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The Dreamcatcher

A young woman finds herself in the midst of a nightmarish encounter with a sexy stranger.

Go to the house at the top of the street. Enter the house.
(May 21, 2012 10:03 P.M.)

Slowly advancing up the tree-lined hill, she glanced up from her lit phone screen to see the dark house towering over a neat lawn. The sky was a dead blue and every shape cast a black shadow on the dusty path. Beneath her shoes, the gravel path crunched and ground into the earth; every footstep echoed into the dark forest.

"Is he in the house?" she contemplated. Probably not. There were no visible vehicles parked on the lawn or in the area surrounding the house, as she approached the lawn - now roughly ten ft. away from the edge of the property. This was a relief. Wait - she noticed a faintly glowing light in the top corner window. It glowed soft and gentle like a single candle. After making this observation, his presence stayed with her for the rest of the visit.

Silently, she tried to make it up the three wooden steps to the porch without causing the wood to creak, taking quick steps. Even the slightest step was audible in the humid night air. For a moment she thought about taking her shoes off completely and continuing barefoot. She did, arranging her shoes beside the rail post at the top of the steps.

(May 21, 2012 10:09 P.M.)

Damn it.
 Now the fear was beginning to rise in her chest and it filled her lungs with an invisible weight. She was told very specifically not to be late tonight. This being her first time to this strange house, with this stranger, she had no idea what to expect. With her palm against the splintering wood of the front door, and her other hand around the doorknob, she waited for what felt like several minutes before turning the knob and pushing hard against the aging door's surface.


His eyes were fixed to her as she meekly entered the room. Sitting in a chair, leaning against the wall, he had been awaiting her arrival.


As he inhaled, he could taste her scent and the fear inside her. Her heartbeat was hard enough to hear in the silent room; he could see her heart beating its way out of her chest as well. Yet, he continued to stare at her, first her bare legs, then her clothed upper half - her body almost shaking with anxiety - then straight into her round, glistening eyes.

Before speaking a word, he lifted a finger and curled it toward himself. One simple motion dragged her body slowly across the wooden floor and stopped her a ft. away from him.

His eyes rose to meet hers.

"Darling...I can taste you from across the room" he explained to her. "I can taste you from down the road."

She swallowed hard and began to sweat icicles.

Now his hands were snaking around her waist, sliding up and down her narrow body.

"How does that make you feel...?"

His hands continued up her sides, sweeping upwards across her breasts. Speak to me.

His words rang clearly in her head, even though his lips were not moving. He watched her face as panic flooded throughout her. He watched as her eyes grew and her eyebrows jumped in terror. He felt every fiber of her being try to turn and leave - but remain with him at the same time.

She was petrified.

Voiceless and motionless, she stood there, paralyzed. He stood now, too, moving behind her, tasting her scent and inhaling the sweet feminine perfume of her hair. His left hand slid under her frozen arm, caressing her hip and sliding up to cradle her left breast. The other palm slid leisurely down her back, resting against her ass. His desire for her was so great and perverse now that his tall body was pressed against hers, his hard on prodding her back. He then removed himself from her space and looked her in the eyes.

Will you cooperate with me, my love?

As terrifying as she found this unnatural experience, she could not deny that this stranger was devastatingly handsome and sexually enticing. The fearful look in her eyes gave way to submission, indicating that she would cooperate.

I am going to fuck you... Harder than you have ever been taken before. This is why you must be silent, love...

He saw conflict overcome her face and could feel the effect his words had on her - a mixture of overwhelming sexual lust and absolute terror. He carried her in his arms to a bed in the room across the hall; this room was candle-less and completely dark, aside from the little moonlight that was filtering in through a single window. Her body was laid flat on the bedcovers, still paralyzed.

She watched lustfully as he undressed before her, removing his belt slowly. Carefully, he unbuttoned his black shirt and unzipped his slacks. He stepped out of his shoes as he slid his pants down around his ankles, leaving one last thin layer of clothing between himself and his victim. With one hand, he reached out towards her, as if to take her hand - then tore the clothing off of her body with a single motion. In the blue moonlight, she laid vulnerable and naked on the bed, arms at her side with her legs closed. He felt her body telepathically, sweeping across her smooth curves, her stiff nipples and the warm, damp center between her legs.


Thump, thump, thump.

He went at her harder and faster, shaking the entire bed, causing the posts to slap against the wall. His teeth were clenched and he held her tightly as he ravaged her body. One hand was wrapped around her neck, with his fingers pressed against her throat, the other arm wrapped around the underside of her body, his hand squeezing her breast. He took her from behind, slamming his long erection into her pussy, burying it deeper and deeper inside of her. With each thrust he grunted and groaned, slapping against her in time with the bed frame against the wall.

Inside, she was screaming through tears, begging him for more.

After an hour of being fucked, she finally felt him jolt to a stop and empty his cum into her weak body. He came for several minutes before withdrawing from her, and let her lay on the bed for a while before touching her again. Her body was sore as hell from what he had done to her - he knew this - so he kissed her softly all over her body before cradling her in his arms.

Thank you, sweetheart. I needed that.. I needed you.

She closed her eyes one last time that evening, letting the darkness flood her vision.


The sunlight woke her in her bedroom the next morning...

What the fuck...

 "What a nightmare" she thought. "Thank God that was just a dream..."

Buzz *Buzz*

Her phone vibrated. She searched blindly for her phone in her covers. Opened the phone.

Thank you for last night, darling. I can't wait to have you again...
(May 22, 2012 09:11 A.M.)

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