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The Forest Nymph

An encounter with a nymph in a clearing gets interesting...
The Forest Nymph

The hunter paced silently through the forest, his bow held at a low ready. The sunlight that pierced the thick canopy was tinted a faint green, and a pale smoky mist collected around the forest floor.

The hunter stood a proud 6'4'', and was nude but for his quiver and a small animal skin bag. His powerful lean frame attested to his hunting prowess; his muscles stood like knotted ropes, earned by a lifetime of chasing his meals. He had lost count of his age; his kind did not grow old as humans, only growing stronger with the passage of time. His thick, heavy cock hung between his legs, its skin smooth and firm. His body held no shame, and he was seeking prey.

The ground was carpeted with undergrowth, and the enormous ancient trees stood well spaced apart, their trunks gnarled with age. The place had the feeling of a cathedral, with its high ceiling of green leaves help up by immense pillars. Somewhere close by a brook bubbled. There was little noise except insects and birds high above.

He continued on, totally focused on the task ahead. Apart from the occasional glimpses of deer in the hazy mist, there was little to get excited about. A cool breeze caressed his naked skin, reminding him of his powerful, masculine nudity. The stroking touch of the wind caused his genitals to twitch. Perhaps he would find a girl from the villages today. They would often stray farther than was safe into the woods, ignoring or perhaps inviting the dangers that lurked this far in. Their tight, unspoiled bodies and fresh, innocent faces made abstaining from masturbation worth it; he enjoyed the full feeling in his balls, as well as unloading a month or twos' worth of seed. They deliberately tried to find him; he was something of a local legend.

He eventually came upon a clearing, where the undergrowth intensified into a lush meadow. The air was filled with the heady perfume of nectar and pollen, as well as the faint buzzing of insects. It was a tiny microcosm of Utopia.

It was then that he heard a twig snap behind him, accompanied by a feminine gasp.

Whirling around, bow at the ready; he was not prepared for the sight that stood, shaking, before him.

Five paces from him, just before the tree line, stood a Nymph. She was stunningly beautiful, and he was immediately filled with a carnal hunger. Nymphs are normally skittish creatures, existing mainly in legends and embellished travelers stories. If you were lucky, they could be seen in places of natural wonder, like waterfalls, shallow caves or clearings. Either alone or in groups, they could be seen braiding flowers into each others hair, bathing in natural pools, simply standing among herds of deer and other scenes of classical beauty. They could disappear totally. They looked youthful, but were often hundreds of years old.

When they came into heat, their behaviour changed totally. They became extremely curious, and were drawn to campfires at night. They would pleasure themselves endlessly, filling the still forest air with orgiastic moans. If no males could be found, they would writhe against one another, grinding, biting, teasing and kissing. It was truly a sight to behold; their perfect bodies producing girlish sighs and giggles of shuddering delight. These courtship displays could last for hours, seeking a release from the thirst that their companion's bodies only seemed to heighten. 

The only nourishment Nymphs sort out was semen. The common folk told cautionary tales of young men being drawn into the forest and never seen again, devoured by the Sirens of the forest. In reality they would simply suck the young men dry, leaving them utterly exhausted and vulnerable to wolves and exposure.

A Nymphs bodily secretions were powerful aphrodisiacs, simply their pheromones brought the blood flowing. 

The Nymph that stood shivering before him was around 5'3''. She had long, dirty blond hair that tumbled down around her lower back and shoulders, some of which was pulled back into a rough pony tail. It was interwoven with leaves and small flowers, and small braids at her temples were wrapped around her head. Her high, defined cheekbones complimented her full, pouty lips. She ran her tongue over them, lightly chewing the lower. She stared at him with large, watery eyes. Glassy, dark orbs, fluttering as she fixed him with her piercing gaze. A pair of doe ears flickered in place of the normal equivalent; it was the only real indication that she was not human.

The fire in his lower abdomen began to stir.

A slender neck led to a toned, athletic frame. her body was flushed with her burning arousal. A subtle layer of puppy fat accentuated her feminine curves. It smoothed out all the right places, underlining her silky legs and hips. His eyes slid down her exquisite hourglass figure. Her skin was perfectly creamy and inviting. He wanted her. He was going to have her. Her breasts stood free, an easy handful with small perky, erect nipples. They rose and fell with her slow breathing. Her tiny, bald pussy stood as two perfect, puffy mounds. It looked utterly delicious. 

Her hand wandered down and began to circle her swollen clitoris. The other crept up her neck to her mouth, where she slowly began to suck on her index finger, taking it slowly in and out. She swirled her tongue in time to rubbing of her clit.

He took a step towards her, then another. He didn't want to scare her away.

They stood together, inches apart. He could hear her faint gasping as she drank in the sight of his nude body. She liked what she saw. He placed his hands on her hips, kneading her firm flesh. She was his now, firmly in his grasp. He was going to enjoy this. She took her hands away from herself, and began gently tracing down his abs, stroking his Adonis belt. Her fingertips traced a snaking pattern down his shaft, before grasping the underside, feeling the weight of his swelling cock. It was semi-erect, hanging down in her hand at its full length and girth, though not yet hard. She glanced up at him, biting her lip, hard.

"Fuck me."

The sultry voice rang loud in his head. He blinked, not quite believing what he was hearing. Her mouth stayed closed, her dirty thoughts were invading his mind, echoing in his skull. The juice from her fingers traced a silvery snail trail from his bellybutton to the tip of his cock.

"You're gonna have to do better than that," he said.

Now it was his turn. He slid his palms up from her waist, taking the opportunity to caress her fine, teen breasts. He ran his fingers along her throat, stroking her ears and shifting her hair behind them.

"On your knees," he commanded. He wasn't asking.

He pushed down on her shoulders until she was kneeling before him. The sight of his cock compared to her angelic face was indescribable. She blinked innocently up at him. Her hands cupped his heavy balls and the base of his penis, and she began to delicately kiss his entire length. He smirked that her fingers couldn't fully close around him.

"Will it fit? It's really thick."

He was about to answer, but was interrupted by her soft lips moving up to his tip, where they lingered for a moment. He groaned and ran his fingers through her hair as she swirled around his head. This teasing continued for a minute or two; she ran up and down, starting with his balls and moving slowly up.

His cock was throbbing. It had swollen to its full 8 inch length with 7 inch girth, its tip dark with blood. His veins pulsed. He hung to his inner reserves of endurance, knowing the best was yet to come. He took control.

Grasping her head, he began to push her down onto his dick. She swiveled her head, her lips stretching around his girth.

The warm, wet pressure on his cock was exquisite. She sucked on him, her cheeks drawn in, as though he was feeding her. She treated his cock as a teat. She took more and more of his length. He was appreciating her skills; she appeared to have no gag reflex. She swallowed his masculinity, taking it all into her throat. As she pushed down, she winked at him, her eyes maintaining eye contact. The tip of her tongue tickled his balls before sliding back. The swallowing and flexing of her throat sent waves of pleasure up his spine. She allowed him in, then sucked as he withdrew, building up a blissful, perfect rhythm. He shone with her saliva.

"I won't stop until you give it to me! I want to swallow your cum."

With that, she began to increase the speed of her bobbing. He tilted his head back, the borders of his vision growing white. She was really going for it. She was sliding her head down his whole length, sucking hard.

Just as he was about to explode, she withdrew, his cock popping out of her mouth.

"If you can catch me, you can have me..."

He stared in disbelief as his prize stood up and walked away with a swing of her hips. Her tight, firm looking ass was round, but remained in proportion with the rest of her body. It flowed naturally from her narrow waist, complete with perfect Dimples of Venus. The peachy globes stood slightly apart, revealing her delicate pink asshole and her soft, precious lips. The sight taunted him.

She scampered off into the trees. It was all he could do to shake the fog from his mind and follow her. He felt his wits returning to him as he pursued his quarry. She was everywhere and nowhere at once, forever disappearing out of sight behind trunks and foliage. He should have known. If there was one thing that Nymphs loved more than semen, it was being a massive cock-tease. If he let her get away, she would haunt him for hours, distracting him with her probing voice and fleeting glances.

For now she was content to stay just out of reach.

"What's wrong? I thought you wanted me? Don't you want my pussy? Can't run with that big hard cock can you?"

She dodged his grasping hands. The thick undergrowth dragged at his legs, all motions of stealth cast aside. She remained forever two steps ahead, matching his speed precisely.

Little did she know he was feigning fatigue. He was biding his time, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.

She turned, and in a moment he leapt forward, slipping his broad hands around her waist. She gasped at the feeling of his body pressing against hers.

He pulled her close, into his arms. His lips moved immediately to her neck and shoulders, enjoying the taste of her skin. Her eyes opened wide, and her mouth formed a cute “O" as his thick cock slid between her cheeks, pressed between them. She arched her back, grinding her ass into him as they kissed.

"That wasn't fair, you weren't supposed to catch me..."

He spun her around, pressing her body against his. She had straddled his penis, gripping it with her thighs. Now it was her turn to wander with her hands. She traced his chest, his obliques, his thighs with her fingertips. He could feel her mental presence in his head. She was trying to manipulate him. She gazed, probing into his mind, fluttering her eyelashes as she asked:

"So you'll fuck me then? Or will you let me go?"

He couldn't believe it; she really thought he would let her go.

"So you can give me the world's worst case of blue-balls? Fuck that," he said.

And with that, he took her hands in his, and lay down between her legs. He had a spectacular view as she looked down at him, a confused look on her face. It didn't last long.

He pulled her down onto her knees for a second time. She was straddling his broad chest, and he could feel her heat on his skin. He pulled her hips forward until she hovered above his face.
He could see her chest rising and falling as his kisses traced her inner thigh. The feeling of her skin was indescribable. He pulled her down further, his tongue running up and down just to the left of her pussy. It had parted slightly, and he could see the delicate pink inner labia glisten with wetness.

She braced her hands on his shoulders, and began to slowly grind. She was starting to simmer. A faint sight escaped her lips.

He broke the spell with a slow, broad lick of his tongue across the entire length of her vulva. He grabbed her ass as he spread her lips wide open. Her odorless sweat was intoxicating, but her yoni was something else. It had a bitter-sweet peachy taste. He drew his tongue in circles around her clit, teasing it out of its tiny hood. He kissed it, sucking lightly as he traced his tip over it. Her breathing was coming faster now. He suddenly stopped, giving one last lick before returning to kissing her thighs.

"Please don't stop!"

"I'm sorry, what was that?"

"Please," she sighed, "Lick my clit again!"

"I can't hear you!"

With that she groaned, grinding his face as her back arched. He went back to licking, taking his time to work her up. He wanted a rolling boil before it got interesting. He lazily flicked an S across her pussy, before returning to the relentless attack on her clit. He repeated this cycle twice more, edging her towards a cliff before pulling her back. She was wild now, bucking and shuddering as unreleased tension wracked her body. Her juices were running down her thighs. This erotic display inches from his face had his cock straining at the leash.

He shuffled out from underneath her, momentarily releasing her hips. Forever the tease, she immediately began to crawl away; she was deliberately slow, displaying herself. He reached out and grabbed her ankle, pulling her back slowly. 

He enjoyed the sight of her legs splayed apart as she was pulled towards him. Once she was close enough, he gripped her hair with one hand, pulling her head back. He guided his thick cock to her entrance, teasing her more with his head. He took a moment to drink in the delicious sight of her cat-like arched back, her ass raised, ready and eager for him. She turned to face him, biting her lip.

His heavy manhood lay between her cheeks. He squeezed her ass as she dropped her shoulders, digging her fingers into the leaf litter. He smells her. The scent of an excited woman. It's incredible. He shivers a little.

"Please be gentle...”

He pressed his head against her slick entrance, savoring the moment. He slowly began to push forward. He felt her hot, wet pussy stretching around his thick, throbbing shaft.

She gasped at the feeling of his first few inches, letting out a silent


His hips began to shift, back and forth, slowly working his way inside. He could feel her tight muscles contracting and relaxing as she let him inch into her. She panted a few more times, before emitting a long, quiet moan, her teeth clenched. He was almost in to his hilt.

And then he was. Her tight little rump pressed against him, forming a heavenly, shuddering vacuum around him.

He withdrew until just his head was inside, drawing a loud gasp from his toy. He returned, driving it home. He was trying to build up a rhythm. She was hot and tight, hotter than normal human body temperature. The sound of his hips slapping into her rump growing louder, she still pulled away from him slightly, keeping up the ruse of attempting to escape. He loved the feeling of dominance that pulling her back onto his cock gave him.

Back and forth, her lips pulling on him as he withdrew. She was milking him again, like before. Allowing him in, before contracting on the way out. A series of tiny whimpers escaped her lips as he began to thrust harder. He was ravaging her, almost too hard. His heavy balls swung under him as he felt his cock glide into her. It fitted him like a glove.

"It’s so bi - Oh! – big! How can it be so thick and har –Oh, Oh, nnngg.”

He rolled his eyes, as if he hadn't heard that one before. He interrupted her, thrusting hard. He reached forward, grabbing one her wrists, then the other. He twisted her arms behind her, pressing down as he fucked her harder.

"Yes! Harder! Fu - fuck m- please!" She begged, "Fill my pussy! UuuhhU!"

Her peachy ass jiggled as he slammed into it. He felt a tension rising in his balls. He couldn't last much longer.

He let go of her arms, and grabbed her thigh. He lifted it off the ground until her legs were almost parallel. As she "did the splits," he felt her inner muscles tighten around him. He let out a loud groan. This was perfect. She was squeaking loudly as her pussy was stretched. Her inner rhythm was disrupted; she now spasmed wildly around him as he plowed into her. She was getting close. Her legs twitched uncontrollably, she would fall if he let go now. She blushed, and her eyes were rolled back. She pounded back onto him, hungry for her release. She sucked in her bottom lip again, looking from him to his manhood, letting him know what she wanted. She pined for him.

With his other hand, he ran his hand to her chest, pulling her upright until she was balancing on her one knee on the ground, the other leg pulled up and to the side. He kissed her neck as he felt that smooth skin on the underside of her breast. Her nipples stood erect, and he rolled one between his fingers. Her moaning grew fast and high-pitched, so he clamped his palm over her mouth, and accelerated his thrusts for one last burst. He felt her orgasm washing over her as she clenched and unclenched her pussy. She groaned through his hand, writhing against him as she came, climaxing harder under his control. He loved the feeling of total control he had over her. He held her close, their skin sticking together as they slid over each other. Her breathing was ragged and labored

He pressed his full length into her. His cock pulsed once, twice then began pumping his thick, hot semen into her. She whined as he filled her, her eyes rolling up with a look of total satisfaction. She returned to milking him with her inner muscles, drawing out every last drop. She shivered with satisfaction as she felt the sheer volume of him inside her, filling her with his seed. It leaked out, running down her thigh. She reached down, taking it on her fingers before sucking them clean, contented.

His head was cloudy with the sudden release of endorphins that had come with his explosive orgasm. He rolled back onto the ground, pulling her back with him as he withdrew. Her lips were flushed, looking worse for wear from his relentless pounding. He admired the sight.

"You totally destroyed my tight little pussy," she giggled, "You almost split me in half."

She giggled as she moved her head down to his semi-erect penis, sucking it in. She was more gentle this time, cleaning him off. She swallowed it all, determined to take as much of his cum as possible. She cleaned herself out with her fingers , eager to swallow as much of his cum as possible. He was sticky with her juices. She wore a massive grin on her face.Her full, sweet lips looked so good as they pouted against the head of this cock, and her eyes opened wide as she suckled on him, like a calf, coaxing out the last of her nourishment. She was feeding now, slowly cleaning, sucking, licking his balls and shaft until it shone, clean and hard.

When she was satisfied, she crawled up to him, snuggling down onto his chest, pressing her breasts against him. She straddled him, wrapping her legs across his waist. She pressed his dick up against her stomach, giggling as she compressed it between them. He moved his hand to the small of her back, running them up and down as he let the satisfaction wash over him. He played with her ass, it was so inviting and firm. She sighed slightly, moving her hands to his shoulders as she fell asleep. He followed suit soon after.


He woke up a short time later. It took him a while before he realized where he was, or who the nubile young thing sleeping on his chest was. Her brushed her hair away from her ear, and thought about what he had done. As he breathed in her scent, he felt his desires returning. It was certainly a strong aphrodisiac. His balls felt just as heavy as before, if not more now. They had a dull aching sensation, and his cock began to swell with blood. It was still pressed against her warm abdomen. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do next; she was still asleep, so he could take his time. He saw a flat slab of rock nearby, exposed to the sun coming through a gap in the leaves. It looked warm and inviting. Then he remembered something else; his conquest was not yet complete. He gave her ass a friendly squeeze, kneading the firm, athletic, perfectly formed globes in his hands. She stirred slightly, but didn't wake up. He had an idea.

He carefully propped himself up on his elbows, reaching under her body before carefully lifting her as he stood.Her long hair fell to his knees, her head against his arm. He walked to the rock, laying her down gently. It was smooth granite, worn to glass by the rain and elements. It felt warm to the touch, slightly higher than body temperature.

He rolled her over onto her front, then lay down on top, placing his legs outside of hers, pinning her down. She began to stir, squirming under him. He put his hands on top of hers, being careful not to crush her with his body weight. He started grinding his dick between her mounds, before pulling back and slipping the length of his shaft past her moist pussy. He massaged some of her juices onto himself; he wanted plenty of lubrication for what was to come. That voice entered his head again as she twisted around to look at him:

"W-what are you doing?" She asked in a surprised tone, "You've already had me once! You're not supposed to wake up again, I thou-..."

Her voice faded to a faint whimper as he began to press his head against her rear entrance. He kept her legs pressed together, trapping her under his weight. His slippery cock began to to push her open. He was in control again. Her body was writhing slowly under him, trying to escape. Her ass ground against him as she tried to rise in vain. Her calves kicked up involuntarily as he finally got the first two inches inside. Her eyes opened wide, her jaw dropping. It was a beautiful sight. He shifted down onto his elbows, cupping her breasts in his hands. They were soft and warm, the nipples hard, the same colour as her lips. He could feel her contacting and relaxing, each time sinking further into her. She was very tight, and he was glad to have lubricated himself before trying this. By now he was able to move around a bit as she submitted, relaxing as he fucked her slowly.

"It's too big! I've never done this before..."

She buried her face in her arms, her breathing coming in short bursts as she tried to cope with his invasion. She held her breath as he pushed in, panting rapidly as he pulled out to his head.

"You're stretching me! It's so thick..."

Again the words in his head were contradicting her actions. She was like a teasing slut stuck in a pure , virgins body. He was now going fairly deep inside her, she felt much tighter this way. He could feel the heat from her pussy as his balls dragged across her.

"I can feel your pulse inside me..."

She tried to twist around to see his cock entering her. He began fucking her a little faster, confident her could increase his speed now that she was relaxed. He felt the waves of his arousal washing down his length. This was so good. She began gasping in pleasure now, barely noticeable at first, letting out soft sighs of satisfaction. Her speech was interrupted by his thrusting.

"What?" he asked.

"Give it -Oh!- to me. Fuck m -Oh!- me harder! I need this. Stick -Oh!-it in all the w-Oh!-way, I want you -Oh!- to cum inside me. Make -Oh!- me come with your -big,- thick,- cock!"

She underlined those last three words by pushing back onto him going balls deep. Her words had left nothing to guesswork. The warming sun shone down onto their naked bodies as they rutted in the clearing.

Giving her breasts a squeeze, he shifted his weight so he could begin pounding her little ass. It provided a very comfortable pad as he ravaged her rear again. She was going wild, her hands sliding in the rock, looking for some purchase. She intertwined her fingers with his, rolling her nipples between their fingers. She pushed back on him more, adopting the strategy of milking him again with her muscles. He groaned as she gripped him.

He shifted his legs, placing them inside hers. Then with one knee at a time, he pushed her legs out, until her body formed a T shape. This change in position tightened her around him like a wrench. She moaned louder as her tightened ass was stretched around him. She was approaching a plateau of pleasure, her arousal growing by the second. It was all he could do to hold on, holding back the rush for the crucial moment. The re-positioning of her legs sculpted her ass further, shifting her tight, teen rear into two two gorgeous mounds.

He sent ripples through them as he pounded. The audible slapping of his hips and balls was joined as he freed her breasts, smacking down with both palms onto her butt, rolling and kneading it, pushing it forward. His cock was painfully swollen with blood, the veins standing dark. He felt that swirling in his balls that meant only one thing. He slapped down hard on her, once then twice, each time eliciting girlish gasps of arousal. She tilted her head back, fixing her eyes on his.

"Now!" she screamed, "Give it to me now! I'm coming!"

Her moans reached a climax of shuddering cries as her ass spasmed around his length. She gyrated her hips as she came, before collapsing in a twitching heap. He leaned forward, shifting his weight over her as he fucked her in a last burst of speed. She gasped in time to his thrusts as he twitched before thick spurt after spurt of his seed pumped into her ass. She pushed back, wriggling from left to right as his balls contracted, flooding her. She pushed her torso up, and turned to kiss him. Their lips met with a furious passion.

Their entire existence was boiled down to their lips, and their loins. His thick length lay swollen inside her, their skin seemed to melt together as he lay on top of her. He was utterly spent, content to just hang in the moment. Her eyes rolled back, utterly satisfied, her aching ass and pussy filled with his seed. They fitted each other, their bodies covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Their lips danced over one another, and all was still.

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