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The Door

A girl has a very spooky and erotic experience
Lucy had struggled to sleep as the wind and the rain battered against the glass. A window was open somewhere and she could hear the constant tap-tap of a door down the landing. Lucy’s was a large rambling house which was once an old school but along with the old barn had been converted in the 1980s.

She loved that her bedroom was in the back, where she could look out at the little orchard at the bottom of their huge garden. As a child she had been frightened of the shapes made by the old walnut tree, lit by the full moon outside her window. Now she loved it, her fertile imagination entertaining her on such nights as this.

The unfastened door was beginning to annoy her, so she crept out of bed and tiptoed down the landing, hoping not to wake her sister, who was a light sleeper. She passed her sister’s bedroom and came to an old door, at the end of the landing where there should have been just a wall. She knew her own house well enough. That door had no right being there, never mind be rattling against its hinge. Her hackles raised, she looked back into the gloominess of her own half-open bedroom door. Lucy paused and rubbed her eyes.

The door wasn’t like the varnish-stained ones of the others. It was a biscuit brown, with such defined grain and a heavy, worn look like she knew from the stately homes she visited with her family. With a shiver of expectation she turned the brass handle, which was covered in the scratches of two hundred years or more of use. As she stepped forwards into the blackness beyond she fell. She was immediately plunged into nothingness. She yelped with fear and then found herself falling through a void where there was no light and no sound, save for the beat of her own pulse in her head.

A few moments passed and Lucy’s initial fright was replaced by the realisation that she was in the middle of some bizarre dream. Except this wasn’t like any dream she had had before. There was no detached muzziness, no feeling of being a disembodied spectator. This was like real life. The colours and the smells of life impressed upon her in the same way as if she were awake.

Lucy wasn’t sure how long she had been falling. She expected to find herself in her bed staring at the ceiling. What actually happened was rather different. Feeling slightly dazed, she staggered and her eyesight was at first hazy and then as the focus came back, she found herself being spoken to by a girl in a long beige night dress. She knew it wasn’t her sister. This girl had long mousy hair like her own and her voice was wrong.

“What are you doing here! Are you the new girl?” Said the girl.

“Who are you? Why are you in my house? Asked Lucy.

“Your house? Come back to bed, Miss Haverstone will wale us if she finds us out here.”

Lucy was confused but didn’t have the courage to argue and assuming she was still trapped in her lucid dream, followed the girl into a large room, which was dimly lit by the moonlight. There were half a dozen beds arranged into two rows of three against the walls. There was someone asleep in each bed, except one, which had its sheets turned at one corner. A couple of the other residents roused from their slumber, woken by the noise of the two girls entering the dorm.

“What’s your name?” Asked the girl, not quite whispering.

“It’s Lucy.”

“I’m Jennifer. Who’s that and why aren‘t you wearing a proper sleeping shirt?” Asked Jennifer pointing to the picture of Garfield on her short cotton top.

“This is what I wear,” said Lucy. “And it‘s Garfield obviously“

Lucy was aware that the girl was about sixteen like herself, but that she was somehow different. She had a certain fragrance, which wasn’t like any soap she had ever known and her night shirt looked like something out of a period drama. It had an odd, lacy collar and pearlescent buttons to half way down.

“That’s your bed, but you can share with me tonight if you wish,” said Jennifer.

“Hmmm OK, thank you,” said Lucy feeling distinctly excited by the girl in her dream.

“I’ve just taken some chocolate from the scullery, it’s the new one by Fry’s!” Said Jennifer, as if it was the best thing since sliced bread.

“Lovely!” Said Lucy.

“I’ll give you some, but you’ll have to earn it,” said Jennifer.

“Earn it how?” Asked Lucy.

“Let me see under your night dress.” I’m the head girl and it’s my privilege.”

Lucy smiled. After all it was only a dream. She took the hem of her Garfield shirt and pulled it upwards gingerly. Jennifer licked her lips when she saw Lucy’s pert, full breasts and her juicy-looking nipples. Then she looked down and saw her neatly trimmed pubes. She gasped with surprise.

“Aaah what happened to your fur?!

“I like it like that,” said Lucy.

Jennifer licked her fingers and slipped the two longest ones between Lucy’s legs and in between her pussy lips. A shiver ran down the length of Lucy’s spine as Jennifer’s fingers dabbled against her moist labia.

Jennifer looked into Lucy’s eyes and as she did so she lifted her own night shirt and revealed her thick pubic hair. It was fine and wispy on her neat, pink labia. She took Lucy’s left hand and guided it towards her own pussy.

“Touch me while I touch you,” said Jennifer.

Lucy closed her eyes and felt the soft hair at first and then the warmth of Jennifer’s silky pussy lips. She too was wet and yielded beautifully to Lucy’s fingers as she sank them up to her knuckles.

“Hmmm that feels wonderful Lucy. You and I will get on, I’m sure.”

Lucy smiled and leant towards Jennifer. Their lips met and then parted as they exchanged a kiss. Both girls giggled as their lips parted. Jennifer fondled Lucy’s breasts with her free hand and then they kissed again. This time they remained locked in a deep embrace and now with both hands free they caressed each other’s breasts as they kissed. Lucy allowed her hands to explore Jennifer’s body through her shirt. Her legs were so smooth, her bum plump and curved like a swollen, ripe peach. Each girl kissed the other longingly. Jennifer began to undo the buttons on her shirt as they snogged. When she had reached the last button, which was about waist high, she stopped and let the garment flap open, revealing her wonderful breasts, which were remarkably pert with the puffiest areolas that Lucy had ever seen. Her first instincts were to suck them.

Jennifer let go with a soft moan as Lucy’s lips closed around her succulent nipples. Lucy felt Jennifer’s fingers running through her hair as she turned her attention to the other titty. For five minutes Lucy did nothing but suck on the other girl’s breasts. As she did so, she felt her body ache with sexual frustration. She had begun to masturbate when she went to bed, but then fell asleep before finishing the job.

“Will you lick me here?” Said Lucy pointing to her neatly trimmed pussy.”

“I certainly will!” Said Jennifer.

Jennifer leant back and then positioned herself on the bed, with her face between Lucy’s legs. Lucy gasped as she felt Jennifer’s tongue probe into her most intimate area. It was something she had obviously done before. Lucy began to have a wave of moreish sensations and tender feelings of satisfaction tingling inside her young body.

Her nipples were swollen and sensitive and as she squeezed them between finger and thumb, she heard a girl’s whisper to her left. From the corner of her eye, Lucy could see a girl with long, flaxen hair. Then she felt a hot breath on her neck, accompanied by two soft lips, planting kisses along her neck and down to her shoulder. Lucy had had some crazy dreams in her life, but none as real or as yummy as this one. She never wanted it to end.

As Jennifer munched noisily on her pussy, the second girl placed her hands on Lucy’s breasts and fondled them gently, teasing her nipples. She blew into Lucy’s ear and nibbled her lobes tenderly, sending waves of pleasure through her body, intensifying the already amazing experience that Jennifer was giving her. The feelings were growing stronger and stronger; her moans becoming louder and louder until she couldn’t hold on any more. Her body began to tremble with ecstasy, her stomach trembling and her pussy racked with spasm. Lucy let out a long scream of pleasure, which would have woken the whole building. She gathered up the sheets in one hand and pulled them as she submitted to her pleasure.

Suddenly she woke with a jerk and lay panting - her heart pounding as she came back to Earth. Beads of perspiration were rolling down her face and her Garfield nightshirt was dotted with moisture. As Lucy began to recover from the craziest night of her life, she turned over and it was then that she felt something cold and hard touch her hand. She froze, knowing that nothing that she took to bed with her matched the particular texture of that along which her index finger was sliding. It felt like a tin, hinged at one side, with a rim along the other three sides. She reached over to turn on her bedside lamp and there on her bed was a tin, painted red, a little dented and worn with age. On the top in white writing were the words ‘Fry’s Chocolate.’

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