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The haunted House:Part 3

Alice and Kelly discover the magic of the attic.

After my delightful tryst with sixteen-year-old Meg, I thought it best to shower up, not wanting my wife to get a whiff of another woman on me. Our adventure in the attic confirmed what I already thought. There was definitely something up there that overwhelmed my normally reserved views on sex. In a little over two months, I had cheated on my wife twice and engaged in a threesome, including her, something we would never have entertained under normal circumstances.

Drying off, I heard noises from the yard. Both Kelly and Alice had returned from their respective errands. I opened the window to hear better and found out that Alice had found a house for her and her daughter. It was the gatehouse to the old Van Der Stuyn mansion. It had two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. It was perfect in every way but one. There was no furniture, and even if she brought all of their stuff here, most of it would not fit. Either physically or stylistically.  It seems that Alice was an interior decorator by trade. Kelly mentioned that we were in need of some advice as to how to finish off our home. They struck a deal. Alice would help us with the design here, and we would help her out with spare furniture for the Downings new place.

They came inside and immediately headed for the attic. The idea of my wife deliberately entering the attic had me hard, but I decided to let it play out and see what if anything happened. I would spy on them, but I wouldn't participate.

Alice looked around the attic, marvelling about the condition of the furniture. When she spied the Charles Eastlake dressers and bedframe, she said, "These would be perfect in the gatehouse! What can I do in return for them?"  My normally reserved wife, acting completely out of character turned to Alice, cupping her face with her hands, replied, "This, for starters!" and pressed her lips to Alices.

'Oh shit!' I thought, praying that our first houseguest wouldn't freak. Alice wrapped her arms around Kelly, returning the kiss, first with a light brushing of their lips, then, extending her tongue, running it across Kelly's upper teeth. Both tongues swirled together, back and forth from mouth to mouth. Both women moaned as their passion took hold.

Alice walked over to the highboy dresser and opened one of the drawers. Reaching inside, she produced a cylindrical object wrapped in tissue paper. Unfolding the tissue, she found an ivory carving. "Oh my! what do we have here?" she said as her hands rubbed all around it.

"It appears to be a cock!" Kelly answered. "The detail is amazing. The slit in the head. The bulging veins. The crinkled skin around its balls. It's a piece of art!"

Alice put the carved helmet to her lips, kissing it gently at first. Slowly, she opened her mouth, allowing the phallus to pass her teeth and fill her throat. Pulling it out, she offered it to Kelly, who repeated what Alice had just done. " It must be 9 inches long!" Alice exclaimed. "I'm not much into men, but this is something I could have some fun with!"

"Then, lets!" Kelly said, leading Alice to the red velvet fainting couch. The two women sat gazing alternately at the ivory dildo, then each other. Alice caressed Kelly's face, planting a gentle kiss on her lips. Kelly responded, opening her mouth, welcoming Alice in. The kiss deepened. Alices hand slid from Kelly's cheek down to her breast. I watched silently as Alice's thumb rubbed against the fabric of Kelly's blouse. Kelly's nipple hardened, stretching the already tight fabric of her blouse. She moaned. With her free hand, she unbuttoned the blouse and, single-handed, unclasped the front closure, freeing Kelly's breasts. Breaking the kiss, Alice slid her lips down Kelly's throat, stopping briefly in the valley between her breasts. Turning to the left, she kissed Kelly's nipple, eliciting a groan from my wife. Kelly's arms enfolded Alice's head, holding her close as Alice alternated sides, sucking Kelly's nipples into her warm wet, waiting mouth. "Oh God! That feels so good!" she moaned as she unbuttoned Alice's blouse, nearly popping the buttons before letting the garment fall to the floor. Alice reached around behind, unclasping the bra, baring her impressive chest. Kelly lowered her head, capturing Alice's breast in her mouth, suckling like a newborn.

With Kelly still attached, Alice slipped out of her skirt and helped Kelly shuck hers as well. Returning to the comfort of the fainting couch, Kelly stretched out, allowing Alice to take charge. The two women, laid out breast to breast, lip to lip, continued to enjoy each other working slowly. I watched, mesmerized as Alice seduced Kelly, my cock rock hard, stretching the fabric of my pants. Part of me wanted to walk in and fuck them both, hard and fast. But, part of me wanted to continue this long drawn out torture, just to see where it led. That part of me won, so I stood there, on the attic stairs, watching, wondering.

Alice ran her hand down Kelly's side, caressing her breast as it continued down to my wife's silk boy shorts. Kelly's moans were getting louder as Alices fingers crept inside, caressing Kelly's carefully trimmed mons. Kelly's reaction to this gentle assault was to raise her hips, almost in invitation. Alices fingers combed through Kelly's bush before curling over her clit and sliding inside. Kelly's reaction to this was to kiss Alice more forcefully, moaning into her mouth in encouragement.

I was highly conflicted. Should I stop this? This woman was doing things to my wife that I was simply not allowed to do! I decided to let it play out. After all, wasn't she allowed some enjoyment, even if it wasn't at my hands. So I watched, realizing that I just might be a closet voyeur.

Alice now had two fingers fully engaged in my wife's pussy. Slicing in and out, drawing Kelly's juices and smearing them all over her clit. The scent of sex filled the room. I could smell my wife's arousal from my vantage point on the stairs.

"Oh God!  Don't stop! Please make me cum! Please?" she pleaded as Alice's fingers dug deep, curling inside Kelly's weeping cunt.

Alice's silent answer was to pick up the ivory phallus, pressing it against Kelly's moist slit. Kelly's pleas for release escalated as each millimeter stretched her open. Kelly froze, her face buried in Alice's neck as her orgasm swept over her. Alice slowly withdrew the dildo, bringing it up to her nose just before sucking it into her mouth. "Delicious!" she whispered. "Simply delicious!"

A sheen of sweat on Kelly's forehead and a little heavy breathing was the only evidence of my wife's dalliance with our houseguest when Alice asked, "Would you care to help me get off?"

Kelly replied. "I don't have a lot of experience with this sort of thing."

"Not to worry, I'll guide you if I think you need it. All you need to do is whatever you want done to yourself, do it to me. I'm sure I would love it." Alice sat up, splaying her legs as she removed her lace panties, giving me a perfect view of her hairless cunt. "Kneel down and kiss my pussy." Kelly did as she was instructed, tentatively extending her tongue, licking off the beads of excitement from Alice's freshened cunt. Alice placed her hand on Kelly's head, pulling her closer as she added, "It won't bite! I promise."

Kelly tasted our guest, "Mmmm!" she moaned as her tongue delved deeper into Alice's moist folds.

"That's it, Kelly!" Alice moaned in encouragement pulling Kelly in tighter, "Eat my cunt!"

Kelly's hands wrapped around Alice's thighs as she reached up, cupping Alice's breasts as she continued to stab and slurp at the blondes tasty treat.

"God! I'm so fucking horny! Don't stop! Whatever you do, don't stop!" Alices hips moved up and down, smearing her juices all over my wife's face. Kelly latched onto Alice's clit, enveloping it in her mouth and teasing it with the tip of her tongue. "Jesus! Fuck! Make me cum Kelly! Make me cum!" Kelly stuck two fingers deep in Alice's sloppy wet cunt, curling them and scratching at her g-spot. sending. Her cunt squeezed Kelly's fingers. "The dildo! Use the dildo, Make me cum!" she screamed, as her cunt leaked copious amounts of girl cum onto Kelly's face and hands. Kelly obliged, slipping the ivory monster deep into Alice's folds. Alice grabbed Kelly's head, pulling it into her glistening clit as an orgasm swept over her. Panting as she came down from her sexual high, Alice asked, "Are you sure you're not experienced? That was fantastic!"

Kelly blushed as she moved up to shower Alice with wet kisses. Between kisses, Alice glanced over at me, adding, "How would your husband react if he knew you liked this?"

 Thinking it was time to leave before getting caught, I tip-toed back down the stairs. As I turned to leave, I heard Kelly say, " We aren't very active, but I think he would be okay with it. Why do you ask?"

I smiled as I heard Alice say "Sooner or later he's going to find out."




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