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The Guy Next Door - Part 2

Lola woke in the middle of the night to the sound of deep throaty moans from a husky voiced woman.

"Oh God! Faster!" she heard.

Lola was suddenly wide awake and incredibly curious. She slowly rose from her bed, anticipation making her body tingle all over. She could see light pouring in from her open window and moved closer, the sounds of moaning increasing with every step. Lola gasped as she moved into the view from her window and dropped to the floor for fear of being seen. James' window was also open wide and inside she had seen everything she had been dreaming of for years.

He was stood completely naked in front of the window, and bent over in front of him holding onto the window sill was another of his many visitors. Lola couldn't believe it, not once had she ever witnessed anything like it. He looked glorious as he was pumping hard into this nameless stranger. Although she'd only saw him for a second, she noticed every detail; the way his tight muscled stomach flexed with every thrust, how his big strong arms gripped her behind helping him to enter her faster and harder, the way the woman's face was contorted with pleasure and strain and how James just looked straight up at her when she gasped as if he could see her in the dark, a huge grin spread on his face.

She could still hear moaning and combined with the visual she'd just seen Lola was getting really hot, she reached down and felt her knickers, wetness was seeping through the flimsy lace material. With the lights off Lola thought she'd be safe if she peeked her head above the window sill to watch, just a little. Passion and heat hit her in a wave as she locked eyes onto them again. He was magnificent, sweat making his body glisten as he pumped hard into her supple tanned body, he had her held by a fistful of her hair so she was arched upwards.

Lola could feel how soaked her knickers were so she knelt, where she was crouched out of sight, and took them off, the cold air felt wonderful against her dripping pussy making it tingle with the breeze. Watching James in all his glory was too much to bear, so she slipped off her silken nighty over her head, the fresh cool air sending prickles all over her skin, her small pink delicate nipples tighten to stand erect, the gentle night winds softly caressing her delicate skin. Lola looked up to see James roughly pull out of the stranger, flip her around and push her down, laid so that her head was dangling outside slightly with her legs spread wide open, and thrust hard into her making her bark a moan of pleasure and pain.

Lola slowly slipped her hand down her soft toned stomach until her hand was dangling just above where she wished James was. As she watched the couple, James' raw heat and passion and the woman's clear uninhibited pleasure, Lola slid her hand along her wet slippery slit, slowly delving her fingers inside just a little letting out a soft moan as she brushed her slightly extended clit. James' head shot up at the sound and stared straight at Lola, a self satisfied smile painted on his face.

Lola knew he couldn't possibly see her while crouched in the dark like she was, but still she stared right back into his deep inviting eyes, she'd never been so turned on. as Lola worked herself up she felt the lick of heat rise inside of her body and the cold whipped her gentle skin on the outside. Torn between the two contrasting feelings Lola was losing herself in the pleasure that was setting her body on fire and ice, and in James eyes. How she wished it was her and not this other girl that was on that window sill, to be on the receiving end of those big powerful thrusts as he slams his body into hers, to have his big cock pounding inside of her, she wished as she stared into those eyes coming so close to ecstasy.

"Oh God James, I'm Cumming!" screamed the blonde, passion making her breathless and straining her voice.

James increased the speed at which he was pumping into her riding out every buck and thrash that was her orgasm, whilst still staring at Lola. Seeing the other girl cum brought on Lola's own waves of passion and she found herself gently whispering James' name as she came hard onto her hand thrusting with every vibration from within. She looked up as the last flickers of pleasure where fading to see James breathing heavier about to cum himself. He moaned loudly saying a name in a desperate voice before collapsing on top of the blonde, taking a short breath and then withdrawing himself.

He quickly pulled the blonde up and into a black towel, and turns her around to face the window back to him. He looks straight at Lola then without a word of warning opens his mouth wide to show elongated canines and bites down hard onto the girls neck. A thin sliver of blood trickles down from the corner of his mouth, he releases his grip on the neck to lick up the blood and continues from where he left.

Lola sits in shock unable to comprehend what she has just seen. Completely awestruck she sumps down in fear, confusion and a strange compulsive sense of jealously. o shocked to think straight Lola looks up again to check with her brain what her eyes have just showed her, but the curtains of James window were drawn and Lola slopes back t her bed not knowing how to feel or react. Then a thought hits her.

'Was that my name he moaned?' she whispered to herself.

Part 3 Coming Soon!

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