The Grand Halloween Ball Ch 2

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“I give you Candice, future Queen of Darkness.”
Candice went to work as usual and did the normal things she did when she got home. She still had no reflection in mirrors, but she was starting to adjust to her new life. She soon discovered her senses were more acute and her sexuality heightened. She could smell a wet pussy or hot cock a mile away; this part of her new life she loved.

Ever since her tryst in the woods she started going to bed earlier in the day and was always naked.

Candice soon fell asleep and was dreaming of the pleasant encounter with the red haired vampire from the costume shop. This time, the dream took a different twist. Natasha was telling her that she would have men as well as woman visit her during the night. They will ask you for sexual favors and if Candice did what they wanted, she would be justly rewarded.

Natasha then reached out and Candice felt her ardent kiss upon her lips. She then looked into Natasha’s fiery green eyes as she spoke saying, “My sweet love, one particular man, will come and see you tonight. He is called the Prince of Darkness. He has been watching you for a long time now.”

“He will not harm you, for he loves you, child of darkness. Do as he says. He will bring you happiness beyond your wildest dreams.”

All of a sudden Candice awoke with a start. She felt the presence of someone in the room with her. When she turned over, she focused on a large man dressed in a black cape. He appeared to be naked and she could see the largest cock she had ever seen. His cock was at least twelve inches in length and three inches in diameter, and he was already dripping precum.

Candice then looked into his blazing eyes and saw a deep love and compassion for her and she felt at ease. His mind told her that his only desire was to fuck her and make her his. She responded by getting on all fours offering her ass and cunt to him for his pleasure.

She then felt him spread her ass checks apart and rub his cock from her clit to her ass. She quivered and moaned in delight, as it had been too damn long since she had a good hard fucking.

Her senses were heightened and she could hear what he was saying when he did not utter a word. She heard him in her mind saying, “My darling, I am going to fuck you like you never been fucked before! I will not harm you, because I love you like no other man will ever love you. ”.

She thrust her hips into him as his cock parted her pussy lips and went inside her hot wanton pussy. He fucked her deep then pulled his cock all the way out and plunged it in further and further with each thrust.

Candice reached back and rubbed her clit. She rode his cock hard pinched her clit and screamed, “Ooooh fuck, I am cumming, Master!” She did not know why she called him Master, but if felt like the right to do.

He nodded his head in agreement and said, “You are learning quickly my Queen of Darkness.”

She then felt him then move upward and spread her ass cheeks apart. She trembled with fear at first thinking his cock would rip her virgin ass apart. However, in her mind she heard his calm assuring voice saying, “Just relax honey. I will not harm you.”

He then placed the head of his cock on the crack of her ass and moved it up and down to spread his precum for lubrication. Then Candice felt the head start to open her pink ass hole as he began to enter her. Just as the head of his cock was inside her, he withdrew it and began again, waiting for her anal ring to relax. Each time he fucked her, he slid his cock in a little farther. This continued for a minute, each time his cock went in more until it was all the way and his large hairy balls were against her ass.

Surprisingly, Candice felt no pain. Which was odd, then she realized that ever since Natasha had bitten her she had felt no pain at all.

His cock felt good inside her ass. He remained still for a few seconds then withdrew his cock until just the head remained and then slammed back in hard and started thrusting faster and faster.

Candice was getting hot and meeting each thrust with a back thrust. Faster and faster they went until she screamed with another earth shattering climax.

He thrust his hips forward spewing his cum inside her ass so full that it was squirting out around his monster cock.

Then he threw his head back and howled like a wolf and Candice felt claws instead of fingers on her sides. When she glanced at him she saw a wolf, but for some reason she was not frightened.

Candice then threw her head back and howled like a she wolf, climaxing harder than she ever had before. His desires became hers and they did not just fuck; they made love all through the night, both howling with a sense of fulfillment.

He then collapsed on top of her with his cock still in her. He then leaned up and softly bit the back of her neck and she saw him change back into a man.

He then said, “My name is Wolfgang, you may call me Master. However my love, I will soon be crowned King of Darkness and I want you by my side to be the Queen of Darkness. Candice, I have been watching you from a distance and have fallen deeply in love with you. I had my Princess of Darkness, Natasha come to you and initiate you into the family. For I knew that if I met you, our first time meeting would scare you off, and I would lose you for an eternity. I now belong to you and will never leave you, except on the night of the full moon when I must go."

“The Grand Halloween Ball”

It would be the night where everyone celebrated the autumn holiday known to us all as Halloween. Candice had celebrated this holiday every year with everyone at the office.

However, at the last minute, she declined, saying she needed to visit an ailing aunt out of town. In reality she was going to a special, Grand Halloween Ball.

The party would take place in a remote castle somewhere east of Nashville. It was a celebration of Candice’s new life; a coming out party. She would not only be introduced as the Prince of Darkness’s new conquest, but take her place by his side when he was Crowned King of the Darkness.

It was now 7pm Halloween eve. Candice sat of the bed wondering if she should wear something different from her simple sexy French maid costume. As she thought of her upcoming life in royalty she rolled the name King Wolfgang and Queen Candice through her head, she liked the way it sounded. She then pondered what the Realm of Darkness, her new world had in store for her.

Candice jumped when a form appeared before her, it was Natasha. Natasha walked over to the bed and sat down and took Candice in her arms and kissed her passionately. Then she said, “You look troubled my love. What is wrong? Are you nervous about tonight?”

Candice replied, “I guess so. I am just wondering if the simple costume I have is elegant enough. Will I be everything the Prince thinks I can be. Oh why am I so freaking nervous?”

Natasha held her tight and said, “Oh course you are nervous baby, all this is new to you. You are like a baby learning to walk. Only you are full grown and learning to walk in the world of darkness. Now let’s go take a shower together and I will help you relax.

Candice always felt at ease talking to Natasha, they seemed to be closer than sisters. As she watched Natasha disrobe her nipples and clit began to swell with desire.

She looked into Natasha’s eyes and said, “I am really going to miss you my red haired beauty. We won’t be able to meet like this when I am reigning Queen.”

Natasha licked her lips watching Candice strip, the sweet raven haired beauty made her heart throb and she desired her more than ever. She then replied, “Why must we stop meeting? I am a Princess and you will be my Queen it will be expected that we get together often to ask each other for advice. Not to mention, we will need to take care of each others hot pussy’s and if I know Prince Wolfgang, he will not only watch us but join in the fun. Girl, you are making my clit throb, let’s get in the shower, I want you to eat this hot cunt!”

Candice stuck her hands beneath the water making sure it was just right and climbed in the shower along with Natasha. The two women the hugged each other tightly kissing passionately and letting their tongues do the dance of lovers. They then enjoyed the feeling of warm water beating down on their shoulders giving them a gentle massage.

Candice turned to Natasha and began to soap up her body, running her soapy hands down her body lathering her stomach then moving down her legs. Making sure to pay close attention to her nipples and pussy. Natasha in turn did the same thing to Candice until both women were squeaky clean.

Then Candice kissed Natasha from her lips downward until she was kneeling in front of Natasha hot pussy. She told Natasha to spread her legs and hold on to the bar, she was going to give her a pussy eating guaranteed to make her weak in the knees.

When Candice slides her fingers through Natasha hot slit and she felt her quiver with excitement. When Candice spread her pussy lips and lapped her from her clit to her ass, Natasha nearly came right then and there. She felt Candice shove two then three fingers inside her hot hole as she sucked and pulled at her clit.

Natasha threw back her head and howled with pleasure. As the sexual encounter progressed, both women‘s body changed until they were vampires.

Candice slithered her tongue into Natasha‘s pussy then bit her clit. She then began drinking her blood as she finger-fucked Natasha‘s hot hole.

Natasha threw back her head again and screamed, “Oh my sweet lover, you know how to make your mistress cum. She came so violently she nearly passed out.

Natasha in turn kissed Candice nibbling her way downward until she had Candice’s right nipple in her mouth. She sucked it like a newborn baby as her hands went down to Candice‘s swelling clit. Natasha sucked and rubbed Candice‘s clit until she was on the verge of climax. Then she bit Candice’s nipple and drank her blood as she vigorously rubbed Candice’s clit.

Candice threw her head back and howled with delight climaxing all over Natasha’s hand.

Both women finished the shower and took turns drying each other off. Natasha then said to Candice, “Are you relaxed now?”

Candice said, “Relaxed yes, but excited as hell about the ball tonight. What shall I wear?”

Natasha then remembered why she came there. She snapped her fingers and a red velvet gown appeared along with red velvet four inch heels, fit for a Queen.

Candice swallowed hard, she had never seen anything so gorgeous. It’s plunging neckline was sparkled with sequins and the skirt was full flowing clear to the floor. When she put it on along with the heels, everything fit like a glove. All the sudden she was magically transformed with her hair up in curls accented with sparkling diamonds. She almost passed out, looking back from the mirror was the image of a Queen.

Then Natasha waved her arm and she too was dressed in velvet. A green floor length gown that accented her every curve and matched her seductive emerald green eyes.

Natasha looked at her watch it read 11:30pm and she turned to Candice and said, “My Queen, it’s time to go. Do not worry, there will be a horse drawn carriage awaiting outside to whisk us off to the ball”

As the sun went down, all the demons, vampires and freaks come
out of their slumber to party at the stoke of midnight at this years Grand Halloween Ball.

As the clock struck midnight, Natasha and Candice stepped out of the horse drawn carriage, looking like royalty.
They walked up the stairway toward the large arched door and Prince Wolfgang appeared out of nowhere dressed in the royal tuxedo.

Candice jumped then swallowed hard, for the first time since their night of love making she was truly able to seen his features. His shoulder length raven hair was tied by a ribbon at the base of his neck. His sapphire blue eyes, bold nose and aristocratic chin only added to his handsome features. The ribbon in his hair, the rose on his lapel and the ruffle on his shirt marched her red velvet gown. She could not keep her eyes off him. He made her quiver from her soul to the very center of her womanhood. It was then that she realized she truly loved him too.

The Prince Wolfgang leaned over and said, “Darling, you look exquisite.” Then he turned to Natasha and uttered, “Thanks for your help, I could not have done all this without you.“

Then he clicked his heels and said, “May I have the pleasure of escorting you beautiful ladies to the Grand Halloween Ball?”

Both women nodded yes. Candice reached for his right arm and Natasha his left. The three of them walked through the arched doorway to the ball.

As soon as they entered the room everything became quiet. The usher then announced, “His lordship, the Prince of Darkness.”

Then the usher announced, “The Princess of Darkness Natasha.”

Then all eyes fell on the beautiful breathtaking Candice and the usher said, “I give you Candice, future Queen of Darkness.”

The crowd went wild with applause until the Prince raised his hand. Silence came over the crowd once more and he said, “Let the celebration begin.”

Candice and Wolfgang danced for over an hour, with her heart and head both spinning. Wolfgang held her close and uttered, “It’s time for your coronation my dear. Do be afraid, as you will love what is about to happen to you my Queen.“