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The Guy Next Door - Part 4

'..So what do you think Lola?'

Lola Snapped back into focus, 'Sorry Ash, what did you say?' She asked slightly disorientated from a very graphic day dream.

'God Lou I could have been talking about something really serious there for all you knew! Good thing I was just planning my outfit for tonight, isn't it?' She grinned at Lola.

Ashleigh was her closest friend and she'd been seeing this guy called Damian and tonight was another of their dates.

'Was it your black skinny jeans, ankle boots and the sexy see through shirt you bought last week?' Lola asked trying to focus on her friend and push away the lusty day dreams of her hansom next door neighbor.

'Actually I was thinking my brown skirt but I might do the jeans instead, it gets cold in the cinema sometimes, mind you Damian knows how to warm me up if I get cold!' Ashleigh squealed with girlish giggles. 'So whats with you then? Your not usually quite this spacey?'

Lola couldn't admit to even Ashleigh about what happened the previous night, so she hastily made up an excuse about being lonely, only thinly sticking to the truth. As they walked down the hall though she couldn't stop thinking about the sex, his screaming her name and the bite. He'd bitten her, she just knew it, but it was all so blurred she couldn't remember fully, but she was sure of it. Lola blushed as she remembered her first recalling the bite in the middle of lesson in the morning and letting out a squeal.

'I have a brilliant idea!' declared Ashleigh interrupting Lola's thoughts again. 'Why don't I ask Damian to bring his fit friend from Mechanics?! Then we can double! I know you have work tonight but if we go early you'll still have time so don't even try and weasel out of it!' She beamed smugly at Lola.

Crap, she thought, there's no way I can get out of it after telling her I feel lonely Lola cursed to herself.

'I'm not taking no for an answer Lou!' Warned Ashleigh, the look in her eye one of pure determination, since Lola had known Ash she'd learned that once she had her mind set on something she was unmovable.

'Fine!' Lola said slightly defeated but trying not to show it in from of Ash, after all she knew she only wanted to make her friend happy.

'Yay!' Ashleigh squealed delightedly, 'I'll text you later with the details!' She shouted as she walked off to class in an exited state.

Brilliant, Lola thought glumly, she wasn't looking forward to the night anyway with her plans on talking to James and then a shift at the bar 9 til 3. All the way through the rest of her morning classes Lola's mind wandered between work, James and the date, she couldn't decide which she was dreading the most. So consumed in her thoughts, she failed to realize the lesson had finished, until the classroom was empty.

As she walked to where she'd parked her car, her phone sounded signaling that she'd received a text. 'It's on! See you tonight at 7! A xx'. She sighed heavily as she reversed out of her spot and started for home, tonight was not going to be a very good night Lola thought. For the rest of the drive home she thought about what to say to James, how best to confront him about what she saw and heard.

She pulled onto her drive and looked out over to James' house, she couldn't do it, she thought. Lola couldn't find the courage to talk to him, to admit she'd been watching him while he fucked that girl, that she thought he'd moaned her name as he came or that she saw him bite her and draw blood! She sounded crazy even to herself, and she couldn't face the look on his face when he confirmed that she'd imagined him saying her name or biting the girl, that and the anger that she'd watched him. I'll talk to him after work she thought as she hurried into the house to get ready for the date.

James watched Lola as she stared over at his house then hastily rush inside. He groaned dramatically, She must be disgusted, maybe even terrified the way she rushed into her house he thought to himself. I can't face her yet he thought, tonight after she's finished work he promised himself.

Lola was meeting the others at the cinema in 20 minutes, she gave herself a quick once over in her bedroom mirror and smiled, satisfied with her reflection. She was going to work straight after the movie, so she had to dress all in black and have her hair up, those being the only uniform requirements meant she could dress pretty much however she liked. Lola had pinned her long dark curled tresses up, strands falling down framing her face and tickling the back of her neck. A tight black silk and lace dress clung tightly to her generous breasts, small waist and womanly hips, cut short showing off her soft bare creamy thighs. Her eyes were lined in thick dark make up, pouty lips smeared with dark crimson lipstick, she was a Gothic vision in black, the dark clothes and make up a stark contrast to her supple pale skin.

"HEY! YOU SEXY BIATCH!" Ashleigh screamed over to her as she walked over to where they were grouped waiting. Ashleigh was as tall as Lola, only she was a tanned, leggy Barbie type, long blonde hair and blue eyes, every bit the model she longed to be in her tight black skinny jeans and transparent cream shirt showing tanned taut stomach. Her boyfriend was stood next to her with his arm slung casually over her shoulders towering over them. Damian had to be at least 6'5 he was at university studying to be a personal trainer, he was strong and muscled taking pride in his body. They were the perfect poster couple, Lola often thought they wouldn't look out of place in an advertisement from a glossy magazine.

'You've met Taylor before right?' Ashleigh grinned at Lola slyly winking when the other two weren't looking.

'Um yeah, hey' she mumbled not looking him in the eye, she knew the whole set up was embarrassing and she didn't want to lead the guy on by being too friendly or familiar. Finally she looked up, he was a surfer she'd been told by Ashleigh, he was a bronzed god, toned and tanned with long blonde hair and brown eyes, he even wore an animal tooth necklace. As off putting as the cliché may have been, he was still an incredibly attractive guy Lola had to admit to herself, his smile as he returned her greeting was dazzling. By the time they'd got inside they'd dropped into couples, Ash and Damian in front and Lola and Taylor bringing up the rear.

'Hey you two, there's no one at the top few rows, shall we sit right at the back?' Ashleigh asked with a cheeky grin on her face. They seated themselves a couple of spaces apart, Ashleigh jumping onto Damian pretty much as soon as they sat. Lola groaned inwardly, this was going to be a very long awkward couple of hours. She sighed heavily at the sounds of the other couple kissing and moaning, peals of laughter cutting into the rhythmic noises every now and then. She turned to look at Taylor, he seemed as awkward as she did, she smiled shyly at him.

'You like horror movies then?' Taylor asked taking her smile as an opening. He'd noticed Lola around college before, she's a really hot girl, all that sexy dark hair thats usually loose around her shoulders, he wanted to unleash her hair now but knew if he acted so bold he might scare her, then he'd never get to taste those delicious dark crimson lips, so he smiled at her as genuinely as possible, hoping she'd relax into talking to him at least.

'Yeah I do actually,' Lola grinned back, 'I'm really into horror and romance, it's an odd mix but it works for me' She laughed nervously at herself.

'What so if I was a zombie I'd maybe get some action like that?' Taylor asked cheekily, motioning to the other couple. Ash was sat on Damian's knee, their lips locked only stilted moans and pants escaping here and there, Damian's jacket was over his lap with Ashleigh's hand underneath moving slowly up and down. Lola Blushed and looked away towards the screen, there was a couple getting hot and heavy in a tent in the woods, their naked sweaty bodies writhing in pleasure, their moans only just eclipsing those of their friends a few seats down.

'You know, your absolutely gorgeous when you blush Lola,' Taylor gazed at her, eyelids heavy with lust, hand brushing over her cheek to push back a stray curl behind her ear. Lola's breath hitched as he stared deep into her eyes, his brown eyes like pools of melted honey. He leaned forward pulling her face towards his, never taking his eyes from hers, pausing ever so briefly just inches from her lips as if waiting for permission, Lola audibly gulped and nodded a tiny yes. Hands instantly clasped her hair, feverish and demanding lips locked onto hers, his tongue probing inside her mouth. Lola moaned quietly, it felt nice to be touched, wanted, appreciated, shed been lusting after James for so long shed forgotten what actual intimacy was like, the smell of his cologne, the taste of his mouth, the soft brush of his fingers on her hair, familiarity but yet strikingly new at the same time.

It was pleasant for sure, and better than a fantasy but was it everything she wanted? She wasn't so sure. She loved James but he had no idea of that, he showed no sign of affection for her or even registered she was alive. Sometimes it felt as if he was actively avoiding her but she was enraptured by him everything about him and saying her name during sex with another girl had really gotten into her head. It was probably just a coincidence that he said her name, they girl was probably called Lola too! That explained it all, she thought, everything, with pure clarity she shut off her thoughts shut of reason and logic and just felt. It may not be the dream she'd fantasized about, but it was real, warm, inviting, pleasant.

Red hot it may not be, but it wasn't bad, wasn't that enough? Maybe her expectations had just reached the ridiculous, it was never going to be fairytale perfect, it was never real like that, this was. Achingly real, his kisses and caresses where pleasant enough, but they weren't heated, they ignited no passion or flames from within which just one look at James could do! Burning searing blistering fire all over her skin down to her core, a flame that even in its wake the smoldering embers left still gave her a dull ache in all the right places, between her thighs and in her chest.

As he trailed kisses down her neck, she sighed in frustration, annoyed at herself for being so attached to someone who didn't return her feelings, wishing desperately she could be as into Taylor as she was James. Misunderstanding Lola's sigh as one of enjoyment, a happy sigh of bliss instead of the noise of wistfulness that it was he moved his hands up along the skirt of her dress, brushing up her thighs with his fingertips, slowly stroking her along her panty lines at her hips. He took her mouth again as rubbed his hand against the delve in the center of her through her panties, slow lines up and down with a gentle pressure, her panties dampening slightly as his touch increased in speed creating the glorious friction that made her let out a quiet moan. She may not respond so well to Taylor but the contact of his hands on her pussy, never touched by anyone but herself, had her trembling, legs, lips, insides, all of it quaking as his touch increased and the pressure built inside of her.

'Mmm, oh god Taylor,' She groaned throatily, 'Please...' She begged. Taylor's wicked grin gleamed on his face, pushing her panties to the side he slipped in a finger, slowly moaning in approval as his finger was coated in her slick heated gloss. Lola was tight and pushing in a second finger was a push making her gasp out loud, luckily the movie in the background covered her noises as the on screen couple were moaning and screaming loudly in unison with Ashleigh and Damian. As he finger fucked Lola he kisses her, tongue probing her mouth thrashing in and out in rhythm with his hands until he could feel her orgasm approaching.

His fingers were pumping in and out of her fast the noises from her dripping pussy like the smacking of lips together his thumb making fast flicks of her clit, she grabbed onto his shoulder and moaned in his mouth as she came on his hand, riding waves of ecstasy unlike those given by herself. She sagged onto his shoulder as her panting slowly decreased, he brought her face up to his, admiring the rosy glow on her pale face, she suited those flushed red cheeks he thought, there was nothing he'd like more than to get his hard throbbing cock and smudge that dark red lipstick of hers that no doubt was all over his mouth like it was hers.

As the group moved toward the parking lot chatting amiably about the movie, Lola felt suddenly uncomfortable and unsure. As if sensing this Taylor turned her way and smiled easily. He had given her a piece of paper on with his number back in the cinema and she was unsure as to whether she would use it or not. She'd had fun in there and the first orgasm not orchestrated by herself, but did she see it going further or happening again?

She didn't think so, but she couldn't outright say this or reject him after what she'd let him do to her, so she just left him with a kiss on the cheek and a promise to call, along with a mouthed text me later from Ashleigh as she'd gotten into her car. She'd decide in the morning as what to do about him, right now she had a long night ahead at the bar, hopefully if it was busy she'd have no time to think about James or Taylor, although the dull ache in crotch might have her thinking about it more often than not.

Part 5 coming soon :)
Sorry for the delay on this part!!
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