the right time. And even now is not quite the right time, but I can tell you, there is a reason you are here this weekend. And there is a reason for everything that has happened recently to you as well. But there is one more ceremony tonight you must complete. And people were worried you might just skip it or even leave. So I am here to ask you to come.”

“But… but.”

“I know you must have a million questions, but I think some of it will become clearer tonight. I won’t force you to attend, nor will anyone come and get you, you must attend of your own free will. And before you ask, whether you attend or not, there will not be reoccurrences of what happened to you this weekend, as well as what has been happening to you since we met, unless you choose to let them occur. I will not be in attendance, but Eloc will be, though he will still not reveal himself to you. You will meet him soon though and I promise you, I will answer all your questions when next we meet.”

“How can I believe you? WHY should I believe you? How do I know you won’t just disappear again? Why can’t you…”

“Look, I know I am asking you to trust me when you have absolutely no reason to do so. And in fact, I will disappear again, but this time not for long. I shouldn’t have even come to you now, but it was far too important for you to be there tonight for me not to have come here and talked to you and made sure you knew the importance of being there. I am not going to wait for an answer. The decision is yours and yours alone to make. Goodbye for now my love.”

Before I could say another word, she was walking away, directly into the sun. I shaded my eyes, but suddenly she just seemed to vanish. I sat back down and started thinking. I don’t know why, but a part of me believed her; however a big part of me still did not trust her. I thought about it for awhile and finally decided I would go. I needed answers and that might be the only way to get them.

The ceremony tonight was the only one over the whole weekend where clothing was actually required. Everyone was required to wear their ritual robe that was awarded to them as various levels were reached. I had packed mine as it had been on the list of items we were told to bring. I hung it out to let any wrinkles smooth out and sat back down in my chair. I drifted off to sleep, then awoke with a start. It was already dark, so it had to be sometime after eight. I looked around and there was no one in sight; no noise; no campfires; no light other than a full moon. I threw on the robe and hurried over to the tent. As I neared the tent, I could see everyone was standing around in a large circle and it was eerily quiet. I assumed the ritual had begun, so I figured I would just melt into the back of the crowd.

When I got close, though, a low hum began and then it turned into a chant. The crowd parted and I was guided forward; I could see a pentagram in the center of the crowd. The 5 initiates were each standing at a point of the star, which was flanked by two men and another woman. All eight were naked. As I was pushed forward the center, I felt my robe being removed. I was guided to a spot around the star and someone started reading from the Book of Shadows. I recognized this to be an initiation ceremony but could not understand why I was there.

I had not yet completed the requirements to become a First Degree, though I was close. The five women were obviously becoming Dedicants. I assumed the other three were one of the more advanced levels. The first person to be initiated was one of the women who had reached Third Degree. Once she was given her new robe, she proceeded to perform the ritual to welcome the two men to Second Degree. Next, the two men initiated me as a First Degree. And that left me to bring in the five new Dedicants. Once they had been given their ritual robes, the group broke up.

Lina had said things would become clearer, and I did understand there were nine of us in total. Initiation rituals were usually timed to do groups of three or multiples at a time. If all six women had made it, they would have had nine without me. If I had not come, at least two would have had to wait until another ceremony was done. so that explained part of why I had been selected. When I finally had a chance to check the time, I realized they must have held up the start for at least forty five minutes based on my estimation of the time I woke up. I wondered just how long they would have waited.

When I got back to my car, there was an envelope under the wiper. The letter inside was from Lina.


We are very glad you went to the ceremony. It was important that you were there and initiated into the First Degree. You are special and we have been watching you and guiding you for a long time. But this had to be a choice you made without influence. Your life will be different from this day forward, but in the best of ways.

Have a safe journey home, my love. You will  have all the answers you desire and deserve when see each other again soon.


I crawled into my car and fell into a deep sleep. I dreamt of my youth and people I knew back then. They were all jumbled in with people from my current life and people from this weekend. When I finally woke up, the sun was already high in the sky. I stretched and got out of the car. As I looked around, I could not believe what I saw.

Not a soul was around, not a tent or a car, not even the big tent where many ceremonies had taken place. There was not even a sign of a bonfire or one scrap of trash on the ground. The shower area, the johns and the food service and dining areas were all gone. I was standing all alone in the middle of the field.

A sudden cool wind blew across the field, which made me shiver and realize I was still naked. I grabbed some clothes from my car, quickly dressed, started my car and drove out of the grounds. It looked as though no one had been in the area for months. There were even weeds growing in the gravel road. I began to wonder if I was losing my mind and the whole weekend had been a massive delusion. But I had the new ritual robe that was not the same one I had packed and I had the letter from Lina. Those were real.

By the time I arrived at home, I had decided to just wait and see what would happen. If it was a delusion, I guessed I would find out soon enough. If it was real, I guessed I would find that out too. I threw a few things in the washer, then jumped into the shower. When I got out and was looking in the mirror, I realized I had a new tattoo on my shoulder; it was a small, but unmistakable pentagram. There was no redness or soreness a new tattoo would normally have. It was almost like it had been there for years, but I had never gotten a tattoo like that as far as I remembered. Just one more mystery...

Over the next couple of weeks, things seemed pretty normal. Work was going well, and I had even been given leadership on a large corporate project. It was the type of thing that could result in a big promotion if I did a good job. My sex drive had returned to normal, which was a relief. And Lina and Eloc were not constantly on my mind. Though I looked at events going on with the groups I belonged to, nothing caught my eye enough to attend except for a dinner with one group.  I had made several friends there and wanted to share the news with them about my job.

I found them in the normal private room when I arrived. Several people spotted me as I walked in and waved me over.  One that knew I had gone to the event and asked me about it. The rules about the event were pretty much what happens there, stays there, so I just said it was an interesting weekend and quite different than anything I had ever been to. When pressed for details, I just laughed and said they would have to attend the next one. I did mention that I had been initiated into First Degree and got a round of congratulations for that.

I changed the subject and told them about the new responsibility at work, and one of them jokingly asked if I had cast a spell over the bosses now that I was a First Degree. That got a big laugh, but it did make me wonder. Lina had said my life would change for the better and no sooner did I return, them I was handed this assignment. I knew there were others with more qualifications than me, and as far as I knew, upper management barely knew I existed. However I got it though, I intended to do the very best job with it that I could. and if the job was good enough and earned me a promotion, then I would consider it a promotion I earned.

When I got home, I noticed a strange car parked in front of my house. When I pulled into the driveway, the car door opened and Lina stepped out. She walked up to me and hugged me.

“Can I come inside? I have a lot to tell you.”

“Yes, you do. And this time, I’m not letting you go until you tell me everything, and I mean everything.”

We went inside and sat down. I poured us some wine and we got comfortable.

“Let me explain a couple of things about what has been happening to you.  The increased sex drive was needed to ensure you went to the event and to prepare you for what you experienced there. Part of that was the generation of your milk, which is special. It will be used for potions to help women who wish to get pregnant. And in fact, several of the women who attended that event are already with child.”

“Every male that attended was selected to be there for some attribute they possessed. For some it was physical, for some it was intellectual, and others had some artistic ability. Your body has absorbed the best of each of those men, and someday, when you have a child, that child will inherit those traits, along with the best of you and your spouse. Though many of the rituals were done specifically for you, every woman that attended will benefit as well. It will produce a whole new, stronger generation of our kind.”

“Our kind? I don’t understand.”

“I will get there darling Eve. Now, Lina is short for Paulina. That may not mean much now, but it will become clear to you soon. I have been following you, not literally, but keeping track of your life for many years and popping into it from time to time. You have a very strong mind, but I was able to give you a nudge here and there.”

“I still don’t understand. We just met a few months ago. How can you have nudged or done anything to influence me before that? And why?”

“We have met a few times over the last eight years and you have known me by different names and faces. When I say you have been nudged, I mean in the smallest of ways and never with any malice. A last minute opening in a class you needed, a thought planted to read a certain book, a favorable recommendation to a potential employer, a magazine left where you would find it.”

“What do you mean many names and faces? I would remember if we had met before. What are you talking about?”

“You asked why I would do these things. You are special, and I recognized that from the moment I first set eyes on you. You had an aura around you and it has grown stronger over the years. Your destiny was set the day you were born, and steps needed to be taken to ensure you ended up where you were meant to be. Before me, there were others that guided you. The tendencies, the instinctive inclinations were always inside you, but like many children, you had to be pointed in the right direction.”

“I’m still so confused. What is my ‘destiny’?”

“Ahhh.  Finally the right question. You are a chosen one, a special witch with special powers. I am a Sorcerer, or Sorceress if you wish and our destinies are entwined. The seed was set many ago, but it had to be left to grow on its own and you are now ready to know the truth.”

As I watched, Lina morphed before my very eyes and suddenly Jeremy was sitting in front of me. Then another transformation and it was now Paul sitting in front of me. I jumped back, but Paul reached out and stopped me. 

“Please don’t be frightened. I would never hurt you or do anything to cause you harm. Let me explain. My parents were Sorcerers and I was raised and trained as one myself. I was always told I would one day meet my mate and together we would be a powerful couple, capable of doing a great deal of good in this world. When we met in college, I knew instantly, you were that person. When you met my parents the first time, they knew it too.”

“But there was a problem; you weren’t ready yet. Your parents, or I should say your adoptive parents, did not know of your powers and so your training could not be overt. You were led to the Goth and Wiccan lifestyles as soon as could be done by others that watched you from birth. Long before we met, teachers, neighbors, the librarian in your hometown watched and guided you as much as they could.

 Even though you weren’t ready when we first met, I still wanted to marry you then and there. It took my parents a long time to convince me to let you go until you were ready or at least closer to it. They also helped guide you along the way, and even though I had “let you go”  I could not resist seeing you from time to time.”

“Wait. You’re Eloc, aren’t you? Paul Jeremy Cole… Paulina and Jeremy and Eloc.”

“Yes. Something else I couldn’t resist.”

We spent hours talking and ended up making love until it was light; at times he was Paul, and at times he became Lina. And I finally had the chance to reciprocate. He smiled when he saw the Pentagram tattoo, explaining I had gotten it to match the one he had when we were engaged.  When we split, it was hidden from sight and my memory of it erased until I was initiated as a First Degree.

It was like the last eight years had never happened. Paul and his parents guided the rest of my training. Once I knew my destiny, the training went quickly. I did well on the corporate project and was promoted, then promoted again a year later.

Turns out, that was all part of the plan as well. The company I worked for developed and made sustainable sources of energy, and I was responsible for convincing them to develop a cheap form of solar energy that could be easily set up in remote villages in third world countries, which vastly improved their lives. The same technology was put into place in rural areas in the states, and was in great demand all over the world.

We finally set a date for our wedding and a year after marrying, we were blessed with twins. They would know what their destiny would be from an early age.

The End…?



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