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The Grand Halloween Ball Finale, “The Coronation.”

She spread her legs as wide as they would go, and growled, “Fuck me! Make me your bitch!”
Prince Wolfgang lead Candice into a golden colored room where there were no doors or windows. A lush green carpet accented the colored walls that resembled pure gold. In the middle of the room was a large bed and two throne chairs. On each chair was a magnificent crown laden with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.

The Prince turned to her and said, “ I can only be crowned King after I have introduced you to my top three executive members. You my Queen cannot be crowned until after you had sex with all three men.”

Candice smiled a devilish smile. The more she heard the more she liked this royal family. She looked at Wolfgang and uttered, “You wish is my command Master.”

The Prince waved his arms and his men came into the room. The Prince snapped his fingers again and everyone was naked, willing and ready for the ceremony to commence.

The Prince lead Candice over to the bed and called the first man over to him. The man stood next to the bed his cock swelling in anticipation. He was shorter in stature than Wolfgang and his cock was smaller, nevertheless she had her duty to perform.

Candice knelt before the first man and opened her mouth and slowly began sucking his soft cock until she had engulfed his whole member. When the man’s cock became erect and hard as a rock, he turned into a wild crazed animal.

He grabbed two handfuls of Candice’s hair and began fucking her mouth with hard deep thrusts showing her no mercy. She turned into a vampire and growled deep and the two of then were locked in a lusty embrace.

When Candice glanced at the Prince, he looked pleased when he saw her swallowing the man’s large load of cum down her throat.

Prince Wolfgang looked at the other men and said, “Behold your Queen she is all yours!”

The second man threw Candice back on the bed and spread her legs wide. They both growled with anticipation. As she watched, fur began to cover his body and he resembled a wolf-man. His next growl told her he was ready for some hot fucking and she was now his, for the taking.

As Candice watched his cock grew to ten inches and he rubbed her pussy from her clit to her ass with its glistening head. She spread her legs as wide as they would go, and growled, “Fuck me! Make me your bitch!”

The wolf-man fucked her deep and hard showing her no mercy. As he fucked her he warmed her hard nipples with his breath then sucked them, one then the other.

Candice thought she would lose her mind she threw back her head and shrieked, “I’m cumming! Take me I am yours!”

The wolf-man did just that fucked her deep, hard and fast filling every crevice of her womb with his hot sperm. He climbed off her, but was not done yet. He looked over at his master and he nodded in agreement. The wolf-,man then got between Candice’s legs and eat her pussy, cleaning up all their cum mixture.

The third man came over to Candice and told her to get on all fours, he was going to fuck her ass whether she wanted it or not.

When Candice looked, he too had vampire features. His cock was eight inches long cock and two and a half inches around, with a large mushroom head. She licked her lips, looked at her master the Prince and nodded in agreement, as her words need not be spoken, he understood all her desires.

She thrust her hips up at the third man and said, “Fuck my hot ass baby, fill it with your cum!”

Now how could the third man resist such a sweet temptation? He got on the bed and licked at Candice’s asshole with his tongue, until she growled with pleasure. Then he slid his cock into her pussy for lubrication, then slowly began to tease her ass with it.

Candice thrust her hips into the third man and growled, “Come on, harder! Fuck me like the beast you are!“

The third man fucked her deep and hard taking her savagely. As he fucked her he growled, “Rub your clit for me bitch!“

Candice rubbed her clit as the third man fucked her ass. She felt no pain, just pure ecstasy and she knew she would climax again.

Simultaneously, they both threw their heads back and howled cumming so hard they nearly fell of the bed.

The three men were sitting around the Queen contemplating their next move. All the sudden a bolt of lightning went through the room. The men bowed their heads in awe and they knew now that they had a new King of Darkness.

The King of Darkness stood up and placed the crown upon his head. He then looked deeply into her eyes and exclaimed, “Candice is truly our Queen now. Go now, leave us as I must crown her Queen of Darkness.

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