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The Familiar

Lucy and Elizabeth explore their sexuality when they come across a unique summoning spell.
Lucy nervously paced in front of the triangular window, the harsh white light infiltrating the gloom of her bedroom. She cast her green eyes down into the front garden: a mess of unkept lawn with grass that grew as high as her waist and streaks of gravel that sort of resembled a path if you squinted. She had a good vantage point; her bedroom was the highest room in the house. Most people would call it an attic and wouldn’t like to spend their time in such a dim room, but Lucy wasn’t most people.

Unlike most people, Lucy was a witch. Not a horrible, old, wrinkly witch; but a young witch with unblemished skin and long, dark hair braided loosely to one side. Around her was nineteen years’ worth of possessions that she had collected: stacks of rolled parchments with ink blotted pages, boxes of glass bottles with baked on dirt and even a tank which housed two large bull frogs. A large ornate four-poster bed dominated the centre of the room, with light pink drapes hanging off the canopy.

Life was good. Although Lucy still lived with her parents, she had at least finished her studies the previous year. That was the weird thing about being a witch; you had to go to school with the humans. Her mother once told her that it was because “you can’t simply make a living being a witch.”

Lucy returned to the window and smiled. Walking through the flared iron gate was a flurry of black satin: Elizabeth. There weren’t many witches in the world and were often spread out, so Lucy was lucky that there was at least one other witch her age in the area. It was inevitable that they would become friends. The two witches had known each other since they were little because their parents were friends – being the only two couples within a radius of almost half the country. Lucy and Elizabeth had gone to the same school, had been taught potions and spells together on drizzly afternoons and often slept over at each other’s houses. The latter was why Elizabeth was skipping up the front path now, her black blouse ruffling in the placid wind. Behind her was the lime green mass of straightened hair that came down to her waist, almost like a cloak around her shoulders.

Lucy rushed down from the third floor to greet her friend at the door, her fingers running over the polished wood of the banister. She bolted across the black slate and unlocked the old-fashioned bolt lock. The heavy oak door swung open.

‘Hey! Waddup, Luce?’ Elizabeth said, leaning against one side of the doorframe, arms crossed and with a queer smirk on her lips.

‘It’s good to see you,’ Lucy replied with a grin, ushering Elizabeth inside.

‘Yeah, I’ve missed that little arse of yours.’

Lucy rolled her eyes and closed the door behind them. Elizabeth had been there so often, that it was almost like a second home. She was dressed in the usual witch attire: a black silk blouse, a black skirt that came down just above her knees and a pair of black stockings, worn traditionally as high as her thighs. Elizabeth climbed the creaky stairs and led the way to Lucy’s room.

‘I found an interesting spell yesterday,’ Elizabeth said, speaking between breaths.

‘Please do tell me more, Master,’ Lucy replied sarcastically.

‘It was buried in a stack of old parchment. Just wait a bit longer and I’ll fill you in.’

The duo finally reached the top floor and entered Lucy’s bedroom. Elizabeth collapsed onto Lucy’s bed and made herself comfortable.

‘Take a look at this,’ she said, unfurling a sheet of curled parchment.

Lucy looked at the spell scrawled upon the page. At the top were the words Spell for Humanoid Familiar. As she studied the spell her brow creased, her delicate lips pressed into a thin line.

‘Aren’t familiars supposed to be animals?’ Lucy inquired after reading the spell.

‘Quite often, yes. Remember that lesson we had last year about summoning familiars? They are usually summoned as a magical aid; like your Dad’s python familiar. Animals are used because they are discreet; humans rarely pay any attention to them. However what they didn’t tell us is that a familiar can take on any form you wish.’

‘So this is a spell for summoning a familiar that looks like a human?’

Elizabeth grinned. ‘And the best part is that it’s ours to command. We can make it do whatever we want it to.’

Lucy wondered if Elizabeth was planning something similar to what they did last time she spent the night.


It was two months previous. Elizabeth and Lucy had spent most of the night brewing potions that Elizabeth had sourced from her mother’s notes. The brew was a bubble-gum pick colour which let off clouds of sparkling white cloud which spilled out of the pot and sunk to the floor, covering it in a heavy mist. Elizabeth kept sticking her head into the fumes and succumbed to fits of giggling.

After insisting several times, Elizabeth persuaded Lucy to join her in inhaling the fumes coming off the pot. Lucy began to feel light-headed and a little woozy. After several more deep breaths of the intoxicating cloud, she and Elizabeth decided to empty the brew out the window and call it a night.

Lucy and Elizabeth both began to get ready for bed, stripping off their clothes that still stank of the sweet perfume of the potion they had brewed. Lucy was usually quite conservative, but the potion was affecting her thoughts. She peeled her underwear off, relishing the feeling of the gentle breeze coming through the window and tickling her naked body. Her senses were heightened by the fumes; her vagina began to tingle and her nipples stiffened.

Both witches, driven by the potion, hopped into Lucy’s bed together with nothing on their bodies. Lucy thought, in her intoxicated state, that Elizabeth looked very attractive; bathed in the moonlight that reflected off the cloud that still lingered in the floor.

Lucy closed her eyes and listened to her friend’s steady breathing. That’s when she felt it. A hand gently caressing her stomach; the touch ever so slight that she could almost be imagining it. Lucy gasped as the feeling moved up her stomach towards her chest. A hand glided over her small breasts and tweaked her little nipples.

‘Do you like it?’ whispered Elizabeth in a voice like honey.

‘Yes,’ Lucy sighed. ‘It feels so good.’

Lucy felt a second hand gently scratch her abdomen, slowly moving towards her pussy. She bit her lip and instinctively parted her legs, allowing Elizabeth’s hand access to her most private region.

‘Ah!’ Lucy gasped as Elizabeth slipped two fingers into her slippery pussy.

‘Shh,’ Elizabeth crooned. ‘I’m going to make you feel good.’

Lucy moaned a reply and sank into bliss as her friend fucked her pussy with her fingers. It was a good night; Lucy relished the memory. She and Elizabeth had played with each other all night, even after the effects of the potion wore off.


Lucy removed those memories from her head and focused on the present. Elizabeth got off Lucy’s bed and stood up, unfurling the parchment with the summoning spell on it. She began to recite the spell.

“Bones of ash and flesh of dust,
Create a man who’s fuelled by lust.
Make his cock big, long and thick,
Make him hairless, body spick.
I summon thee, human male,
Only to us shall you avail.”

A puff of smoke, the same colour as Elizabeth’s hair, materialised out of thin air. Once the smoke dissipated and Lucy had rubbed it from her eyes, she found a human standing in front of her without a thing on his body. The spell had worked perfectly; he was completely hairless. Lucy guessed that it was probably not what Elizabeth had imagined. 

‘Are you sure you wanted him completely hairless?’ she inquired, glancing subtly at the flesh dangling in between his legs.

‘Hm…’ Elizabeth pondered for a moment, her thumb and index finger wrapped around her chin. ‘Lucy, do you have anything we could rub into his scalp?’

‘Yeah…hang on a sec.’

Lucy approached an old oak desk covered with several chipped vials and jars filled with half used potions. She clumsily selected a foul-smelling brew and carried it across the room and tipped it onto the familiars scalp.

‘He’s awfully quiet,’ she noted, lathering the lotion into his head.

‘That’s because we haven’t commanded him to speak yet; he’s a familiar and is completely loyal.’

Lucy felt the familiar’s head warm up a couple of degrees. She flicked the potion off her hands and stepped back. A thick, black head of hair erupted from the familiar’s head. He was cringing slightly; the sensation of several thousand hairs travelling at abnormal speeds through his skin must have been very unpleasant. Elizabeth addressed him.

‘You may speak, familiar.’

‘I understand, Miss,’ he replied is a hesitant but confident voice.

‘Do you know why you’re here?’ Elizabeth teased.

‘Because you are my master, Miss Elizabeth, and have gracefully summoned me to do her bidding.’

Elizabeth laughed. ‘That’s right! Except you shall have another master: my best friend Lucy.’

Lucy took a sharp breath as the familiar’s gaze drifted towards her. There was a very strange emotion in his eyes. He looked neither glad and remorseful; emotionless and hollow.

‘H…Hello,’ Lucy said with a forced smile. ‘Nice to meet you.’

‘The pleasure is mine, Miss Lucy.’

‘Familiar!’ barked Elizabeth. ‘Come over here.’

‘Of course, Miss.’

Elizabeth smirked and gave Lucy a wink. ‘Let’s have some fun. Familiar, please remove my clothes.’

‘It would give me honour, Miss.’

Lucy gulped as Elizabeth had her clothes removed. It was quite entrancing; she kept direct eye contact with her the entire time. Lucy watched as the familiar professionally undid each button of her blouse and slid it off her milky shoulders. Elizabeth praised the familiar and prompted him to unclip her bra.

Lucy heard a faint click, swiftly followed by the muffled sound of Elizabeth’s bra falling to the floor. She couldn’t help but feel slightly envious; Elizabeth had breasts several sizes larger than her own pathetic mosquito-bites.

The familiar unclipped Elizabeth’s skirt and pulled it down her body, lifting her feet out of it gently. He then peeled her stockings off, which were a few inches short of her waist. Lucy wet her dry lips and focused on her breathing; Elizabeth was far prettier than herself. She had always felt self-conscious about her looks. Compared to her friend, Lucy’s body was similar to a balloon that someone had neglected to inflate. The familiar finished his job and pulled Elizabeth’s panties down her silky legs until she was finally naked.

‘Good job, familiar,’ she praised. ‘Now be a good boy and fold those articles neatly. Then you shall strip Lucy.’

‘Of course, Miss.’

‘Um…th-that’s not necessary,’ Lucy stuttered, her face flushed.

Elizabeth walked up behind her and wrapped her arms around her neck. Lucy could smell her perfume, a scent that smelled of lavender and soap.

‘Oh, come on, Luce,’ she whispered. ‘We’ll be having lots of fun.’

Lucy bit her lip as her friend grazed her earlobe. ‘I suppose I could…but I can undress myself!’

‘Of course you can, silly girl; but you won’t will you?’

Lucy shivered as Elizabeth stroked her hair. ‘I suppose I can, uh, make an exception?’

Elizabeth smiled and gave Lucy’s arse a little squeeze. ‘Good girl.’

It wasn’t the first time that Lucy had considered her friend was slightly patronising. Then again, one of the reasons she liked her so much was because she had a playful attitude.

‘Your clothes have been folded, Miss Elizabeth,’ the familiar announced. ‘Shall I undress Miss Lucy now?’

‘Do continue,’ Elizabeth confirmed with a nod of her head.

Lucy’s muscles seized up as the familiar approached her. She looked into his eyes, slightly fretful, as he began to unbutton her blouse. She trembled as the familiar slid the blouse over her shoulders.

‘Miss Lucy, please try and relax; it is difficult to remove your blouse when your arms are so stiff.’

‘Y-yes, I’ll try and relax,’ Lucy said with a hesitant smile.

‘Your arms won’t be the only stiff thing tonight,’ Elizabeth added with a smirk.

Lucy was pretty sure she heard herself let out a tiny ‘eep’ when she heard that. The familiar had removed her blouse and almost had her bra off.

‘Miss Lucy, I must insist you uncross your arms so I can remove your brassiere.’

Lucy sighed and uncrossed her arms; surrendering what little dignity she had tried to retain by covering her flat chest. She remembered when she was in high school at the annual swimming carnival. Upon seeing her in her swimsuit, a loud obnoxious classmate of hers had unkindly proclaimed that he “had bigger tits” than she did. What he didn’t know was that she could easily cast a spell and grow larger breasts; but she happened to detest magical body alterations.

‘Stupid mortal,’ Lucy spat under her breath.

Just as he had done with Elizabeth, the familiar methodically undressed Lucy from top to bottom. He unclipped her dress and removed it from her as she absently twirled a lock of loose hair around her index finger, feeling the cool touch of the air.

‘Those are cute,’ Elizabeth commented, noticing Lucy’s white panties with pink lace.

‘Shut up,’ Lucy shot back, somewhat more maliciously that she had intended. Elizabeth only smiled.

‘Please lift your feet, Miss,’ said the familiar.

Lucy was surprised to find that both her stockings were rolled down to her ankles, ready to be pulled off. She found this weird since she didn’t feel the familiar roll them off her thighs, not one bit. She considered that she might just have been distracted by Elizabeth.

Lucy lifted each of her feet a couple of inches off the ground one after the other and allowed the familiar to take off her long black stockings. She lifted her head up, flicking her hair to one side, and found herself looking into Elizabeth’s eyes. Lucy’s heart skipped a beat as she admired her friends pale complexion in the dim light. All the repressed arousal in her body seemed to form into a liquid; she could feel it trickling into her panties.

As soon as she noticed this, she felt the familiar pulling her underwear off her waist. She blushed and hoped he didn’t notice the wet stain on the fabric. If he did, he showed no sign of it. Lucy relished the feeling of the soft material sliding over her hips, down over her small arse and along her hairless legs.

Lucy felt embarrassed, her body on show in front of her best friend and a familiar who was summoned solely so that he could fulfil the sexual desires of two young and horribly inexperienced witches. He sat perched on Lucy’s bed, folding her clothes into a neat pile.

‘You really do have the cutest little body,’ mused Elizabeth, running her eyes over Lucy’s figure.

Lucy wished she would shut up; she was very self-conscious about her body. She knew her friend was only teasing; but it still hurt.

‘I wouldn’t worry too much about it,’ Elizabeth said, noting Lucy’s expression. ‘You know, some people even find your figure…arousing.’

‘Like who?’ Lucy asked, watching Elizabeth edge closer.

‘Oh I don’t know…me perhaps?’

Elizabeth stroked Lucy’s breast with a single finger, being careful not to touch her small, pink nipple.

‘You make me so horny,’ she whispered into Lucy’s ear. ‘I lie in bed, thinking about that time I fingered your tight little pussy. My panties get soaked just by thinking about your innocent little titties; I crave the feeling of my lips on yours.’

Lucy felt a wave of pleasure roll through her soul, her pussy dribbling down her leg. Elizabeth placed her hand below Lucy’s chin, lifting it and leaning in for a kiss. Lucy parted her lips, her heart racing; she wanted this. Their lips connected and they passionately, almost instinctively, moulded their mouths together. Their tongues intertwined and danced, saliva trickling out of the corners of their mouths.

Almost as quickly as it had begun, Elizabeth broke the kiss and addressed the familiar who was waiting patiently for his next command.

‘Familiar! Give Lucy’s pussy a good tongue-fucking!’

‘As you wish, Miss Elizabeth.’

Lucy’s expression couldn’t have been more similar to a deer caught in headlights.

‘N-no, I can’t,’ argued Lucy.

‘Yes you can; and if you don’t, I’ll hold you down until you comply,’ snickered Elizabeth, prodding her towards her bed.

Lucy gulped. She wanted to stay innocent and scurry off to put her clothes back on; yet there was a primal urge deep inside her telling her to walk to her bed and allow her pussy to be devoured. She gave in to her lustful desires and hesitantly climbed onto her bed, lying on her back and looking up at the canopy of fabric above her.

Lucy bit her lip as she watched the familiar clamber awkwardly into place, positioning himself in between her legs which she had shyly spread for him. She flinched as she saw him place his mouth tantalisingly close to her most private place before taking her labia in his mouth and licking it like an ice-cream.

‘Fuck!’ she gasped. The unexpected pleasure took her by surprise.

‘See? Not so bad, is it?’ Elizabeth said.

Lucy was surprised to find that Elizabeth was crouched beside her bed, watching the familiars gentle tongue-prodding with a gleam in her eye.

‘Yeah…you look so sexy when you’re getting fucked, Luce.’

Lucy moaned a reply as the familiar began thrusting his tongue into her depths. Elizabeth toyed with her nipples, rubbing and pinching them. Lucy’s eyes rolled back into her head; she let out a sigh. Elizabeth was kissing her breasts as if they were mouths, leaving trails of messy yet remarkably erotic saliva over her chest. There was so much going on around her and Lucy felt amazing.

‘I think Lucy would like to feel that hunk of meat you have, familiar,’ Elizabeth said between pleasuring Lucy’s breasts.

‘That’s a wonderful idea, Miss Elizabeth,’ said the familiar, his usual neutral face lit up with a wide grin.

Lucy thought that perhaps the familiar wasn’t as emotionless as she previously thought. Elizabeth did ‘create a man who’s fuelled by lust’ after all. The familiar removed his mouth from Lucy’s crotch, a faint moist ring around his lips. He wiped it off with the back of his hand and firmly, but gently, held her hips.

Elizabeth continued to suckle of Lucy’s nipples like an infant, alternating between both mounds. Lucy propped herself up with her arms and watched as the familiar stroked his throbbing cock, teasing it to its maximum size. Lucy closed her eyes briefly with a shudder; opening them to watch the familiars cock nudge against her labia. The familiar pushed the glistening, taught head of his cock into Lucy’s pussy.

She felt it push delicately into her depths.

She gasped as she felt his tool get wider as he thrust; her pussy stretching to accommodate him.

She moaned when she sensed his cock throbbing deep inside her in a place where the light of day, she knew, would never reach.

He began to glide smoothly in and out of her, using a magic wand of his own.

Lucy realised that if there was anything worth living for, it was the raw and ancient feeling of ecstasy. How she relished the feel of this man’s body; his weight on top of her, his throbbing cock buried inside her, his masculine hands grasping her hips as he passionately drove into her; their bodies becoming one. She was momentarily aware that she was moaning at the top of her lungs; and then she was lost once again to a world of bliss.

Lucy was unsure about how much time had passed when she felt Elizabeth stop playing with her nipples. A shadow was cast over Lucy’s face. Elizabeth was stooped over her, breasts swaying faintly and slightly flushed in the face. Lucy gasped as the familiar shoved particularly roughly into her.

‘I can’t let you have all the fun, you naughty girl,’ Elizabeth said.


‘You’re going to eat me right now, while getting fucked with that familiar’s wicked cock.’

‘Uh-huh,’ was all Lucy could manage between short dilated breaths.

Elizabeth got on top of Lucy and sat of her chest, her pussy positioned inches away from Lucy’s mouth. Elizabeth pushed her arms into the bed so that some of her weight was taken off Lucy’s chest; she didn’t want to crush her little body. She tucked a lock of green hair behind her ear and pressed her pussy up against her friend’s mouth.

Lucy could smell the faint aroma of lavender soap; Elizabeth had always been fond of lavender. Tentatively, she prodded her friend’s sweet smelling pussy with her tongue; unsure if what she was doing was correct. So she decided to mimic what the familiar had done; slowly running her lips over Elizabeth’s labia and shoving her tongue as far as she could into her soaking hole. Elizabeth let out a high pitched squeal as a pleasurable sensation tingled through her body; encouraging her to shove her crotch firmly up against Lucy’s face.

Lucy paused for a moment to let out a long, suppressed groan. Her pussy was well and truly stretched to the point where it wrapped around the familiars cock snugly, her frequently tight muscles now adapting and obliging. The familiar wasn’t being as gentle as he had been, an unfamiliar emotion fuelling him to slam his beating cock into the young witch’s body.

Lucy continued to fuck Elizabeth’s pussy, gliding her tongue over her slippery depths. She gasped as Elizabeth began to grind into her face, shoving her sensitive slit into Lucy’s mouth.

Elizabeth was in paradise. She could feel trickles of her cum dribbling out of her pussy before being lapped up by Lucy, who was spluttering by the sudden onset of the fluid. Elizabeth, not for the first time that night, smiled. She had teased Lucy out of her shell to the point where she would even allow her tight pussy to get fucked.

Elizabeth was pleased with herself. She thought this as her body convulsed and shivered, the tingling sensation in her pussy now spreading through her body. Knowing what was coming; she gripped the bed sheets tighter and tensed her muscles. Her body was being rocked by the movement of her friend beneath her, making the breasts she was so proud of ripple and slap rhythmically.

With one final sigh, Elizabeth let all her bottled up emotions out. Her climax spread through her entire body like an enjoyable pins-and-needles sensation. Her eyes gently closed as she exhaled, her heart rate slowing down. Reluctantly, she got off Lucy’s face, which was now slick with the product of her arousal. Elizabeth leaned over Lucy, her breasts dangling from her chest. She pushed her mouth against hers and gave her a long, passionate kiss.

‘I’ll step back and let you finish,’ Elizabeth murmured. ‘The familiar is almost spent anyway.’

Elizabeth took a step back from the bed and watched Lucy get pounded by the familiar, his thick cock plunging into her vulva and making sucking sounds. The green-haired witch stood there and gently toyed with her sensitive pussy. She noticed that the familiar was sweating a lot; something Lucy hadn’t seen because her mind was still drowned in pleasure.

The familiar didn’t have long. Elizabeth had failed to mention that the spell wore off and that the familiar would soon return to the dust from which he was born.

Lucy was on the brink of hyperventilating, her breaths short and shallow. She cried out each time the familiars cock was buried in her; the sound was pleasing to the ear. She felt like an animal; some deep desire within her craved a sensation. She wasn’t quite sure what it was she craved, but it wasn’t too long until she realised what it was: she needed to cum.

As soon as she had thought it, she felt her pussy begin to quiver and contract, constricting the familiars cock similar to how her father’s python kills its prey. Lucy swore as a heat swept throughout her pussy, spreading like an out-of-control fire to every nook of her body. She bucked her hips and threw her head into the bed violently, her climax manipulating her movements. Lucy’s mouth was forced open in a silent scream and her face was screwed up in unimaginable ecstasy.

The familiar forcefully took his cock out of Lucy’s writhing body, wet from her cum that had been lubricating his movements. In one swift movement he plunged his cock back into her pussy until he was as deep as he could go; earning an unimaginably loud squeal from Lucy. His cock pulsed and throbbed and finally shot strings of his masculine cum into Lucy’s girlish body.

Lucy moaned again as she felt the familiars cum splatter against her insides, painting her with the thick, gooey substance. The familiar took his slowly deflating cock out of her, her tight pussy milking the last of his cum from him. The two of them caught their breath and got off the bed, standing in front of Elizabeth. Lucy could feel the familiar’s cum oozing out of her pussy and trickling down her leg. She smiled shyly when she met Elizabeth’s gaze.

‘That was so incredibly sexy,’ Elizabeth said, catching a drip of cum from Lucy’s pussy and placing it on her tongue.

Lucy just smiled coyly and found an interesting spot on the floor to look at. She was back to her usual self. Elizabeth flashed the familiar a concerned glance. The skin on the back of his hands was dry, no longer lustrous and healthy. He gave his hair a slight tug and was unsurprised when several strands came out.

‘I guess this means my time is up,’ the familiar said, studying the hair he had pulled from his head with a gloomy expression. ‘Farewell Miss Lucy. Farewell Miss Elizabeth.’

The two witches watched as the familiar began to disintegrate. It wasn’t a horrible sight, much like a sand castle being washed away by the surf. A cloud of dust billowed up into a column, making it impossible to see whether or not the familiar still stood. Lucy and Elizabeth coughed and tried to not inhale the particles. When the dust cleared the witches opened their eyes. All that remained of the familiar was a small pile of dust.

Lucy walked over to her desk that was stacked with potion paraphernalia. She selected a large, empty beaker that had a chip out of the lip. Lucy gently swept the remains of the familiar into the beaker with her hands.

Elizabeth watched with curiosity as Lucy placed the beaker back on her desk with a smug look on her face. Lucy noticed her friends curious glance which somehow made her seem even more beautiful. Her long green hair framed her face and her breasts were still reddened from earlier.

‘Why did you keep that dust?’ Elizabeth asked.

‘I don’t know…sentimental reasons?’

‘Oh? What do you mean?’

Lucy smiled. ‘I just have a feeling that I’ll need that specific pile of dust when I’ve got some alone time.’

Elizabeth flashed one of her usual cynical smirks. She gave Lucy a kiss on her forehead, holding her shoulders as she did so. With a gleam of her white teeth she said:

‘Come on, Luce. Let’s get some sleep.’

If Lucy had seen her eyes then, she would have known that Elizabeth had no intention of sleeping.

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